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ART Habens

Michael Trozzolo

Still from My Dreamsicle, 2018 film, 04:35

and hopefully get them to question themselves, the things they do and possibly inspire them to look at their life from a different angle.

allegorical work, to communicate on a subconscious level? Creating allegorical work is very important to me because I think it creates different layers within a piece allowing a greater audience to relate to it on a very personal level. It also creates a more powerful and intriguing piece. What’s most important to me though, is creating work that will catch peoples attention

Special Issue

The soundtrack that you mastered provides My Dreamsicle with such a mesmerizing quality, as well as with such ethereal atmosphere: how do you consider the role of sound within your practice and how did you structure the

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ART Habens Art Review, Special Edition  

ART Habens Art Review, Special Edition  

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