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Krzysztof Kaczmar Kaczmar Space appears to us as an impression. Is a word taken out of context of the sentence. Real relations between the words exist outside of consciousness, until they will be used in one, common sentence. Every person is on a separate island of his own being. Between us spreads the night of mysterious darkness of Waters of Etiquette and Oceans of Conventions. Art is a message about the water that separates us, about the cognition of coordinates on the map of this errant archipelago. If water does not interest us – its smell, color, density which puts on our hand – than how we can send a bottled message for it to successfully reach its destination? Only deepening these variable factors, that are influencing its route, could give us the possibility of conscious improvement. In submergence lies the cognition of sea currents. In sinking lies achievement of parallel state of coexistence with the essence of depths of water, allowing mutual communication.

"Orientation – hovering and descending", series of

Spring 2015

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