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The NoSleep Podcast Now on its thirteenth season, the NoSleep podcast is an anthology of horror stories hosted and produced by David Cummings. These original stories are derived from the Nosleep subreddit, where users post their own encounters ranging from the strange to the paranormal to downright terrifying. Each episode usually has multiple tales to enjoy (if you’re not faint of heart) accompanied by a team of authors and narrators who have seen their own works come to fruition. There’s an abundant catalog before you find yourself wanting more, and of course plenty of chills.

Welcome to Night Vale Welcome to Night Vale offers a unique spin on “mundane” daily news, but nothing in Night Vale is close to mundane— just FYI. Announcements from the Sheriff ’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers in the dog park, and cultural events! It’s just a day in the lives of Night Vales entities, that’s if they actually have one. Nonetheless, turn on your radio and hide, and welcome to Night Vale.

Darkest Night Produced by the Paragon Collective and NoSleep, this binaurally recorded audio drama has seen the likes of Dennis O’Hare (American Horror Story), RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and Nancy Grace explore original stories. Each chapter follows two scientists working for the secret ‘Project Cyclops’. Through Project Cyclops, the audience is able to relive a person’s last waking moments and uncover the secrets of the dead. The Darkest Night is narrated by Lee Pace (The Hobbit 58


Films, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pushing Daisies, Halt & Catch Fire) and Keith David (Crash, Coraline, There’s Something About Mary, Barbershop and They Live).

Let’s Not Meet Another anthology comprised of horror stories from subreddits, with first person accounts narrated and produced by Andrew Tate. Each episode dives into real-life encounters with stalkers, murderers, and just about anyone you wish you wouldn’t meet on or off the dark web. You can stomach the vivid and gruesome details with the raw storytelling perspective (like reading conspiracies on russian sleep experiments with your best friend at 3am).

Creepy Creepy, as in creepypasta. If you know the likes of Jeff the Killer, Smile Dog, and the Russian Sleep Experiment… well you probably don’t sleep with blackout curtains and your feet dangling off the side of the bed. Jon Grilz, lead narrator and creator, keeps the thrill of the genre and storytelling that is creepypasta. Mostly fiction (but who really knows), these pastas explore horrific scenarios that could be described as your most abstract fears and your worst nightmares.

Lore Each episode delves into a new dark historical tale in a campfire-like narration. Aaron Mahnke is the creator, writer, host, and producer of Lore, exposing the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest terrors.

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