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Byron Rich Lives and works in Meadville, PA, USA Installation, Public Art

Kosmas Giannoutakis Lives and works in Graz, Austria Sound, Performance, Installation

Gerd G.M. Brockmann Lives and works in Germany and in Turkey Mixed Media, Installation

Lizy Bending Lives and works in Guildford, UK Mixed Media, Installation, Performance

Kate Walker Lives and works in New Zealand and in USA Video, Public art

Zolt Asta Kristina Rutar

Kosmas Giannoutakis



My work is a mirror, which narrates personal story while breaking constructs of traditional mediums. Finding and building relations between the individual and artwork is a driving force when creating. I constantly search for unconscious forms when interpreting my surroundings. Abstract forms are born from reinterpreting realistic ones and with ambiguity they tell universal stories, which are dependent on one’s personal narrative.

Game, as social extension of brain activity, and Play, as associated complex behavior, are concepts fundamentally related with every creative process. The focus of my artistic research, is to raise the mind's gaming nature to the level of conscious awareness by creating artworks, which are performative art games. Using sound as the main communicating medium, my engaged performers interact with dynamic audiovisual systems.

ErIc Souther USA

Here are myths created by Mass Media. Gods, if you will, that change the way we perceive the world around us. These myths seep into our consciousness and possess us. It mounts us much like a rider and his horse. This is how we travel through the network, physically linking ourselves to the sacred paths laid out by the myths of the media, and it is these paths that remain invisible. Myth of the Masses gives us a glimpse into the ritualistic space of media.

Lives and works in Budapest / London VIdeo, Fine Art Photography, Mixed media

Nevena Vuksanovic Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia Installation, Mixed media

Kristina Rutar Lives and works in Slovenia Mixed media, Sculpture, Installation

Eric Souther Lives and works in Bergen, USA Mixed Media, Video, Installation

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Special thanks to: Charlotte Seeges, Martin Gantman, Krzysztof Kaczmar, Tracey Snelling, Nicolas Vionnet, Genevieve Favre Petroff, Christopher Marsh, Adam Popli, Marilyn Wylder, Marya Vyrra, Gemma Pepper, Maria Osuna, Hannah Hiaseen and Scarlett Bowman, Yelena York Tonoyan, Edgar Askelovic, Kelsey Sheaffer and Robert Gschwantner.

On the cover: EGO HAS FALLEN , Installation by Gerd G.M. Brockmann

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ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

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