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Jacklyn Cornelisse Cornelisse The past has always had a big attractive power to me. Events that already have happened, how horrible they may have been, somehow feel safe to me. The past itself is unchangeable. Our memories about this past however are flexible and pliant. I am fascinated by how our memories become a new reality in Itself, constructed by real and fictional elements. These days it 's widely acce pt ed that our current identity is the sum of our past experiences. But if we remember them wrongly, is our identity a lie? How does the collective me mory work? How do separate identities melt together into a group? As a visual artist I am fascinated by how the social frameworks in which we live influence our identity. How much of our personality is determined by our roots and how easy can we adept to new circumstances? Does the country we live in, the generation we 're part of, or the language that we speak change us? Is there a constant. unchangeable core in every human, immune to all external powers? Or is our identity a plaything to our surroundings? My work does not have a constant visual language. Every new subject le ads me to a different way of conveying a story or feeling. In a way, I put myself in the service of my project and yield to whatever it needs. My passion lies in the constant experimenting with new materials and media which can result into both still and moving images, installations, sculptures and/or essays. Jacklyn Cornelisse

Jacklyn Cornelisse (1992) is a visual artist based in the Netherlands. After completing her bachelor studies in Photography at the Art Academy St.Joost in 2014, she is currently studying at the Master of Photography in Breda (the Netherlands). Although she's obviously trained as a photographer, she has never limited herself to this medium.

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ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue - Autumn 2015