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ones I set myself, the belief in adaption of practice is something I learnt at UCA and is a pivotal point in my practice now. What UCA also instilled within my practice, and also within myself to a degree, is tenacity. To not simply give up on an idea if the results jar with your vision, to resolve ideas and refine my ambitions. To just keep pushing because opportunities will not come to me and I cannot just expect them, you have to put yourself out there to be noticed. You have to be loud. I would start to focus on your artistic production beginning from LGBT There is no violence where the state isn't present, an interesting interdisciplinary project that our readers have already started to get to know in the introductory pages of this article. What mostly appeals to me of your exploration into the varied outcomes of 'printmedia' is the way you blend a documentary gaze on such a living matter with a refined aesthetics, that provides this work with an autonomous, dynamical life. I find truly engaging the way you subvert our common perceptual parameters and I have to confess that it suddenly forced me to relate myself to your work in a different way. Would you like to walk our readers through the process when you conceived this work and to its evolution?

Of course! For me, I think one of the defining changes of our generation is the acceptability (or not so as is sadly still the case across some sections of the planet) of homosexuality and gay marriage. I was actually inspired to create this piece whilst watching a TV interview where the interviewee said, ‘I just don’t understand, we are continuously presented with men killing each other across the world, so what is the big deal with two men loving each other instead.’ This thought has always stayed with me and I cannot agree more! The project evolved as I had a growing desire to expand my practice into the word of performance after writing my dissertation on printmaking and politics, at one point I presented a counter argument that analysed the connections also found in performance art and politics. From this point I was inspired to incorporate this into my practice in some way.

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