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ART Habens

Kristina Rutar

Consequences IV., V., VI., serigraphy, 15x15 cm, 2015 Foto: Kristina Rutar

making series. Each paper was therefore individually collaged with old maps or different typographies. Some of the prints also have my handwriting. I felt challenged with it I was faced with some problematics, which made the project even more interesting. I was following this idea until I laid all the prints in a big rectangle as planned. And it was a disappointment. I saw that all the wonderful details would get lost, the prints were not working harmoniously together. So I decided to change the idea of project. I selected prints I liked the best and either paired them together, collected them in smaller rectangles or scanned them and digitally printed them in a bigger size. I was searching how to turn my own mistakes that I made during the

Summer 2015

process into an advantage. Consequences were born from an unrealized project, and I’m happy for every mistake I made during the process. However, the idea of creating evolution didn’t leave me, so I decided to also make an animation from the rest of the prints, where the idea is more clearly representable. I love printmaking. The possibilities the medium offers me are endless and I can never get bored. From one simple idea I ended up with several different artworks. I feel I still have so many options how to further develop this project. The way you take a concept and recontextualize it, probing psychological narrative elements and altering the

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ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

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