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Under the sun

Belinda fox Listen to Me II watercolour, drawing & encaustic on board 31 x 46cm $2,900

Peter Simpson Ochre Cliff and Outcrop oil on linen 153 x 122cm $8,500

Hobie porter Threshold oil on polyester canvas 55 x 80cm $8,900

SAMANTHA EVERTON Party Time 3/8 pigment ink on cotton rag 102 x 115cm $4,500

Carla hananiah Evening Crown oil on board 92 x 122cm $4,800

DEAN BOWEN House of Love lithograph 48 x 68cm $1,450

Chelsea Lehmann The Dog Room oil on linen 25 x 23cm $2,200

KENDAL MURRAY Family Style, Smile mixed media assemblage 11 x 13 x 10cm $3,500

Jan billycan Kirriwirri (28378) acrylic on linen 95 x 72cm $6,900

DEAN HOME Teapot Antics - Plein Air oil on board 45 x 90cm $5,000

Charles Blackman A Mermaid ink on paper 63 x 49cm $3,000

Susan baird Centennial Park I oil on linen 25 x 30cm $1,650

John olsen Frog and Fly limited edition fine art print 85 x 61cm $2,600

SAMANTHA EVERTON Spirited 2/3 pigment ink on cotton rag 89 x 112cm $3,250

IAN GReiG Diffuse through the mysteries of our being oil on canvas 140 x 200cm $9,900

JAMES ETTELSON Saddle Blazer acrylic & mixed media on canvas 186 x 248cm $8,990

Danelle Bergstrom Water Candles oil on linen 91 x 244cm $29,500

COLIN PENNOCK Stockman’s Trail oil on canvas on board 61 x 61cm $3,300

JOHN BAIRD Interior with Pink Tablecloth acrylic, shellac & fabric on board 48 x 63cm $3,800

SAMANTHA EVERTON Imaginations of the Night 5/8 pigment ink on cotton rag 82 x 96cm $3,500

Danelle Bergstrom Promise oil on linen 122 x 122cm $18,000

Charles Blackman Sunflower ink on paper 49 x 39cm $3,000

Greg Mallyon Oenpelli Wetlands I artist pigment & acrylic on board 60 x 60cm $1,950

Craig Bennett Sunflower ink on paper 49 x 39cm $3,000

Susan baird Centennial Park II oil on linen 30 x 25cm $1,650

WILLIAM MANSFIELD Seasickness acrylic on board 31 x 41cm $600

Carla Hananiah Heart Ablaze oil on board 36 x 60cm $1,650

Danelle Bergstrom Drawing on Life #1 wax, natural pigments & charcoal on paper 65 x 85cm $5,500

KENDAL MURRAY Produce Goose, On The Loose mixed media assemblage 10 x 12 x 10cm $2,900

Kate Dorrough Bones of the Land stoneware ceramic with glaze 50 x 31 x 28cm $1,950

KENDAL MURRAY Downriver, Deliver mixed media assemblage 20 x 27 x 16cm $4,500

KENDAL MURRAY Event Ascent, Intent Descent mixed media assemblage 9 x 36 x 23cm $3,500

Peter Simpson Middle Head oil on linen 46 x 46cm $3,200

Deborah HALPERN Sylvia steel, fibreglass & tile 128 x 84 x 30cm $26,000

KENDAL MURRAY Sweet Retreat mixed media assemblage 28 x 26 x 23cm $4,500

GREG MALLYON Oenpelli Wetlands III artist pigment & acrylic on board 60 x 60cm $1,950

Kate Dorrough Undercurrents stoneware ceramic with glaze 55 x 41 x 28cm $2,200

POH LING YEOW Cocoon acrylic on canvas 120 x 187cm $8,800

Raquel MAZZINA Morph 18 oil on canvas 184 x 138cm $7,000

John olsen Bondi - Rose Fingered Dawn 8/65 limited edition fine art print 76 x 83cm $2,800

COLIN PENNOCK The Fair Skinned Criminal oil on canvas 107 x 122cm $7,500

Belinda Fox Up Turn II 12/15 intaglio with hand stain 71 x 98cm $2,500

Dean Bowen Owl a/p bronze 34 x 12 x 8cm $7,000

Under the Sun Catalogue  
Under the Sun Catalogue  

A unqiue collection of works by an outstanding group of Australian artists inspired by the Australian summer at Arthouse Gallery