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The Benefits of an Elliptical for Your Joints Being well into the year, there are many people that have discarded their New Year’s resolutions. If you have lost sight of your resolution to be healthier, it may be time to revisit and revive your goal. This is to be commended. Both practices, if honored, will lead the individual to an overall healthier physical state and, if studies on the subject are accurate, an overall healthier mental state as well.

Avoiding a Knee Replacement Surgeon by Using an Elliptical One physical training machine that is popular among persons returning to the gym or for those who want an effective cardio workout without the harsh impact of running is the elliptical trainer machine. The elliptical trainer machine, or simply the elliptical, is the ideal cardio training machine for those persons who are otherwise unable to perform cardio workouts due to failing or hurt joints and knees as the elliptical is a low impact machine that will not further damage the knees. If you do not want to make a visit to a knee replacement surgeon, an elliptical can be a great exercise option. Running consistently may warrant that visit to a knee replacement surgeon, but by starting yourself off on the elliptical, you can avoid a lot of joint problems. For whatever reasons this rumor of gluteus shaping elliptical misuse has grown in popularity and subsequent practice but is nonetheless erroneous. In fact, pedaling the elliptical backwards can be harder on the knees of a person than pedaling forward and for this reason pedaling backwards should be limited if not avoided completely. Instead of misusing or improperly using the elliptical to gain a harder or more effective workout, simply use the machine’s built in versatilities. Almost every elliptical will have the ability to increase the workout work load by upping the resistance, changing the speed, or raising the incline of the pedaling.

Safety Tips These three modes of variation when used in combination should provide the user with enough of a challenge to keep their cardio workouts effective and fresh. One safety tip that a person should try to remember while exercising is to not lock your knees while on the elliptical. Doing so will affect the circulation in the body and can lead to fainting or dizziness. Instead, a person should remember to keep their knees slightly bent during the entire workout.

This practice will also enable the exerciser to keep up an effective fluid motion while working out on the machine. In addition to keeping the knees slightly bent at all times to enable the machine to work best for its user, it is also important to remember that while an elliptical is designed to maintain the proper posture of the user during an exercise, slouching or slumping while exercising on this machine is still detrimental. Two common mistakes that persons make in posture while using an elliptical is by leaning too far forward or hanging on to and hugging the console of the machine. Both missuses of the machine will result in a less effective workout and will develop poor training habits in the exerciser. With this basic knowledge of how to start using an elliptical, a New Year’s resolution may finally be accomplished.

The Benefits of an Elliptical for Your Joints  

Worried about your knees but still need to exercise? The elliptical may be just the thing you need.

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