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Gerd G.M. Brockmann

works of the concept are full of unease and create an unforgettable experience which draws us into an investigation of identity in relation to the use of the body as an artistic object; placed, decorated and load with different hidden meanings in all those different types of work. So..”encrypted”…find out by yourself!

ART Habens

commuter across the border and the installation in the background refers to cross-dressing, men in skirts and the expression of utopia and unisex the time today. Inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream I tried to find a way confront the viewer with the gender topic in a new way of crossing the frontier between fashion and art. The idea of fashion as sculpture also really resonates with me the body is so universal in its' size, shape, movement and features - variables of the body will change, but a key part of distinguishing us from one another is fashion; uniforms, personal style, favorite colors, clothing that complements our shape. It sets us apart from one another and gives us a sense of uniqueness. It changes our appearance; it gives us each a different texture and a different shape. It transforms us into a different 'object' by creating a fabric 'shell' - Due to being captured within a photograph, the body seems to become a sculpture.

Another interesting work of yours that has particularly impacted on me and on which I would like to spend some words is entitled "The Suppleness Puck’s": in particular, when I first happened to get to know this project I tried to relate all the visual information to a single meaning. But I soon realized that I had to fit into the visual unity suggested by the work, forgetting my need for a univocal understanding of its symbolic content: in your work, rather that a conceptual interiority, I can recognize the desire to enabling us to establish direct relations... Would you say that it's more of an intuitive or a systematic process?

My research on this concept began four years ago and I was working intuitively on the duality of the human being and experimented with soft and hard materials to images this duality to express it artistically. In "The Suppleness Puck's" it is quite clear an intuitive process. The viewer can unfold a disturbing and at the same time appealing effect. The relationship that can be made for this work is incredibly widely dispersed. The gender issue is not new in the art market, and certainly not in the fashion industry, but this concept combines both worlds and makes the photo series act as a systematic process. What is not clear is the gender of Puck, since the character has been represented as male and as female along history. Fashion & Gender has been always a big topic in history and my artwork questioned fashionable act, gender identities, sexual orientations and modern living designs. Puck serves as a symbolic figure of between, as hybrid, as permanent

I find extremely fascinating the way different approachs can convergence to a coherent unity and I do believe that transdisciplnary collaborations, as the one you have established Nejla Yılmaztürk is nowadays an ever growing force in Art and that that most exciting things happen when creative minds from different fields of practice meet and collaborate on a project... Peter Tabor once said that "collaboration is working together with another to create something as a synthesis of two practices, that alone one could not": what's your point about this? Can you explain how your work demonstrates communication between two artists?

The collaboration with different artists, craftsmen and creative people are very important to me, and as in this case with a fashion designer are very present in my work, because they give them a different depth. The exchange of ideas and technical

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Summer 2015

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ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

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