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Hello Loraine and welcome back to ART Habens. We already got the chance to introduce our readers to your artworks in a previous edition and we are now particularly pleased to discover the development of your artistic production. In the meanwhile, we would like invite our readers to visit in order to get a wide idea about your artistic production. We like the way your approach conveys such a stimulating combination between figurative elements and captivating abstract feeling, whose background creates such an oniric atmosphere: how would you consider the relationship between figurative and abstraction playing within your artistic research? In particular, how does representation and a tendency towards abstraction find their balance in your work? Loraine Lynn: Thank you for having me back! I’m happy to be speaking with you again. Figurative and abstract play off each other in my work. I aim for their relationship to be one of frustration. I enjoy playing with the tension that is created between the two and using it to have the viewer experience art in a way that isn’t always comfortable. This creates a backand-forth, giving room for this contentious relationship to be explored and questioned rather than just disregarded. Balance is found between the two through the idea of “connecting the dots,” which happens within my work through intention, site, and proximity. I tend to lean more towards abstraction because of its ability to be open ended.

Loraine Lynn

because it does not urge them to be involved with the work on a deeper level because it is familiar. Having aspects of representation and abstracting it helps to engage the viewer. I prefer a mixture of the two because it helps create a space for further interpretation and new meanings to be made on behalf of the audience and also on my behalf as the maker. The main point of balance between the two is found in how I display the objects and forms I choose to use in a piece. Like our dreams, the

This is a personal bias, but I find that representation halts audience interpretation

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