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Stefan Nenov I think of my artworks as messages that have to contain a captivating visual material, a strong concept and an open field for thoughts. I am trying to reflect the feelings and ideas that move our society and translate that to one deeper meaning. Internet and the new technologies are one my main source of ideas and provocations. It is an interesting challenge to observe the way our society communicates and what influence have the Internet technologies on the inner unconscious movements in human soul. In other words how we humans change and what defines our time. For a long period in my practice the structure of the computer, keyboard, screen, the inner world of Internet, all icons, pixels - all these elements were present in my sculptures.I always try to relate the representative of the new with the archetypal, existential symbols of human identity. At the same time my eyes are wide open for new interesting objects. From a sexy knickers to a sphinx cat everything could grab my attention as long as it is challenging to be turned into a piece of art. My focus is mainly on sculpture in wood. While working with it the aim is to present unusual for the reality objects, with strange presence which evoking amazement. That includes transformation of the form to surreal level , implementing colors and structures. To capture an unique moment or action( like leaking liquid or underwater bubbles) is another of the problems contained in my sculptures. I reckon the wood is the most unique sculpture material, the fact it has been something alive and later transformed into a piece of art reminds of reincarnation. Physically i like the touch of wood, it gives me a full control of the process and this where I feel absolutely free to express myself. The styles and approaching in my works vary from the experience of the classic woodcarving to the modern cleared form. Whatever I do, the figurative and the recognizable is an imperative, I enjoy to see the impact of my works and their dominance over the space they are placed.

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