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Chen-Jung Kuo

ART Habens

anything. I actually believe that physical

black and white and you are constantly

behavior is a reflection of internal emotions,

spinning, unable to stop.

very direct and difficult to hide. Whether

Therefore, none of the movements were

something should be called “abstract” or not

individually choreographed as such,

isn’t important. Panic 0.1 is about a kind of

intentionally; they reflect the feelings of self-

obsessiveness, that could be my reaction at the

blame, self-interrogation, the expressions of

time to something, anything random, maybe

psychological disorder.

even my own weight. When you’re obsessed, it

To me, that’s what’s real. They don’t need to be

seems like you have no way out, there’s just

explored, I just put them out there to be seen.

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ART Habens Art Review, Special Edition  

ART Habens Art Review, Special Edition  

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