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Zolt Asta

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the art scene, in spite of having created excellent works. This „being left out�, being stuck on the periphery has made me think a lot. Everywhere in the world I see that artists are striving to get into the Canon, to become part of art history. This installation is a kind of memento for those who, even if through no fault of theirs, got left out. I like the way your exploration of the liminal area between reality and fiction in your work Simulation questions the concept of direct experiece: in particular, your investigation about the intimate consequences of constructed realities gives a permanence that goes beyond the ephemeral nature of the concepts you capture. So I would take this occasion to ask you if in your opinion personal experience is an absolutely indespensable part of a creative process... Do you think that a creative process could be disconnected from direct experience?

They cannot be separated. If I separated my personal experiences from the creative process I would not be able to create honest and impressive works of art. A work has a soul because of the personal experiences. Otherwise it would be a sterile idea if our personality does not pervade it. In the video entitled Simulation we see two action movie stars practicing how they will fight in the film. Meanwhile, a photographer sometimes shows up to take photos of them. The scenery and the actors all evoke the world of the classical action movie. This is the world we get from the television and what determines our everyday culture. This video unveils this world. I drag this fictional world, which feels so real through the television, back to reality. For some reason I took part in this film shoot where these questions came up and then I made this video work. So, what I can say is that I live in this world, I try to walk around with my eyes open and reflect on it. You seem to be in an incessant search of an organic, almost intimate symbiosis between

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Summer 2015

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ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

ART Habens Contemporary Art Review // Special Issue  

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