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ART Habens

Gerd G.M. Brockmann

skills brings me again and again to new possibilities of artistic accomplishment. In works such as “Seven Conspiracies”, “Here's Still Light” or “The Suppleness Puck's” works without cooperation and the synthesis, you talked about, would not at all have been possible. There is a very special synthesis between me and my partner and very talented Fashion Designer Nejla Yilmaztürk. The YILMAZTÜRK & BROCKMANN Concept was born in January 2012. After the work for a Gallery in Istanbul, we decided to work as an artist couple between the border of Fashion Design and Fine Art Concepts. The first works were born after a meeting at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University/Istanbul where we both studied at the Fashion Design Department. After the first work experiences we start to work in different projects and countries to research with new materials in the fine art and design business to create contemporary textile installations and fashion design concepts. After this experience, we decided to have a studio per country and planned the main studio at Bursa/Turkey. The dissolution of boundaries, the fusion of concepts from Fashion Design and Fine Arts is at the core of this particular collaboration. This special communication between two artists you asked about is all about passion for your own discipline and the will to share it with another artist for a better, bigger artistic result. We live in a world where it is increasingly to have an elbow thinking to find a better position in the art market and therefore through afflict each competitor. But I think that just the creative collaboration sustains us in the new globalized time where the art market seems unpredictable. And I couldn't do without mentioning "Ego Has Fallen", that has provided me of the same sensation I received the first time I had the chance to get to know Boltanski's Exit. Although each of your projects has an autonomous life, there's always seem to be

Summer 2015

SEVEN CONSPIRACIES - FASHION DESIGN (Front) by Nejla Yilmaztürk (Photo by Artist)

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ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

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