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Helen Roberts Roberts Situating ceramic ware in the outdoor environment is why I make sculptural pieces. Considering the achievable colours available when glazing at high temperatures & structures designed to withstand the weather, are major aspects in the production process. Work ranges from individual tall decorative pieces to planters. Themes that have inspired me so far include bringing together ideas of historical & future aspects of mankind’s involvement in changing the landscape. The ghostly, rugged Scottish Highlands have featured a lot in my work, where in history balancing human existence with the elements has been harsh & exhausting. The spectacular pictures taken of galaxies, the planets and their surfaces are also intriguing as is the science that goes with them. Discoveries that hinder or help in everyday life. I don’t want to copy what I see, completed designs are different aspects of themes mixed together to produce something totally different. After completing my Ceramics Degree at Plymouth College of Art and Design in 2000, I worked from studios in Plymouth before moving to Dunstable and have taken part in many exhibitions throughout England. Helen Roberts

Special Issue

Stalagmites – Photograph taken on a sunny day on Dartm 021 4

ART Habens Art Review // Special Edition // August 2015  

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