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Gosia Poraj Poraj My recollections of places are always ephemeral and blurry. What’s left to be with are the impressions and feelings, colours and shapes. Every time I try to remember the same place I have to start over in search for the hints in my head, but they’re not reliable enough. They’re intangible. Sometimes it feels like I had a word on the tip of my tongue. There is no point of chasing it – I have to use the way around it to describe what I mean the best I can. Through my paintings I attempt to catch and preserve at least the impressions of what I want to remember from the places I’ve seen. In my own visual language consisting of shapes instead of words I am trying to convey my close relationship with nature. The forms I create are very simplified and minimal - scattered between different perspectives, shown from different angles, constantly searching the harmony with vast emptiness of the paper. I feel that my technique of painting was strongly influenced by my way of printmaking. The way of creating layers, shaping the forms and blending colours is very similar to the way I create my multi coloured prints. My paintings are also somewhat planned with the idea of adding layers but painting gives me more freedom of how I am able to develop and finish them.


Gosia Poraj

Special Issue

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ART Habens Art Review // Special Edition // September 2015  

ART Habens aims to engage artists, curators and gallerists in conversation about the role of Art in contemporary society. Inspired by the wo...

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