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Christ mas


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GIFT VOUCHERS Stuck for an idea? Give them exactly what they want – an Arthur Barnett gift voucher! Available in denominations of $5, $10, $20, and $50.

We accept:



Christ mas


d “Red� She Said, and no one could resist her! MsAsC holiday 2008 is a passionate pursuit of the Ultimate Red! Lips connive, then confess in shades from gilded plum to verge-of-vermillion. Hot colour, heated conversation, glorious gifts... Holiday Glamour was never this incendiary! Available from 17th November 2008.

Glowing Kisses

Once Upon A Shine™ 10ml Origins has always been the best place for people to get gifts during the holidays. Now with health on people’s minds and a growing desire to help protect the environment, Origins reinforces its standing as the #1 gifting destination with our joyfully new gift sets and products. Made with 100% natural essential oils and the highest quality plant, earth and sea ingredients, they’re good for body and mind. And because we use our natural resources imaginatively, intelligently, respectfully and responsibly, along with recyclable packing and wrapping, everyone gets the gift of a healthier planet. Earth sends its best this season, at Origins.

• Sheer Crystal • Sheer Fig • Sheer Fruti Punch


Value $102.00

Ginger Tree–O

Incredible Spreadable Scrub™ Ginger 100ml

Ginger Burst™

Tree–mendously Ginger

Ginger Souffle™ Whipped body cream 200ml Incredible Spreadable Scrub™ Ginger body smoother 100ml Ginger Float™ Cream bubble bath 225ml Ginger Burst™ Savory body wash 100ml

Savory body wash 100ml

NEW Ginger Rush™ Body cream 100ml


Value $77.00

Ginger Essence™

Intensified fragrance (rollerball) 4.4ml

Cotton Bath Mitt


Value $171.00

Calming Elements Body Souffle 100ml Body Cleanser 100ml Body Smoother 100ml


Value $80.00

Protect and Preserve

A Perfect World APW™ White tea skin guardian 30ml APW™ Antioxidant moisturizer 30ml APW™ Body Cream 125ml APW™Creamy body cleanser 100ml APW™Moisturizing lotion 50ml


Value $250.00

Earthly Glow

Modern Fusion™ 30ml Modern Friction™ 50ml Modern Friction™ Body 100ml Head Band


Value $181.00

order toll free on 0800

801 129


Christ mas


Juicy Couture

PREVAGE® anti-aging treatment

EDP Spray 50ml Body Sorbet 125ml Shower Gel 125ml

PREVAGE® anti-aging treatment 50ml PREVAGE® anti-aging night cream 7ml PREVAGE® Eye anti-aging moisturizing treatment 5ml



Ceramide Plump Perfect Cream

Metallic Gold Quilted Traincase contains: Ceramide Plum Perfect Cream SPF30 50ml Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Face & Eye Capsules (30 of each) Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser 50ml

$129.00 Valued at $252 Mediterranean

Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink

EDP Spray 50ml Body Lotion 100ml Mini Replica Parfum 5ml


Valued at $124

EDP Spray 50ml Body Lotion 100ml EDP Replica 5ml


Valued at $162

Mini Fragrances

Red Door EDT Spray 10ml Green Tea Scent Spray 15ml Provocative Woman EDP Spray 10ml Mediterranean EDP Spray 10ml


Dirty English

EDT Spray 100ml Aftershave 100ml Deodorant 75ml Keepsake faux leather box


Sean John Unforgivable Mens Set

Be Delicious Men Set EDT Spray 50ml Shower Gel 100ml

EDT Spray 75ml Deodorant Stick 75ml


$109.00 Valued $144

Valued at $129

DKNY Mens Weekend Getaway Set Energising Eau de Toilette 50ml Antiperspirant Deodorant 75g

$92.00 Valued at $167 Be Delicious Women

Sean John Unforgivable

Be Delightful Set EDT Spray 50ml Body Lotion 100ml

Woman Deluxe Set EDP Spray 125ml Lip Glosses x 3



Valued at $158

Valued at $244

DKNY Women Pure New York Set Energising Eau de Parfum 50ml Body Lotion 150ml

$110.00 Valued at $182


order toll free on 0800

801 129


Christ mas




Eau de Parfum spray 50ml, Body Lotion 100ml,

Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml Body Moisturiser 50ml



Valued at over $185

Valued at $138


Eau de Parfum spray 30ml, Body Lotion 75ml,



Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml Perfumed Body Lotion 75ml

Valued at over $130



Valued at $110

6 x Eyeshadows: Tea Biscuit, Ginger (light), Ginger (dark), Camouflage, Berry Ice, Smokey, Eye Shadow Brush. Encased in black croc print case.

$75.00 Valued at $150 LIPSTICK LUXURIES

5 x Lipsticks: Venetian Rose, Rich Red, Sun Stone, Candy, Tiramisu. Black Croc Print Wristlet.


Valued at $250



Beautiful Eau de Parfum (pour) 3.5ml, Beyond Paradise Eau de Parfum (spray) 4ml, Pleasures Eau de Parfum (pour) 3.5ml, Pure White Linen Eau de Parfum (pour) 2.8ml, Youth Dew Parfum (pour) 3.5ml, Sensuous Eau de Parfum (spray) 4ml. Exclusive to Arthur Barnett

Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml Velvety Body Lotion 75ml Luscious Shower Gel 75ml

$154.00 Valued at $216

$95.00 PRIVATE COLLECTION TUBEROSE GARDENIA Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml, Body Lotion 200ml. Exclusive to Arthur Barnett


L’HOMME Eau de Toilette Spray 60ml Shower Gel 100ml


Valued at $134

As elusive and unique as the precious ingredient from which it takes its name, Infusion d’ Iris is inspired by a search for balance and harmony in a chaotic and contradictory world. The fragrance combines classic, exceptional quality ingredients from Italy such as the Iris Pallida from Florence and the warm top note glow of Sicilian mandarin. The glass flacon echoes the design of vintage perfume bottles and is adorned with the traditional Prada Heritage Collection crest originally designed in 1913 by Muccia Prada’s grandfather.

EDP 50ml

$125.00 EDP 100ml

$165.00 EDP 200ml

$255.00 Body Lotion 250ml


Bath & Shower Gel 250ml


Code Women Elixir


EDP 50ml $185

Diamonds for Men EDP 30ml $130 EDP 50ml $170 EDP 100ml $225

EDT 30ml $75 EDT 50ml$105 EDT 75ml $125

Magnifique EDP 30ml $110 EDP 50ml $145 EDP 75ml $180 Shower Gel 200ml $80 Body Veil 200ml $90

Notorious EDP 30ml $110 EDP 50ml $145 EDP 75ml $180

order toll free on 0800

801 129


Christ mas


BURBERRY MEN MINIATURES • Classic Men 4.5ml • Weekend Men 4.5ml • Brit Men 4.5ml • London Men 4.5ml • Touch Men 4.5ml

$79.00 MOSCHINO I LOVE LOVE • EDT Spray 30ml • Body Lotion 50ml



• EDT Spray 30ml • Body Lotion 50ml



Eau de Toilette 50ml and Body Lotion 100ml

$132.00 L’EAU D’ISSEY

Eau de Parfum 50ml, Body Cream 200ml and Eau de Parfum Roll on 6ml



VERSACE BRIGHT CRYSTAL • EDT Spray 30ml • Body Lotion 50ml


L’EAU D’ISSEY POUR HOMME INTENSE Eau de Toilette 75ml and Deodorant


L’EAU D’ISSEY POUR HOMME Eau de Toilette 75ml and Deodorant


Spend $65 or more on Revlon products and you can purchase this 10 piece Colour Collection* for only $65. (excludes gift sets)

Valued at $220

*One per customer, while stocks last.

SUPER LUSTROUS LIPSTICK PACK Teak Rose, Smoky Rose, Pinkerbelle and Plumalicious (All full size)

$35.00 Valued at $84 LUXURIOUS LIVING LIPSTICK PACK Heather Frost, Love That Pink, Rich Raisin Frost, Revlon Red and Cappuccino (All full size)

$50.00 Valued at $130 SUPER LUSTROUS LIP GLOSS AND 3D MASCARA PACK Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Afterglow and 3D Extreme Mascara in Blackest Black

$35.00 Valued at $50


$25.00 Coral Me Wild, Vixen and Revlon Red

Valued at $42 or

ColorStay Topcoat, Coral Me Wild and Revlon Red

Valued at $43

order toll free on 0800

801 129



Christ mas


FACE AND BODY PURSE Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 100ml Beauty Flash Balm 50ml Moisture Rich Body Lotion 100ml Pure Melt Cleansing Gel 75ml Smoothing Body Scrub 75ml HydraQuench Cream 15ml

$130.00 Valued at $228 Phone Erin on the Smashbox counter to book a

Wicked Lovely


Phone 03 477 1129 ext 891

GENERATION 6 SERUM Generation 6 Serum 2 x 15ml Extra Firming Day Cream 15ml Extra Firming Night Cream 15ml

Eau de Parfum 40ml & Body Lotion 100ml


Eau de Toilette 50ml & Body Lotion 100ml


$140.00 Valued at $218

CLARINSMEN Moisture Balm 50ml Active Face Wash 30ml Fatigue Fighter 12ml

$56.00 Valued at $80 12

Eau de Toilette 75ml and Stick Deodorant

$128.00 Eau de Toilette 75ml and Stick Deodorant


DAILY ESSENTIALS Day Cream Moisturiser 113g Shower Cap Toiletries Bag Towel


Value $79.90

THE ESSENTIAL MAN Mens Face Scrub 50g Mens Shaving Cream 75g Mens Aftershave Fluid 100ml Mens Day Cream Moisturiser SPF15 50ml

$69.90 Value $112

HANDY ESSENTIALS Hand and Nail Cream 100g Revitanail Nail Strengthener 30ml Revitanail Top Coat 15ml Revitanail Nourishing Oil 15ml 4 Way Nail File


Valued at $92

ULTRA ESSENTIALS Ultra R4 Restorative Cream 50g Ultra R4 Eye Repair Cream 15g Ultra R4 Regenerative Night Cream 50g Ultra R4 Rejuvenation Fluid SPF15 30ml Mens Day Moisturiser SPF15 10g


Value $374

order toll free on 0800

801 129



Christ mas




Refreshing body combination value pack Refreshing Body Wash 200ml Refreshing Hand and Body Lotion 200ml


Valued at $55

Day Moisture Protection SPF 15 75ml Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam 30ml Hydro-Nourishing Softener 30ml Night Moisture Recharge 15ml


valued at $116


Daytime Protective Emulsion SPF 15 75ml

SKIN NUTRITION TRIO Daily skincare value pack Vitalising Cleanser 50ml Hydrating Gel 50ml Nourishing Day Cream 50ml


Valued at $81


Luxurious skincare pack - great value Rich Day Cream 50ml Nourishing Night Cream 50ml Ultra Nourishing Mask 50ml Radiance Night Oil 10ml

$129.00 Valued at $249


Enriched Balancing Softener 30ml Creamy Cleansing Foam 30ml Eye Treatmant Mask


valued at $125

Available in:

Pink Lily & White Tea Tangarine & Shea Limited Edition from the Castelbel Collection

Fragrant Diffuser Fragrant Candle

Noël Room Spray $26.00 Noël Stick Diffuser $65.00 Noël Candles from $24 up to $69

Room Mist Scented Soap set/3 Scented Soap

$99.00 $55.00 $39.95 $39.95 $16.50

French Manicure Set

This year’s set includes our latest innovation, the Automatic Nail Polisher in Limited Edition Pink! With everything you need for a perfect at-home French manicure.

$29.95 Valued at $58 Cosmetic Brush Roll Set

Our popular brushes come to you in a beautifully presented professional compact brush roll. Including all the basic brush staples.

$29.95 Valued at $50 Glam Gift Set

With a Limited Edition clutch bag in glamorous gold, enjoy a GlamLips Lip Gloss, Gold Eyelash Curler and Manicare’s famed Blot-Off Tissues for a great price.

$24.99 Glam Nails Set

Featuring our top-selling Lady In Red GlamNails enamel, this is a fantastic stocking filler at only

$24.99 order toll free on 0800

801 129



Christ mas


AROMATIC CANDLES This clean burning soy blend candle gives up to 70 hours of the finest French fragrance while slowly revealing its own unique Art Deco inspired etched glass design. Available in: Melon, Pear Sandalwood, Orange Amber, Grapefruit Fig, Acadia Tuberose, Brise Marine, Vanilla, Cranberry Cassis and Evergreen Garland.

CLASSICO & FANTASIA SOAP COLLECTION These soaps are hand wrapped with an extraordinary wrapper and feature unique graphics from Claus Porto archives. Available in: Vetyver, Wild Pansy, Pear Sandalwood, Mimosa, Wild Orchid, Rose, Tuberose, Vanilla Orchid, Lime Basil, Grapefruit Fig and Honeysuckle.

$57.95 each

$15.95 150g


Soaps are fomulated with 100% shea butter. Milled 7 times so there is no cracking or splitting. Fragrance lasts until the end of the bar. Lasts 3 times longer than similar sized soaps. 100% vegetable base easily biodegradable. Available in: Melon, Pear Sandalwood, Orange Amber, Brise Marine, Acadia Tuberose and Grapefruit Fig.

$20.95 350g $34.95 Boxed 3x 150g

New Voodoo Fashion Range Voodoo has created the perfect accessory for your summer wardrobe. Create the ultimate summer look this season, and equip yourself with Voodoo’s latest range of leggings and knee-highs.

More styles in-store.

Wanderlust Leggings

Size: Medium/Tall, Tall/X Tall


Columbine’s summer cotton socks range is full of bright and funky prints. Excellent for Christmas stocking fillers.

Assorted designs and styles in-store.

Columbine Cotton Socks One size. Assorted designs.


Wanderlust Knee Highs Size: One size.

$9.99 While stocks last.

Columbine 3 pair Cotton Multi-Spot Socks One size. Assorted designs.

$12.99 16





Suzie Lined Camisole Colours: Vanilla, Black Sizes: S-XL

$100.00 Thongboy Colour: Vanilla Sizes: S-L


Also available in this range:

Short Sleeve Tie-Front Top Colour: Vanilla Sizes: S-L



Short Sleeve Top Colour: Navy/White Sizes: S-XL

V Neck Camisole Colour: Navy Sizes: S-XL



Also available in this range:

Lace Shoulder Camisole Colours: White, Navy/White Sizes: S-XL


Note: Hipster Brief shown not available.

Contour Balconnette Bra Colour: Gold/Vanilla Sizes:10A-14C, 10D-12DD



Colour: Gold/Vanilla Sizes: XS-L


Camisole Colour: Gold/Vanilla Sizes: S-L

$129.95 Pleasure State captures the essence of what women want and how it makes them feel; playful, seductive and utterly spellbinding. Pleasure State White Label is everyday lingerie Exclusive in Dunedin to Arthur Barnett with that special touch for the style conscious woman. order toll free on 0800

801 129



Christ mas


GIFT Purchase a set of Miss Triumph lingerie and receive YSL Baby Doll 10ml Glittering Perfume.

miss gelati A sexy summer style in a flattering balconette style bra. Hipster has soft lace trim on waist and leg-line for no show through.

Balconette Bra

Hipster Brief

Colour: New Mint Sizes: 10B-16D

Colour: New Mint Sizes: 10-16



Beautiful by Triumph GIFT Purchase a set of Beautiful by Triumph and receive a free laundry bag. Available also to purchase, with 50c from each sale going to The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Polkadot Very cute polkadot print! Striking flocked dot mesh combined with delicate embroidery and ruffle elastic trim. Match with the co-ordinating brief.

Underwire Bra

Colour: Cornflower Sizes: 10DD-18F, 10G-16G


Hikini Brief Colour: Cornflower


Daisy Chain Enchanting black design combined with daisy chain motif throughout bra and brief. Features striking French designed embroidery & spot mesh lace. Matching brief with centre back detail.

Underwire Bra

Colour: Black Sizes: 10DD–16G

$59.95 18

Hikini Brief

Colour: Black Sizes: S-XL


Classic designs that combine traditional timeless elegance with quality.

Satin Nightshirt Colour: Seafoam Print Sizes: XS-XXL


Short Chemise Colour: Seafoam Sizes: XS-XL

$42.95 Worn with

Short Robe

Colours: Seafoam, Lipstick Sizes: XS-L


Short Chemise

with lace cups Colours: Lipstick, Ivory, Black Sizes: XS-XL


Worn with

Shawl Collar Robe Colour: Seafoam Print Sizes: XS-XL

$89.95 order toll free on 0800

801 129



Christ mas


Dotty Nightie

Also available in the Dotty range:

100% cotton nightie in a white devore with a contrast bias bound neckline, keyhole opening and feminine layered ruffles at the hem.

$159.00 Dotty T-Shirt PJ Set

Sizes: S-XL


Dotty Lined Nightie Sizes: S-XL

Sizes: S-XL

$115.00 Dotty Robe Sizes: S/M, M/L

$165.00 Dotty Cami PJ Set Camisole with lined cups and adjustable straps. The yarn dyed full length pants have an elasticated back waist and drawstring front for comfort. Sizes: S-XL


Beautiful Turkish Sleepwear

Baksana Robe - Mens Traction robe. 100% cotton velour robe with a shawl collar and textured rib stripe. Available in S-XL.



seductive comfort fit. coverage. support. introducing calvin klein seductive comfort, a luxurious, modern collection including bras combining femininity and fashion with flawless function. seductive comfort offers enhanced fit and comfort for a full spectrum of bust sizes. customised lift bra 10a-12a, 10b-14dd $69.95 hipster brief s-l $39.95

Mens Tshirts 2 for $99.00

(For a limited time, selected styles only, while stocks last)

order toll free on 0800

801 129



Christ mas

Absolutely ARTHUR BARNETT Designed and made by New Zealanders for New Zealanders. Survival garments are made from the highest quality New Zealand Merino Wool. Treat your loved ones this Christmas with a Merino garment from our great selection instore.

Priced from just $149.00

An established shirt specialist since 1944, Gloweave is known for its innovative and quality shirts. Arthur Barnett has a wide selection of Gloweave shirts in Steel Micro Sophisticated premium ultra luxe microfibre fabrication A soft blend of tactel nylon & spandex with great hand feel and shape. Ultimate comfort with shape retention Microfibre logo waistband with metallic luster for an amazing look and feel Available early December

$49.95 Other styles available instore now.


Contemporary Slim fit, Urban and Casual fit. With crease resistant and wrinkle free options, Gloweave has a shirt to suit every man.

Priced from just $89.00

Buy any womens RM Williams top and receive a free pair of womens jandals valued at $20.00 ( For a limited time, while stocks last)

SAMSONITE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Exclusive in Otago to Arthur Barnett

72cm - 5kg


62cm - 4.4kg

47cm - 3.5kg



Pierre Cardin Luxurious Leather Wallets Essential accessory to any wardrobe.

Priced from


Life’s a Journey • 10 year warranty • Extremely rugged yet exceptionally lightweight • 1680 Denier Polyester • Spacious fully lined interior • Mesh interior pockets and detachable pouch • ARRIVES NOVEMBER 20th order toll free on 0800

801 129



Christ mas


Satch is a range of full leather bags with styles for both Men and Women in contemporary styles at excellent value. A hugely successful gift...more great styles now instore.




Extremely popular sling bag

$139.95 Black, Red or Brown

*prices for colours may vary



Organiser wallet with heaps of credit card space and separate change section and external cellphone pocket with a handy wrist strap.

$74.95 Black only




Leather Cabin bag/ Overnight 2 front pockets and internal organiser pockets

$339.95 Black only SATCH S37


Heaps of pockets and super compact sling bag

$139.95 Black only




Includes internal padded laptop envelope and a front organiser pocket – great value for full leather

$269.95 Black only



A body sling which can be worn very comfortably on the front making it perfect for travel security

$119.95 Black or Red E




La Chamba From the Andes of Colombia comes the unique, versatile and distinctive La Chamba cookware. Whether you are a gourmet chef or prefer simple fare, La Chamba will offer you years of cooking and serving pleasure. La Chamba has a natural clay glaze rather than a vitreous glaze, it is safe to use in the oven, over direct heat on the stove-gas, electric or ceramic. Can also be used under the grill or even on the barbeque. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Its attractive black satin finish makes it ideal for serving food from or eating food from – each piece oven to table.

BBQ Grill Thermometer

Electronic BBQ & Kitchen Fork

Programmable With Built In Timer Beeps When Ready S/S Meat Thermometer 6 Meat Setting: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Lamb & Veal 4 Taste Setting: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium & Well Done LED Flashlight on Receiver ideal for grilling at night

with pre-programmed Digital Thermometer



Full Size 14” Fork with Rubber Coated Sure Grip Handle is ideal for use in the Kitchen or on the Grill. Fork measures actual temperature both ˚F or ˚C and also calculates relative “doneness” of your meat. Rare + medium, medium rare + well done. Guarantees your meats are properly cooked to correct temperature.

Motorised BBQ Cleaner

Triple LED Illumination System Two Removable Brush Drums Built in S/S Grill Scraper Easy Clean

$49.00 BBQ Roll Utensils $57.00

Illuminated BBQ Tongs Serrated Tongs Securely Grab Food Stainless Steel Construction Powerful Dual LED Illumination System Removeable Light Housing For Easy Cleaning


order toll free on 0800

801 129



Christ mas


Prism Decanter & 4 Tumblers Rectangular Decanter & 4 Tumblers



Dorchester 24% Lead Crystal is hand-cut and presentation boxed in sixes. An elegant cutting and shape. Flute, Goblet, Large Wine, Whiskey

Boxed Sets 6


Ceramic white Apple & Pears with Chrome Leaf $10.00 each

Resin Pine Cone Candle Holders $9.00 each

Ceramic Chrome Apple & Pears $10.00 each 26

Lovely decorative items for your Christmas Table

Willow White Wash Round Tray 49cm Oblong Tray 55 x 35cm Oval Deeptray

$29.95 $39.95 $39.95

Magna wall frame 30 x 40 $49.95 40 x 50 $69.95 50 x 70 $129.00 60 x 80 $139.00

Mini two tone frame 4x6 $79.95 5x7 $89.95 8 x 10 $109.95

Concetta Dinner Plate 3 horses Side Plate (limited quantities) Cereal Bowl peacock Soup Plate Horse (not shown)

$34.95 $19.95 $24.95 $29.95

Peake tiffin box small 4 tier $49.95 Peake tiffin box large 3 tier $59.00 (great for lunches, picnics and travel)

Junes floating candles assorted $16.95 order toll free on 0800

801 129



Christ mas




It is our aim to make it a pleasure for you to shop at ARTHUR BARNETT where you will receive quality merchandise, welcoming service and good value.


First Name


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Phone No. Day

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TO ORDER BY PHONE Complete the order form and call us free on 0800 801 129

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TO ORDER BY MAIL Customer Service Arthur Barnett Ltd Private Bag 1964 Dunedin 9020

(Complete this section only if different from ordered by)

First Name


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Phone No. Day

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Item No



1st Colour

2nd Colour



Delivery Costs $5.00 Dunedin, $10.00 New Zealand Wide


Special Instructions / Comments (e.g. Leave at back door if nobody home)

Please charge to my Arthur Barnett Account No. Cheque (please make cheques payable to Arthur Barnett Ltd)

Personal Information:

Credit Card Visa

Goods can be shipped to most overseas customers. Goods sent by us to overseas addresses are exempt from GST. Please contact us on 0800 801 129 if you wish to send items overseas. If you have already given us your order by phone or fax, please do not send in your written order as confirmation. This will avoid duplication.


Card Account Number Cardholder’s Name

Expiry Date


American Express

From time to time we offer our customers various products and services we think may be of interest to them. Please tick the box if you wish to receive advice of these opportunities. Be assured that this information will remain confidential to Arthur Barnett Ltd and that you may have these details corrected or removed at any time.

DELIVERY DETAILS We will deliver your order anywhere in New Zealand. For Dunedin delivery, please add $5.00 elsewhere in New Zealand please add $10.00. Furniture and items over 20kg - freight is by quotation. Prompt delivery is assured, usually within seven days of receiving your order. We will notify you of any delays or discontinued items. If you wish to return any items please do so within seven days and a full refund will be given should you choose not to have it replaced. If you wish, we can deliver part of your order separately or to a different address. Gift Wrapping? If you would like your goods gift wrapped or a gift card included in your package, please contact our customer service staff on 0800 801 129


285 George Street, Private Bag 1964, Dunedin 9020, New Zealand Phone: 03 477-1129 Fax: 03 467-7791 Email:

Arthur Barnett 2008 Christmas Catalogue

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