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Byron Rich Canada

A r t

Gerd G.M. Brockmann Nevena Vuksanovic USA


My work researches boundaries between fashion, art and society. In the last years I worked in different participatory projects and countries as contemporary multidisciplinary artist to research with experimental materials like blood, inner tubes and chains, to find new borders between fashion design, art, ephemeral concepts and space, getting a better comprehension of fashion and art as communication concept.

To build a sculpture we need physical involvement, great immediacy. Forms mature upon their long being created in imagination. At the moment of personal separation from them, during the tension of my overall sensibility, I become one with the created object. My body is released from something that was up to then part of it. During its creation, the sculpture builds into itself memories, dreams, fears, aggression, a sense of helplessness.

R e v i e w

Zolt Asta Hungary

Every story is personal. The stories written by writers are also personal according to who wrote them. Every storyteller writes his own story driven by his own ideology, identity and imagination. Due to this, it is difficult to say there is objective storytelling or any kind of objective description however much they struggle to achieve that. This is my version, as there can be as many versions as individuals.

Lizy Bending United Kingdom

My theory is based in the realm of the political, artworks have an incredible autonomy and thus, the power to educate. Through my work I want to make issues surrounding politics, society, culture and the economy accessible to all. Combing print media with the construction of objects, my practice aims to provoke discussion, using emotive aesthetics that transform sociopolitical concepts into visually stimulating bodies of work.

Kate Walker New Zealand/USA

I am currently finishing a collaborative residency project based in New Zealand, on a project with ceramic artist Caroline Earley. Our collaborative work investigates the intersections of ceramics and painting. The oppositions and commonalities of two distinct mediums, ceramics and painting, are explored in a conversation centering around materiality, medium definitions, and boundary crossing.

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ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

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