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Jana Charl

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Thanks a lot for your time and for sharing your thoughts again, Jana. How do you see your evolution as an artist over time? Is there anything that you do fundamentally different from when you started years ago? My confidence as an artist has evolved over time allowing me to pursue opportunities rather than simply accept invitations; speak publicly about my artwork, including sharing what had always seemed too personal; and dedicate myself to my creative practice even as it requires increasing amounts of sacrifice. I’ve also become more inquisitive and passionate with age, which has actually increased my productivity. Originally inspired by the Venus of Willendorf, I’ve spent years interpreting, abstracting, and simplifying the female form and I’ve expressed it with polymer clay, metal, acrylic paintings, and drawings. I’ve merged the practices by creating mixed media works, and I’ve incorporated found objects. Moreover, I’ve created large-scale indoor and outdoor installations; including my recent kinetic installation. Now I’m in the process of self-reflection and transition, fueled by an overpowering urge to freshly pursue a new direction. An interview by and

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ART Habens Art Review, Special Edition  

ART Habens Art Review, Special Edition  

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