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Jana Charl

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of the materials that you include — or that you plan to include — in your artworks. Discovering and collecting objects, especially waste destined for dump sites and landfills, for my projects has become both my passion and source of inspiration. Zoe Leonard’s statement relates to one of the allures of working with found objects, there’s also the challenge to effectively integrate them into new works. Along with the inherent histories are the stories of discovering or receiving the items; all of which adds layers to the storytelling. In addition, I don’t believe in any limitations in regards to the variety of art supplies; nor the delegation of materials as a means to distinguish between craft, commercial art, and fine art. How do your memories and everyday life experiences fuel your creative process? And how do you think your works respond to finding hidden, crystallised moments in the every day? Memories and everyday life experiences are stored in various levels of consciousness which I delve into as the fundamental inspiration to create meaningful art. Interpreting and visually communicating in a way that is more relatable to others is my aim. My awareness of isolated moments or incidents becomes more apparent when

that we leave behind hold the marks and the sign of our use: like archaeological findings, they reveal so much about us.” We’d love to ask you about the qualities

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ART Habens Art Review, Special Edition  

ART Habens Art Review, Special Edition  

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