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Lukas Adolphi Adolphi I wouldn’t consider myself as a designer or an artist. I prefer the term creator. Communication to me is more important than categories – dialogue instead of DIN. This can be activated in text form – such as books or posters – as well as in form of interventions in public space. All my work has a playful component in common. The experiment is more important than than the stringent way from the initial idea to the final implementation. To visualize my idea it’s not important whether I work analog or digital, with pen or brush, markers or watercolor, photo or moving image, caution tape or cable ties, tacks or magnets, copier or analog printing techniques. When I work in public space I feel just as comfortable as at my computer at home. During my studies I became more and more aware of the social responsibility, that I as a creator have. I want to make a positive contribution within my means. Lukas Adolphi

Summer 2015

Bitte Alles Ändern – All Change Please, installation du 021 4

ART Habens Art Review // Special Edition // July 2015  
ART Habens Art Review // Special Edition // July 2015  

ART Habens aims to engage artists, curators and gallerists in conversation about the role of Art in contemporary society. Inspired by the wo...