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Chen-Jung Kuo

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McLuhan there is a 'sense bias' that favors visual logic: how do you see the relationship between sound and moving images?

multilayered experience. Austrian historian Ernst Gombrich once remarked the importance of providing a space for the audience to project onto, so that they can actively participate in the creation of the illusion: how important is for you to trigger the viewer's imagination in order to address them to elaborate personal associations? In particular, how open would you like your works to be understood?

When I’m constructing an atmosphere, images and sound cannot be separated. To me, their relationship is like two sides of the same coin. On the other hand, images do not necessarily need sound, and sound doesn’t necessarily require image. This is a kind of philosophical question about the relationship between relationships. Everything I choose to create depends on how I’m feeling in the current moment: what I want to say, and how.

Instead of saying I’m making a performance, I’d rather create a time-space to let the viewer enter into his or her own personal inner world, to explore it and feel it. In the real world, there are very few opportunities to do this, because most people don’t want spend time facing their own inner-feelings. They’d rather just pass through without acknowledging them.

Room also questions the connections between life, humans, and society. Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco once remarked that "artists's role differs depending on which part of the world they’re in": how do you consider the role of artists in our globalised and media driven contemporary age? And how do you think your works respond to it in finding hidden, crystallised moments in the everyday?

I enjoy observing and discovering things. I don’t know why, but I just see things differently from other people. Somehow I feel that curiosity can help us to reach beyond the ordinary, because in the real world, we overlook the possibilities of things that we think we understand. People are going to believe what they want to believe, anyway, so I don’t expect them to understand the purpose of what I create, or what I’m trying to say through my work.

I believe that a great work of art can go so far as to influence society, but at the same time I do think a huge part of creation for me is personal. It’s all about how I live and what I breathe and what I do, honestly. So related to that, Room was largely connected to my feelings and the conflict I felt at the time between the multiple identities and cultures I found myself in.

Sound plays an important role in your video and we have appreciated the way the sounds of the ambience provide the footage of Room with such a bit enigmatic atmosphere. According to media theorist Marshall

I was born and raised in Taiwan, but I’ve spent a lot of time in the West, living in different

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