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Lizy Bending Bending My theory is based in the realm of the political, artworks have an incredible autonomy and thus, the power to educate. Through my work I want to make issues surrounding politics, society, culture and the economy accessible to all. Combing print media with the construction of objects, my practice aims to provoke discussion, using emotive aesthetics that transform socio-political concepts into visually stimulating bodies of work. I am embracing the heritage of political printmaking, woodblocks were initially developed due to their accessibility both as a resource and their communicative qualities, which contextually, I continually exploit throughout my practice. Nevertheless, communication in our contemporary society is driven by technology, therefore my latest works try to embrace this, creating culturally relative, digital prints that are then transformed into the physical through archival and museology interests. I have begun to parallel printmaking with object making, using the prints as coloured and textured drawings before entering them into tangibility, creating sculptural works that redefine the spatial potential of printmaking, to include sculpture, installation and participatory prints. Alongside this I experiment with creating external works outside of the studio setting, pushing my personal relationship with my practice and as I begin to interact with the public. This aspect of my printmaking practice allows me to use the public not only as subject matter but as material, as I begin to make work with people not just concerning people. Earning my stripes.

Lizy Bending

Summer 2015

Colour Reduction and Chine Cole woodcut. 2015

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ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

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