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ART Habens

Nevena Vuksanovic

lead you to a careful choice of the materials which materializes the ideas you explore, combining a marked Plasticity with a sense of movement as in the interesting PATERNITY OF HUNCHBACKS. In particular, what progression or changes have you seen in your materials?

I use different materials such as leather, wool, silicone, wire, gypsum. The selection of materials depends from the idea that I want to express. For example, I want to express a scene from a dream, I will use brighter transparent materials in order to indicate a different dimension of consciousness. When a sculpture needs to express some sort of anxiety or narrowness, some hard working process with a lot of movement (as in sculpture Fatherhood of hunchbacks), I use materials that are heavier and harder in order to emphasize a physical effort. In the future I am planning to work on larger formats and use stronger and more resistant materials . The symbiosis between organic materials and the references to parts of human body, as in the interesting Untitled, takes such a participatory line with the viewer: we like the way you create an intimate involvement with with the viewer. At the same time, you seem to remove the historic gaze from the reality you refer to, offering to the viewers the chance to perceive it in a more atemporal form... would you like to elaborate the ideas that has lead you to conceive it?

At first, I found very interesting a huge humanlike form and a smaller one, hidden inside it. It is hard to remember the initial idea, but I think that I wanted it to express someone who wants to make a huge impression on others only by means of his exterior look, although he is quite insignificant from within. I also took as a comparison the world we live in. Later I thought, that small bronze statue should present something valuable and bright in a

Summer 2015

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ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

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