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Naim El Hajj

normally engage with what they perceive as overtly left-of-center ideologies are brought into the fold. Alex, Ian and I have discussed this, and I think we agree that meaningful dialogue can’t really happen if our political affiliations are too obvious. If we pander to a group that we know will agree with us, then what’s the point? That is somewhat hypocritical however, in that art in the vein that we work is often the realm of the educated left-leaning already, so are we making a difference? I think that is where dissemination via the internet becomes important. TWEET_SHOT is a better example of how this can be effective. It really plays on possibility, and engages a much vaster cross-section of society just because of the platform that it uses, that being twitter. Using hashtags effectively automatically draws in people from all sides of the equation. Some see TWEET_SHOT as a horrific step in possibly glorifying violence, while others find the possibility that the piece imagines as a step toward deeper regulation of gun ownership. John and I are really upping the commodification of violence side of things in the coming months. We are going to use the images captured of “victims” and “perpetrators” in a pretty grim way. Hopefully that version will be ready for Stimulus / Response / Affect at Oakland University in Michigan this fall. While engaging with the ongoing debate surrounding copyright restrictions, PaintBy-Numbers also offers an opportunity to rethink about ever growing informationfocused techno-sphere and what actually could be hidden between an apparently ubiquitous determinism. In particular, you seem to highlight the creative potential of aleatory process in the construction of meaning. While walking our readers in performative aspect of this work, would you like to shed a light about the role of randomness in Paint-By-Numbers and in your approach in general? In particular, do you think that chance could play a creative role?

Oh, Paint-by-Numbers. I think it needs a ton of work, and it’s another piece that I’m revisiting

Summer 2015

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ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

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