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Vol. 8 No. 03


Features Figurative Art & Portrait Art, pg 14 Atlanta Collects - The Breman, pg 18 Impressionism to Moderism, Early Photography, pg 20

Sandy Skoglund (b. 1946), American, Shimmering Madness (detail), 1998, Jellybeans, wood, plastic and metal, Private Collection

ATLANTA COLLECTS: Art Treasures From Atlanta’s Private Collectors Contemporary Art on Display March 12 - June 11, 2017

The Breman Museum 1440 Spring Street Atlanta, Georgia 30309 (678) 222-3700

February 9 – April 8, 2017

GALLERY HOURS Tues., Wed., & Fri.: 11 – 5; Thurs.: 11 – 7; & Sat.: 12 – 4. Closed Sundays, Mondays, & March 7 – 11. Admission is free. Donations appreciated.

Alfred Stieglitz (American, 1864-1946): The Steerage, ©1907, photogravure, 13 1/8x10 1/2 in. Collection of Michael

Mattis & Judith Hochberg. Courtesy of art2art Circulating Exhibition.

5400 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, N.C. 28311 910.425.5379 or 630.7000 |

This exhibition has been organized by art2art Circulating Exhibitions, LLC.

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Deborah Sisco

Deborah Sisco, Daring to Dream, oil on canvas, 36” x 36”

Teresa Jones Fine Art Spencer I Gallery 55 Broad St Charleston, SC Charleston Artists’ Guild Gallery 160 East Bay St Charleston, SC Storm Brewing

Works by Mary Storms March 1 - April 15, 2017 Reception: March 18th, 1-4pm

Sunset River Marketplace 910.575.5999 10283 Beach Dr. SW Calabash, NC

Northern Lights, mixed media

Saturday, April 1st 10am to 5pm, Sunday , April 2nd 12-noon to 5pm

“Creative Healers� Exhibit & Auction Benefitting the CarolinaEast Cancer Center

Enjoy the day in charming Fearrington Village. Meet 23 of our talented artists, enjoy fine art and unique crafts. Explore our gardens, walk our trails and have lunch or a snack in the Village. Fearrington Village is on 15-501 just 8 miles south of downtown Chapel Hill

Photograpy by John F. McQuade, MD

Kelly Oakes Figurative / Portrait Art 434-249-4283

Still, 2016, oil on canvas, 16” x 20”


Elinor Bowman Watercolor, Chinese ink & Black Walnut Ink Asheville Gallery of Art

Renee Crawford Portrait Artist

Nicole’s Gallery and Studio Artist in Residence 719 N. Person St, Raleigh, NC 919-414-2785

Donald Billings

what’s inside Feature Sections Figurative Art & Portrait Art Figurative Art & Portrait Art seeks to capture the emotions and essence of its subjects. artGuide interviewed accomplished artists and featured their work in this beautiful feature section 14

People Aaron Berger - Atlanta Collects


Executive Director of The Breman Jewish Heritage Museum discusses the inspiration and background of Atlanta Collects 18

Annell Metsker, Another Time Another Place, 2008, mixed media, pigment ink & oil on canvas, 28” x 24”

Things to do Impressionism to Modernism Masterworks of Early Photography Exhibit at the David McCune International Art Gallery at Methodist University. 20

Cover Image 03/2017

Vol. 8 No. 03

artGuide 20 Clarence H. White (1871-1925), The Mirror ca. 1912, platinum print, 9 7/8” x 7 3/4” Collection of Michael Mattis & Judith Hochberg Courtsey of art2art Circulating Exhibitions

Features Figurative Art & Portrait Art, pg 14

Clarence H. White (1871-1925), The Mirror ca. 1912, platinum print, 9 7/8” x 7 3/4”, David McCune Gallery, pg 20

Atlanta Collects - The Breman, pg 18 Impressionism to Moderism, Early Photography, pg 20

what’s inside Features Catawba Valley Pottery & Antques Festival Celebrating its 20th Anniversary


Living Landscapes Living Landscapes with a contemporary flair at 311 Gallery in Raleigh 22

Introducing Seagrove Seagrove, North Carolina is the epicenter of ceramics and clay art. We would like to introduce the area to our readers in preparation for our May coverage expansion 23


Exhibits Calabash, NC. Works by Mary Storms, Thru April 15 at Sunset River Marketplace 32 Hillsborough, NC. It’s All About the Story at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts 40 New Bern, NC. Creative Healers - Fundraising Auction for the CarolinaEast Cancer Center at Fine Art at Baxters 40 Richmond, VA. Minh-Chau Truong, photography, pottery, painting & Here & There by Robert Wynne at Art Works Richmond 47

32 Mary Storms, Northern Lights, mixed media

Sections Creative Exposure Artist Index Calendar

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Figurative Art and Portrait Art Light, tone, color, and carefully crafted lines all summarize the existential creation and appreciation of Figurative Art and Portrait Art. The Tate Museum in London describes Figurative Art as “any form of modern art that retains strong references to the real world and particularly to the human figure”. Many think of Figurative Art as a form of Realism. However on closer glance the paintings and styles of Figurative Art and in many cases Portrait Art seek to establish a future understanding of their subjects than mere mirror images of their external selves.

portrays mood and emotion visually.” Her artworks are symbiotic of the right “pose”. In the following pages her work, Another Time, Another Place, captures the seductive, mysterious posturing of her subject using beautiful tones and light with a faint semi modern expressionist layer to frame the subject. One of the truly appreciative aspects of Figurative and Portrait Art is the elemental, micro-managerial nature of technique that is used to create and develop the above mentioned expose of internal and emotional assemblages on canvas.

This capably captures the essence of modern Figurative Art. Instead of simply capturing their subjects as realists on paper or canvas, modern Figurative painters and Portrait painters seek to capture and evoke the inner “presence... their truth, their beauty, their goodness that I can see when someone is quiet in front of you for so long” says Kelly Oakes whose beautiful use of light captures the “in-thought” calmness of her subject in Determined which is featured in the following pages.

“The challenge for me is to interpret the subjects’ story using impressionistic techniques starting with abstract shapes of light and dark, rendering, brushwork and lost and found edges where not every detail is explained, yet ironically conveys more attitude and impact than the reference material.” says Nicole Kennedy, who uses her distinct impressionist style to capture the subdued tones and attitudes of her subjects. Her painting Captain Tom, which is featured in the following pages, showcases her masterful brushwork mixed with distinct color and tonal edges to convey the presence and intimacy of her subject.

Annell Metzger sums up what she seeks to capture by stating, “In my portrait and figurative work my goal is to create an image that evokes the soul of my subjects and

Renee Crawford states, “ of the most important aspects of capturing mood and emotion in a painting is the play of light.” One of her collectors once commented,


Renee Crawford, Grace, 2016, oil on panel, 20” x 16” Nicole’s Gallery and Studio Artist in Residence 719 N Person St, Raleigh, NC 919.414.2785

“’All that is fine and good, but I’m really just preoccupied with the way the light is falling on her cheek.’ He was experiencing an emotional connection with the work – the play of light was drawing him in and making him want to linger on the painting.” Above these words, Crawford’s painting Grace, with its soft use of lights is an example of how light can be used to instill the peaceful ambiance of the subject. In her painting Jackson, featured in the following pages, Catherine Martin states, “the emotional connection is made through my bright, bold colors and brushstrokes.” Indeed, Martin’s use of long, bold brushstrokes with distinct color and tonal differences frames the subject’s emotional tenor and extracts the subject’s consciousness.

Figurative and Portrait Art can be said to be one of the most challenging and rewarding visual arts genres. The technical prowess of Figurative and Portrait artists bring to life the subjects that they feature. The eternal quest to accentuate the emotional subtleties of our brethren on canvas is an art form of interlocking the creative self of the artist with the emotional self of the subject. This interlocking is what allow us as patrons to enjoy and appreciate this subtle, yet dramatic art form.

For more please visit:


Nicole Kennedy, Captain Tom, 2017, oil on linen, 20” x 16” Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society Nicole’s Studio & Art Gallery, 719 N Person St, Raleigh, NC 919.838.8580

Catherine C. Martin, Jackson, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 24” x 18” x ½” Owner, The Red Canvas, Apex, NC 919.362.9006


Annell L Metsker, Another Time, Another Place, 2008, mixed media, pigment Ink and oil on canvas, 28” x 24” M. Photog., Cr., PPA Certified, F. Ph Charlotte Studio 704.847.8281 Cashiers Studio 828.743.5784 Cell 704.996.0559

Kelly Oakes, Determined, 2016, oil on canvas, 16” x 20” 434.249.4283


Sandy Skoglund (b. 1946), American, Shimmering Madness (detail), 1998, Jellybeans, wood, plastic, and metal, Private Collection

Atlanta Collects: Treasures from Atlanta’s Private Collectors artGuide sat down with Aaron Berger, the Executive Director of The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum to discuss the extraordinary Atlanta Collects exhibit. We asked him about the inspiration for the exhibit and what’s in store for the second part of the amazing show.

1. How did the idea of Atlanta Collects come about? The idea originated while visiting the home of one of our members who is also an avid American art collector, Joyce and Henry Schwob. They showed me a work by a Jewish artist William Gropper that was incredibly impactful. At the time I suggested an exhibition of works by Jewish artists to be shown at the Breman. As time went on that idea grew to focus not on Jewish artists but Jewish collectors. The goal being to showcase the influence Jewish collectors have had in Atlanta.

19 2. How do you find and choose the selected collectors? We have had an exceptional exhibitions committee, led by renowned glass collector Lisa Brill, that identified Jewish collectors in Atlanta – many of which were their friends – and approached them about participating in the exhibition. This is the first fine art exhibition the Breman has ever taken on, so the exhibition committee and the Breman staff worked very hard to ensure the collectors were reassured about the museum’s understanding of staging a fine art exhibition including art handling, security, and insurance; not to mention the curatorial aspects, meaning laying out the show in a logical, thoughtful way for the visitor. 3. What was your role in bringing Atlanta Collects to The Breman? As the museum’s director, I met with the collectors to outline the vision and objectives of the exhibition. I also interviewed each collector to dig deeper into their motivations as collectors. Answers to interview questions accompany the works on display which gives the visitor a little more insight into either the work itself or into the mind of the collector. 4. From a curatorial standpoint how and why were these pieces selected? Our guest curator, Dr. William Eiland, who is the Director of the Georgia Museum of Art, played a substantial role in reviewing each collection and identifying the outstanding works from collectors. He ultimately decided which works we would approach the collectors to lend and explained why the piece was an integral part to the overall show. 5. What can we expect from the second part of Atlanta Collects? Atlanta Collects: Contemporary, will be a very different exhibition. The current show is displayed chronologically, starting in the early 1800s with drawings by Ingres, Manet, Delacroix, and Degas, and then ascending in time to the turn of the 20th century with works by Cassatt, Pascin, and Kandinsky and ending with works by Wyeth and Warhol in the late 70s and early 80s. Nearly all of these works are 2-dimensional. The

contemporary show will be largely 3-dimensional. We have an outstanding works by critical artists “of the now” like Radcliffe Bailey, Sandy Skogland, and Richard Jolley, not to mention contemporary Western artist Dave McGrary, whose works depicting Native Americans in bronze are a strong departure from some of the non-objective pieces that will also be displayed. Again, our goal is to show exceptional fine art while showing the contributions Jews in Atlanta have made to the visual arts. 6. How does this amazing exhibit tie into the unique cultural experience The Breman provides to Metro Atlanta and the Greater Southeast? Atlanta Collects, like many of the Breman’s programs, events, and exhibitions, puts an emphasis on Jewish contribution. The Contemporary show in particular allows the public insight into the role Jews have played in supporting emerging artists, which is a very different type of collecting than those who are interested in established artists. As we begin to interview the collectors in preparation for the Contemporary show, I will be anxious to see if the collectors speak less about the provenance of the artist and more about personal passion for the work. To me, that’s the best part of this exhibition: it is told using the collector’s voice. So each piece on display includes quotes from them about their motivations and interests. It will be wonderful to compare and contrast the Historical exhibition versus the Contemporary shows atlanta-collects-the-breman-museum

Where: The Breman Museum 1440 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA 678.222.3700

Kühn, Gertrude Käsebier, Edward Steichen, and Clarence White, as well as Stieglitz himself. While they had their individual approaches to picture-making, these all involved the marriage of traditional painting subject matter – landscape, allegorical study, nude, still life – to a suitably hand-crafted photographic print. This combination of painterly imagery and print-making is known as Pictorialist photography. The works in this exhibit, drawn from the private collection of Michael Mattis and Judith Hochberg, include superb examples of a variety of photographic printing techniques employed by the Pictorialists, such as platinum, gum-bichromate, carbon, cyanotype, and bromoil prints.

Impressionism to Modernism, Masterworks of Early Photography “Why, Mr. Stieglitz, you won’t insist that a photograph can possibly be a work of art – you are a fanatic!” -- Metropolitan Museum Director Luigi Palma de Cesnola to Alfred Stieglitz, 1902 This exhibit celebrates an intrepid and colorful group of photographers at the turn of the 20th century on both sides of the Atlantic who fought to establish photography as a fully-fledged fine art, coequal with painting, sculpture, and etching. Their leader was Alfred Stieglitz, whose exhibition space, the “Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession,” and exquisitely printed magazine, Camera Work, advanced the vision of the most ambitious artist-photographers, including Heinrich

The exhibit also covers the explosive aftermath of the Photo-Secession, when, starting with the work of Paul Strand in 1915-16, photography transitioned by fits and starts from Pictorialism to Modernism. Some photographers, clustered around Clarence White, continued to make painterly photographs. Others, particularly Steichen and Strand, adopted “straight” photography and staked out the Modernist idiom. This exhibition opens on February 9th, and runs until April 8th. Collection of Michael Mattis & Judith Hochberg. Courtesy of art2art Circulating Exhibitions, LLC. Karl Struss (1886-1981), New York Street Scene with Flatiron Building, ca. 1915, Gelatin silver print, 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches ©1983 Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Ft. Worth, TX, P1983.25.1217.

Where: David McCune International Art Gallery Methodist University 5400 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC Contact: Silvana M. Foti, Exe. Dir. 910.425.5379 / 910.630.7000

21 folk art. However, the vendor list includes the best working traditional potters in the South making vessels for everyday use and for beauty and for fun.

Catawba Valley Pottery & Antiques Festival March 25, 2017 Celebrating its 20th anniversary the Catawba Valley Pottery & Antiques Festival will take place March 25, 2017, at the Hickory Metro Convention Center, Hickory, NC, 9AM – 5PM. The Festival began 20 years ago to showcase Catawba Valley alkaline-glazed stoneware that was continuing to be made by local potters. Catawba Valley is one of three pottery producing areas in our state. Because our potters were using wood-fired kilns, it was available for sale in large quantities at odd times. Marketing was by word-of-mouth - not the best approach. The original Festival goal was to provide a place once a year where Catawba Valley pottery could be purchased. Over the years the Festival expanded to 110 vendors from the South selling old and new pottery, antiques, textiles, and

Education has always been an important focus of the Festival. Because the two non-profits we support, the Historical Association of Catawba County and the North Carolina Pottery Center, are engaged in teaching history, each Festival has an exhibit on a designated topic and a lecture on an associated topic. This year the exhibit is titled “Twenty Classic Catawba Valley Pots” organized by Dr. Charles Zug. The lecturer is local potter Kim Ellington speaking about his introduction to the local pottery and what it means to a working potter. The Saturday exhibit and lecture are part of the admission fee of $6 for adults and $2 for children 12 and under. The lecture is scheduled for 11:00 AM on Saturday. Demonstrations and videos are also available. Check our website or call 828-3247294 for more information including our early buying Friday Preview Party 7-10PM, advance ticket required by March 18th.


Living Landscapes with a Contemporary Flair 311 Gallery March 2 - 31 The earth has been a wonderful inspiration for artists over the last few centuries. Landscapes rank high in the hierarchy of genres in art history; ‘landscape’ refers to cityscapes, seascapes, and waterscapes along with scenes from nature. The unifying element of -scape artworks is that they center around a scene. Contemporary artists have not limited themselves to photo-realistic depictions. They play with color, juxtapose elements, and use various methods of applying pigment. Some are painted en plein air (in the open air), giving the artist the benefit of being surrounded with the beauty of the scenery. Others are painted from photographs or quick sketches which, in addition to the comfort of a studio, allows the artist to combine environments to create unique -scapes. Lori White, an environmentalist, hopes her work will encourage viewers to be good

stewards, protecting the beauty of our world. Jim Hallenbeck and Linda Eddins strive to trigger an emotion, or to spark a memory that resonates on a very unique personal level. Rick Bennett and Bekah Haslett like to paint en plein air. Bekah strives to capture that elusive essence that made her stop and look in the first place; Rick’s work is more abstract, exploring the shapes, light and places that tell him he is home. Five artists will be exhibiting a variety of landscape styles at 311 Gallery’s Living Landscapes show. Artists include Lori White, Jim Hallenbeck, Linda Eddins, Bekah Haslett, and Rick Bennett. Opening reception is March 3rd from 6-9pm

1. Lori White, Dune Fence Chaos 2. Linda Eddins, At the Lake

311 W. Martin St. Raleigh (919) 436-6987 Wed-Sat 11:30-4:30pm


Introducing Seagrove Located in the central piedmont of North Carolina, Seagrove is the largest community of potters with the longest continual history of pottery making in the United States. More than 100 ceramic artists call this tourist destination home. Visitors can shop galleries and studios from the town’s center, extending to a 20-mile radius along the scenic NC Pottery Highway. Tour different shops to experience Seagrove’s pottery tradition, meet the potters and discover the limitless talent that thrives within this creative community. Seagrove’s long history of pottery making began with the abundant and varied natural clay deposits found in the vicinity. This history has continued with 3rd and 4th generations carrying on the tradition. Due to the area’s rich heritage, national and international ceramic artists have relocated to Seagrove, adding to the diversity of this unique pottery community. The shops, galleries, and studios of Seagrove are open all year, with special events held throughout the year. Celebrate spring

by attending the Spring Kiln Opening on the third weekend of April. Saturdays in July offer hands-on experiences, studio tours, kiln openings, and more. Seagrove joins American Craft Week in October in spotlighting the largest celebration of handmade American craft. Perhaps the most popular event, the Celebration of Seagrove Potters in November gathers Seagrove potters together in the historic Luck’s Cannery to showcase their work with pottery sales, an auction of unique collectible pieces and demonstrations. December offers shoppers festive Holiday Open Studio events. Seagrove is also the home of the North Carolina Pottery Center, which features permanent collections, history, educational programs, research, and preservation. Seagrove comprises an invaluable network of professional artists, exceptional in its diversity. From functional to decorative, from the traditional forms of the past to contemporary sculptural art pottery, Seagrove offers collectors a beautiful variety of styles. For more information about Seagrove pottery shops, visit


New Aquisitions: Picture House Gallery Since 1974, Picture House Gallery has been Charlotte’s premier resource for the discriminating art collector, providing the most comprehensive ranges of art services in the country.

Whatever your taste, décor, or budget, you are likely to find a piece here that looks as if it were created for you. At Picture House Gallery, the eclectic collection includes contemporary and traditional oil paintings, from small sizes to massive, oversized pieces. It also features watercolors, pastels, indoor and outdoor sculptures of wood and marble, art glass, and ceramics, along with lithographs, serigraphs, etchings, and posters. Many of their artists are nationally and in-

ternationally renowned artists collected by institutions across the United States. Picture House Gallery’s staff is glad to make an appraisal or answer any questions about any artist whose work a private collector may be interested in obtaining. Selling art, however, is only a part of the foundation on which Picture House Gallery has built its well-earned reputation. Fine art deserves the utmost in care, handling, and expertise, and this gallery has maintained the highest standards for more than 37 years.

It provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of art services in the nation. Owner Bob Griffin and his staff have extensive experience acquiring and installing pieces for some of Charlotte’s finest corporations, and health care and financial insti-


tutions, some of which has encompassed the use of scaffolding and cranes. “It’s important that our clients talk to us about their needs so we can accomplish what they want to achieve,” Bob says. “We have a loyal clientele who keeps coming back because of our service-oriented philosophy”. In addition to fine art sales and consultation services Picture House Gallery offers a full-service custom framing shop with over 2,600 mouldings, and such special touches as French matting, period framing, hand-gilded and hand-carved frames, 14-karat white gold or 23-karat gold frames. Skilled technicians can also restore oil paintings, antique frames, old documents, and refurbish silk fabrics. This distinctive gallery offers an all encompassing range of art forms. If you have any questions about any of the gallery’s services, come by and

talk to the experienced staff. For more information about the gallery’s services feel free to visit their website or call them.

1. Douglas, Side by Side, painting on wood, 60” x 60” 2. Douglas, Seasonal Drifting, painting with mixed media on canvas, 48” x 48”

Where: Picture House Gallery 1522 E. Fourth St., Charlotte, NC (704) 333-8235 Mon - Fri 10 - 4pm; Sat 10 - 3pm



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N Fulton dr ne




Reinike Gallery

Piedmont rd ne

Sidney Marcus blvd ne

David Gallery

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Lindbergh dr ne


Peachtree Hi ll

TEW Galleries Lumiere Gallery

MOCA GA nw Bennett st


Brentwood dr ne


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Artist Atelier of Atlanta Thomas Deans Fine Art Anne Irwin Fine Art Pine Tree dr ne Lagerquist Gallery Alan Avery Art Company E Wesley rd ne




Pryor Fine Art Bill Lowe Gallery

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Roswell rd / hwy 9

Atlanta Artist Center


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Jackson Fine Art


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Mathieson dr ne

The Signature Shop & Gallery

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Mason Fine Art

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Atlanta Alan Avery Art Company

656 Miami Circle Rd. (404) 237 - 0370 Tues - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 11 - 5pm

Opening Reception: Mar. 17th, 7 - 10pm

Anne Irwin Fine Art

690 Miami Cir., Ste 150 (404) 497 - 1200 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm Erin Gregory: Solo Show. Opening March 17th. Show runs through April 15th.

Artists Atelier Gallery & Studios

800 Miami Cir., Ste 200 (404) 231 - 5999 Tue - Sat 11 - 4PM

“ADHESIVES” Our March installation is a juried exhibit of artwork by members of the Atlanta Collage Society. By hosting a group of collage artists, we are highlighting the skillful variety of styles and techniques that their artwork represents. Please join us for the reception to “Meet the Artists” on Saturday, March 18 from 12:00 4:00PM. We also invite you to see the individual studios of the 17 active members of the Artists Atelier. Meet the Artists: Mar. 18th, 12 - 4pm

Huff Harrington Fine Art

4240 Rickenbacker Dr. (404) 257 - 0511 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Come see our carefully curated collection of original paintings by American and French artists in all styles and media. It’s a feast for the eyes and food for the soul, conveniently located in a charming Buckhead bungalow. A bientot!


75 Bennett St. (404) 367 - 8700 Tues - Sat 11 - 5pm

Mario Petrirena Retrospective, a variety of mediums ranging from sculpture to installations. Previous themes by Petrirena encompass complexities surrounding dual heritage and identity. THRU Apr. 29th.

Reinike Gallery

789 Miami Cir. (404) 364 - 0490 Tues - Sat 10 - 5pm

In the month of March, we are showing the newest works by gallery artists. Donna Johnson continues her symbolic mixed media encaustics employing symbolic messages. There is a new painting from the Essence Series by Charles H. Reinike III. Henry Callahan, Marleen DeWaele De Bock, and Patricia Fabian have a number of new works on display. Also, more musical still-lifes by Peter J. O’Halloran. Reception: Mar. 18th, 11 - 4pm


Alan Avery is pleased to present Master Prints, a group exhibition showcasing diverse printmaking techniques. The show will feature some of the 20th and 21st century’s most highly regarded artists including Louise Nevleson, Robert Rauschenberg, James Turrell, and Kara Walk. March 17 - April 15.



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Cobb Museum of Art

Avisca Fine Art Gallery

Knoke Fine Arts

rogers st

washintgon ave ne

Marietta Sq Artist’s Attic

cole st ne

s park sq

Red Door Art Gallery & Studios

lawrence st ne

se alexander st

dk Gallery

e park sq

w park sq

2 Rules Fine Art The ARTS Gallery n park sq

dobbs st haynes st

waddell st ne

cherokee st ne

root st

church st

Marietta pkwy nw n marietta



Avery Gallery

dk Gallery

25 West Park Sq. NE (770) 427 - 5377 Tues - Sat 11 - 5pm

“Dirk Walker, Interpretations: The Journey Continues.” Featuring cityscapes, landscapes, and destinations both local and abroad. Birmingham native Dirk Walker will be featured in a solo show that highlights his oil paintings depicting iconic scenes ranging from familiar local cityscapes to landscapes and cities you’ve dreamt of visiting. THRU Apr. 7th. Opening Reception: Mar. 11th, 6 - 8pm

Jenny King Art Studio and Gallery

48 South Park Sq. (770) 835 - 5385 Wed-Sat 12 - 2pm

Distinct style. Remarkable art. Since 2009, Jenny King’s studio overlooks the Historic Marietta Square as it sits above The Australian Bakery. Featured painting: Desert Dream is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West of Scottsdale, AZ. Actual dirt from the desert comprises the textural element, color palette determined by the environment, and many other intricacies are layered into these beautiful works of art. First Friday Art Walk: Mar. 3rd, 5 - 9pm

Jenny King, Desert Dream, mixed media on canvas, 48” x 36” x 2”

Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

30 Atlanta St. (770) 528 - 1444 Tues - Fri 11 - 5pm; Sat 11 - 4pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

The Great American West: Featured Works from the Booth Western Art Museum. Artistic Reality: Booth Photography Guild. THRU Mar. 25th.





Cowgirl Studios

Muse & Co. Fine Art hwy 9

Ann Jackson Fine Art Vinings Gallery on Canton Synergy Fine Art mimosa blvd ramsey st

webb st

Green Oak


Ann Jackson Gallery


932 Canton St. (770) 993 - 4783 Mon - Thurs 12 - 7pm; Fri - Sat 12 - 8pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

Ann Jackson Gallery presents the Art of Dr. Seuss Collection at Oglethorpe Gallery, Savannah GA. A compelling selection of artworks from The Art of Dr. Seuss will be on display at Oglethorpe Gallery from March 15 - 20, 2017. View works from Dr. Seuss’s best-known children’s books, and explore The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss.

Vinings Gallery

10 Elizabeth Way (770) 299 - 1122 Mon - Thurs 12 - 7pm; Fri - Sat 12 - 8pm; Sun 12 - 5pm With more than 25 years of experience, Simon Kenevan has found the vocabulary to capture his love of the sea - via pigment and paper, brush and canvas. Working with pastels, and oils, precious moments are relived through the creative process. Each subsequent painting has its own resonance, unique to each and every viewer. Join us for a one-man show, April 2123.

Simon Kenevan, ‘Timeless’, original oil (and ltd edition), 30” x 48”

Vinings Gallery on Canton

938 Canton St. (770) 545 - 8887 Mon - Thurs 11 - 7pm; Fri - Sat 11 - 8pm; Sun 12 - 5pm Vinings Gallery on Canton brings a vibrant collection of original and limited edition artwork to Historic Roswell. With new and emerging artists, contemporary sculpture, and stunning fine art glass, the gallery truly offers something for everyone.


Ford Smith Gallery

canton st


oak st


SLM Studio & Gallery Taylor Kinzel Gallery Vinings Gallery

Hill st


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Coxe Ave

Asheland Ave


ce St S. Spru


Asheville Gallery of Art

Eagle St


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Commerce St

Bender Gallery

t N. Marke

Patton Ave Church St

Asheville Gallery of Art

College St

Blue Spiral 1

Map Not Shown to Scale

Asheville St Otis

North Carolina


The Haen Gallery

82 Patton Ave. (828) 251 - 5796 Mon - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

Asheville Gallery of Art’s March show, “ARTventure”, features the work of two gallery artists: Sandi Anton and Anne McLaughlin. The show presents works from vibrant urban scenes to serene landscapes. Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 5 - 8pm

Sandi Anton, “Buzy Streets”, oil, 11” x 14”

Bender Gallery

12 S. Lexington Ave. (828) 505 - 8341 Mon, Wed - Sat 11 - 5pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

Glass mosaics from Veruska Vagen’s iconic “Epherma” series, which portrays photographic images of classic Hollywood. Honoring the history and tradition of mosaic, Vagen’s technique offers a contemporary interpretation whereby thousands of tiny glass dots are fused onto a glass panel via an exacting and precise process.

art - i - facts John Falxman was both a draftsman and a sculptor, and one of England’s most important Neoclassical artists. As a young man he worked for Josiah Wedgewood and gained an interest in classical pottery.



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Hatchery Studios


Riverside Studios

North Carolina

River Arts District

95 Roberts Street Phil Mechanic Studios


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North Carolina Glass Center Odyssey Center Jonas Gerard Fine Art



Curve Studios

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Warehouse Studios


Pink Dog Creative

The Lift Studios Northlight Studios

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375 Depot Studios

depot street

lyman street

David C Stewart Fine Art

bartlett st

Riverview Station

362 Depot St Studios

372 Depot St / Desert Moon Designs

EcoDepot Marketplace

Sahar Fakhoury,”The Whisper” oil, 18” x 18”

River Arts District Artist Index

Chalkley Matlack, Media Fusion Trackside Studios, 375 Depot St. chalkleystudios

Sahar Fakhoury

Trackside Studios 375 Depot Street

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W Rd S ons Simm

River Sunset

Map Not Shown To Scale

Calabash b Dr ry Clu Count

r SW Beach D

Boundary Dr SW

Sunset River Marketplace

10283 Beach Dr. SW (910) 575 - 5999 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Artist Ann McCray offers a special showing of oil paintings – all at a deep price reduction of 40% – in her I’m Moving My Art Studio Sale. Runs Feb. 15 - April 15. Works by Mary Storms, a collection of stunning mixed media and acrylic landscapes, runs March 1 - April 15.

Reception: Mar. 18th, 1 - 4pm

Ann McCray, Busy Beach, oil, 36” x 36”

hillsboro st

Page Walker Art & History Ctr ambassador loop

Village Art Circle w park st

e cedar st

e reynolds st waldo st s walker st

n academy st

Cary n harrison st

North Carolina


e park st

Cary Pottery dry ave

Cary Arts Center walnut st

Village Art Circle

200 S. Academy St. (919) 210 - 0398 Wed - Sat 11 - 5pm

New work by photographer Chris Harris, Along the Outer Banks and new oil paintings by Elizabeth Lee, Not so Still Life, open March 31 and run through April 26. Harris captures moments on the coast, and Lee examines white ceramic dishes, searching for interconnections of form, color, and motion.

Elizabeth Lee, Still Life

Reception: Mar. 31st, 6 - 9pm


Chapel Hill

kenan st

s graham st

s robertson st

FRANK Gallery e franklin st

Ackland Museum

FRANK Gallery



w franklin st

t es


n columbia st

w rosemary st

Light Art + Design s merritt st

s es

109 East Franklin St. (919) 636 - 4135 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

Franklin Street’s premiere fine art gallery presents our March featured artists, Sasha Bakaric, Linwood Hart, and Peter Filene. Featuring ceramics, mixed media, and photography respectively, these three artists unite to create a unique exhibition showcasing some of the wonderfully diverse work available at FRANK. March 7 – April 8, 2017.

Reception: Mar. 10th, 6 - 9pm

Sasha Bakaric, Vessel

Tyndall Galleries

201 S. Estes Dr., University PLACE (919) 942 - 2290 Thurs - Sat 11 - 6pm

The Tyndall Galleries are pleased to present a new group exhibit featuring recent paintings by Ct Cummins, Robert Johnson, and Sally L. Sutton. THRU Apr. 8th.

Ct Cummins, Winter’s First Kiss, cold wax & oil on panel, 24” x 27”

North Carolina

Tyndall Galleries






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Providence Gallery

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SOCO Gallery



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Allison Sprock Fine Art






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e House Gallery Picture av ba

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Ciel Gallery Lark & Key Gallery



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Charlotte Art League




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Gallery Hidell Brooks e







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Elder Gallery










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LaCa Projects gra s Gallery

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matthews rd

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pine vill


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exit 64A


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85 I-4

South Charlotte ŚĂƌůŽƩĞ&ŝŶĞƌƚ'ĂůůĞƌLJ Carm

North Carolina


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allison sprock fine art


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Melberg Gallery Jerald d



600 Queens Rd. (704) 705 - 2000 Mon - Thurs 10 - 6pm; Fri 10 - 5pm

allison sprock fine art is a cozy gallery featuring original works of art from very famous and emerging artists from all over the world.

Charlotte Art League

1517 Camden Rd. (704) 376 - 2787 Tues - Thurs 11 - 3pm; Fri 1 - 8pm; Sat 12 - 5pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

“A Woman’s Role” exhibit features art illustrating women’s successes and struggles throughout history. Opening Reception March 3, 6-9 p.m.; THRU March 31. Our resident theatre company presents Women Playing Hamlet, March 9-25, tickets at

Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 6 - 9pm

Charlotte Charlotte Fine Art Gallery

7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd, 9A (704) 541 - 0741 Tues 10 - 4pm; Wed 10 - 9pm; Thurs - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 2pm March Featured Artist: Lambeth Marshall - Transitions. Local artist, Marshall’s stimulating works in both pottery and painting. All other represented artists’ works will have the color of Spring... Greenery! Choose a piece or two to spruce up your home. THRU Apr. 1st. Opening Reception: Mar. 11th, 5 - 8pm

Ciel Gallery: A Fine Art Collective

128 East Park Ave. (704) 496-9417 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm

Ciel presents Works on Paper March 3 - April 1. This dynamic exhibition allows artists to explore and experiment freely, resulting in a gallery-covering display of floor to ceiling work at affordable prices for new and seasoned collectors. Workshops are also offered. Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 6 - 9pm

Elder Gallery

1520 South Tryon St. (704) 370 - 6337 Wed - Fri 10 - 5:30pm; Sat 10 - 2pm

Martha Armstrong, Solo Exhibition. Armstrong’s unique painting style has brought her recognition as one of American’s leading contemporary artists. Paintings from her studios in Massachusetts and Vermont are joined by those created in Italy to produce an exhibition with an air of strength and color. THRU Apr. 1st Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd

Jerald Melberg Gallery

625 South Sharon Amity Rd. (704) 365 - 3000 Mon - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 4pm

Currently on view through March 18, Raul Diaz: Poetic Vision, paintings, sculpture, and works on paper. March 24 – May 6, 2017, The Wyeth Family, drawings, watercolors, and paintings by N.C. Wyeth (1882-1945), his son Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) and his grandson Jamie Wyeth (b. 1946).

LaCa Projects

1429 Bryant St. (704) 837 - 1688 Tues - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 1 - 5pm

LaCa Projects presents Strike a Match to Hear My Sound, a new body of work by Cristina Toro that addresses natural and supernatural phenomena related to fire and light. THRU Apr. 7th.

North Carolina




North Carolina

Lark & Key Gallery

128-B East Park Ave (704) 334 - 4616 Tues - Sat 11 - 5pm

Lark & Key presents ‘SURFACE’ on view through March 31st. The exhibit explores the concept of surface - above, below, and within. Encaustic and mixed media artwork by Janet Eskridge, Bridgette Guerdon Mills, and guest Robin Luciano Beaty. Ceramics by Jim Connell and jewelry from Alice Scott.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills, Daily Meditations, encaustic and mixed media, 12”x 12”

Picture House Gallery

1520 East 4th St. (704) 333 - 8235 Mon - Fri 10 - 4pm; Sat 10 - 3pm

ONGOING - Featuring Frederick Hart sculpture, works by Jamali, and extensive collection of paintings, sculpture, art glass, and various mediums. Established 1974.

Hollack, Luminous Weave, painting on metal, 47” x 47”

Providence Gallery

601-A Providence Rd. (704) 333 - 4535 Mon - Fri 9 - 5pm; Sat 10 - 2pm

Seasons Change. P. Basille Nikitchenko’s landscape paintings focus on the essential elements of a vibrant, purposeful palette and the artist’s deft conveyance of mood. Nikitchenko’s work has received recognition in Moscow, the Czech Republic, and the Eastern United States. March 7th-31st.

P. Basille Nikitchenko, “New River Morning,” oil on canvas, 12” x 16”


Charlotte SOCO Gallery

SOCO Gallery is pleased to present new paintings and works on paper by New York based artist Halsey Hathaway. An artist reception will be held on March 8 from 6-8PM, with a press preview starting at 5:30 PM. THRU May 6th. Opening Reception: Mar. 8th, 6 - 8pm

Carolina Artist Gallery



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Carolina Artist Gallery

av en


Mike Basher Gallery

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Evans st


9th st

13th st

arendell st


Bridges st

4th st

Coastal - Beaufort / Morehead City

br oa






800 Evans St. (252) 726-7550 Tues - Sat 11 - 5pm

Art Gallery Goes Mad. Anything whimsical, impractical, perplexing and curious finds an audience at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party art show with adult and student divisions at Carolina Artist Gallery on March 18 to May 5. Public opening March 18 from 5 to 7:00 p.m., when prizes are awarded. Downeast Bound Music Shop provides live music, and all are encouraged to dress in Wonderland-themed, lively costumes. Opening Reception: Mar. 18th, 5 - 7pm

art - i - facts Salvator Rosa was a poet, actor, as well as a painter and printmaker. He was a colorful character who did a great deal to create the popular romantic image of the artist as a rebel and outsider.

North Carolina

421 Providence Rd. (980) 498 - 2881 Tues - Sat 10 - 5:30pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

Durham W. Club Blvd.

N. Duke St.


Englewood Ave.


W. Chapel Hill St.


ha ur



ry ens alle This L G es h iad roug Ple Th E. Chapel Hill St.


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Golden Belt Ar�sts Studios



21c Museum Hotel

N. Elizabeth St.

an St.

W. Geer St.

Foster St.

W. Morg

Craven Allen Gallery

Map Not Shown to Scale





Durham Arts Council Gallery Durham Arts Guild Gallery


W. Markham Ave.

n to

Morris St.

N. Gregson St.

N. Buchanan Blvd.

Broad St.

Iredell St.

Craven Allen Gallery


North Carolina


1106 1/2 Broad St. (919) 286 - 4837 Mon - Fri 9:30 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 4pm

Judy Keene explores the subtleties of color and line for her new exhibition Color Search. Using oils--some of which she crafts herself from raw materials using old world techniques--Keene works on linen canvases to create intricately layered paintings ranging in scale from intimate to expansive. Opening Reception: Mar. 11th, 5 - 7pm

Judy Keene, Agate Dreams, oil on linen, 22” x 28”

Pleiades Gallery

109 E. Chapel Hill St. (919) 797 - 2706 Wed - Thurs 12 - 7pm; Fri - Sat 12 - 8pm; Sun 12 - 3pm

Water, March 9 - May 7. Water is rain, a river, a pool, a trickle, a torrent. Water is life. The exhibition by Pleiades artists is a celebration of a fundamental shared resource and a drive to improve the condition of our local waterways. Opening Reception: Mar. 17th, 6 - 9pm

art - i - facts Gianloreno Bernini was at his greatest when combining his skills as a designer, sculptor, and architect as he did in The Cornaro Chapel. The ever persistent self-critic, he considered this masterpiece his “least-bad work”.


Fayetteville ridgeway dr


kinlaw rd

ram s


tallstone dr

stacy weaver dr

David McCune International Art Gallery (Methodist University)

David McCune International Art Gallery

5400 Ramsey St. (910) 425 - 5379 Tue, Wed, & Fri 11 - 5pm; Thurs 11 - 7pm; Sat 12 - 4pm

Impressionism to Modernism, Masterworks of Early Photography. Until April 8th, the David McCune International Art Gallery hosts Impressionism to Modernism, Masterworks of Early Photography Exhibition. This exhibit celebrates an intrepid and colorful group of photographers at the turn of the 20th century who fought to establish photography as a fully-fledged fine art, coequal with painting, sculpture, and etching.

Gertrude Käsebier (1852-1934), Untitled (Billiard Game), circa 1909 Platinum print, 7 5/8” x 9 1/2”, Collection of Michael Mattis & Judith Hochberg, Courtesy of art2art Circulating Exhibition


evans st

Greenville Museum of Art



Greenville NC Museum of Art

e 8th st




w City Art Gallery

e 9th st


e 10th st

k an


e 14th st


re gre

802 S. Evans St. (252) 758 - 1946 Tues - Fri 10 - 4:30pm; Sat - Sun 1 - 4pm

The Greenville NC Museum of Art and Smithfield Foods present, Perceptions & Recognitions: African-Americans of Eastern North Carolina. This new exhibit by photographer Burk Uzzel is on display through April 30th. For more information call 252-758-1946 or visit

Burk Uzzel

W. Tryon St.

N. Wake St.

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

N. Churton


W. King St.

Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery Map Not Shown to Scale

Eno Gallery

W. Margaret Ln

0A US 7

Exit 164

Eno Gallery


100 South Churton St. (919) 883 - 1415 Mon - Thurs 12:30 - 5pm; Fri 12:30 - 8pm; Sat 12:30 -5pm

We are honored to represent some of the most creative professional artists from both the Triangle region and national communities. Eno Gallery features monthly solo exhibitions as well as selected group shows throughout the year. ‘AT THE TABLE’ - Current Exhibition in the upper gallery featuring Michael Brown, Kristin Gibson, Julyan Davis, Mike Hoyt, Jennifer Miller,Tezh Modarressi, and Marlise Newman. Follow us! www.facebook. com/enogallery.

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

121 North Churton St. (919) 732 - 5001 Mon - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

It’s All About the Story- Volume 5: John Bemis: Annual show with Hillsborough authors through March 26th. Author reading Sunday, March 5th, 4-6pm. Let The River Answer - New work by Arianna Bara, Eduardo Lapetina, and Michael Salemi. March 27th through April 23rd. Opening Reception: Mar. 31st, 6 - 9pm

Broad Street

S Front Stree t

E Front Street

Fine Art at Baxters

Craven Street

Middle Street

Hancock St reet

Fine Art at Baxters Gallery

Pollock Stre et

New Bern Map Not Shown To Scale

North Carolina


323 Pollock st. (252) 634 - 9002 Mon - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 5pm

Featuring “Creative Healers” an exhibit, sale, and auction showcasing the creative and artistic side of the professional medical community. Exhibit includes paintings, photography, sculpture, and more. All sales will benefit the CarolinaEast Cancer Center. Sponsored by CarolinaEast Foundation and Fine Art at Baxters Fine Art Gallery. Opening Reception: Mar. 10th, 5 - 8pm

W. Millbr ook Rd.


Dr. Rd







d outh R

e or

I - 440

Little Art Gallery & Craft Collection



Adam Cave Fine Art


capital blvd

Six F

ArtSource Fine Art

Mi ll


Mill ter si

s La



k wa

Lee Hansley Gallery

e whitaker mill rd


Nicole’s Studio and Art Gallery

e franklin st

peace st

Roundabout Art Collective

Gallery C

s harrington st

s west st

e hargett st

The Mahler Fine Art fayettville st

w martin st


y er ge all han R G 1 xc M 31 rts E CA A al su i V i ale

s person st


w morgan st hillsborough st

s dawson st



e jones st

Nature Art Gallery s blount st

st marys st

glenwood ave

clark ave

e martin st


Flanders Art Gallery

e davie st e cabarrus st

Betty Ray McCain Gallery

w south st mlk blvd

311 Gallery

311 West Martin St. (919) 247 - 4915 Wed - Sat 11:30 - 4pm Five artists will be exhibiting a variety of landscape styles at 311 Gallery’s Living Landscapes show. Artists include Lori White, Jim Hallenbeck, Linda Eddins, Bekah Haslett, and Rick Bennett. THRU Mar. 31st.

Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 6 - 9pm

Jim Hallenbeck, Mountain Stream

ArtSource Fine Art Gallery & Framing

4421-123 Six Forks Rd. (919) 787 - 9533 Mon - Sat 10 - 6pm

During the month of March, ArtSource will feature Charlotte artists, Laura Park and Connie Winters - a contemporary abstract artist whose palette pairs perfectly with that of a traditional painter. Join us to explore the color in their newest work.

Opening Reception: Mar. 9th, 6 - 8pm

North Carolina

North Raleigh

Sandy Forks R

Map Not Shown to Scale


Rd. Dr



N. Hil ls D







North Carolina


Raleigh Betty Ray McCain Gallery Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts

2 E. South St. (919) 996-8700

Raleigh Fine Arts Society’s North Carolina Artists Exhibition, juried by Michael Rooks, curator of modern and contemporary art at the High Musuem of Art in Atlanta. A total of 353 artists submitted 607 works, and the juror selected 72 pieces by 61 artists. Public reception Sunday, March 12, at 4 pm with a juror’s talk. Exhibition runs through April 27. Reception: Mar. 12th, 4pm

Rosalie Midyette, “Figure”, bronze sculpture, 26” x 21” x 14”

Lee Hansley Gallery

1053 E. Whitaker Mill Rd. (919) 828 - 7557 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm

Howard Murry Rediscovered, an exhibition of the self-taught watercolorist who lived in Valle Crucis in Watauga County. His paintings of the area around Valle Crucis and Edisto Island in South Carolina comprise this exhibition, the first show of his work is 25 years. During his lifetime (1891-1968) he exhibited his work at the Mint Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at commercial galleries in Charlotte, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. THRU Mar. 25th.

Howard Murry, Edisto Island landscape, watercolor on paper, 19” x 14”

Little Art Gallery and Craft Collection

432 Daniels St. (919) 890 - 4111 Mon - Sat 10 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

Little Art Gallery, established in 1968, represents a variety of artists creating original contemporary and traditional fine art. The gallery includes a large selection of American crafts, features works by NC artists, and showcases handcrafted pottery, jewelry, and glass. Gallery staff is happy to assist art lovers who want to decorate or redesign their personal or business spaces.


Mon - Sat 9 - 5pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

The Nature Art Gallery presents “Illuminations: Intimate Portraits of Mother Nature” photography by Richard Mathis. The show runs from March 3rd through March 26. Gallery reception Saturday, March 4 from 2:00 until 4:00pm at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences. Opening Reception: Mar. 4th, 2 - 4pm

Richard Mathis

Nicole’s Studio & Art Gallery

719 N. Person St. (919) 838 - 8580 Wed - Fri 10:30 - 5pm; Sat 12 - 5pm

Figurative & Portraiture is highlighted throughout the gallery including expressive works by David Shelvino, “Portraits in Friendship” by Renee Crawford, figures in the environment with Nicole White Kennedy. Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 6 - 8:30pm

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North Carolina

NC Museum of Natural Sciences 11 West Jones St. Nature Art Gallery (919) 707 - 9800


grace st

Expo 216

New Elements Gallery Art in Bloom Gallery

3rd st

Art in Bloom Gallery

Map Not Shown To Scale

lv d

chesnut st

et tb

princess st


2nd st

market st


wooster st


dawson st

front st

walnut st


willard st

North Carolina


210 Princess St. (484) 885 - 3037 Tues - Sat 10 - 6pm

“Catching the Spirit: Images by Mark Gansor and Carole Osman” continues through April 7th with a playful and serene mix of paintings of Wilmington, NC and France by Mark Gansor & paintings, pastels, and mixed media of Japan and Germany by Carole Osman.

Carole Osman, Southern Weinstrasse, pastels,17 ½″ x 23″

New Elements Gallery

201 Princess St. (910) 343 - 8997 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm

“Artful Home” our annual interior designer showcase continues through March 10, 2017. “Menagerie” featuring the work of Wilmington artist and illustrator Mark Weber, opens on March 24, 2017. Weber’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and other notable publications.

Mark Weber, Smitten, acrylic on canvas, 20” x 24”


200 Willard St. (910) 352 - 7077 Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 3pm

theArtWorks™ is an art village showcasing Wilmington’s vibrant art community. We include 45+ artists actively creating and selling their original work through individual private studios. Additionally, theArtWorks™ 7200 sq.ft Gallery space is preparing for April and May exhibits.



Hagan Fine Art Gallery Robert Lange Studios

king st

meeting st

Anglin Smith Fine Art

Chs. Artist Guild unity alley

chalmers st

John C Doyle Gallery Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art broad st church st

Mary Martin Gallery

elliot st tradd st

e bay st

queens st

Atrium Art Gallery

state st

jacobs alley

Courtyard Gallery Lowcountry Artists Ga ye Sa nd Martin Gallery er sF ish e Ed r Ce Ell w cil is-N Hel ar ena Br ic d yn ho Dog Fox D e G lso & H Fine are orse Art G all n G all er . Fine er y Art y

Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture

102 Church St. (843) 577 - 5500 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Tribute to Foremost Animalier, Count Bernard de Clavière d’Hust. February 1-March 25, 2017. De Claviere accumulated clientele in 23 countries during of his career. Most well-known for his equine paintings, his portfolio includes important canine and wildlife paintings.

Mary Martin Gallery

103 Broad St. (843) 723 - 0303 Mon - Sun 10 - 6pm

Join us at Mary Martin Gallery in March for “Waters of the World”. Explore the world through the different bodies of water in the eyes of our artists; from the seashores of Spain, to the lakes of Italy, to the marshes of Louisiana. THRU Mar. 31st.

Meyer Vogl Gallery

Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 5 - 8pm

122 Meeting St. (843) 805 - 7144 Mon - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 12 - 4pm

March 3 – 17: Raw: New Abstract Work by Marissa Vogl, Sandy Ostrau, and Susan Altman. In addition to showing abstract works by artist-owner Marissa Vogl, we’re introducing two new guest artists to the gallery, California painter Sandy Ostrau and local artist Susan Altman. Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 5 - 8pm

South Carolina

cumberland st

LePrince Fine Art Reinert Fine Art Horton Hayes Fine Art Gallery allery iple ogl G Princ Meyer V Corrigan Gallery


Gallery Flux


hill carter pkwy

n cottage green dr

england st

Route 1

england st randolph st

robinson st

louisiana st

calhoun st

Gallery Flux s taylor st



college ave

st maple




n cent er st


307B England St. (804) 752 - 3540 Tues - Fri 11 - 6pm; Sat 11 - 4pm; Sun 12 - 4pm

Gallery Flux invites you to attend our Gallery Artist Show, featuring artwork from our 26 represented artists. The show will highlight a variety of mediums including oil, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic paintings; plus, sculptural pieces and handmade jewelry! The styles range from realistic landscape to abstract modern paintings, with intricate ceramic sculptures and vessels. THRU Mar. 31st. Reception: Mar. 2nd, 5:30 - 8pm

Charlottesville City Clay



po y or st

Les Yeux Du Monde

water st

Les Yeux du Monde

5th st ne

w main st


4th st ne

market st

3rd st ne

20 ou te -r


ema alb

McGuffy Art Center

in t


Graves International Art jefferson st





n av e

4th st n w



high st

2nd st ne


1st st ne




e av e

2nd st nw



Welcome Gallery

Second Street Gallery 841 Wolf Trap Rd. (434) 973 - 5566 Thurs - Sun 1 - 5pm

Megan Marlatt & Margaret McCann: Big Heads and Small Giants, February 24 - March 26. “Big Heads and Small Giants” will pair Megan Marlatt’s paintings and paper maché “Big Heads” with Margaret McCann’s paintings that explore wild scale dislocation and “headworks”, self portraits with the stuff of thought piled in architectural configurations on her head.

Nichols Gallery

5420 Governor Barbour St. (540) 832 - 3565 Thurs - Sun 11 - 5pm

This February and March, Nichols Gallery Annex is presenting “Flowers in Art”, a group show featuring paintings, watercolors, and original prints by regional and national artists who find inspiration in the natural world.


Richmond Crossroads Arts Center



staples mills rd


e st lvid er

s ok Bo s Art a el Vi nd s Ca Anne

y lle r



n be




son st

adis on s t


th s t


s 9t h st

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oe s t



s 14


s brun swick

w cary st

s plum st

s allen st s vine st

s meado w


s blvd

w main st Chasen Galleries


all st ry tr n Galle C s t e r y c r A o e l l K l a e br oad Visu Glave zier Ga st Bra Quirk Gallery Reynolds Gallery w/e gra ce s w/e Page Bond Gallery t fra Uptown Gallerye nklin st y st

grove av e floyd av e

s lomba rd

erry st

d ave

n blvd n mulb

n thom ps ellwoo

n robin so

on st


n st

rts ts e Ar Fine A n i F & f us. o Frame wb roa VA M Fhaannover ave d st


roa d st ume nt a ve



Art Works Studios & Galleries 4t h Artspacest Art Works Studios & Galleries


st ll hu



av e





320 Hull St. (804) 291 - 1400 Tues - Sun 12 - 6pm

Spring exhibits feature: Recycled Art juried show, Loora Kurtz, whimsical paintings, Karol Hilker figures on a path of discover, Robert Winne’s Holy Lands, American West, and Richmond landscapes, Minh-Chau Truong Water series and Shantell Lewis collage. March 25–April 23. Opening Reception: Mar. 25th, 7 - 10pm

Karol Hiker, Go Your Own Way, 2016, mixed media, 20” x 20”

Brazier Gallery

1616 West Main St. (804) 358 - 2771 Tues - Fri 11 - 5pm; Sat 12 - 4pm

Plein Air Richmond registration closes March 1st. Artists will be announced later this month on our website This year the event benefits the animals of the Richmond S.P.C.A.




Chasen Galleries

3554 West Cary St. (804) 204 - 1048 Mon - Sat 10 - 6pm

“PURE COLOR : Abstract works by Sue Jachimiec.” The Richmond artist will exhibit a brand new body of work showcasing abstract color field paintings in oil and cold wax medium. A variety of shapes and sizes will be available for acquisition. THRU Mar. 28th. Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 6 - 8pm

Page Bond Gallery

1625 West Main St. (804) 359 - 3633 Tues - Sat 10 - 5pm

Stephanie Weber works with acrylic and oil paint on aluminum panels, creating a contrast between the cool, industrial metal and the sensuous hand-mixed paint it carries. Alison Cooley’s energetic paintings capture the complex atmospheric entanglements that accompany our “daily, anonymous interactions”. THRU Apr. 1st. Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 6 - 8pm

Reynolds Gallery

1514 Wast Main St. (804) 355 - 6553 Tues - Sat 10 - 5pm

Sally Bowring; Weather Report. Javier Tapia; Walking the Subject. Joan Elliott; A New Day. Local Richmond artists Sally Bowring and Javier Tapia present recent paintings in the main gallery, with artist Joan Elliott exhibiting upstairs. All three painters explore the boundaries of color, light, and pattern in their abstract works on panel and paper. THRU Apr. 14th. Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 7 - 9pm

Uptown Gallery

1305 West Main St. (804) 353 - 8343 Wed - Fri 11 - 5pm; Sat 11 - 4pm

Brittany Nelson and Natalie Westbrook present daring recent works in their respective exhibitions. Nelson confronts historical materials and processes in her surface-oriented photographs, while Westbrook presents complex, fantastical expressions of nature in her colorful paintings and paper collages. THRU Apr. 1st. Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd, 5 - 8:30pm

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creative exposure

Nesting Season - White Egret, oil on linen, 40” x 30” For purchasing inquiries please contact: Helena Fox Fine Art 106-A Church Street, Charleston, SC 29401 843-723-0073

Vicki Rees


Lori White Osprey Flying

50 Index Atlanta, GA - 26-27

Alan Avery Art Company Anne Irwin Fine Art Artists’ Atelier of Atlanta Atlanta Artists Center Atlanta Contemp. Art Ctr. Bill Lowe Gallery David Gallery Huff Harrington Fine Art Jackson Fine Art Kai Lin Art Lagerquist Gallery Lumiere Gallery Mus. of Contemp. Art GA O’Karma Gallery Pryor Fine Art Reinike Gallery Sandler Hudson Gallery (The) Signature Shop & Gallery TEW Galleries Thomas Deans Fine Art Watson Gallery Whitespace

Augusta, GA - n/a

Art on Broad Morris Museum of Art Sacred Heart Cultural Center

Marietta, GA - 28

Avery Gallery dk Gallery Marietta Cobb Museum of Art Marietta Square Artist’s Attic Red Door Art Gallery & Studio

Roswell, GA - 29

Ann Jackson Gallery Ford Smith Gallery MUSE & Co. Fine Art SLM Studio/Gallery Synergy Fine Art Gallery Taylor Kinzel Gallery Vinings Gallery Vinings Gallery on Canton

Pink Dog Creative Riverside Studios Riverview Station Roberts Street Studios Warehouse Studios The Wedge

Calabash, NC - 32 Sunset River Marketplace

Cary, NC - 32

Cary Arts Center Cary Pottery Page Walker Art & History Ctr. Village Art Circle Waverly Artists group Studio

Chapel Hill, NC - 33 FRANK Gallery Hanes Art Center UNC Tyndall Galleries

Charlotte, NC - 34-37 allison sprock fine art Anne Neilson Fine Art Charlotte Art League Charlotte Fine Art Gallery Ciel Gallery Elder Gallery Hidell Brooks Gallery LaCa Projects Gallery Lark & Key Gallery McColl Fine Art Mint Museum Randolph Picture House Gallery Projective Eye Gallery Providence Gallery Shain Gallery SOCO Gallery

Coastal, NC - 37 Mike Basher Gallery Carolina Artist Gallery

Savannah, GA - n/a

Durham, NC - 38

Friedman’s Fine Art Gallery 11 Gallery 209 (The) Savannah Gallery (The) Signature Gallery (The) Village Craftsmen

Craven Allen Gallery Durham Arts Guild Durham Arts Council Gallery Golden Belt Artist Studios Pleiades Gallery Through This Lens

Asheville, NC - 30-31

Fayetteville, NC - 39

Asheville Gallery of Art Black Mtn Col. Mus. & Arts Ctr Bender Gallery Blue Spiral I

David McCune International Art Gallery

River Arts District 352 Depot Street Studios 372 Depot Street 375 Depot Street 95 Roberts Street Asheville Glass Center Cotton Mill Studios Curve Studios and Garden David C. Stewart Studios Desert Moon Designs Studios EcoDepot Marketplace Element Clay Studio at 362 Depot Street The Hatchery Studios Jonas Gerard Fine Art The Lift Studios NorthLight Studios Odyssey Ctr. For Ceramic Arts Old Wood Company Phil Mechanic Building

Greenville NC Museum of Art

Greenville, NC - 39

Hillsborough, NC - 40

Eno Gallery Hillsborough Arts Coun. Gallery Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

New Bern, NC - 40 Fine Art at Baxters

Raleigh, NC - 41-43 311 Gallery Adam Cave Fine Art ArtSpace Betty Ray McCain Gallery CAM Raleigh Gallery C

Lee Hansley Gallery Little Art Gallery Local Color Gallery NC Museum of Nat. Nicole’s Studio & Art Gallery Roundabout Art Collective The Mahler Fine Art Tipping Paint Gallery

Wilmington, NC - 44 Art in Bloom Gallery New Elements Gallery

Winston, NC -n/a Artworks Gallery

Beaufort, SC - n/a

Atelier on Bay Beaufort Art Association Charles Street Gallery Elena Madden Studio Greenfish Gallery I. Pinckney Simons Gallery Indigo Gallery Rhett Gallery Inc. Salt Gallery Thibault Gallery USC Ctr for the Arts

Bluffton, SC - n/a

Pluff Mudd Gallery Society of Bluffton Artists

Charleston, SC - 45

Anglin Smith Fine Art Atrium Art Gallery (The) Atelier Gallery Cecil Bryne Gallery Charleston Artist Guild Gallery Coco Vivo Fine Art Corrigan Gallery LLC Courtyard Art Gallery Dog & Horse Gallery Edward Dare Gallery Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Ellis-Nicholson Gallery (The) Gallery on Broad Gaye Sanders Fisher Gallery Helena Fox Fine Art Horton Hayes Fine Art Lowcountry Artists John Carroll Doyle Art Gallery Martin Gallery Mary Martin Gallery Meyer Vogl Gallery Michael Mitchell Gallery Principle Gallery Sandpiper Gallery Spencer Galleries

Columbia, SC - n/a

701 Center for Contemp Art City Art Gallery Gallery West Havens Framemakers and Gallery HoFP Gallery if ART Gallery Portfolio Art Gallery Village Artists Vista Studios/Gallery 80808

Greenville, SC - n/a Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville

Hilton Head, SC - n/a

Endangered Arts Ltd Karis Art Gallery

Spartanburg, SC - n/a West Main Artists Co-op

Ashland, VA - 46 Gallery Flux

C’ville, VA - 46

BozART, Fine Art Collective Chroma Projects Graves International Art Les Yeux du Monde Nichols Gallery

Petersburg, VA - n/a

(The) Ward Ctr for Contemp Art Walton Gallery

Richmond, VA - 47-48 1708 Gallery ada Gallery Anne’s Visual Arts Studio Brazier Gallery Candela Books Chasen Galleries Crossroads Art Center Glave Kocen Gallery Page Bond Gallery Quirk Gallery Reynolds Gallery Uptown Gallery Visual Arts Center West End Gallery


311 Gallery 7 Art Works Richmond 9 BINDERS Art Supplies & Frames 9 (The) Breman Museum 2 Caroline Harper 49 Catawba Pottery Festival 5 David McCune Gallery 3 Deborah Sisco 6 Elinor Bowman 10 Fearington Village Studio Tour 8 Fine Art at Baxters 8 FRANK Gallery 12 Hillsborough Gallery of Arts 9 Kelly Oakes 10 Lori White 49 Mary Erickson 49 Nicole White Kennedy 11 Picture House Gallery 52 Renee Crawford 11 Sunset River Marketplace 8 Teresa Jones 7 Todd Baxter 10 Vicki Rees 49


when where Atlanta, GA, pg 26-27

Charlotte, NC, pg 34-37

Raleigh, NC, pg 41-43

Friday, March 17th

Friday, March 3rd

Friday, March 3rd

Alan Avery Art Company, 7-10pm

Saturday, March 18th

Artists Atelier Gallery, 12-4pm Reinike Gallery, 11-4pm

Friday, March 24th

Sandler Hudson Gallery, 7-9pm

Marietta, GA, pg 28 Friday, March 3rd

Jenny King Art Studio, 5-9pm

Saturday, March 11th dk Gallery, 6-8pm

Asheville, NC, pg 30-31 Friday, March 3rd

Asheville Gallery of Art, 5-8pm

Calabash, NC, pg 32 Saturday, March 18th

Sunset River Marketplace, 1-4pm

Cary, NC, pg 32 Friday, March 31st

Charlotte Art League Gallery, 6-9pm Ciel Gallery, 6-9pm Elder Gallery

311 Gallery, 6-9pm Nicole’s Studio & Gallery 6-8:30pm

Wednesday, March 8th

Nature Art Gallery, 2-4pm

SOCO Gallery, 6-8pm

Saturday, March 11th

Charlotte Fine Art Gallery, 5-8pm

Coastal, NC, pg 37 Saturday, March 18th

Carolina Artist Gallery, 5-7pm

Durham, NC, pg 38 Saturday, March 11th

Craven Allen Gallery, 5-7pm

Friday, March 17th

Sunday, March 12th

Betty Ray McCain Gallery, 4pm

Winston-Salem, NC Friday, March 3rd

Artworks Gallery, 7-10pm

Charleston, SC, pg 45 Friday, March 3rd

Hickory, NC

Ashland, VA, pg 46

Saturday, March 25th

Thursday, March 2nd

Catawba Valley Pottery & Antiques Festival, 9-5pm

Chapel Hill, NC, pg 33

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, 4-6pm

Sunday, March 5th

Wednesday,March 8th

Friday, March 31st

Friday, March 10th

New Bern, NC, pg 40

Thursday, March 16th

Friday, March 10th

FRANK Gallery, 6-8pm

ArtSource Fine Art Gallery, 6-8pm

Mary Martin Gallery, 5-8pm Meyer Vogl Gallery, 5-8pm

Hillsborough, NC, pg 40

FRANK Gallery, 6-9pm

Thursday, March 9th

Pleiades Gallery, 6-9pm

Village Art Circle, 6-9pm

FRANK Gallery, 5-8pm

Saturday, March 4th

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, 6-9pm

Gallery Flux, 5:30-8pm

Richmond, VA, pg 47-48 Friday, March 3rd

Chasen Galleries, 6-8pm Page Bond Gallery, 6-8pm Reynolds Gallery, 7-9pm Uptown Gallery, 5-8:30pm

Saturday, March 25th

Art Works, Studios & Galleries, 7-10pm

Fine Art at Baxters, 5-8pm

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Hollack, Luminous Weave, painting on metal, 47� x 47�

1522 East Fourth St. Charlotte, NC 28204 704.333.8235 Mon-Fri 10-4, Sat 10-3

artGuide March 2017  

In March artGuide is excited to feature Figurative Art & Portrait Art in a Feature Editorial Section. artGuide also wrote about an amazing...

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