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Micha Wille Wille My works constitute a subjective narrative about the points of contact between emergent phenomena of discourse (e.g., selfiesation of scociety, hyperindividualism, meritocracy, enstrangement, nuveau riche etc.) and the individual. Image contents exemplify various constellations of interaction, ironize and comment from different perspectives. The generated polyphony establishes propositions of discrete modi: succintly, invidious, ignorant, self-centerd, pseudointelligent, sophisticated... The component of humour is indispensable and often language (in work and title) and induced semantic fields are deployed as a carrier for irony or just to mount simple phrases. Resulting self-contradiction and paradoxes are inherently designed by the given subjects and are formally adressed by the variation of techniques, style quotes and formats.

Micha Wille Kunstwelt! ich liebe dich

Summer 2015

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ART Habens Art Review - Summer 2015 // Special Edition  

ART Habens Art Review - Summer 2015 // Special Edition  

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