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Vol. 7 No. 11

artGuide Features Ceramic/Clay Art, pg 19 New Tech - Personal Art Apps, pg 14

what’s inside Celebration of Seagrove Potters, pg 22 Piedmont Craftmen’s Fair, pg 23 Now covering Augusta, GA, pg 32 Now covering Cary, NC, pg 37

Celebration of Nature

Elegance of Creation


Tranquility Below

Dawn of New Year


AWARD WINNING PHOTOGRAPHY ARTWORKS Karen Wiles’ images are like a wind blown breath of fresh air. An enchantment where one wants to visit and then remain. With over 25 Photography Awards, she has become known as the “Photographer With An Artist’s Eye!” The World Class Omni, Orient Express and Belmond Hotels have been added to her long list of collectors who now display her award winning photography worldwide.

Visit Wiles’ Online Galleries at

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128 E. Park Ave, Ste B Charlotte, NC - 704.334.4616 -

The Marietta Square Artist’s Attic 120 S. Park Square, #207 770-298-9207 Marietta, GA 30060 Mon-Sat 11-6pm, Sun 1-5pm

The best treasures are in the attic. Come discover yours MSAA. Brimming with works from 25+ local artists

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off your next purchase of Art Supplies. Buckhead

3330 Piedmont Rd NE Suite 18 Atlanta, GA 30305 404.237.6331


284 S. Sharon Amity Rd Charlotte, NC 28211 704.442.2608

Ponce City Market 650 North Avenue NE Suite S 102 Atlanta, GA 30308 404.682.6999

*Offer expires 12/31/2016. Cannot be combined with other offers from ARTGUIDE. Instore Code: ARTGUIDE

Out of the Box Works by the Art Matters Painting Group Nov 2 – Dec 3 Reception Nov 5, 2-5pm

Sunset River Marketplace 910.575.5999 10283 Beach Dr. SW Calabash, NC

Jane Staszak, Perilously Perched, mixed media collage, 25 ½” x 21 ½”

1 2 T h a n n ua l

o f R a p pa h a n n o c k

Studio and Gallery Tour

Savor a Fall Weekend

“Little Jewels� by Taft Bradshaw


19 pottery studios and 2 teaching facilities Nov. 12, 10am-5pm & Nov. 13, 12pm-5pm Brochure and maps at:

21 Open Studios 9 Galleries Over 80 artists

Saturday, Nov. 5 Sunday, Nov. 6 10 AM - 5 PM Rain or shine $10 per person

Tour Headquarters & Gallery 567 Mt. Salem Ave. Washington, VA 22747 Directions

From northern VA take I-66W to RT 17S to Warrenton. Follow RT 17 to Business 29 Warrenton. Turn right on RT 29 and right on RT 211W. Drive 22 miles and turn right onto Mt Salem Ave. (RT 626) into Washington, VA. Turn right on 2nd driveway to The Washington School.

19th Voorhees Family Art Show and Sale

Clockwise: Nicole Merkens, She Was Protected David Robinson, Hymn Heida Halldorsdottir, The Dreamweaver

31B Oak Street Roswell, GA (back of building) 770.594.9511

Jane Voorhees

Featuring 6 Voorhees family & 2 guest artists Painting, pottery, jewelry, photography, stained glass and felted art November 19-20 - Sat 10-5; Sun 12-5 55 Woodward Ave., Asheville Info and map -

Editorial Calendar Up next Animal Art January 2016 Feature Section: Animal Art Added Distribution: Expansion to Smithfield, VA Expansion to Salisbury, NC

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what’s inside Feature Sections Ceramic/Clay Art From functional to decorative, Ceramic/Clay Art encompasses a wide range of genres and forms 19

Auger Revolutionary new technology allowing artists and galleries the opportunity to interact with collectors on their phones 14

19 A selection of handmade mugs from local & regional potters in our mug cubby (Lark & Key Gallery)

People and Places Previews Carolina Artisan Market in Raleigh and Dr. Seuss at Charlotte Fine Art Gallery 25



Cover Image 11/2016

Vol. 7 No. 11

artGuide 14

Features Ceramic/Clay Art, pg 19 New Tech - Personal Art Apps, pg 14

what’s inside Celebration of Seagrove Potters pg 22 Piedmont Craftmen’s Fair, pg 23

Jim Connell, Large Green Teapot Lark & Key Gallery, page 20

Now covering Augusta, GA, pg 32 Now covering Cary, NC, pg 37


what’s inside

Celebrating the Square 311 Gallery celebrates the square with artwork themed around the iconic shape 16

Celebration of Seagrove Potters Annual art show exhibiting the amazing work of ceramic and clay artists from the renowned Seagrove area 22

Piedmont Craftmens’ Fair Craftmen from across the Piedmont are showcased in this once-a-year fair 23

16 Allen Clapp, Middle C in a Stormy Sunset

Exhibits Marietta, GA. Architectural Impressions, a collection of art showcasing outdoor structures, infrastructures as well as interior landscapes 33 Calabash, NC. Out of the Box – Sunset River Marketplace is art by the Art Matters Painting Group 36 Hillsborough, NC. Orange County Studio Tour and The Art of Giving at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts 43


New Bern, NC. Taft Bradshaw, abstract impressionism 43 Richmond, VA. Between Darkness and Light and Corrugation; Constructivism Revisited at Art Works Richmond 55

Sections Creative Exposure Artists Index Calendar

56 58 59

36 Jane Staszak, Perilously Perched, mixed media collage, 25 ½” x 21 ½”


Introducing a revolution Your personal art app “As an artist I need the time to create, and it’s important for me to meet and talk to each person that shows interest in my work. This app does just that. It’s allowed me to clone myself”. Darius Quarles, artist, Durham, NC

artGuide Magazine is excited to introduce Auger, a company that we will be partnering with in the coming months who are revolutionizing the way the art world communicates with patrons. Auger is a new technology company based in North Carolina that is building custom mobile phone applications for the art world. Mobile apps are the new websites, providing seamless, mobile interactive platforms that websites cannot. Auger’s new technological feat in mobile applications provides new scanning technology, analytics, direct conduit marketing, and augmented reality in customizable apps for artists, galleries, museums, art walks, public art installations, and art publications at a tiny fraction of the cost of creating their own mobile app. Auger’s mobile application contains multiple features and creative ways to use them. Some of our favorites include allowing artists, curators, and gallerists the opportunity to discuss their art and provide docent tours virtually on anyone’s mobile phone. Another revolutionary and inno-

vative feature is allowing any mobile app user to view artwork through their mobile phones anywhere, on any wall in scale, via 3D augmented reality. Other amazing features include an archival tool for storing entire bodies of work; cutting-edge art marketing with interactive talking publications, show cards, and posters; and analytics that allow you to gauge the reaction of your viewers. Whether you are an art publication, artist, gallery, public art installation, a museum, or an art walk, Auger’s mobile app will provide you with direct conduit marketing, real time feedback, and a much deeper relationship with your patrons. In the coming months artGuide will be featuring all the exciting functions of Auger’s new mobile app. For questions about how you can have your own custom app or how your app can revolutionize the way you communicate with your audience please go to: Website: Email

“Revolutionary! As someone who has been involved in promoting the visual arts for many years I recognize the importance of technology in marketing art. This innovative application will revolutionize how we interact and experience art.” Thomas Gilanyi, Founder, artGuide Magazine

With your personal app collectors can access your art directly through their mobile phones as well as by scanning your artwork in artGuide Magazine ads - see below: To get a sneak peak of how the app is working for one artist, download “SandraElliottArt” in the App Store or Google Play and use the Magnifying Glass on your mobile phone to scan her piece of art below.

Sandra Elliott Studio #47 Orange County Artists Guild Studio Tour November 5 10-5pm November 6 12-5pm November 12 10-5pm November 13 12-5pm Studio Address: 2140 North Lakeshore Dr Chapel Hill, NC App Store or Google Play: SandraElliottArt



Celebrating the Square at 311 Gallery November 3-26, 2016 The humble square; some interesting facts. Squares (and rectangles) are probably the most common geometric shapes we see making them familiar, safe, comfortable, and trusted. They play an important role in both mathematics and design. Mathematicians, around 4,000 years ago, created a number game using the square; we call it magicsquare. The square is comprised of a grid of numbers for which every line, column, and diagonal adds up to the same number. The magic square shows up in art as far back as 1514 when Albrecht Durer included a 4x4 magic square in Melencolia I, his most famous painting. In the 20th century, Josep Subirachs, incorporated a magic square on the Passion Façade of Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia; the numbers total 33, the age of Christ at his death. Because of the square’s familiarity, designers use it in art, sculpture, and graphic design. Familiarity breeds a safe and comfortable feeling; it is used to denote honesty and stability.

In 1915, Russian painter, Kazimir Malevich painted a black square on a white square canvas aptly named The Black Square. This simple piece was a turning point in art history and is referred to as the “zero point in painting.” It marked the move from old art to new art (abstract). In 1950, Josef Albers began a series, Homage to the Square, that he worked on for 26 years. These interesting paintings contain 3 or 4 squares inside each other and are designed to show the interaction and influence colors have on each other. Art educators use his series today to teach color theory. 311 Gallery invited artists to explore working within the confines of a square. The work will be on display for the month of November.

1. Allen Clapp, Middle C in a Stormy Sunset 2. Allen Clapp, Peles Party II

Where: 311 Gallery 311 W. Martin St. Raleigh (919) 436-6987 Wed-Sat 11:30-4:30pm

Artist Intros Galleries and artists are invited to submit artists for this special editorial option. Artists will be juried into the limited spaces.

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Photo credit:

Ceramic/Clay Art Moulding art From ancient Babylon to the modern day, Ceramic/Clay artworks have been with us from the earliest days of recorded history. The forms, substance, and designs of Ceramic/Clay Art has changed, but in many fundamental ways this art form has remained the same, providing a crucial link to our cultural and historic pasts. Ceramic artists continue to wow us with their use of earthen materials and handson approach reminiscent of our creative past. From ancient Mesopotamian potters to Pablo Picasso this transcendent art form has proved its longevity through its amazing forms and functions. The explosion of Ceramic/Clay Art to include both decorative and functional works

has greatly solidified this artisan craft as a fine art. The dual use of this form has increased its popularity as well with artisan fairs and galleries carrying Ceramic/ Clay work. Ceramic/Clay Art has a strong hold in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic states. With kilns spread throughout the region Ceramic/Clay Art is a genre that we can readily enjoy. Regional Ceramic/Clay artists hail from all parts of the nation as well as from other countries, blending their unique stories and designs into a stylistic melting pot (no pun intended) with shapes, forms, and styles to suite all aficionados. In the following pages we introduce galleries that carry some of our favorite selections of Ceramic/Clay Art from across the Southeast and mid-Atlantic. We also invite you to read about several amazing Ceramic/Clay events that are taking place throughout the month of November.

20 1. Lark & Key Gallery 128B East Park Ave, Charlotte, NC 704.334.4616

ban space, showcasing works by national and international artists. For this special Ceramic/Clay Art Feature Muse & Co Fine Art is pleased to present three of their Ceramic/Clay Artists in their own words.

Lark & Key Gallery is celebrated for a diverse selection of contemporary paintings and functional craft from 30+ artists. Owners Sandy Snead and Duy Huynh interweave a calming and rustic sensibility with an eye toward the slightly whimsical, the subtly surreal, and nature inspired. Gallery walls are filled with paintings that are complemented by an assortment of ceramics, hand-blown glass, jewelry, and paper goods.

Nicole Merkens: “My work comes from a place of fairytale and magic. I often sculpt beings that have a certain “alchemy” to them. I am fascinated with the exploration of extra-sensory gifts. My latest pieces exemplify figures who turn to their differences for personal empowerment. Whether it’s a girl who hears spirits, a wood elf, or a woman who wears crystals to keep her from harm, my sculpture asks questions of the unknown.”

North Carolina has a rich tradition of pottery and Lark & Key is proud to represent several local and regional artisans. With a variety of styles showcased in the gallery – functional and decorative, traditional and contemporary, production pots and one-ofa-kind items - you are sure to find unique pieces for everyday use or for gift giving.

David Robinson: “The figurative ceramic sculpture that I create explores our shared human experience, especially the quiet struggles and obstacles we all face. In my latest body of work, I have begun to incorporate and explore the imagery, symbols, and rituals that speak to growing up in the Mississippi Delta in the 1960’s with all of the richness and complexity of the Bible Belt, including religion, race relations, and social mores.”

From the graphic, wood-fired pots of Courtney Martin to the colorful, detailed forms of Jennifer Mecca, our utilitarian pottery is crafted, not only to look beautiful, but with form and function in mind. Decorative pieces, such as small, porcelain house forms by Barbara Chadwick and large carved, sandblasted pots by Jim Connell add warmth and character to your living space. Other core gallery ceramic artists include Julie Covington, Elise Delfield, Amy Sanders, Paula Smith, Andrew Stephenson, Joy Tanner, and Julie Wiggins. 2. Muse & Co. Fine Art 31B Oak Street, Roswell, GA 770.594.9511 Muse & Co Fine Art is a beautifully quaint art gallery situated in a very industrious ur-

Heida Halldorsdottir: “My roots are in Iceland, the land of ice and fire. That is where my color palette comes from. My small island has rich history and tradition for story telling. I heard endless stories about the Vikings, the trolls that live in our mountains that turn into rock if the sun shines on them, and about the elves and fairies that live in the flowers and trees. A world where we have creatures that we normally can not see or touch but we choose to believe in or we at least have heard stories about them, such as spirits, angels, guardians, goddesses, hidden people, elves, trolls, and animals.” _________________________________ Be sure to read more about these galleries’ Ceramic/Clay Art on


1. A selection of handmade mugs from local & regional potters in our mug cubby (Lark & Key Gallery)

2. David Robinson, Saltimbanque #1 (MUSE & Co. Fine Art)

Celebration of Seagrove Potters Nov 18-20, 2016 Seagrove, NC is a truly unique spot in the center of North Carolina. Home to the country’s largest community of working potters in the country, the backgrounds of the ceramic artists are as varied as the work produced here. Coming from family tradition, local community college programs, internationally known ceramic educational institutions, they have all settled in Seagrove, an area long known for pottery making and the clay found in the ground. Today, this community draws people from around the world to visit, learn more, and buy one of a kind work.

tion auction. Tickets are available on line at Saturday (95pm) and Sunday (10-4pm) the Potters Market is open for shopping. Food trucks, children’s activities, demonstrations, and more will also be offered.

Once a year a majority of the Seagrove clay artists gather under one roof to showcase their work together. The Seagrove Area Potters Association hosts the Celebration of Seagrove Potters, featuring only artists that live in and create their work in Seagrove. It is always the weekend before Thanksgiving, indoors at the historic Luck’s Cannery in Seagrove.

One of the most unique offerings is the Friday night Gala Collaboration Auction. Many potters step outside their studios to create a work with another artist that they donate to the auction. This is something that they would not normally do, working with another artist to create something unique and collectable. Stepping outside the usual boundaries working with a different clay body, different firing processes, glazes and another artist is challenging and sometimes stressful. It makes the potters stretch their imagination, learn new tricks and do things that they wouldn’t normally do. These pieces can only be found at this auction each year and are all one of a kind.

The event begins Friday night with a Gala from 6-9pm offering early shopping, a fully catered reception and the collabora-

More information is available on www. and our FaceBook page (Celebration of Seagrove Potters)


Erh Ping Tsai, Porcelain lizard pin

Piedmont Craftsmens’ Fair While the phrase “one-of-a-kind” speaks for itself, everyone has their own version of what it looks like. It can be a coffee mug that feels perfect in your hand first thing in the morning, a bowl that is just the right shape for tossing and serving your favorite pasta recipe, a piece of whimsy that makes you smile, or a figurative sculpture that speaks to the most secret places in your heart. Shoppers will have the opportunity to find their own “one of a kind” when more than 100 of the finest artisans from across the United States fill the booths at Piedmont Craftsmen’s 53rd Fair in Winston-Salem, NC on November 19 and 20. The Fair, which has been called one of the 10 best fine craft shows in the country, presents a broad sampling of the finest work available in artist-designed handmade home goods, wearables, jewelry, furniture, and decorative items. This year’s Fair will feature more than 20 artists working in clay, each presenting their own one-of-a-kind vision. Since its founding by a group of craft makers and craft collectors in 1963, this juried membership guild has consistently attracted the most respected artisans working in the craft media. A rigorous two part peer jury process insures that those invited and accepted for membership are not only masters of their chosen technique, but are

Adrina Richard, Handbuilt porcelain vase

creative, distinctive, and innovative. A visitor shopping for functional clay will be hard pressed to choose from among ceramic artists working in stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware. With brilliantly colored glazes, subtle earth tones, and delicate graphic designs; no two are alike. The same holds true for sculptural works, which can range from fanciful animals to thought-provoking sculptures inspired by nature, myth, memory, and spirituality. Some artists also transform earth, water and fire into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Anything purchased from the hands of the maker is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, a connection between maker, materials, object and owner, quite unlike any other purchase. Winston-Salem is worth an overnight visit in mid-November. Home to Reynolda House Museum of American Art, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Old Salem Museums and Gardens (celebrating their 250th anniversary this year), and a thriving downtown arts district, the city was also recently named one of the south’s best foodie towns. Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair will be held November 19 and 20 at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC. Visit for more information about the 53rd Fair and weekend hotel packages.


Artisans Studio Tour Nov 12 & 13 The 22nd Annual

Artisans Studio Tour November 12 & 13, 2016

10 am – 5 pm

Forty-two artisans will showcase their work in 23 studios in Charlottesville and surrounding counties with local refreshments in all studios.

Experience fine craft

Witness the process

Free, self-guided tour • 434-973-6846 Visit for information and maps.

Steven Summerville Artisans Studio Tour Studio#8

Suzanne Crane

Botanical Stoneware at Mud Dauber Pottery Studio 4 22nd Annual Artisans Studio Tour Nov 12 & 13, 2016 - 10-5pm

Hean Cabinetry 3226 Lonesome Mountain Rd Charlottesville, VA 22911 434-973-5960 (Fred’s Number) and 540-894-3524 (Steven’s Number) Additional Events for Steven: Nov 5 - Dominion Hills Fall Craft Show 6000 Wilson, Blvd. Arlington VA Nov 26 & 27 - St. Augustine Art & Craft Festival St. Augustine, FL



Amy Flynn

Carolina Artisan Craft Market Raleigh Convention Center Nov 11-13

Theodor Seuss Geisel, Ted’s Catᵀᴹ © 2016 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. All Rights Reserved

The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection

The Carolina Artisan Craft Market comes to Raleigh with a premier three-day event featuring more than 115 contemporary fine craft artists from across North Carolina and the U.S. Held November 11-13, 2016, the annual market features jury-selected fine craft including pottery, sculpture, wearable and decorative fiber, glass, jewelry, metal work, furniture, leather, photography, printmaking, and mixed media.

View works from Dr. Seuss’s best-known children’s books and explore The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss, a mind-expanding collection based on decades of artwork that Dr. Seuss created at night for his own personal pleasure.

Join them at the Raleigh Convention Center in Downtown Raleigh to enjoy this outstanding collection of fine craft as well as artist demonstrations, live music, and a special art exhibition. Tickets can be purchased online at:

Artworks from this historic collection have traveled to museums and galleries across three continents since its inception in 1997, with works from The Art of Dr. Seuss now hanging in collections alongside the likes of Picasso, Chagall, Warhol, and other 20th century masters.

The Raleigh Convention Center Exhibit Hall B 500 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Each of these Estate-Authorized limited editions have been adapted and reproduced from Theodor Seuss Geisel’s original drawings, paintings, or sculptures. Additionally, each work bears a posthumously printed or engraved Dr. Seuss signature, identifying the work as an authorized limited edition commissioned by the Dr. Seuss Estate.

Friday, Nov 11, 6-9 pm Saturday, Nov 12, 10am-6pm Sunday, Nov 13, 11am-5pm

Charlotte Fine Art Gallery Nov 10-13


Orange County Open Studio Tour Nancy L. Smith Intriguing, contemplative mixed media paintings of figures, animals and nature

Studio tour #31 Carrboro, NC 919-423-5153

Bernice Koff

Vibrant Mixed Media Paintings

Studio # 58 Orange County Studio Tour

Steven Silverleaf Fine Artist Arts instruction

980 Hillsborough Rd Chapel Hill NC (in Carrboro)

November 5-6 & November 12-13


Sandra Elliott Studio #47 Orange County Artists Guild Studio Tour November 5 10-5pm November 6 12-5pm November 12 10-5pm November 13 12-5pm Studio Address: 2140 North Lakeshore Dr Chapel Hill, NC App Store or Google Play: SandraElliottArt

Editorial Calendar Up next Animal Art January 2016

other great artists particpating

in the Orange County Artist

Feature Section:

Be sure to visit these artists at their studios and the many

Guild Open Studio Tour.

Animal Art Added Distribution: Expansion to Smithfield, VA Expansion to Salisbury, NC

Visit: for more details


New Aquisitions: Picture House Gallery Since 1974, Picture House Gallery has been Charlotte’s premier resource for the discriminating art collector, providing the most comprehensive ranges of art services in the country.

Whatever your taste, dĂŠcor, or budget, you are likely to find a piece here that looks as if it were created for you. At Picture House Gallery, the eclectic collection includes contemporary and traditional oil paintings, from small sizes to massive, oversized pieces. It also features watercolors, pastels, indoor and outdoor sculptures of wood and marble, art glass, and ceramics, along with lithographs, serigraphs, etch-

ings, and posters. Many of their artists are nationally and internationally renowned artists collected by institutions across the United States. Picture House Gallery’s staff is glad to make an appraisal or answer any questions about any artist whose work a private collector may be interested in obtaining. Selling art, however, is only a part of the foundation on which Picture House Gallery has built its well-earned reputation. Fine art deserves the utmost in care, handling, and expertise, and this gallery has maintained the highest standards for more than 37 years.

It provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of art services in the nation. Owner Bob Griffin and his staff have ex-


tensive experience acquiring and installing pieces for some of Charlotte’s finest corporations, and health care and financial institutions, some of which has encompassed the use of scaffolding and cranes. “It’s important that our clients talk to us about their needs so we can accomplish what they want to achieve,” Bob says. “We have a loyal clientele who keeps coming back because of our service-oriented philosophy”. In addition to fine art sales and consultation services Picture House Gallery offers a full-service custom framing shop with over 2,600 mouldings, and such special touches as French matting, period framing, hand-gilded and hand-carved frames, 14-karat white gold or 23-karat gold frames.

Skilled technicians can also restore oil paintings, antique frames, old documents, and refurbish silk fabrics. This distinctive gallery offers an all encompassing range of art forms. If you have any questions about any of the gallery’s services, come by and talk to the experienced staff. For more information about the gallery’s services feel free to visit their website or call them.

Where: Picture House Gallery 1522 E. Fourth St., Charlotte, NC (704) 333-8235 Mon - Fri 10 - 4pm; Sat 10 - 3pm



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ave ne

N Fulton dr ne




Reinike Gallery

Piedmont rd ne

Sidney Marcus blvd ne

David Gallery

av e


Lindbergh dr ne


Peachtree Hi ll

TEW Galleries Lumiere Gallery

MOCA GA nw Bennett st


Brentwood dr ne


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Artist Atelier of Atlanta Thomas Deans Fine Art Anne Irwin Fine Art Pine Tree dr ne Lagerquist Gallery Alan Avery Art Company E Wesley rd ne




Pryor Fine Art Bill Lowe Gallery

N. Hi ll s


Peachtree rd

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Roswell rd / hwy 9

Atlanta Artist Center


Rum son



Pharr rd ne

Peachtree ave ne


Jackson Fine Art


Delmont Sher idan





Grandview ave ne


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East Paces Ferry

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Earl y St nw

Irby ave nw

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Lookout pl ne

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dr Maple

Mathieson dr ne

The Signature Shop & Gallery

dowlawn ave ne E Sha



Mason Fine Art

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dr ne

Atlanta Alan Avery Art Company

656 Miami Circle Rd. (404) 237 - 0370 Tues - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 11 - 5pm

Artists Atelier Gallery & Studios

800 Miami Cir., Ste 200 (404) 231 - 5999 Tue - Sat 11 - 4PM

“Small Works Show.” Celebrate a loved one with an original, one-of-akind piece of art for the holidays. Select a gift from 17 local artists all in one working studio. The art will be on display for all from November 1 - December 31. Join us for our receptions with the artists on November 19th and December 17th from 12pm - 4pm. In conjunction with the Miami Circle monthly Art Stroll. Art Stroll: Nov. 19th, 12 - 4pm

Good Morning, oil, 8” x 8”


75 Bennett St. (404) 367 - 8700 Tues - Sat 11 - 5pm

Jill Frank; 2015/2016 Working Artist Project Fellow. THRU Nov. 19th. Land Inhabited and Works of Baldwin Lee; selections from The Do Good Fund THRU Nov. 19th. Edge to Edge; curated by Chip Simone THRU Dec 3rd. Artist Talk: Nov. 3rd

Reinike Gallery

789 Miami Cir. (404) 364 - 0490 Tues - Sat 10 - 5pm

In the month of November, continued showing of the newest works by gallery artists. “Stuff on a Shelf” by high realism painter Peter J. O’Halloran continues during early November. Our Annual Holiday Group Show will be on view November 22 until December 22. Gallery artists will be featured exhibiting their newest creations. Plus Charles H. Reinike III will debut his 2016 pewter ornament, depicting a Great American Egret. Art Stroll: Nov.19th, 11 - 4pm

Thomas Deans Fine Art

690 Miami Cir. ne ste 905 (404) 814 - 1811 Mon - Fri 11 - 5pm

Chris Dolan: The Landscape of a Recurring Dream. Mixed media painting and works on paper. Through November 15. Opening November 18: New Work by Paul Tamanian. A new group of paintings and sculptures and vessels.


Alan Avery Art Company is celebrating its 35th year with an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by renowned American abstractionist Caio Fonseca. We are honored to be chosen as the venue to premiere the artist’s sculptures and look forward to continuing to serve the Atlanta community for years to come. THRU Jan. 6th.



Augusta Morris Museum of Art


reynolds st

Sacred Heart Cultural Center

5th st


green st

6th st

10th st

ellis st

11th st

12th st

13th st

Sacred Heart Cultural Ctr

8th st

james brown blvd

broad st

Art on Broad

7th st

jones st

1301 Greene St. (706) 826 - 4700 Mon - Fri 9 - 5pm

The Mascaro Art Group were students of David Mascaro, a renowned medical illustrator. Members work in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Artists include: Yong Ae Alford, Mary Ann Brock, Sharon Fausnight, Linda Hardy, Miriam Katz, Linda Lavigne, Bonnie Lowery, Terry Smith. Opening Reception: Nov. 10th, 5 - 7pm

Sharon Fausnight, Lion on Butt’s Memorial Bridge

Avery Gallery

haynes st

dobbs st


ell s t ne

Avisca Fine Art Gallery rock st

winters st

anderson st se

Cobb Museum of Art

Knoke Fine Arts

rogers st

washintgon ave ne

Marietta Sq Artist’s Attic

cole st ne

lawrence st ne

se alexander st

s park sq

Red Door Art Gallery & Studios

e park sq

dk Gallery

waddell st ne

cherokee st ne

root st

2 Rules Fine Art The ARTS Gallery n park sq w park sq

pkwy nw n marietta

church st


Avery Gallery 390 Roswell St. (770) 427 - 2459 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Impressive! Amazing! Inspiring! Descriptions of the photographic art of Scott MacQuarrie. His work captures the brilliant contrasts found in the Antarctic from stark mountain ranges to penguins jumping into clear blue water. Dramatic images of Scotland and Iceland as well. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 5pm

Scott MacQuarrie, Edge, 2013, photographic print, 20” x 30”

Marietta dk Gallery

25 West Park Sq. NE (770) 427 - 5377 Tues - Sat 11 - 5pm

Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 5 - 9pm

30 Atlanta St. (770) 528 - 1444 Tues - Fri 11 - 5pm; Sat 11 - 4pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

Down to Earth: Edward Kellogg. Tennesee artist featuring the wonders of creation on a large scale. Modern Frescoes: Ali Cavanaugh. A retrospective of Cavanaugh’s work which includes work from the past nine years of her experimentation with watercolor and Kaolin clay. THRU Dec. 18th.

Marietta Square Artist’s Attic

120 South Park Sq., Ste. 207 (770) 298 - 9207 Mon - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

“Architectural Impressions” debuts November 4th in conjunction with Marietta Square’s Art Walk. Enjoy an imaginative collection of artwork representing outdoor structures, infrastructures as well as interior landscapes. 5pm-9pm. Beer and wine available. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 5 - 9pm

ATTENTION GALLERIES Place artwork next to your listing and receive: 1. Print magazine - 28,000+ monthly readers 2. image and exhibit description on 7000+ page views/month 3. Digital magazine - live interactive links on all images linking your website 10,000+ monthly readers 4. Social media 9,000 likes, views, impressions/month

Only $90 No commitment email for more information


This November’s First Friday 8th Anniversary Show is a first of it’s kind for dk Gallery. “Photo Abstraction” will introduce 13 photographers both local and national to the Gallery. A photo from each photographer has been given to two different dk Gallery non-objective abstract painters and they will interpret the photograph abstractly. No Rules. No Parameters. dk Gallery is proud to be a part of Atlanta Celebrates Photography 2016.

Marietta Cobb Museum of Art



MUSE & Co Fine Art

webb st

Green Oak

Ford Smith Gallery

canton st





Cowgirl Studios oak st


Muse & Co. Fine Art hwy 9

Ann Jackson Fine Art Vinings Gallery on Canton Synergy Fine Art mimosa blvd

ramsey st




SLM Studio & Gallery Taylor Kinzel Gallery Vinings Gallery

Hill st


31B Oak St. (770) 594 - 9511 Tue - Sat 11 - 4pm

Muse & Co is excited to introduce Garnet Reardon at Roswell’s November Art Walk. Reardon’s introspective work explores thought by colorfully layering paint into patterns. Her paintings will be exhibited throughout November. Roswell Art Walk: Nov. 4th, 6 - 9pm

Garnet Reardon, Steady on the Outside

Synergy Fine Art Gallery

26 Webb St., Ste. 3 (770) 708 - 7416 Tues - Thurs 10 - 2pm; Fri 1 - 4pm; Sat 12 - 5pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

“SunDancers of the East and West”, come explore this signature series of horse paintings by nationally renowned GeoCubist(TM) artist Barbara Rush. Experience the lush color-saturated originals, inspired by movement, compasses, and directional elements in person. Discover award winning art in your own backyard! THRU Dec. 2nd. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 6 - 9pm

Barbara Rush, SunDancer of the East at Sunrise, original acrylic painting, 30” x 20”


Roswell Vinings Gallery

10 Elizabeth Way (770) 299 - 1122 Mon - Thurs 12 - 7pm; Fri - Sat 12 - 8pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

Anna Razumovskaya, Pearl Bracelet

Vinings Gallery on Canton

938 Canton St. (770) 545 - 8887 Mon - Thurs 11 - 7pm; Fri - Sat 11 - 8pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

Vinings Gallery on Canton offers an extraordinary mix of nationally recognized and emerging artists along with a contagious passion and enthusiasm for great contemporary art. The wide array of mediums represented in this striking space include original and limited edition works, sculpture and a stunning collection of fine art glass. Visit for additional information.

Fabio Napoleoni, When Love Bugs Bite


W. Congress ln

Abercorn st

E. Congress st Bull st

W. Congress st

Gallery 209

E. Bay ln E. Bryan st

Drayton st

The Signature Gallery Gallery 11

Gallery 209

E. Bay st

Bull st

The Savannah Gallery

Bull st

W. Bay ln W. Bryan st Bull st

Whitaker st

Barnard st

Jefferson st

Montgomery st

W. Bay st

Abercorn st

E. River st

The Village Craftsmen

Abercorn st

W. River st

E. Congress ln

209 E. River St. Daily 10:30 - 9pm

Barnard st

Bill Rousseau is former Director of the Telfair Museum ofst Art. His capture Savannah scenes with W. Broughton E. paintings Broughton st beautiful light and shadow. Deborah Mueller’s ceramics include mixed media such as bamboo. Her vessels W. Broughton ln E. Broughton ln and platters are often Asian-inspired.

Friedman’s Fine Art

W. State st

E. State st


Vinings Gallery in Historic Roswell is pleased to welcome Anna Razumovskaya back to the gallery for an artist show November 18-20, 2016. Best known for classic, romantic figures with a sense of elegance and grace, Anna’s work presents an aura associated with the Renaissance yet due to her dynamic technique, they are refreshingly modern. Visit for times and more information.

Asheville rk Ave Battery Pa

Blue Spiral 1 The Haen Gallery


Bender Gallery

Map Not Shown to Scale

Coxe Ave

Asheland Ave


Aston St

Eagle St


on S. Lexingt

Commerce St

N. Pack Sq


Bender Gallery

ce St S. Spru

Patton Ave Church St

Asheville Gallery of Art

College St t N. Marke

St Otis

12 S. Lexington Ave (828) 505 - 8341 Mon - Sat 10:30 - 5pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

New work at Bender Gallery this November! Magnificent bronze sculptures by internationally renowned glass artist William Morris and historically accurate cast glass cameras by emerging artist Joshua Hershman. Bender Gallery will be participating at SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art) in Chicago from Nov 3-Nov 6. Contact the gallery for free passes.


Boundary Dr SW

Sunset River Marketplace

W Rd S

b Dr ry Clu

r SW Beach D






River Sunset

Map Not Shown To Scale

North Carolina


10283 Beach Dr. SW (910) 575 - 5999 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Out of the Box: Works by the Art Matters Painting Group. This lively circle of artists collectively decided to stretch and explore new media, techniques and experiences, culminating in an exhibition full of surprises and talent. Show runs Nov. 2 - Dec. 3. Reception: Nov. 5th, 2 - 5pm

art - i - facts Salvator Rosa was a poet, actor, as well as a painter and printmaker. He was a colorful character who did a great deal to create the popular romantic image of the artist as a rebel and outsider.


ambassador loop

Village Art Circle w park st

e cedar st

e reynolds st waldo st s walker st

n academy st

hillsboro st

Page Walker Art & History Ctr

e park st

Cary Pottery dry ave

Cary Arts Center walnut st

Cary Pottery

106 Dry Ave. (919) 462 - 0062 Mon - Sat 10:30 - 4pm

Cary Pottery is a working studio and gallery for Master Potter, Kenneth Neilsen featuring his functional stoneware pottery and fine art pieces. Located in Downtown Cary, the gallery also displays and sells unique local and North Carolina artisans’ works.

Village Art Circle

200 S. Academy St. (919) 210 - 0398 Wed - Sat 11 - 5pm

Annual Juried Show, “Carolina on my Mind,” opens Friday October 28th, runs through November 30. Diverse 2-D works juried by Adam Cave. Rotating works by 22 members showcase local artists, curated by JJ Jiang. Innovative jewelry, handpainted scarves, fine ceramics.

Jillian Goldberg, Leaves and Water, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 36” x 36”

Waverly Artists Group Studio and Gallery

Waverly Place Shopping Ctr. Colonnades Way #209 (919) 949 - 2427 Wed - Sat 11:45 - 6pm

Exhibiting work of seventeen diverse artists. Voted Best Cary Gallery 2015 – 2016. Workshops and classes by nationally famous instructors. Enjoy complimentary wine/appetizers at Final Friday events.

North Carolina

n harrison st



Chapel Hill

North Carolina

Tyndall Galleries

w rosemary st

w franklin st

FRANK Gallery e franklin st

Ackland Museum

mallette st

kenan st

s robertson st

s graham st

s merritt st

Light Art + Design


FRANK Gallery


vd fordham bl

n columbia st

s es

109 East Franklin St. (919) 636 - 4135 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

View from the Edge, November 8 – December 4, 2016. Carroll Lassiter’s landscapes explore the open spaces and rural scenery of North Carolina, capturing the charm found on back highways and farmland belonging to past generations. We will also feature whimsical potter, Erik Haagensen, in our special Holiday Boutique.

Opening Reception: Nov. 11th, 6 - 9pm

Carroll Lassiter, Elderberry

Tyndall Galleries

201 S. Estes Dr., University PLACE (919) 942 - 2290 Wed - Sat 11 - 6pm

The Tyndall Galleries are pleased to present our 26th ANNUAL HOLIDAY SHOW, featuring new paintings, ceramics, sculpture, and photography by our accomplished gallery artists especially for this Holiday Season. November 17 – December 31. Through November 12, continued showing of CATHARINE CARTER: JOURNEY, an exhibition of photomontage accompanied by the artist’s new book, “Journey.”

Robin and John Gumaelius, I Am a Little Worried about This Rabbit on my Head, ceramic, steel, and wood, 23” x 11” x 5”




r va

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nt on Providence Gallery











el rd

SOCO Gallery

ns rd




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matthews rd

uth pl


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85 I-4



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e av

pine vill


d ehea e mor


nt mo


e tr

exit 64A

th e4


South Charlotte ŚĂƌůŽƩĞ&ŝŶĞƌƚ'ĂůůĞƌLJ

e av

rd e3


Allison Sprock Fine Art


Hidell Brooks Gallery



l ba

vd bl


t ou

Picture House Gallery



Ciel Gallery Lark & Key Gallery Anne Neilson Fine Art

i wk en ha md ca



e av


h et



e av

s ng

iz el

Charlotte Art League


bl vd






t ls el t dw n s t l s ca so s ll vid e e a 7 w d av s do 27 wn mc to s e tt lo ar ch


s ll



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wa ne to st d

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th e4

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on rs ca

Elder Gallery w





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LaCa Projects Gallery



t st



h sc

North Carolina

Coffey and Thompson Art Gallery


st h 0t e1 st th e9 st th e8 st th e7 st th e6 st th st e5 de ra eT st

w morehead st

Charlotte Art League

1517 Camden Rd. (704) 376 - 2787 Tues - Thurs 11 - 3pm; Fri 1 - 8pm; Sat 12 - 5pm; Sun 1 - 5pm “Fall Into Art” juried competition. The best regional art selected by juror Michael Marks, Assistant Professor of Art at the University of South Carolina Upstate; through November 26. Reception Friday November 4, 6-9 p.m., awards presented at 7:30 pm. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 6 - 9pm

Charlotte Fine Art Gallery

7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd, 9A (704) 541 - 0741 Tues 10 - 4pm; Wed 10 - 9pm; Thurs - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 2pm The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection – Explore The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss, a mind-expanding collection based on decades of creating. See highlighted section in guide SPECIAL EVENT November 10 - 13. John Huneycutt – “Silver Wings Wet Plate Portraits”. Photography 2015’s Best of Show featured and for purchase. Nov 15-Dec 16. Opening Reception: Nov. 11th, 6 - 9pm

John Huneycutt, photography



North Carolina

Ciel Gallery: A Fine Art Collective

128 East Park Ave. (704) 496-9417 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm

Ciel Gallery presents Oh the Places We Go! November 4 - 26, focusing on art inspired by Ciel Abroad programs. Of particular interest are the lush landscapes created during residencies in County Kerry, Ireland, but Barcelona and Italy will also be featured. Free and open to the public. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 6 - 9pm

Laura McRae-Hitchcock, Ballybunion Cliffs

Elder Gallery

1520 South Tryon St. (704) 370 - 6337 Wed - Fri 10 - 5:30pm; Sat 10 - 2pm

Invitational 2016 is Elder Gallery’s choice of five American artists worthy of watching and collecting. Sally Bennett, Allen Bentley, James Erickson, Renato Ochoa, and Daniel Tu have created a wide spectrum of exciting work for the exhibition. THRU Nov. 26th.

LaCa Projects

1429 Bryant St. (704) 837 - 1688 Tues - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 1 - 5pm

LaCa Projects proudly exhibits Leandro Manzo’s second solo exhibition, Mar de Mares, an assemblage of diverse themes and genres portraying the unique and essential perfection that exists, invisible to the physical eye, in every object. Nov. 10 – Jan. 14th.

Lark & Key Gallery

128-B East Park Ave (704) 334 - 4616 Tues - Sat 11 - 5pm

Lark & Key Gallery showcases artwork, pottery, glass, and jewelry from 30+ local, regional and national artists. Visit the gallery for unique finds. New work will be arriving throughout November and December for your holiday gift giving needs! Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 6 - 8pm

Duy Huynh, painting, Alice Scott, earrings, and Jim Connell, pitcher

Charlotte Picture House Gallery

1520 East 4th St. (704) 333 - 8235 Mon - Fri 10 - 4pm; Sat 10 - 3pm

ONGOING - Featuring Frederick Hart sculpture, works by Jamali, and extensive collection of paintings, sculpture, art glass, and various mediums. Established 1974.

Craig Alan

Providence Gallery

601-A Providence Rd. (704) 333 - 4535 Mon - Fri 9 - 5pm; Sat 10 - 2pm

Dru Warmath. Popular gallery artist Dru Warmath has earned an extensive following for her dynamic figurative, landscape, and seascape abstract compositions. Warmath introduces a new series of studies showcasing her inimitable style, with a focus on relationships and harmonious color combinations. November 1st -30th.

Dru Warmath, Figure Study #2, oil on canvas, 10� x 8�

SOCO Gallery

421 Providence Rd. (980) 498 - 2881 Tues - Sat 10 - 5:30pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

SOCO Gallery is pleased to present Orphaned Wells, an exhibition of new work by San Francisco-based artist, Clare Rojas. An opening reception with Rojas will be held Friday, November 4th from 6-8PM. THRU Nov. 17th.

Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 6 - 8pm

art - i - facts Best remembered for his vivid portraits, Houdon was also a versatile sculptor in Rococco style.

North Carolina



4th st

Bridges st

Carolina Artist Gallery



de ll

st av en


Mike Basher Gallery Carolina Artist Gallery


er s


Evans st


9th st

13th st

arendell st

mi dd fr le on ln ts t


North Carolina

Coastal - Beaufort / Morehead City

br oa






800 Evans St. (252) 726-7550 Tues - Sat 11 - 5pm

Carolina Artist Gallery presents “Good Enough to Eat”, Nov. 19, 2016 to Jan. 6, 2017. Art in many mediums set the table for upcoming holidays and gift giving with large and small works exploring food. Opening Reception: Nov. 19th, 5 - 7pm

Good Enough to Eat

Durham W. Club Blvd.

N. Duke St.


Englewood Ave.


W. Chapel Hill St.



ry ens alle This L G es h iad roug Ple Th E. Chapel Hill St.





in S




21c Museum Hotel

Craven Allen Gallery






N. Elizabeth St.

an St.

W. Geer St.

Foster St.

W. Morg

Golden Belt Ar�sts Studios

Map Not Shown to Scale





Durham Arts Council Gallery Durham Arts Guild Gallery

Sw ift A

W. Markham Ave.


Morris St.

N. Gregson St.

N. Buchanan Blvd.

Broad St.

Iredell St.

Craven Allen Gallery

1106 1/2 Broad St. (919) 286 - 4837 Mon - Fri 9:30 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 4pm

Sue Sneddon, one of the gallery’s most popular artists, explores the North Carolina coast for Life Size. Using primarily pastels or oils, the images will done to the scale of the original, whether it is the foam in the surf, or a shell. THRU Jan. 28th. Opening Reception: Nov. 19th, 5 - 7pm


Durham Pleiades Gallery

A QUIET SEASON. As the days grow shorter, Pleiades member artists present works that are thoughtful, richly textured, and layered with depth and meaning. Our solo exhibit for November is by mixed media artist Lucia Marcus. November 16 – December 26. Reception: Nov. 18th, 6 - 9pm


W. Tryon St.

W. King St.

Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery Map Not Shown to Scale

N. Wake St.

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

N. Churton


Eno Gallery

W. Margaret Ln

0A US 7

Exit 164


Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

121 North Churton St. (919) 732 - 5001 Mon - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

The Hillsborough Gallery hosts the preview for the Orange County Artist Guild’s open studio tour through 11/13. The month continues with “The Art of Giving”, HGA’s annual holiday season show featuring the work of the gallery member artists. THRU Jan. 1st. Opening Reception: Nov. 25th, 6 - 9pm

S Front Stree t

E Front Street

Fine Art at Baxters

Craven Street

Middle Street

Hancock St reet

Fine Art at Baxters Gallery

Pollock Stre et

Map Not Shown To Scale

New Bern

Broad Street

323 Pollock st. (252) 634 - 9002 Mon - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 5pm

Featuring abstract impressionism by artist Taft Bradshaw. Bradshaw studied landscape architecture, traveled the world designing tropical resort landscapes. Bradshaw’s paintings are not confined to one genre. He paints because he just loves to paint. Opening Reception: Nov. 11th, 5 - 8pm

Taft Bradshaw, Jewels In Vase III

North Carolina

109 E. Chapel Hill St. (919) 797 - 2706 Wed - Thurs 12 - 7pm; Fri - Sat 12 - 8pm; Sun 12 - 3pm



in .


Polk St.

. k Dr


E. North


N. DawsonSt.

W. Lane St.

Glenwood Ave.

W. Edenton St. Hillsborough St.

S. West St.

N. Boylan St.

W. Jones St.

E. Lane

N. Wilmington St.


E. Jones St.

NC Sci Mu en seu E. Edenton St. ces m Ar of t G Na all tur ery al

W. Morgan St.

E. Morgan St.

CAM Raleigh W. Davie St. W. Cabarrus St.

Artspace E. Davie St.

E. Cabarrus St.

Map Not Shown to Scale

ry lle a W. Hargett St. ry t G ry E. Hargett St. lle ain alle a G gP rG 1 o The Mahler Fine Art 31 ppin Col Ti cal Lo W. Martin St. E. Martin St. Visual Arts Exchange Fayetteville St.


Gallery C

West Raleigh

N. Salisbury St.


W. Peace St.




Pace St.

N. Person St.


l er Ob

ve rk A

Nicole’s Studio & Art Gallery

N. Blount St.


LŝƩůĞƌƚ'ĂůůĞƌyΘ CƌĂŌCoůůĞĐƟon

Halifax St.



ron ame

E. Franklin St.

Capital Blvd.

North Raleigh

N. McDowell St.

North Carolina


Raleigh 311 Gallery

311 West Martin St. (919) 247 - 4915 Wed - Sat 11:30 - 4pm Squares. Because of the square’s familiarity, designers use it in art, sculpture, and graphic design. 311 Gallery invited artists to explore working within the confines of a square. The work will be on display November 3-26.

Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 6 - 9pm

Allen Clapp, Banana Split

Adam Cave Fine Art

2009 Progress Ct. (919) 838 - 6692

Town and Country / new paintings by Will Goodyear. The first solo show in our new contemporary gallery space on Progress Court features an exhibit/installation of bold, dynamic, urban abstraction by mixed-media artist Will Goodyear. Expect to see some of Will’s largest works to date. October 22 - November 28, 2016.

ArtSource Fine Art Gallery

4421-123 Six Forks Rd. (919) 787 - 9533 Mon - Sat 10 - 6pm

November 17 - December 17: Twelve x Twelve Holiday Invitational. Opening Artists’ Reception: November 17, 6-8pm. All ArtSource artists have been invited to participate in our annual Holiday Show. All participating artists will show 12x12 paintings that are gallery wrapped and ready for gift giving. Please join us to welcome the Holiday Season.


Opening Reception: Nov. 17th, 6 - 8pm

201 E. Davie St. (919) 821 - 2787 Tues 10 - 7pm; wed - Sat 10 - 6pm

Artspace presents Light & Air: John Hartman & Lauren Crahan of Freecell Architecture (September 24 - October 29); Rorschach, Titus Brooks Heagins (September 2 - October 29); and Artificial Arrangements, Susan Martin (October 7-29).

Lee Hansley Gallery

1053 East Whitaker Mill Rd. (919) 828 - 7557 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm

Paintings by the late Melissa Brown (1971-2001) will open the gallery’s new space October 23 at the Dock 1053 complex at the intersection of Whitaker Mill Road and Atlantic Avenue. Brown is a native North Carolinian who lived most of her short life in Raleigh. She studied art at Dartmouth College and earned an MFA in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. She died in San Francisco in 2001 after a long battle with cancer. Exhibition runs through December 3.

North Carolina


North Carolina


Raleigh Little Art Gallery and Craft Collection

432 Daniels St. (919) 890 - 4111 Mon - Sat 10 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

STEPHEN WHITE’S ANNUAL HOLIDAY SHOW. Opening Reception + Meet the Artist: Saturday, November 19, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Show runs thru December. A HANDCRAFTED COLLECTION. The gallery will be filled with pottery, jewelry, glass and uniquely handmade gifts by artists from NC and across the US.

Opening Reception: Nov. 19th, 3 - 5pm

Local Color

311 West Martin St. Thurs - Sat 11:30 - 4pm

Mary Beth Owen - potter and Virginia Owen-jeweler/painter will be having their 10th annual show. The Sisters are Raleigh natives that have been involved in the Raleigh art scene way before it was cool! Check out their show “Sisters:10 years and Counting” at Local Color Gallery in November! THRU Nov. 26th.

Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 6 - 9:30pm

NC Museum of Natural Sciences 11 West Jones St. Nature Art Gallery (919) 707 - 9800

Mon - Sat 9 - 5pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

The Nature Art Gallery presents, “Groundlessness” artwork by Julie Cardillo, November 4th thru November 27th. Gallery Reception Saturday November 5th, 2:00-4:00pm at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Opening Reception: Nov. 5th, 2 - 4pm

Julie Cardillo, Head in the Clouds, oil on paper, 30” x 40”

art - i - facts George Seurat painted La Grande Jatte in a studio which his fellow-painter Paul Signac noted was too small for such a large canvas. Perhaps this explains the discrepancies in the scale of the figures, which if viewed at an angle appear more proportional.

Raleigh Roundabout Art Collective

305 Oberlin Rd. (919) 747 - 9495 Wed - Sat 11 - 5pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

Join painter Sue Edmonson, glass blower Jonathan Davis and metalsmiths Susan Cole Cannon & Terry Cole Sullivan, Cole + Cole Jewelry, for Quadrivium: Where Four Roads Meet. THRU Nov. 27th.

Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 6 - 9pm

The Mahler Fine Art

228 Fayetteville St. (919) 896 - 7503 Wed - Sat 12 - 4pm

Peter Max!! Back by popular demand! Join us for a Preview Party Friday, November 11th, 6-8pm. Meet the artist, Peter Max Friday, November 18th 7 - 9pm, November 19th 2 - 5pm and Sunday, November 20th 1 - 4pm. Visit our new website for more information

Opening Reception: Nov. 11th, 6 - 8pm

Peter Max, The Beatles

art - i - facts For the Romantics, all human endeavor seemed frail and insignificant when set against the overwhelming power of nature. In the Sea of Ice, by Caspar David Friedrich, the sunken mast and timbers of a shipwreck go almost unnoticed, crushed beneath a towering pyramid of splintered ice.

North Carolina


N. 7th st

Art in Bloom Gallery




Art in Bloom Gallery

N. 6th

s st Princes

N. 5th




N. 4th

N. 3rd

N. 2nd

t St

New Elements Gallery


ut st


Map Not Shown To Scale


N. Fron

North Carolina


210 Princess St. (484) 885 - 3037 Tues - Sat 10 - 6pm

Art in Bloom Gallery is in a renovated, 19th-century horse stable and exhibits original art by a diverse group of global and local artists. Experience extraordinary ceramics by Traudi Thornton and Brian Evans. And, Visible Spectra: Paintings, Drawings, and Prints by Janette K. Hopper & Photography by Charles Kernan continues through January 20, 2017.

Traudi Thornton, Raku Sphere with Cylinder, ceramic, 14 ½” x 8 ½”

New Elements Gallery

201 Princess St. (910) 343 - 8997 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm

Craft Showcase “Beyond Canvas” continues through November 11, 2016. The 32nd Annual Holiday Show opens on November 25, 2016, featuring new work from over 40 different North Carolina artists. The Holiday show will conclude with a festive closing reception on December 23, 2016.

Evalyn Boyd Hines, Seeker, acrylic on panel, 37 ¼” x 47 ¼”

art - i - facts Gianloreno Bernini was at his greatest when combining his skills as a designer, sculptor, and architect as he did in The Cornaro Chapel. The ever persistent self-critic, he considered this masterpiece his “least-bad work”.



South Carolina

Shelby Lee / Studio 151

Princess St

Market st


Fulton St

e Fin Art ert Cumberland st n i ine F Re s aye H ton Hor lery ry Gal r alle e eG teli Jacobs Alley l lery A p i c Gal The l Hagan Fine Art Gallery g Prin Vo yer e M Corrigan Gallery Robert Lange Studios Anglin Smith Fine Art

Meeting st

King st




Chalmers st

Charleston Artist Guild Gallery

Pin Joh Gaye nC S . D ande oy le G rs Fi alle sher ry

Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art M





St. Michaels’s st




er ie He s len aF ox Do Fin g& eA Ho rt rse Fin eA rt

Elliot st

Tradd st Map Not Shown to Scale

ry, alle nG olso ry ich alle s-N Elli eG yrn il B Cec



Martin Gallery

Gallery Row - Broad st



ry rd Galle Courtya tists ntry Ar Lowcou

rt eA Fin road ivo n B ry oV yo e Coc Galler e Gall r The rd Da a Edw


lleryUnity Alley

e Ga

us k Ho

East Bay st


Church st


State st

Queen st

Atr iu

South Carolina


Charleston Corrigan Gallery

62 Queen St. (843) 722 - 9868 Mon & Thurs 11 - 5pm; Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat 10 - 5pm

Michelle van Parys “Lowcountry interuptus”. Traditional photographic images - “These photographs examine the layers of change within the human-inhabited landscape - geological, archeological, historical, cultural, and ecological. I see the landscape as dynamic representation of the complex relationship we have with our surroundings over time.” November 2 - 30.

Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 5 - 8pm

Courtyard Art Gallery

149 ½ East Bay St. (843) 723 - 9172 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

Join us Friday, Nov. 4th 5-8pm for the opening reception of Contemporary Impressionist Art by M. Faith Cuda. Her loose style and vivid color explore the opitical effects of light through plein aire work focusing on scenes of public leisure, as well as sea scapes and landscapes. THRU Nov. 30th.

Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 5 - 8pm

Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture

102 Church St. (843) 577 - 5500 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Ian Mason: The Essential Dog. Opens Nov. 4 – Dec. 3. Reception 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Mason’s genius lies in his ability to capture each breed’s personality and confirmation with great economy, referencing 19th century dog portraits combined with found-image appropriation.

Opening Reception: Nov.4th, 5 - 8pm

Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art

58 Broad St. (843) 722 - 3660 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

15th Anniversary Celebration featuring Craig Nelson for a solo exhibition November 4th-30th. Oil paintings of European scenes from recent trips abroad.

Ellis-Nicholson Gallery

1 ½ Broad St. (843) 722 - 5353 Mon & Sat 10 - 5pm

Essense is the result of painter Laurie Adams’ searching to find the exceptional inward nature of her female subject. She explores lost and found edges, texture, line, color, in an effort to communicate these intrinsic qualities, which she believes create, the essence. THRU Nov. 30th.

Helena Fox Fine Art

106-A Church St. (843) 723 - 0073 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Inspired by Nature featuring renowned southern painter, West Fraser with jewelry and home goods by Gogo Ferguson inspired by Cumberland Island, GA. Artists transform their personal experience with the south into inspired art, filled with beauty, wonder, and passion. THRU Nov. 30th. Opening Reception: Nov.4th, 5 - 8pm

51 John C. Doyle Art Gallery

125 Church St. (843) 577 - 7344 Tues - Sat 11 - 5pm

South Carolina

Please join us Friday, Nov 4th from 5pm – 8pm for an evening of celebrating the ever-changing city of Charleston, in our show “THE NEW SOUTH” – which will include all new works in various subjects by Impressionist and Colorist Danielle Cather Cohen, as well as several beautiful new re-sale opportunities to purchase originals by John Carroll Doyle. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 5 - 8pm

Mary Martin Gallery

103 Broad St. (843) 723 - 0303 Mon - Sun 10 - 6pm

Leo Osborne’s love of all things wild & his spiritual connection to St. Francis have come together to create a divine bronze sculpture, “Whistling St. Francis”. Leo has dedicated this showing to his recently crafted homage to St. Francis of Assisi - patron of feather and fauna. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 5 - 8pm

Meyer Vogl Gallery

122 Meeting St. (843) 805 - 7144 Mon - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 12 - 4pm

Inside and Out features award-winning Nashville impressionist Anne Blair Brown, who loves painting on location and delights herself in the challenge of translating energy from the outside to a canvas. This is Brown’s first solo exhibition in Charleston. Nov. 10 - 25. t ing S

d Blan Reception: Nov. 10th, 5 - 8pm Opening

Tapp’s Art Center



New Orleans Rd

Wexford Dr

Dunnagans Alley

Karis Art Gallery

William Hilton Parkway

Endangered Arts

n St


Hilton Head


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701 Center for Contemporary Art


State St

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ln St

est yW Alexander

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Meeting St


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City Art Gallery s Havens Framemakers io t ud 808 S and Gallery St s t i y a leton S 0 er Gerv Pend t S sta ry 8 Gall e i n Gree V lle T t som S Ga if AR Blos

r St





r St Taylo n St


Gallery Flux


hill carter pkwy

louisiana st

n cottage green dr

england st

Route 1

s taylor st

robinson st

england st randolph st

Gallery Flux

calhoun st



college ave

st maple




n cent er st


307B England St. (804) 752 - 3540 Tues - Fri 11 - 6pm; Sat 11 - 4pm; Sun 12 - 4pm

Gallery Flux invites you to attend our new three artist show, Pathways to Awakening, featuring mixed media and oil paintings, collaborative works, cut stainless steel and wood installations, and found object sculptures by Heidi Lewis Coleman, Stephanie Joyce, and Susan Newbold! THRU Nov. 26th. Reception: Nov. 3rd, 5:30 - 8pm


po y or st

Les Yeux Du Monde

Chroma Projects - Downtown

water st

5th st ne


4th st ne

w main st


3rd st ne

4th 20 te ou -r

market st

2nd st ne

ema alb

McGuffy Art Center

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Graves International Art jefferson st




high st

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2nd st nw

City Clay





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Welcome Gallery

Second Street Gallery 201 E. Main St. 2nd Floor (434) 806 - 9667 Fri - Sat 1 - 6pm

Tactility: Alan Binstock & Kathleen Markowitz. Alan Binstock is a sculptor from the D.C. area who works with fragmented and fractured colored glass and steel. Kathleen Markowitz is a Richmond painter, whose complex, layered and faceted surfaces consider the energy in memory and experience, weaving the intersecting paths of synapses into a loose and luscious textile. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 5 - 7pm

Les Yeux du Monde

841 Wolf Trap Rd. (434) 973 - 5566 Thurs - Sun 1 - 5pm

John Borden Evans: Red Cow. John Borden Evans, a major painter with the gallery since 1995, will show his latest magical renderings of the cattle, creatures, and landscapes of his North Garden environs for this final exhibition of 2016 at LYdM. THRU Dec. 31st. Opening Reception: Nov. 18th, 5 - 7 p.m.


n sycamore st

e wythe st

crimson ln

e washington st

franklin st

e tabb st w tabb st

pike st

Petersburg Area Arts League

henry st

w bank st

bollingbrook st

n adams st

Walton Gallery

The Ward Ctr for Contemporary Art

n union st

n market st

Walton Gallery Inc.

17 N. Sycamore St. (804) 732 - 2475 Thurs - Fri 3 - 6pm; Sat 12 - 2pm

Walton Gallery bringing top artists from around the country to the Petersburg area with opportunities to display their artwork.

The Ward Center for Contemporary Art

132 N. Sycamore St. (804) 252 - 9233 Mon - Fri 11 - 5pm

Ongoing exhibitions with work by Rosamond Casey, Carol Meese, Bonnie Koenig, Bobby English, Jr., Mary Montague Sikes, James Timberlake, Dolly Holmes, Mark Pehanich, Risegun Bennett-Olomidun, Aimee Joyaux, and Terry Ammons, as well as 25 resident studio artists. Friday for the Arts!: Nov. 12th, 6 - 9pm

Want information on how artGuide can cover the art scene in your town? contact


e/w old st

river st cockade alley

pelham st



Richmond Crossroads Arts Center



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s plum st

s allen st s vine st

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s blvd

w main st Chasen Galleries



hal l st llery r a t C G s n t e r y c Ko ller al A e br oad Visu Glave zier Ga st Bra Quirk Gallery Reynolds Gallery w/e gra c e w/e st Page Bond Gallery fra Uptown Gallerye nklin st y st

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Arts Arts ine e & Fine F f us. o Fram wb roa VA M Fhaannover ave d st


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Art Works Studios & Galleries 4t h Artspacest 1708 Gallery


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staples mills rd




319 West Broad St. (804) 643 - 1708 Tues - Fri 11 - 5pm; Sat 11 - 4pm

Molly Lowe, October 27 - December 3, 2016. Molly Lowe combines painting, sculpture, video, installation, and performance to explore the absurdity of the human experience, especially psychological and emotional states, as they manifest in material form. Personal becomes universal in dreamlike works blurring reality and unreality with startling imagery.

Anne’s Visual Art Studio Gallery

208 West Broad St. (804) 644 - 1368 Wed - Fri 12 - 5pm; Sat 12 - 3pm

River Journeys by Susan Lamson is an unique perspective of the juxtaposition between the architecture of our beautiful River City and the natural beauty that surrounds it. This new series features hand detailed fine art giclees and works on canvas in triptych, multiple and single panels by one of Richmond’s most popular artists known for her PhotoImpressions. Portion of the Proceeds benefit Santa Paws. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 7 - 10pm

art - i - facts John Falxman was both a draftsman and a sculptor, and one of England’s most important Neoclassical artists. As a young man he worked for Josiah Wedgewood and gained an interest in classical pottery.

Richmond Art Works Studios & Galleries

320 Hull St. (804) 291 - 1400 Tues - Sun 12 - 6pm

Opening Reception: Nov. 25th, 7 - 10pm

Binford Harrell, Nautilus, 2016, oil/construction, 17 ½” x 21 ½”

1616 West Main St. (804) 358 - 2771 Tues - Fri 11 - 5pm; Sat 12 - 4pm

This month we are excited to display new works by gallery artists Mark Lague, Dawn Whitelaw, Kristin Clark, Maggie Siner, and Roberta Thole.

Page Bond Gallery

1625 West Main St. (804) 359 - 3633 Tues - Sat 10 - 5pm

Dragana Crnjak’s paintings, inspired by the Serbian monasteries she studied during a recent sabbatical, are made up of defined lines and overlays of color. Fiona Ross’ layered acrylic and ink paintings on yupo create colorful patterns based on spontaneity. THRU Dec. 3rd. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 6 - 8pm

Reynolds Gallery

1514 Wast Main St. (804) 355 - 6553 Tues - Sat 10 - 5pm

Sally Bowring; Weather Report. Javier Tapia; Walking the Subject. Joan Elliott; A New Day. Local Richmond artists Sally Bowring and Javier Tapia present recent paintings in the main gallery, with artist Joan Elliott exhibiting upstairs. All three painters explore the boundaries of color, light, and pattern in their abstract works on panel and paper. THRU Dec. 23rd. Opening Reception: Nov. 4th, 7 - 9pm

Uptown Gallery

1305 West Main St. (804) 353 - 8343 Wed - Fri 11 - 5pm; Sat 11 - 4pm

“Natural Inspirations” artists Calabrese & Martin and three guest artists explore nature’s beauty. Acrylic landscapes, pastels, and various collages (including arrangements of plant materials), plus gift items of turned wood vessels and wooden boxes covered in watercolors, offer holiday variety.


Surrealist paintings, “Between Darkness and Light” by Linda Bronski are on exhibit through November 20th. Binford Harrell presents “Corrugation; Constructivism Revisited” on November 25th through January 22nd. This work is assemblages on corrugated board worked over masterfully with oils.

Brazier Gallery



creative exposure

“Moonshine” by John K. Crum

Lori White Dune Fence #4, oil, 24” x 12”

Mitchell-Hill Art Gallery • 438 King Street Charleston • 843-564-0034 Karis Art Gallery • Wexford Village Hilton Head Island • 843-785-5100

Editorial Calendar Up next Animal Art January 2016 Feature Section: Animal Art Added Distribution: Expansion to Smithfield, VA Morning Memories, oil on linen, 36” x 24” Serious inquiries please call: Anderson Fine Art, St. Simons Island, GA 912-634-8414 For more paintings by the artist see:

Expansion to Salisbury, NC


With Open Arms

Elinor Bowman Watercolor, Chinese ink & Black Walnut Ink Asheville Gallery of Art

Vicki Rees

Poppies, 2016, 12” x 16”

Out of the Woodwork

Garland Mattox Greenville, SC

58 Index Atlanta, GA - 30-31

Alan Avery Art Company Anne Irwin Fine Art Artists’ Atelier of Atlanta Atlanta Artists Center Atlanta Contemp. Art Ctr. Bill Lowe Gallery David Gallery Huff Harrington Fine Art Jackson Fine Art Kai Lin Art Lagerquist Gallery Lumiere Gallery Mus. of Contemp. Art GA O’Karma Gallery Pryor Fine Art Reinike Gallery Sandler Hudson Gallery (The) Signature Shop & Gallery TEW Galleries Thomas Deans Fine Art Watson Gallery Whitespace

Augusta, GA - 32

Chapel Hill, NC - 38 FRANK Gallery Hanes Art Center UNC Tyndall Galleries

Charlotte, NC - 39-41 allison sprock fine art Anne Neilson Fine Art Charlotte Art League Charlotte Fine Art Gallery Ciel Gallery Cimarron Sky Gallery Elder Gallery Hidell Brooks Gallery LaCa Projects Gallery Lark & Key Gallery McColl Fine Art Mint Museum Randolph Picture House Gallery Projective Eye Gallery Providence Gallery Shain Gallery SOCO Gallery

Art on Broad Morris Museum of Art Sacred Heart Cultural Center

Coastal, NC - 42

Marietta, GA - 32-33

Durham, NC - 42

Avery Gallery dk Gallery Marietta Cobb Museum of Art Marietta Square Artist’s Attic Red Door Art Gallery & Studio

Roswell, GA - 34-35

Mike Basher Gallery Carolina Artist Gallery

Craven Allen Gallery Durham Arts Guild Durham Arts Council Gallery Golden Belt Artist Studios Pleiades Gallery Through This Lens

Ann Jackson Gallery Ford Smith Gallery MUSE & Co. Fine Art SLM Studio/Gallery Synergy Fine Art Gallery Taylor Kinzel Gallery Vinings Gallery Vinings Gallery on Canton

Hillsborough, NC - 43

Savannah, GA - 35

Raleigh, NC - 44-47

Friedman’s Fine Art Gallery 11 Gallery 209 (The) Savannah Gallery (The) Signature Gallery (The) Village Craftsmen

Asheville, NC - 36

Artetude Gallery Asheville Gallery of Art Black Mtn Col. Mus. & Arts Ctr Bender Gallery Blue Spiral I

Calabash, NC - 36

Eno Gallery Hillsborough Arts Coun. Gallery Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

New Bern, NC - 43 Fine Art at Baxters

311 Gallery Adam Cave Fine Art ArtSpace CAM Raleigh Gallery C Lee Hansley Gallery Little Art Gallery Local Color Gallery NC Museum of Nat. Nicole’s Studio & Art Gallery Roundabout Art Collective The Mahler Fine Art Tipping Paint Gallery

Wilmington, NC - 48

Sunset River Marketplace

Art in Bloom Gallery New Elements Gallery

Cary, NC - 37

Winston, NC -n/a

Cary Arts Center Cary Pottery Page Walker Art & History Ctr. Village Art Circle Waverly Artists group Studio

Artworks Gallery

Beaufort, SC - n/a

Atelier on Bay Beaufort Art Association Charles Street Gallery Elena Madden Studio Greenfish Gallery I. Pinckney Simons Gallery Indigo Gallery Rhett Gallery Inc. Salt Gallery Thibault Gallery USC Ctr for the Arts

Bluffton, SC - n/a

Pluff Mudd Gallery Society of Bluffton Artists

Charleston, SC - 49-51

Anglin Smith Fine Art Atrium Art Gallery (The) Atelier Gallery Cecil Bryne Gallery Charleston Artist Guild Gallery Coco Vivo Fine Art Corrigan Gallery LLC Courtyard Art Gallery Dog & Horse Gallery Edward Dare Gallery Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Ellis-Nicholson Gallery (The) Gallery on Broad Gaye Sanders Fisher Gallery Helena Fox Fine Art Horton Hayes Fine Art Lowcountry Artists John Carroll Doyle Art Gallery Martin Gallery Mary Martin Gallery Meyer Vogl Gallery Michael Mitchell Gallery Principle Gallery Sandpiper Gallery Spencer Galleries

Columbia, SC - 51

701 Center for Contemp Art City Art Gallery Gallery West Havens Framemakers and Gallery HoFP Gallery if ART Gallery Portfolio Art Gallery Village Artists Vista Studios/Gallery 80808

Greenville, SC - n/a Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville Les Beaux Arts Gallery T.L. Norris Gallery

Hilton Head, SC - 51 Endangered Arts Ltd Karis Art Gallery

Ashland, VA - 52 Gallery Flux

C’ville, VA - 52

BozART, Fine Art Collective Chroma Projects Graves International Art Les Yeux du Monde Nichols Gallery

Petersburg, VA - 53

(The) Ward Ctr for Contemp Art Walton Gallery

Richmond, VA - 54-55 1708 Gallery ada Gallery Anne’s Visual Arts Studio Brazier Gallery Candela Books Chasen Galleries Crossroads Art Center Glave Kocen Gallery Page Bond Gallery Quirk Gallery Reynolds Gallery Uptown Gallery Visual Arts Center West End Gallery


311 Gallery - 8 Art Works 9 Artisans Studio Tour 24 Artists of Rappahannock 9 Bernice Koff 26 BINDERS Art Supplies & Frames - 7 David Voorhees 10 Durham County Pottery Tour - 9 Elinor Bowman 57 Ellie Reinhold 26 Fine Art at Baxters 9 Garland Mattox 57 Hillsborough Gallery of Arts - 7 Jennie Lorette Keatts 10 John Crum 56 Lark & Key Gallery 6 Lori White 56 Marietta Square Artist’s Attic - 7 Mary Erickson 56 MUSE & Co. Fine Art 10 Nancy Smith 26 Picture House Gallery 60 Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair 2 Sandra Elliott 27 Seagrove Area Potters Assoc. - 3 Steven Silverleaf 26 Steven Summerville 24 Sunset River Marketplace - 8 Suzanne Crane 24 Teresa Jones 6 Todd Baxter 57 Vicki Rees 57

Spartanburg, SC - n/a West Main Artists Co-op

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when where Atlanta, GA, pg 30-31

Coastal, NC, pg 42

Thursday, November 3rd

Saturday, November 19th


Saturday, November 12th Kai Lin Art, 4-6pm

Saturday, November 19th Artists Atelier Gallery, 12-4pm Reinike Gallery, 11-4pm

Augusta, GA, pg 32 Thursday, November 10th

Sacred Heart Cultural Center, 5-7pm

Thursday, November 17th

Sacred Heart Cultural Ctr. 10-5pm

Marietta, GA, pg 32-33 Friday, November 4th

Avery Gallery, 5pm dk Gallery, 5-9pm Marietta Square Artist’s Attic, 5-9pm

Friday, November 11th

Marietta Square Artist’s, 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday, November 12th

Marietta Square Artist’s Attic, 4-6pm

Roswell, GA, pg 34-35 Friday, November 4th

Carolina Artist Gallery, 5-7pm

Durham, NC, pg 42 Saturday, November 12th Durham Pottery Tour, 10-5pm

Sunday, November 13th Durham Pottery Tour, 12-5pm

Friday, November 18th Pleiades Gallery, 6-9pm

Saturday, November 19th Craven Allen Gallery, 5-7pm

Hillsborough, NC, pg 43 Friday, November 25th

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, 6-9pm

New Bern, NC, pg 43 Friday, November 11th

Sunday, November 20th

9th Annual Celebration of Seagrove Potters, 10-4pm

Winston-Salem, NC Friday, November 4th Artworks Gallery, 7-10pm

Sunday, November 6th Artworks Gallery, 2-4pm

November 19th & 20th

Piedmont Craftsmen’s 53rd Fair

Charleston, SC, pg 49-51 Friday, November 4th

Corrigan Art Gallery, 5-8pm Courtyard Gallery, 5-8pm Dog & Horse Fine Art, 5-8pm Helena Fox Fine Art, 5-8pm The John C. Doyle Art Gallery, 5-8pm Mary Martin Gallery, 5-8pm

Saturday, November 5th

Fine Art at Baxters, 5-8pm

Helena Fox Fine Art, 10-5pm

Raleigh, NC, pg 44-47

Meyer Vogl Gallery, 5-8pm

Friday, November 4th

311 Gallery, 6-9pm Local Color Gallery, 6-9:30pm Roundabout Art Collective, 6-9pm

Thursday, November 10th

Ashland, VA, pg 52 Thursday, November 3rd Gallery Flux, 5:30-8pm

Synergy Fine Art Gallery, 6-9pm MUSE & Co. Fine Art, 6-9pm

Saturday, November 5th Nature Art Gallery, 2-4pm

C’ville, VA, pg 52

Calabash, NC, pg 36

Friday, November 11th

Friday, November 4th

Saturday, November 5th

Sunset River Marketplace, 2-5pm

Chapel Hill, NC, pg 38 Thursday, November 3rd FRANK Gallery, 6-8pm

Friday, November 11th FRANK Gallery, 6-9pm

Wednesday, November 16th FRANK Gallery, 6-8pm

Charlotte, NC, pg 39-41 Friday, November 4th

Charlotte Art League Gallery, 6-9pm Ciel Gallery, 6-9pm Hidell Brooks Gallery, 6-8pm Lark & Key Gallery, 6-8pm SOCO Gallery, 6-8pm

Friday, November 11th

Charlotte Fine Art Gallery, 6-9pm

Saturday, November 19th

Charlotte Fine Art Gallery, 5-8pm

The Mahler Fine Art, 6-8pm Carolina Artisan Craft Market, 6-9pm

Saturday, November 12th

Chroma Projects, 5-7pm

November 12th & 13th

Carolina Artisan Craft Market, 10-6

The 22nd Annual Artisans Studio Tour, 10-5pm

Sunday, November 13th

Friday, November 18th

Carolina Artisan Craft Market, 11-5

Thursday, November 17th

ArtSource Fine Art Gallery, 6-8pm

Les Yeux du Monde, 5-7pm

Petersburg, VA, pg 53

Friday, November 18th

Saturday, November 12th

The Mahler Fine Art, 7-9pm

Ward Ctr for Contemp Art, 6-9pm

Saturday, November 19th

Richmond, VA, pg 54-

Little Art Gallery, 3-5pm

Sunday, November 20th The Mahler Fine Art, 1-4pm

Seagrove, NC Friday, November 18th

9th Annual Celebration of Seagrove Potters Gala, 6-9pm

Saturday, November 19th

9th Annual Celebration of Seagrove Potters, 9-5pm

Friday, November 4th

Anne’s Visual Arts Studio, 6:30-10pm Page Bond Gallery, 6-8pm Reynolds Gallery, 7-9pm

Friday, November 25th

Art Works Studios & Gallery, 7-10pm

Washington, VA November 5th & 6th

12th Annual Artists of Rappahannok Studio and Gallery Tour, 10-5pm

More information on all events available at

1522 East Fourth St. Charlotte, NC 28204 704.333.8235 Mon-Fri 10-4, Sat 10-3

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