ART Habens Art Review // Special Edition // July 2015

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Alexandra Vainshtein Death is inevitable. We instinctively know that from the moment we are born. I often found, If one continues to drive along one Consequently, our you biggest that offield with particular road, can fear find is another the seizingtree of the Self,middle. the antonym of will repeat another in the The scene the universal belief in some kind of again and again. continuity, at the moment death.They simply exist in These individuals are notofalone. a different field where they stand alone. But these However, we seemare to forget that solitary figures kindred to in the other solitary mystifying instances of attraction trees in the other fields, and so and it is with man, fields eroticism. From spiritual to bodily, are simply the counties in which people stand alone. these instances extended on a individualism can In our society,are past and present, vertical axis of fascination. be unwelcomed and treated harshly. Society often perceives individualism as a threat. Some societies When fascinated we experience a state insist on rigid conformity and frown on the where “there is nothing more than a individual. gigantic object in a desert world� and we just are not that thing; a fascinating object is one which is, to the point where we are not, and we therefore need to be, demand to be, desire to be. We are violently ripped from existence and develop a perpetual desire for being. The process of creation is one where fascination is a trigger and an end result: It begins with an intuitive thought that captures our attention without at the same time submitting entirely to our understanding. The inability to accurately articulate it results in both a recurrent desire and repetitive attempts to do so. This leads to the creation of an autonomous offshoot, communicating the initial object of fascination. Breathe Forrest, Breathe!

Sophie Iremonger

Installation(4mx4mx4m), 2013

Summer 2015

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