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artGuide 08/2015

Welcome to Roswell, pg 11-17

Vol. 6 No. 8

Intro to Roswell, pg 11 First Friday is RAD, pg 12 Feature Exhibit: Transitions, Taylor Kinzel Gallery, pg 14 To Be Or Not To Be Abstract, genres in Roswell, 16-17

plus, Dualism in Surrealism, 6-7

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Raleigh, NC – October 29 & 30 Find early bird tickets at

Feed Your Eclectic Soul The Awakeners: Teachers, Mentors, Friends

August 5 - September 12, 2015


Works in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Batik, Clay, and Pastel

10283 Beach Dr. SW Calabash, NC


he Charleston Artist Guild is dedicated to serving the arts community of Charleston, SC. In addition to encouraging our member artists with workshops, programs of instruction and opportunities to exhibit their work, the guild supports, promotes & sponsors several community projects in the Tri-county area. We have an active membership that meets regularly to exchange ideas, learn, exhibit, and contribute to our local community. Annual memberships are $50. We welcome new members every day.


The Charleston Artist Guild Gallery exhibits the work of 73 artists. When you purchase an original painting, print or photograph at our gallery, you are helping to sponsor our community programs.

160 E. Bay Street • Charleston, SC

Summer Days - Sharlyne Duffy

Open daily from 11am - 6pm

Tipping Paint Gallery Local fine art in a wide variety of mediums

311 West Martin St. Raleigh, NC 27601 919.618.8216 Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat 11:30-4pm and by appointment

311 West Martin St. Raleigh, NC 27601 919.436.6987 Gallery and Gift Shops hours: Wed-Sat 11:30-4pm And by appointment

Flowers and Gardens August 5-29th

Opening Reception: August 7, 6 - 9pm

Vicki Rees, Snowballs in May

Summer Rezeli, To Cure Loneliness

Bringing Color to the Warehouse District since 2007

what’s inside

Welcome to Roswell - 11-17 Getting to know Roswell, who what where when - 11 First Friday is RAD, visit for First Friday Art Walks - 12

Exhibit Highlight - Transitions, Carol Christie, at Taylor Kinzel Gallery - 14 To Be Or Not To Be Abstract, genres in Roswell - 16-17

Dualism in Surrealism -


The forces of fact and fantasy in Surrealist work.

1. Carol Christie, Sunrise, 48” x 48”; (Tayor Kinzel Gallery, pg 14) 2. Duy Huynh, For the Wind; (Lark & Key Gallery, pg 32)

Cover Image: Carol Christie, Sunrise, 48” x 48”; (Taylor Kinzel Gallery, pg. 14) If you’re a gallery and would like to list in artGuide, or for advertisement rates, contact artMedia Group, at (917) 968-3306, or at artGuide is published by artMedia Group, Copyright © 2010-2015. All rights reserved by Art Guide Publishing, Inc. Reproductions or use without written consent is strictly prohibited. Mailing Address: PO Box 2004, Concord, NC 28026. Telephone: (917) 968-3306. Email:


Dualism in Surrealism

To the viewer the interplay between beautiful natural themes in subtle juxtaposing tones immediately relaxes the mind and Oxford Dictionary defines surreal as allows the viewers to elicit the natural “having qualities of surrealism; bizarre: world/human interplay at work in his a surreal mix of fact and fantasy”. This pieces. “Change, transition, displacedualism – the interplay between fact and ment, and connectivity are a few of the fantasy as expressed by an artists’ imagthemes that can be often found in my ination exposes the reality of dreams in work”. Huynh does a masterful job invokmediums that are open to interpretation, ing these themes as the viewer is taken contemplation, and appreciation by viewon an ever evolving ers. The imaginative “Surrealism is any cre- schematic, yet thoughtworld created by artists ful pose that brings forth is as varied as the ation free from the finely balanced imagery introversive questioning control of convention- with mentally infectious of dreamlike states that al reason” Duy Huynh human interjections one may ask of another which play with the after a good night’s rest. thought and sense of Different themes, subject matter, and each piece. “The goal is to nurture a mediums are all used to convey an artists’ visual language that evokes a sense of imagination to the viewer. wonderment while celebrating the fragility of a precarious life”, states the artist’s Duy Huynh, a Charlotte, North Carolina biography. based artist whose acrylic paintings draw

Playing with fact and fantasy

inspiration from a variety of storytellers in formats that range from music and movies to ancient folklore and comic book adventures, says that “Surrealism is any creation free from the control of conventional reason”. He creates “works that seek to investigate and/or celebrate the mysteries between dreams and reality”.

Where one artist will try to evoke the relationship between dream and reality, another toys with pure imagination. “I am most interested in creating prints and paintings that stem from pure imagination”, says John D. Gall, a painter and printmaker from Jamestown, North Carolina. “My subjects may be dreamed,

imagined, or experienced, as an autobiographical interpretation, but those invented from my imagination are the most precious to me.” Gall, whose works are whimsical, asks the viewers’ minds to venture off into a metaphorical land by using familiar albeit recasted imagery and self curates the separate, unusual components into a well orchestrated symphony of imaginative interactions. A simple walk through of his work is not possible as the many, deliberately placed elements require careful inspection and dissection to properly sense the overture of narratives emanating from each piece. “I love using realistic drawing and painting techniques to pull the viewer into previously unimagined worlds where humor, whimsy, and strangeness all co-exist.” Although the Oxford Dictionary seeks to define what is surreal and in essence the foundation of surrealism, the fantasy of an artist is a world unto its own. “The dream is the liberation of the spirit from the pressure of external nature, a detachment of the soul from the fetters of matter.” ― Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dream. The dreamlike warping of reality is perhaps what draws so many people to Surrealism. There is no single exemplification or interpretation of a dream, just as there is no illustrated attestation to what is a surrealist work of art. This lack of a fundamental structure in the dualism of fact and fantasy cements the fundamental discrepancies in creation and interpretation and allows creators and viewers to stare at the wall and dream.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Duy Huynh, Strung Together John D. Gall, Alternate Housing, oil on canvas, 24” x 24” John D. Gall, Seeker Confronting An Eye Plant, woodblock print, 19” x 11” Duy Huynh, Photosynthesis Bliss

Duy Huynh: Lark & Key Gallery 128 E. Park Ave Charlotte, NC (704) 334-4616

John D. Gall: Adam Cave Fine Art 115 1/2 E. Hargett St Raleigh, NC (919) 838-6692

Features Floral Frenzy, Debbie K. Grogen Charleston Artist Guild Gallery

New Aquisitions Picture House Gallery



Flowers and Gardens 311 Gallery



Conversations, Linda Eddins Tipping Paint Gallery

37 28-29

Exhibits The Awakeners -


Sunset River Marketplace

Landscapes, Sandy Nelson Alizarin Gallery

Reflections; Present Tense Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

Sasha Bakaric Fine Art at Baxters


1. 2. 3. 4.




34 37

Debbie K. Grogen, Peace Rose; (Charleson Artists Guild Gallery, pg 10) Joff Koehn, 41” x 41”; (Picture House Gallery, pg 28-29) Barbara Blaisdell, Magnolia Reflection; (311 Gallery, pg 36) Linda Eddins, Carl’s Creek; (Tipping Paint Gallery, pg 37) CE Artists: Mary Erickson, Garland Mattox, Ellen Hathaway, Vicki Rees, pg 42 CE Artists: Kathy Oda, Melissa Deisgner Jewelry, pg 43 CE Artists: Margaret Griffin, Todd Baxter, Lori White, Laura Davis, pg 44

Ceramics by Sasha Bakaric


Floral Fenzy

Debbie K. Grogen

Reception: August 7, 5-8pm

T Debbie K. Grogen, Peace Rose, Aug. Featured Artist

he Charleston Artist Guild consists of a diverse group of artists and art lovers. Some of us turn to art to reflect and to create a way to avoid the stresses of the fast and demanding world around us. For others, our personal dreams necessitate public recognition

Steve Jacobs, Rainbow Row

Whatever your dream, the Charleston Artist Guild is here to help you achieve it. For those who aspire to a full career in art, the Guild has proven the way. Many of our former dreamers are now professional artists and gallery owners. You can take part in as much or as little of what the Guild offers, as you choose. There are classes and workshops for everyone. There are exhibits and shows for all talent levels. The special beauty of the Guild is that we do not forget the dreams of those less fortunate. Our outreach programs help the young, the old, and the infirm to achieve their dreams too.

Haydee Verdia, Magnolia Marsh

Please visit our website for more information on the Charleston Artist Guild. Also, visit our gallery at 160 E. Bay Street and see what your local artists have been up to! Our August Featured Artist reception for Debbie K. Grogen will be on Friday, August 7, from 5-8pm.

Where: Charleston Artist Guild 160 East Bay St. Charleston, SC (843) 722-2425 Hours: Daily 11-6pm

Double Exposure,



et ta s


Cowgirl Studios

Muse & Co. Fine Art hwy 9

Ann Jackson Gallery Synergy Fine Art Gallery

Quaintly tucked in a small unassuming hamlet not more than 20 minutes north of Atlanta, Roswell is a perfect destination for the visual arts enthusiast. Seven galleries are conveniently located near the center of town, making Roswell a perfect walkable visual arts locale with a wide variety of art and artists. Each gallery carries work that is unique in both its technique and style. Genres range from landscapes, realism, abstract, to crafts. There are multiple ways to browse the Roswell galleries; we did it by walking South to North. Making your way south to north you pass Oak Street. Within an unassuming strip mall you find Muse & Co. Fine Art. A relatively new addition to Roswell, Muse & Co. Fine Art exhibits vibrant contemporary art from emerging and established artists, in both paintings and sculpture. Beneath and behind Muse & Co. Fine Art there is a wonderful shared studio space called Cowgirl Studios. There you will find artists working on paintings, sculpture, and jewelry. A little up Route 9, and immediately at the base of Canton Street you will find Ann Jackson Gallery. A family owned gallery, Ann Jackson Gallery carries work from local, national, and international artists. The mediums available at Ann Jackson Gallery span the definition of artwork mediums as you can find work in any type. Immediately across from Ann Jackson,

mimosa blvd

ramsey st

webb st

plumtree st

canton st


oak st


SLM Studio & Gallery Taylor Kinzel Gallery Vinings Gallery

Hill st

Welcome to Roswell, pg 11-17

north of the park is Elizabeth Way where you will find Vinings Gallery and Taylor Kinzel Gallery. Vinings Gallery carries an impressive mix of nationally recognized and emerging artists. Modern still life, urban impressionism, and contemporary landscapes are but a few of the works you will find gracing their walls. Down the short street, Taylor Kinzel Gallery boasts of carrying contemporary fine art by Southern artists. They achieve this by combining a well choreographed collection of paintings, sculptures, glass, and jewelry, all displayed in a quaint early 1920’s former beauty shop. Turning back to Canton Street, and taking a left on Webb Street you will find Synergy Fine Art Gallery. A wonderful, collective of independent artists, with each showcasing different mediums and varied genres. Finishing up Canton you run across Plumtree Village. A high-end collection of boutiques and shops, it is a perfect spot to finish the walk through Roswell. Before you stop for a quick snack be sure to check out SLM Studio/Gallery. A studio/ gallery featuring works by Sandra Milton, it’s spacious interior allows you to take in the different mediums and genres of work. A perfect destination for the visual arts enthusiast, Roswell has a little bit of everything, giving each gallery and the arts scene as a whole a large city feel with small town charm.


First Friday is RAD First Friday Art Walks & the Roswell Arts District If you’re planning a trip to enjoy the visual arts in the greater Atlanta area, or just planning an excursion to Roswell Georgia, be sure to pencil in the first Friday of the month as a tentative arrival date. As you’ve read before (the previous article; if you haven’t shame on you) Roswell Georgia is a quaint little town with a strong visual arts presence. The walking-distance-nature of Roswell makes it a perfect candidate for enjoyment during a First Friday Art Walk. “First Fridays are a chance for collectors to enjoy the ‘aesthetic experience’ of the Historic Roswell Art District… and take in the exhibits at a couple of the galleries, enjoy dinner… and take the complimentary trolley to a couple of the galleries…”, says Donna McDonald, co-owner of Muse & Co. Fine Art. Indeed, the organizational attributes of First Friday are amazing and a gracious bow can be accorded to the Roswell Arts District (RAD). Started in 2006 (or 2005, let’s just roll with it) RAD was founded to organize and fund the Art Walks, create a collective PR opportunity, and promote the arts in Historic Roswell. The creation of a collective gallery organization created an “open line of communication between the gallery owners”, says McDonald, one of RAD’s founders, and was formed after a few of the biannual artwalk meetings.

First Friday grew out of RAD in 2014. “The Roswell First Friday artwork [sic] allows people to peek into the art scene without feeling obligated to purchase work… like a wine tasting of sorts”, says Nicole Merkens co-owner of Cowgirl Studios. Indeed the laid back feel of First Friday takes the intimidation out of art enjoyment while at the same time allows patrons to be immersed in the visual arts. First Friday “welcomes true art appreciators and provides… an opportunity to focus on art”, says Barbara Rush, co-owner of Synergy Fine Art Gallery. As for Roswell as a whole, “The First Friday Art Walk has had a tremendous effect on the Roswell Art scene”, says Mary Kinzel Mean, co-owner of Taylor Kinzel Gallery, “It seems we have more… people coming in from ‘ITO’ (inside the perimeter) to experience the many varied galleries of Historic Roswell… It’s a fun and consistent way to introduce new artists, new works… and connect with patrons.“ If you’re ever in the area, passing through, or planning a trip and want to engage with art, artists, or just have a fun night out, Roswell is definitely a destination that beckons the creatively appreciative mind.

Roswell exhibit information pages 23 - 25

inside her.“ It is the energy, the passion, the freedom, the color, the boldness, that I feel to my core. That is the kind of art I want to create. People are always looking for symbols or meaning in expressive abstracts. It is my belief, that it is meant to be felt, not understood. I feel blessed, every day, to be on such an incredible journey.”

Transitions Carol Christie Reception: Aug. 7, 6-9pm When we were first introduced to Carol’s work, she was painting these big bright florals. They were almost primitive and childlike but they had an amazing energy to them. It was infectious and exhilarating. We found out later that the flowers were a subject inspired early on by her Mother’s love of gardening. Later, as we discovered she painted them intuitively to music, it made sense to us that she would paint a subject she knew well so that her senses were free to create and express more efficiently. As the flowers began to disappear, however, and her work became more abstract, a light that was a mere glimmer seemed to ignite 1. Carol Christie, Soulful Essence, , acrylic, 60” x 36”

Inspired by the works of artist Joan Mitchell, and more recently the retrospective show of Willem De Kooning, both of which moved her to tears, Carol’s process is one of spontaneity and spatial rhythms – quick bold strokes that gradually evolve into large, sweeping passages of color and shape. Layers of paint, and Christie’s signature marks, are applied, painted over, and added again, until she feels the painting is complete. The challenge is invigorating, often frustrating, but always rewarding. There is no plan; there is no vision. Every mark, and every swipe of color, brings about its own relationship and the process continues until the painting has evolved into a harmonious work of art. Carol has quickly become a nationally-recognized and award-winning Abstract Expressionist painter. From her earliest memories, she recalls wanting to be an artist. She studied Art Education at Central Michigan University and relocated to Atlanta in 1969 to raise her family. She continued, over the years, to develop her craft. She participated in numerous academic courses and workshops, but believes her real education has been in her studio. She has been exhibiting and selling her work since 1990 and has been with Taylor Kinzel Gallery for over 12 years.

Where: Taylor Kinzel Gallery 16 Elizabeth Way, Roswell, GA (770) 993-3555 Mon - Sat 11 - 6pm, Sun 1 - 5pm


Synergy Fine Art Gallery 26 Webb St. Suite 3 Roswell, GA synergy, noun - the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Shanon Schneider

Beach Life Tranquil Day Morning II, mixed media on canvas, 16� x 20�

Synergy Fine Art Gallery 26 Webb Street, Suite 3, Roswell, GA 30075 770-329-1711/

Emma Bell Synergy Fine Art Gallery 26 Webb Street, Suite 3, Roswell, GA 30075 678-237-7887/


To Be Or Not To Be Abstract Genres in Roswell Over the past few decades there has been a trend of younger artists gravitating towards abstraction as their avenue of artistic expression (we use abstraction in broad terms). The reasons for this has been dissected, analyzed, and double analyzed. Many have found the trend to be the result of art schools allowing their students greater freedom in their learning process as opposed to the classical art school syllabi. Others have pointed to the great increase in self-thought artists who skip art school altogether as an anti-establishment mindset takes over. “You can’t teach art, that’s the irony of art school. The only thing you can’t teach at art school is art.”, says iconic London-based photographer David Bailey in the The Telegraph UK in 2013 as he prepared to launch a new exhibition of 250 photographs at the National Portrait Gallery.

Regardless of reasons and throughout the back and forths regarding abstract art one cannot forget that all art, whether realist or abstract has its critics, but also it’s very vehement backers. “Abstract art has come into being as a necessary expression of the feelings and thoughts of our age; it has added new dimensions to creative painting.”, says famed (now deceased) abstract artist Frank Leonard Brooks. The self-expressive nature of many abstract works beckon artists to delve deep within themselves and produce pieces that some would call more personal on a fundamentally internal level, bringing to canvas that which is emotional hidden and not easily ascertained in other mediums. However this self-expressive quality can also be a curse as it may be grossly uninterpretative by many and produce varying degrees of both admiration and condemnation.

17 Many can argue the dualistic nature of abstract art appreciation is the vacillating sentiments and impressions it can leave on each viewer. What some see as art, others see as child’s play. “I think the old adage of one man’s trash being another man’s treasure fits well here with so many new artists arriving everyday there is definitely something for everyone on the planet.” says Barbara Rush, co-owner of Synergy Fine Art Gallery. This “something for everyone” is a sentiment shared amongst artists and galleries with whom we’ve spoken with in Roswell. “The beauty of abstract art is that the answers are in the mind of the viewer. With a little imagination, your mind can see what it wants.”, says Nicole Merkens, co-owner of Cowgirl Studios. This has been beneficial to both artists and galleries as it allows rotation and buyer appreciation in new stylistic approaches and conceptual changes. “When our artists approach us with new original works and new ideas, styles or concepts, we get ex-

cited and see the possibilities of ‘what can be’”., says Mary Kinzel Means, co-owner of Taylor Kinzel Gallery. “Too many dealers… can’t see the potential of their own artist’s creative faculty”, continues Kinzel. Something for everyone seems to be so truistic cliché, especially as it applies to abstract art. Art is meant to be judged, both by those with knowledgably artistic appreciative minds and those whom the former would condescendingly consider artistic laymen. Perhaps that is the artistic beauty of abstract art; the fact, both knowledgeable and laymen can sit together (although some might not want to) and have varying opinions and discuss a particular piece until the body of work has been dissected through and through until the examiners autopsy of the piece is concluded, with or without an art appreciators’ stamp of approval.

1. Bob Ichter, Under an Azure Sky, reverse acrylic painting on plexiglass, 48” x 60” (Taylor Kinzel Gallery) 2. Barbara Rush, The Mists of Time, acrylic on canvas, 36” x 24” (Synergy Fine Art Gallery)



Earl y St nw

Irby ave nw

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Rickenba cker dr

Jackson Fine Art


Atlanta Artist Center


Sidney Marcus blvd ne

David Gallery

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Lindbergh dr ne


Peachtree Hi ll

TEW Galleries Lumiere Gallery

MOCA GA e Plasters ave n



Piedmont rd ne

E Wesley rd ne

Mason Fine Art

Reinike Gallery


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Artist Atelier of Atlanta Thomas Deans Fine Art Anne Irwin Fine Art Lagerquist Gallery


Brentwood dr ne Pine Tree dr ne




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Pryor Fine Art Bill Lowe Gallery dr

Peachtree ave ne Delmont Sher idan


Pharr rd ne

Lookout pl ne

Grandview ave ne

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N Fulton dr ne


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Alan Avery Art Company



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East Paces Ferry

Peachtree rd

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Roswell rd / hwy 9

Ferry pl nw


E An dr e w

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dr Maple

Mathieson dr ne

The Signature Shop & Gallery

dowlawn ave ne E Sha






dr ne

Atlanta Alan Avery Art Company

315 E. Paces Ferry Rd.

(404) 237 - 0370 Tues - Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 11 - 5pm

Opening Reception: Aug. 21st, 7 - 10pm

Artists Atelier Gallery & Studios

800 Miami Cir., Ste 200 (404) 231 - 5999 TUE - SAT 11 - 1:30PM

Fire-N-Flash. Experience the fused-glass work of Gay Allen, featuring dichroic, iridescent, vitrograph, confetti and more. Allen’s fused-glass panels are five-dimensional portraying height, width, depth, light reflection, and emotion. THRU Aug. 31st.

Atlanta Artists Center

979 Grandview Ave. NE

(404) 237 - 2324 TUE - Fri 9 - 4pm; Sat 12 - 6pm

Atlanta Artists Center (AAC) is one of the largest member artist organizations in Georgia. In August, AAC presents juried member show, “All Squares” at Grandview Gallery, August 1st – September 11th. Opening Reception: Aug. 9th, 4-6pm

Huff Harrington Fine Art

4240 Rickenbacker Dr.

(404) 257 - 0511

Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Experience “Sy-ner-gy” featuring magnetic new works by artists Brent Baker, Angela Nesbit, Charles Ross, and Jim Seitz. Enjoy this collaboration (with sips and nibbles) between these four unique and dynamic artists on Thursday, August 27th from 6:00-8:00p.m. A bientot!

Opening Reception: Aug. 27th, 6 - 8pm

Charles Ross, Blue and Sentimental, mixed media, 50” x 40”


Painter Larry Gray creates luminous landscapes with atmospheres that deal with time, light, and space reflecting a profound reverence for the natural world. Gray’s work can be found in collections including Museum of Modern Art, NYC; Smithsonian Institute; The Art Institute of Chicago. August 21 - September 26.



Atlanta 425 Peachtree Hills Ave ne ste 24

(404) 869 - 0511 Mon - Fri 10 - 5pm, Sat 11 - 5pm

“Pictorial Adventures“ David Eddy & Group Exhibition. David Eddy is the featured artist along with a group exhibition of painting and sculpture linked by a strong narrative thread. The works are as varied as the artists who created them but all weave a tale. THRU Aug. 29th.

David Eddy, Southern Vacation, oil on canvas, 16” x 16”

Thomas Deans Fine Art

690 Miami Cir. ne ste 905

(404) 814 - 1811 Mon - Fri 11 - 5pm

McMillan st nw

Curran st nw

Northside dr nw

Fielder st nw


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8 st nw Mariet ta st nw

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Kai Lin Art

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11 st nw t nw 11 s



Hamptson st nw

August 1 - 8. Special exhibition: Works by Master of Fine Arts students at Georgia State University and Florida State University.

Watkins st nw


TEW Galleries

Sandler Hudson Gallery

Te ch




Atlanta Contemp. Art Center

ns s t nw

artGuide promoting the visual arts “We at the 311 Gallery in Raleigh have had significant increases in traffic and sales due to our advertising and articles in the Art Guide. In addition to increasing our local traffic, we are now having customers from Charlotte, Charleston, and other areas come into the gallery directly as a result of seeing our ads and articles in the Art Guide. We have been quite pleased by the sales generated by the extra traffic from other areas from art lovers who seek us out when they come to Raleigh for meetings, vacations, or visiting friends. It is a win-win to be in a Guide with wide circulation—we get extra traffic and we get to see what other galleries are doing. Going to the larger ad and full page article this year has paid off for us with increased traffic.” Allen L. Clapp, Owner, 311 Gallery Raleigh, NC Advertiser since June 2012

join us:

er t G u i d e d i u a rtG Vol. 6





No. 04

. 05

Vol. 6 No


12th st ne


cresthill ave ne

Marcia Wood Gallery

juniper st nw

11th st ne

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cooledge ave ne

10th st ne


10th st ne

elmwood dr ne

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13th st ne



11th st ne

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12th st ne


west peachtree st nw

spring st nw

14th st ne 13th st ne

fowler st nw

techwood dr

O’karma Gallery Watson Gallery

dmo nt ave ne


fowler st nw

barnes st nw

814 Edgewood Ave.

(404) 688 - 1892 Wed - Sat 11 - 5pm

Soft Eyes curated by Pete Schulte featuring work by: Douglas Degges, John Dilg, Hamlett Dobbins, Katy Fischer, Julia Fish, Travis Head, Scott Ingram, Amy Pleasant, Leah Raintree, Richard Rezac, and Andy Moon Wilson. Exhibition Dates: August 7 - September 12, 2015 Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 7 - 10pm


dk Gallery

Marietta Lawrence st


Whitlock ave nw


dk Gallery


Haynes st

ri h Ma

Nort Mill st

Hansell st

Waddell st ne

Hansell st

Cherokee st ne

Church st



Roswell st Anderson st

25 West Park Sq. NE

(770) 427 - 5377 Tue - Sat 11 - 5pm

dk Gallery’s August portraiture show titled About Face explores the change in direction or attitude of traditional portraiture throughout history to the fresh, contemporary styles of today. Featuring dk Gallery artists Terrence Gasca, Shellie Lewis-Dambax, Alberto Mier, Catie Radney, and David Wendel this show is sure to please.

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 5 - 9pm

Shellie Lewis-Dambax, Michelle’s Interest, mixed media, 48” x 30”




Cowgirl Studios

Muse & Co. Fine Art hwy 9

mimosa blvd

Ann Jackson Gallery

ramsey st

Ann Jackson Gallery Synergy Fine Art

webb st

Green Oak

plumtree st

et ta s

932 Canton St. (770) 993 - 4783 Mon - Sat 11 - 5pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

August 7, Roswell Art District Art Walk. August 7, 8, and 9, The Beatles Cartoon Art Show, featuring legendary animator/director Ron Campbell.

Art Walk: Aug. 7th

Cowgirl Studios

31 Oak St., STE B

(404) 590 - 6240 Mon - Fri 11 - 3pm

“Hot and Bothered” - Cowgirl Studios. A group exhibition of clay, painting, jewelry, sculpture, and fine art from Heiða Halldórsdóttir, Nicole Merkens, Jette Juel Binder, Cynthia Ernest Poirot, and Dave Sierra. Runs August 7- 31, 2015. Opening Friday, August 7, 6:00-9:00pm. Refreshments will be served.

Creative Mill Art Show

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

85-A Mill St., Ste 200 (770) 650 - 7558 (101)

As part of National Arts and Humanities Month, Randall-Paulson Architects will host the Creative Mill Art Show for the third year at the Historic Roswell Mill. Pieces displayed range from paintings to turned wood pieces by over 50 artists. October 1st – 4:00-9:00pm / October 2nd – 4:00-10:00pm (only a two day event).

MUSE & Co Fine Art

23 Oak St. (770) 594 - 9511 Tue - Sat 11 - 4pm

August 7th Muse & Co. Fine Art will celebrate this steamy time of year. Inspired by the1958 movie The Long, Hot Summer. Color schemes and the summer time theme have inspired the artwork. Smokin’ Mo’s Food Truck and cold beer


Ford Smith Gallery

canton st


oak st


SLM Studio & Gallery Taylor Kinzel Gallery Vinings Gallery

Hill st



Roswell SLM Studio/Gallery

1065 Canton St.

(770) 587 - 0978


“Genesis Revisited.” Without the traditional biblical figures of Adam and Eve in the Garden a reinterpretation of the symbolic male/female images in these paintings manifest into an unrecognizable. “Genesis.” The psychological tensions connecting the figures reveal a contemporary discourse seeking renewal and rebirth.

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

Sandra Milton, Contemplation, mixed media, 24” x 24”

Synergy Fine Art Gallery

26 Webb St., Ste. 3 (770) 708 - 7416 Mon, Tue & Thur 10 - 2pm; Wed & Fri 1 - 4pm; Sat 12 - 5pm

Experience the pureness of color at Synergy’s Primary exhibit, a display of work focused on the pigments that the human eye uses to color our whole world. For the bold and the bright, enliven your walls with these vibrant pieces. THRU Sept. 1st.

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th

Taylor Kinzel Gallery

16 Elizabeth Way (770) 993 - 3555 Mon - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

Join us for The Historic Roswell Artwalk Aug. 7th 6-9pm, as Carol Christie presents NEW WORKS and discusses her latest series “Transitions”. Along with Christie, we are featuring new works by Marilyn Sparks, Bob Ichter, and Patrick Taylor. Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

Marilyn Sparks, Bygone, oil, 36” x 36”


Roswell Vinings Gallery

10 Elizabeth Way

(770) 299 - 1122 Mon - THUR 12 - 7pm; Fri - Sat 12 - 8pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

Josef Kote, Enchanted Place, 40” x 50”

Savannah W. River st

E. River st

W. Congress ln W. Broughton st W. Broughton ln

Abercorn st

Abercorn st Abercorn st

E. Congress st Bull st

W. Congress st Barnard st

Jefferson st

The Signature Gallery

Bull st

The Savannah Gallery

E. Bay ln E. Bryan st

Drayton st

W. Bay ln W. Bryan st

E. Bay st

Bull st

W. Bay st

Bull st

Gallery 209

Whitaker st

Montgomery st

Barnard st

The Village Craftsmen

E. Congress ln E. Broughton st E. Broughton ln

Friedman’s Fine Art

W. State st

Gallery 11

E. State st

309 St Julian St. Studio 11 (912) 236 - 4583 Mon - Sat 11 - 5pm (closed Tues); Sun 12 - 5pm

Featured Artist, Wray Williamson, has painted historic Savannah images for the Annual Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens for the past 23 years. Fun Fact? Look for the cat that’s painted into each of these collectible posters!


With nationally recognized and emerging artists, Vinings Gallery is a true original. Whether a seasoned collector or someone new to the world of art, come experience the perfect backdrop in which to select artwork that stirs the soul. Featuring Josef Kote on September 17 & 18.


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W. Walnut St

Black Mtn College Mus. & Arts Ctr

Map Not Shown to Scale


St Otis

Asheville Art in the Park

Patton Ave

Coxe Ave

Eagle St

Blue Spiral 1


on S. Lexingt

Aston St

N. Pack Sq


Commerce St

Bender Gallery

Church St

Asheville Gallery of Art

The Haen Gallery


Asheland Ave


W Rd S

Boundary Dr SW

Sunset River Marketplace


b Dr ry Clu

r SW Beach D



ce rketpla iver Ma R t e s n Su

Map Not Shown To Scale

North Carolina


10283 Beach Dr. SW

(910) 575 - 5999 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

The Awakeners: Teachers, Mentors, Friends. August 5 – Sept. 12, 2015. Please visit us as we celebrate the art and talent of the gallery’s workshop and class instructors – Sterling Edwards, acrylic; Freeman Beard, watercolor; Joe DiGiulio, acrylic; Pat Smelkoff, batik; Ruth Cox, oil; Terry Harrison, watercolor; Jane Staszak, pastel; Ginny Lassiter, acrylic; Jane Truesdale, clay; and Jamie Futera, clay. Jane Staszak

Chapel Hill


North Carolina

FRANK Gallery

109 East Franklin St.

(919) 636 - 4135 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

A pencil, a bit of clay, a pure silver wire, and a camera are the tools used by artists Jean LeCluyse, Aggie Zed, Ippy Patterson, and Alan Dehmer to translate nature into art for Natural Alliances at FRANK Gallery. August 11 - September 6.

Opening Reception: Aug. 14th

Jean LeCluyse, Working for a Living 4

Tyndall Galleries

University PLACE

(919) 942 - 2290 Thurs - Sat 12 - 6pm

The Tyndall Galleries bring together the talents of our accomplished Gallery Artists in an Artist Showcase featuring exceptional paintings, ceramics, fiber, and sculpture. We hope you will visit us and enjoy this wonderful Group exhibit. While you are here, check out the amazing changes happening at University Place (formerly University Mall). THRU Sept. 12th.

Tyndall Galleries, University Place, Chapel Hill , NC

Robert Holman, 40” x 60”

New Aquisitions: Picture House Gallery Since 1974, Picture House Gallery has been Charlotte’s premier resource for the discriminating art collector, providing the most comprehensive ranges of art services in the country.

Whatever your taste, décor, or budget, you are likely to find a piece here that looks as if it were created for you. At Picture House Gallery, the eclectic collection includes contemporary and traditional oil paintings, from small sizes to massive, oversized pieces. It also features watercolors, pastels, indoor and outdoor sculptures of wood and marble, art glass, and ceramics, along with lithographs, serigraphs, etchings, and posters. Many of the artists are nationally and internationally renowned artists collected by institutions across the United States.

Picture House Gallery’s staff is glad to make an appraisal or answer any questions about any artist whose work a private collector may be interested in obtaining. Selling art, however, is only a part of the foundation on which Picture House Gallery has built its well-earned reputation. Fine art deserves the utmost in care, handling, and expertise, and this gallery has maintained the highest standards for more than 37 years.

It provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of art services in the nation. Owner Bob Griffin and his staff have extensive experience acquiring and installing pieces for some of Charlotte’s finest corporations, and health care and

financial institutions, some of which has encompassed the use of scaffolding and cranes. “It’s important that our clients talk to us about their needs so we can accomplish what they want to achieve,” Bob says. “We have a loyal clientele who keeps coming back because of our service-oriented philosophy”. In addition to fine art sales and consultation services Picture House Gallery offers a full-service custom framing shop with over 2,600 mouldings, and such special touches as French matting, period framing, hand-gilded and hand-carved frames, 14-karat white gold or 23-karat gold frames. Skilled technicians can also restore oil paintings, antique frames, old documents, and refurbish silk fabrics. This distinctive gallery offers an all encompassing range of art forms. If you have any questions about any of the gallery’s services, come by and talk to the experienced staff. For more information about the gallery’s services feel free to visit their website or call them.

Where: Picture House Gallery 1520 E. Fourth St., Charlotte, NC (704) 333-8235 Mon - Fri 10 - 4pm; Sat 10 - 3pm

Jeff Koehn, 41” x 81”

Amber Lane, 36” x 12”



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Providence Gallery nd



Anne Neilson Fine Art



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exit 64A

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South Charlotte



Allison Sprock Fine Art


Hidell Brooks Gallery

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Ciel Gallery in Sky Gallery Cimarron Lark & Key Gallery wk a n h de Anne Neilson Fine Art m a gs


h et

Picture House Gallery

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Charlotte Art League



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Elder Gallery






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LaCa Projects Gallery


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Coffey and Thompson Art Gallery

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w morehead st


North Carolina


18 E. Kingston Ave. Suite 16

(704) 496 - 9181 Mon - Fri 11 - 5pm, SAT 11 - 2pm

“Paradise Awaits” our photography exhibit featuring work by Dean West and Josef Hoflehner will run until August 15th. Followed by local Charlotte artist Marcy Gregg’s “Expressions of Joy” exhibit from August 17th until September 30th.

Charlotte Art League

1517 Camden Rd. (704) 376 - 2787 Tues - Thurs 11 - 3pm; Fri 1 - 8pm; Sat 11 - 5pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

“Giving Back - Outreach Through Arts” works on exhibit from ArtWorks945 Urban Ministry Center, Behailu Academy, UMAR, and Charlotte Art League classes for Metrolina Association for the Blind (MAB) and our Summer Art Camp. Through Friday August 28. Visit Charlotte Art League Gallery and Studios in Historic South End.

Charlotte Charlotte Fine Art Gallery

7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd, 9A

‘Fifth Annual Studio Artists’ Exhibition’ Charlotte Fine Art Gallery’s August Exhibit. Over 40 Charlotte artists’ works in acrylic, oil, and watercolor on exhibit and for purchase. Support your local artists. Opening Reception and award ceremonies: Fri., Aug. 7, and Sat., Aug. 8, from 5-8 pm. Refreshments. Opening Reception: Aug. 7th & 8th, 5 - 8pm

Ciel Gallery: A Fine Art Collective

128 East Park Ave.

(704) 496-9417 Tue - Sat 11 - 6pm;

“Entwined” features local fiber artist Sydney Sogol and mixed media painter Tina Alberni. Concern for endangered animals and matters of the soul are woven throughout this exhibit. Ciel also offers year-round classes, affordable fine art, commission work, and event space. THRU Aug. 29th. Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

Elder Gallery

1520 South Tryon St. (704) 370 - 6337 Wed - Fri 10 - 5:30pm; Sat 10 - 2pm

Figures. Elder Gallery has curated an exhibition of paintings and drawings of the human figure by the late Abstract Expressionist Carl Plansky. Plansky’s paintings were loaded with oil paint that he formulated for his paint company, Williamsburg Oil Paint for Artists. THRU Aug. 29th.

LaCa Projects Gallery

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th

1429 Bryant St.

(704) 837 - 1688 Mon - Fri 1 - 5pm

Through the lens of 8 master artists with strikingly distinctive styles, Latin American Masters: The Quest of Printmaking runs until August 21; Pop Surrealist, Juan Dolhare returns from Argentina with a solo show on August 28 - October 30.

North Carolina (704) 541 - 0741 Tues 10 - 4pm; Wed - Thurs 10 - 9pm; Fri 10 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 2pm




North Carolina

Lark & Key Gallery

128-B East Park Ave

(704) 334 - 4616 Tue - Sat 11 - 5pm

THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS - August 7th - Sept 26th. New works by Duy Huynh, Judy Klich, Vicki Sawyer, and Mary Alayne Thomas. August featured potter: Jennifer Mecca. Ongoing - artwork, pottery, and jewelry from local, regional, and national artists.

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

Vicki Sawyer, Beatrice (fox with lupine), acrylic on canvas, 20” x 16”

Picture House Gallery

1520 East 4th St.

(704) 333 - 8235

Mon - Fri 10 - 4pm; Sat 10 - 3pm

ONGOING - Featuring Frederick Hart sculpture, works by Jamali, and extensive collection of paintings, sculpture, art glass, and various mediums. Established 1974.

Tim McFadden, glass vessel, 19” x 12”

Providence Gallery

Curt Butler, By the Bay, encaustic on canvas, 12” x 36”

601-A Providence Rd. (704) 333 - 4535 Mon - Fri 9 - 5pm; Sat 10 - 2pm

Final Shades of Summer. For inclusion in this display, each painting must celebrate an aspect of the inherent beauty of the Carolina coastline. Our artists have captured the unique feel of the final shades of summer. Aug 4th - 29th.



North Carolina

W. Club Blvd.


Craven Allen Gallery

Mai n



Spectre Arts

Map Not Shown to Scale


Cor cor an

m ha

Alizarin Gallery

Alizarin Gallery


or St.

r Du

21c Museum

Art dern

E. Chapel Hill St. Mo rrack Golden Belt W. Parhe Ca T rish Hotel St. Artists Studios

Rox bor

W. Chapel Hill St.

ry ens alle This L G es h iad roug Ple Th

N. Elizabeth St.

W. Geer St.




Durham Arts Council Gallery Durham Arts Guild Gallery

n to

Foster St.

W. Morga n St.

W. Markham Ave.



s Wa

Morris St.

N. Duke St.

N. Gregson St.

N. Buchanan Blvd.


Iredell St.

Broad St.

Englewood Ave.

119 west main St.

(919) 943 - 8370 Wed - Thurs 11 - 6pm; Fri - Sat 11 - 8pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

Sandy Nelson Landscapes in August. Sandy’s influences are as diverse as the great impressionists to the dark hills of Kentucky. Living in Wilmington, the art Sandy creates is not edgy nor avant-garde; her work doesn’t follow fads – it is truth, as she perceives it. Sandy’s work has won national awards.

Sandy Nelson

Craven Allen Gallery

1106 1/2 Broad St. (919) 286 - 4837 Mon - Fri 9:30 - 6pm; Sat 10 - 4pm

“DURHAM’S BEST -- new work by the visual arts faculty and students from the Durham School of the Arts” showcases the professional artists teaching at DSA, as well as the next generation of artists they are helping to inspire. THRU Sept. 10th.



W. Tryon St.

N. Wake St.

W. King St.

Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery Map Not Shown to Scale

North Carolina

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

N. Churton


Eno Gallery

W. Margaret Ln

0A US 7

Exit 164


Eno Gallery

100 South Churton St. (919) 883 - 1415 Tues - Thurs 12:30 - 5:30pm; Fri - Sat 12:30 - 8:30pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

‘TIME OUT’ a solo exhibition of new work by Tezh Modarressi. Opening Reception Friday August 28 from 6 to 9:00 pm. Opening Reception: Aug. 28th, 6 - 9pm

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

121 North Churton St.

(919) 732 - 5001 Mon - Sat 11 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

Reflections - Lolette Guthrie, Alice Levinson, and Evelyn Ward. THRU Aug. 23rd. Present Tense - New work by Linda Carmel, Chris Graebner, and Pringle Teetor. Show runs August 24th through September 20th. Opening Reception: Aug. 28th, 6 - 9pm

New Bern

S Front Stree t

Fine Art at Baxters Gallery

E Front Street

Fine Art at Baxters

Craven Street

Middle Street

Hancock St reet

Pollock Stre et

Map Not Shown To Scale

Broad Street

323 Pollock st. (252) 634 - 9002 Mon - Fri 10 - 6pm, Sat 10 - 5pm

Featuring ceramic artist Sasha Bakaric’s one of a kind intricate designs inspired by microscopic images of various cells and microorganisms as the basis of all life. Bakaric works with white stoneware coated with terra sigillata, slip trailing sgraffito, and custom glazes. Opening Reception: Aug. 14th, 5 - 8pm

Sasha Bakaric, ceramic





Glenwood Ave.

W. Jones St.

W. Edenton St.

S. West St.

Hillsborough St.

N. Wilmington St.

Lee Hansley Gallery, pg 18

E. North

E. Lane

N. Salisbury St.


N. McDowell St.

E. Jones St.

NC Sci Mu en seu E. Edenton St. ces m Ar of t G Na all tur ery al

W. Morgan St.

E. Morgan St.

CAM Raleigh W. Davie St. W. Cabarrus St.

Artspace E. Davie St.

E. Cabarrus St.

Map Not Shown to Scale

ry Adam Cave Fine Art lle a y G y r W. Hargett St. er t le E. Hargett St. all Pain Gal G r g 1 o The Mahler Fine Art 31 ppin Col Ti cal Lo W. Martin St. E. Martin St. Visual Arts Exchange Fayetteville St.


W. Lane St.

N. Boylan St.

Halifax St.

Polk St.

. k Dr


N. DawsonSt.


Gallery C

West Raleigh

N. Person St.


in sb

Pace St.

W. Peace St.




E. Franklin St.

Nicole’s Studio & Art Gallery

N. Blount St.


l er Ob

ve rk A

North Carolina


LŝƩůĞƌƚ'ĂůůĞƌyΘ CƌĂŌCoůůĞĐƟon



ron ame

Capital Blvd.

North Raleigh


Flowers and Gardens August 5-29, 2015 Reception: August 7, 6-9pm It’s high summer and gardens are in full bloom. You have to love the summer garden with all its bright colors and heavenly smells, even the weeds look pretty when they flower. Flowers have played a role in most art forms provoking emotions and as gestures of sentiment. With a Google search, you can uncover lists of flowers and their historic meanings, their use in folklore and fairy lore, and numerous quotes by famous artists and writers. William Shakespeare’s works have many references to flowers, some of which directly reference summer flowers. The Winter’s Tale : “these are flowers of middle summer, and I think they are given to men of middle age.” Sonnet 98: “the sweet smell of different flowers in odour and in hue could make me any summer’s story tell”.

Kathryn Patel, Dahlia Whimsey

311 has invited artists to participate in a juried show that celebrates flowers and gardens. Works span the gamut from abstract to very realistic in a variety of media. We hope you’ll stop by this month and visit our summer garden.

Bringing Color to the Warehouse District since 2007 Where: 311 Gallery 311 W. Martin St. Raleigh, NC (919) 436-6987 Wed - Sat 11:30 - 4pm Studio Resident Artists

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7A #7B #8 #9 #10 #11 #12

Barbara Blaisdell, Helebores

Allen Clapp Mary Storms Kelly Blackington Susan Miller Kim Balentine Bekah Haslett Tipping Paint Gallery Cindi Moorefield Liz Roetzel Distilled Art Cheryl McCardle Local Color Gallery Annette Buckner Hall Rob Manchester Sherri Stewart

Conversations: Linda Eddins Compliments are wonderful and essential in the art world. Specifically, I am talking about complementary colors, colors; that lie opposite each other on the color wheel. Complementary colors put life in a painting. They invite you in and hold you in an hypnotic trance, if only for a moment. Warmth complementing coolness; complements make skin tones look alive and healthy. They make snowy winter landscapes look warm and inviting. They brighten highlights and deepen shadows. When complements are mixed together they create luscious, rich neutrals. Complementary colors are fundamental in creating beautiful, eye-catching art. I continue to study the works of others and consciously apply the lessons. I especially love to study the works of John Singer Sargent. He was a master at the use of

complementary color. He made it look so simple. The use of compliments does not come easily, however. It takes practice…lots and lots of practice. Having a color wheel within sight is a great way to begin and an invaluable tool. Refer to it often and with practice, the use of compliments will come more naturally. You will develop an eye for them and will need to refer to the color wheel less and less. Try it. Your pieces will be all the more intriguing, more alive…I’m just saying.

Where: Tipping Paint Gallery 311 W. Martin St. Raleigh, NC (919) 618-8216 Wed - Sat 11:30 - 4pm

Local fine art in a wide variety of mediums



North Carolina

311 Gallery / Tipping Paint Gallery

311 West Martin St.

(919) 247 - 4915 Wed - Sat 11:30 - 4pm

Flowers and Gardens. 311 Gallery celebrates flowers and gardens in a juried show that spans the gamut from abstract to the very realistic. Media includes oil and acrylic painting, photography, and things that have to be seen to be believed!

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

Jill Ciccone, Buds and Blossoms

Adam Cave Fine Art

115 1/2 East Hargett St.

(919) 838 - 6692 Tues - Fri 11 - 5pm; Sat - Sun 12 - 4

SUMMER SELECTIONS. During the month of August the gallery is featuring new paintings, prints, and photography including surrealist works by John Gall, landscapes by Joseph Cave, and geometric abstracts by Wayne Taylor. THRU Aug. 31st.

ArtSource Fine Art Gallery

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

4351-107 The Circle at N. Hills

(919) 787 - 9533

Mon - Sat 10 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

Beginning August 17, ArtSource will be featuring three of our newest artists, Kathy Cousart, Fen Rascoe, and Jim Carson. We will showcase these diverse artists in the gallery through September 14. Please stop by and see their works.

Gallery C

540 N. Blount St.

(919) 828 - 3165 Tues - Sat 12-6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

“The Magical Realm of Haitian Art.� Art flourishes in Haiti. The artists paint and sculpt to reflect their joyous nature about life. There is a rich artistic heritage, styles vary widely, their color palette is bold and vibrant. THRU Aug. 1st.

Raleigh Little Art Gallery and Craft Collection

432 Daniels St.

(919) 890 - 4111 Mon - Sat 10 - 6pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

Linda Werthwein: Coastal Tides. Coastal imagery of Linda Werthwein is strongly influenced by life along the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts. Her love of wild beauty, natural rhythms in sea and sky, and creative color inspire her to depict subjects in a semi-abstract style. Her forte is horses of the Outer Banks and drama of the sea. August 8 – 31, 2015.

Linda Werthwein, Carrot Island Foal, oil, 20” x 24”

Local Color Gallery

311 West Martin St.

Wed - Sat 11:30 - 4pm

Sailboats, New York City, the farmers market, and children frolicking on the beach are just a few memories captured in paint you will see at “Summer Citings” with Kim Balentine. Local Color offers the opportunity to meet and interact directly with the artists every First Friday. THRU Aug. 29th. Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

NC Museum of Natural Sciences Nature Art Gallery

11 West Jones St.

(919) 707 - 9800 Mon - Sat 9 - 5pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

The Nature Art Gallery presents “Moments of Eternity”, nature paintings by Mark Stephenson. August 7th thru August 31st. Gallery reception, First Friday, August 7th, 6:00 -8:00pm, at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 8pm

Mark Stephenson, Steps to the Chapel, 6” x 6”

North Carolina




North Carolina

Nicole’s Studio & Art Gallery

719 N. Person St.

(919) 838 - 8580 Tues - Fri 10:30 - 5pm; Sat 12 - 4:30pm

Endless Summer – Cool Art for a Hot Summer highlights our 12th annual group exhibit. July – August 15th. We offer high level art workshops from one to multiple days with nationally renowned instructors. Please visit our website to view gallery art and workshop schedules. Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 8:30pm

Roundabout Art Collective

305 Oberlin Rd.

(919) 747 - 9495 Wed - Sat 11 - 5pm; Sun 1 - 5pm

“Passages” - Paintings by Ellen Hathaway exploring the imagery of flora and the diversity of acrylic media. THRU Aug. 30th.

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

Tipping Paint Gallery

311 West Martin St. Wed - Sat 11:30 - 4pm

Follow the yellow brick road this month to Tipping Paint Gallery. You’ll find magnolias, pine trees, and maybe even poppies. Flowers, Gardens & Trees! Oh My! THRU Aug. 29th. .

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 9pm

art - i - facts A pupil of Jan van Scorel, Anothonis Mor became one of the most celebrated portraitists of the 16th century. His strong, severe portraits won him commissions in the courts of England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.



st N. 7th

st N. 6th

s Princes

ave N. 5th

New Elements Gallery

t Market s

New Elements Gallery

201 Princess St.

(910) 343 - 8997 Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm

“In Your Backyard” featuring Betty Brown and Vicki Gates continues through August 22, 2015. “The Architecture of Color” opens on August 28, 2015. This exhibition features Bruce Bowman, AIA, and Nancy Tuttle May. Bowman experiments with perspective and color in his structural renderings. May also expresses bold color play with her pure abstract works. Bruce Bowman, Second to Nun, oil, 20” x 24”

stnu N. Che t st


st N

Artworks Gallery

W 5th st

rch N. Chu

Artworks Gallery

st N. Main


l st N Marshal

W 6th st

y st

rt N. Libe

e st N. Trad

Delurk Gallery

Map Not Shown To Scale

Winston-Salem 7th st W

564 N. Trade St.

(336) 723 - 5890 Wed - Sat 11 - 5pm; Sun 1 - 4pm

Artworks Gallery features “CEO CHEERLEADERS: pop portraits” by Mike Foley; and “Rurality: Here and There”, paintings by Cindy Taplin. Exhibit dates are August 2 through August 29 with opening reception on Friday, August 7, 7-10 pm.

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 7 - 10pm

Cindy Taplin, Shadow Play at Fern’s Mist, 30” x 24”

North Carolina

st N. 4th

st N. 3rd

st N. 2nd

t St N. Fron

ut st


Map Not Shown To Scale



creative exposure Peacocks in the Trees

Garland Mattox Greenville, SC

Snowballs in May, 24” x 30”

Illuminating, 36” x 36”, acrylic on canvas Moondog Cottage, 303 Oberlin Rd., Raleigh, NC City Art Gallery, 511 Red Banks Rd., Greenville, NC

Vicki Rees


creative exposure Kathy Oda Fine Kiln-Formed Glass Ladys Island, SC

melissa designer jewel r y One of a kind fine gold jewelry by national award winning designer Melissa Booth in the heart of historic downtown Hillsborough. handcrafted jewelry

custom design

repairs You can see my glass art at the art festivals listed on my website and at these locations: The Filling Station Art Gallery, 3B Lawton St., Bluffton, SC Gallery 11, 309 W. St. Julian St., Upper Level, Savannah, GA Walter Greer Gallery, 14 Shelter Cove Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC

116 S. Churton St. Hillsborough, NC 919-643-2600


creative exposure

Raku Penguin

Margaret Griffin Local Color Gallery 919.362.6312

Old Sheldon Church, 18� x 24�, oil

Lori White

*Seeking gallery representation (919) 338-1033



Beaufort Art Association

Salt Gallery

Map Not Shown to Scale

Bay St

Greenfish Gallery

South Carolina

Carteret St

West St

USC Arts Ctr

os on udi ti t S cia so den s d A y ry a rt lle ery M llery n Ba Craven St A a a t l n a ro Port Republic St for t G al ul o G I. Pinckney Ele tt G elie u a a e g t ib i Be Rh A Th Ind Simons Gallery

Charles St

Newcastle St

Washington St Duke St Prince St King St North St

Scott St

Greene St

Charles St Gallery

913 Bay St. (843) 521 - 4444 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Beaufort Art Association Gallery will feature the “Thursday Painters” for the months of August and September. Oils, acrylics, watercolor, mixed media, and collage will be exhibited by 10 of the organizations finest artists

Charles Street Gallery

914 Charles St. (843) 521 - 9054 Mon - Fri 11 - 6pm, Sat 12 - 3pm

August 2015 ~ Crisp Sails: Robert Steinmetz at the Charles Street Gallery. Steinmetz’s watercolors are precise as a nautical chart and capture details better than any camera. 914 Charles Street in Beaufort SC.

art - i - facts One of Paolo Uccello’s greatest commissions was a series of three paintings depicting a recent battle between Florence and Siena. Lorenzo de’Medici was so anxious to obtain the paintings that he resorted to force when the owners would not sell them. The dispute eventually ended in court.

Charleston Shelby Lee / Studio 151

Princess St

Market st


e Fin Art ert n i ine F Re s e Hay ton r o H lery Gal r e li Jacobs Alley Ate The Principle Gallery

Cumberland st

Hagan Fine Art Gallery Robert Lange Studios

Queen st

Atr iu

Anglin Smith Fine Art




Meeting st

Church st



Chalmers st

Charleston Artist Guild Gallery

Pin Joh Gaye nC S . D ande oy le G rs Fi alle sher ry

Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art M



St. Michaels’s st



er ie He s len aF ox Do Fin g& eA Ho rt rse Fin eA rt

Elliot st

Tradd st Map Not Shown to Scale

ry, alle nG olso ry ich alle s-N eG yrn il B








Martin Gallery

Gallery Row - Broad st



ry rd Galle Courtya tists ntry Ar Lowcou

rt eA Fin road ivo n B ry oV yo e Coc Galler e Gall r The rd Da a Edw


lleryUnity Alley

e Ga

us k Ho

East Bay st

Corrigan Gallery

State st

Fulton St

King st

South Carolina



153 King St.

(843) 722 - 5668 Mon - Sat 10 - 6pm

Atelier Gallery is excited to announce the opening of its summer Pop Up Shop in Charleston Place, located at 122 Meeting Street! From July through September, stop by and enjoy work by both new and current artists.

Atrium Art Gallery

61 Queen St.

(843) 973 - 3300

Mon - Thur 10 - 5pm; Fri - Sat 10 - 6pm

Atrium Art Gallery features black and white photography, contemporary, and abstract paintings from local, regional, and national artists. It is a must see gallery known for it’s “exciting art space”.

Cecil Byrne Gallery

7 Broad St.

(843) 720 - 3770

Hours: N/A

This month, Cecil Byrne Gallery will be featuring the work of fused glass artist Flo Ulrich. Each bowl or platter is comprised of a delicate blend of jewel toned sea glass arranged in organic shapes reminiscent of the ocean currents.

Charleston Artist Guild Gallery

160 East Bay St.

(843) 722 - 2425 Daily 11 - 6pm

Debbie K. Grogen is the featured artist for August with her exhibit ‘Floral Frenzy’. Debbie enjoys painting floras, landscapes, and also focuses on portraits in watercolor. Exploring different mediums for artistic expression is her passion. Her painting style is recognized by the use of rich vivid color in an impressionistic style. Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 5 - 8pm

Debbie K. Grogen, Red Vase Redolence

South Carolina

(The) Atelier Gallery




South Carolina

Courtyard Art Gallery

149 1/2 East Bay St.

(843) 723 - 9172 Mon - sat 10 - 5pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

Join us on Friday, August 7 for the First Friday Art Walk and Opening Reception for “Wet and Wild” – recent works by Mary Ann Bridgman. Her watercolor scenes are inspired by the watery wonderlands that make up so much of our Lowcountry. THRU Aug. 31st. Opening Reception: Aug. 7th

Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture

102 Church St.

(843) 577 - 5500 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Escape the “dog days” of August at Dog & Horse Fine Art. Currently on view is an exciting addition of fine antique and contemporary dog and horse paintings. See numerous important paintings ranging from the 19th to the 21st century.

Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art

58 Broad St. (843) 722 - 3660 Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm

Four international up-and-coming artists showcase their strengths at the first annual Emerging Artists exhibition. From decadent still-life works to Surrealist figures, Alex Radin, Lana Svirejeva, Sung Eun Kim, and Jin Hee Lee display their diversity and talent. THRU Sept. 26th.

Opening Reception: Aug. 7th, 5 - 8pm

art - i - facts In Rain, Steam, and Speed - The Great Western Railway, Joseph Turner painted his enthusiasm with speed which he would often experience by sticking his head out of the window of moving trains in the middle of rain storms.


g St

din Blan Columbia

Tapp’s Art Center

Map Not Shown to Scale

118 State St.

(803) 207 - 9265 Wed - Sat 11 - 7pm; Sun 11 - 4pm

“In and Out of the Wild: Animals in Art” is an exhibition featuring 10 visual artists in all media who explore the world of living things of the non-human world we share. From butterflies to birds, pets to primates, jellyfish to elephants, the show will delight through subject and beauty. June 30th - August 31st.

Pro m



Clemson R d

Village Artists

Village Artists Town Cente

r Pl

Two N otch


ForuSandhill Village at m Dr


631-8 Promenade Pl.

(803) 699 - 8886 Mon - Sat 10 - 8pm; Sun 12 - 5pm

Visit our unique gallery of talented, local artisans featuring a wide variety of mediums. Come join us for our monthly art reception on Friday, August 7 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Al Leitch, Palmetto Sunset, pastels

Reception: Aug. 7th, 6 - 8pm

South Carolina

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Gallery West

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701 Center for Contemporary Art


State St

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City Art Gallery Havens Framemakers os i t ud 808 S and Gallery St s t i y leton S 0 er Gerva Pend t S si ta ry 8 Gall e n Gree V lle T t som S Ga if AR Blos

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50 Index Atlanta, GA - 18-22

Alan Avery Art Company Anne Irwin Fine Art Artists’ Atelier of Atlanta Atlanta Artists Center Atlanta Contemp. Art Ctr. Bill Lowe Gallery David Gallery dk Gallery Hagedorn Foundation Gallery Huff Harrington Fine Art Jackson Fine Art Kai Lin Art Lagerquist Gallery Lumiere Gallery Mus. of Contemp. Art GA O’Karma Gallery Pryor Fine Art Reinike Gallery Sandler Hudson Gallery (The) Signature Shop & Gallery Stan McCollum Gallery TEW Galleries Thomas Deans Fine Art Watson Gallery Whitespace

Roswell, GA - 23-25 Ann Jackson Gallery Cowgirl Studios Creative Mill Art Show SLM Studio/Gallery Synergy Fine Art Gallery Taylor Kinzel Gallery Vinings Gallery

Savannah, GA - 25 Friedman’s Fine Art Gallery 11 Gallery 209 (The) Savannah Gallery (The) Signature Gallery (The) Village Craftsmen

Asheville, NC - 26

Artetude Gallery Asheville Gallery of Art Black Mtn College Mus. & Arts Ctr Bender Gallery Blue Spiral I

Calabash, NC - 26 Sunset River Marketplace

Chapel Hill, NC - 27 Animation & Fine Art Chapel Hill Art Gallery FRANK Gallery Hanes Art Center UNC Local Color Gallery Tyndall Galleries

Charlotte, NC - 30-32 allison sprock fine art Anne Neilson Fine Art Charlotte Art League Ciel Gallery Elder Gallery Hidell Brooks Gallery LaCa Projects Gallery Lark & Key Gallery McColl Fine Art Mint Museum Randolph Picture House Gallery Projective Eye Gallery Providence Gallery Shain Gallery

Durham, NC - 33

Craven Allen Gallery Durham Arts Guild Durham Arts Council Gallery Golden Belt Artist Studios Pleiades Gallery Through This Lens

Hillsborough, NC - 34

Eno Gallery Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

New Bern, NC - 34 Fine Art at Baxters

Raleigh, NC - 35-40

311 Gallery Adam Cave Fine Art ArtSpace CAM Raleigh Gallery C Lee Hansley Gallery Little Art Gallery NC Museum of Nat. Nicole’s Studio & Art Gallery Roundabout Art Collective The Mahler Fine Art Tipping Paint Gallery

Wilmington, NC - 41 New Elements Gallery

Winston-Salem, NC - 41 Artworks Gallery

Beaufort, SC - 45

Atelier on Bay Beaufort Art Association Charles Street Gallery Elena Madden Studio Greenfish Gallery I. Pinckney Simons Gallery Indigo Gallery Rhett Gallery Inc. Salt Gallery Thibault Gallery USC Ctr for the Arts

Bluffton, SC - n/a

Pluff Mudd Gallery Society of Bluffton Artists

Charleston, SC - 46-48

Anglin Smith Fine Art Atrium Art Gallery (The) Atelier Gallery Cecil Bryne Gallery Charleston Artist Guild Gallery Coco Vivo Fine Art Corrigan Gallery LLC Courtyard Art Gallery Edward Dare Gallery Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Ellis-Nicholson Gallery (The) Gallery on Broad Gaye Sanders Fisher Gallery Helena Fox Fine Art Horton Hayes Fine Art Lowcountry Artists John Carroll Doyle Art Gallery Martin Gallery Mary Martin Gallery Michael Mitchell Gallery Principle Gallery Sandpiper Gallery Spencer Galleries

Columbia, SC - 49

701 Center for Contemp Art City Art Gallery Gallery West Havens Framemakers and Gallery if ART Gallery Village Artists Vista Studios/Gallery 80808

Greenville, SC - n/a

Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville Les Beaux Arts Gallery T.L. Norris Gallery

Hilton Head, SC - n/a Endangered Arts Ltd Karis Art Gallery


311 Gallery - Alizarin Gallery artGuide - artNEXU Barbara Rush BINDERS Art Supplies & Frames Charleston Artist Guild Gallery Creative Mill Ellen Hathaway Emma Bell Essential Edge Fine Art at Baxters Garland Mattox Hillsborough Gallery of Arts - Kathy Oda Laura Davis Lori White Margaret Griffin Mary Erickson - Melissa Designer Jewelry Picture House Gallery - Shanon Schneider Sunset River Marketplace - Taylor Kinzel Gallery Tipping Paint Gallery - Todd Baxter Vicki Rees - Village Square Art & Craft Show -

4 9 21 51 15 43 3 13 42 15 2 9 42 9 43 44 44 44 42 43 52 15 3 13 4 44 42 9


when where Atlanta, GA, pg 18-22

Charlotte, NC, pg 30-32

Raleigh, NC, pg 35-40

Friday, August 7th

Friday, August 7th

Friday, August 7th

Whitespace, 7-10pm dk Gallery, 5-9pm

Sunday, August 9th

Atlanta Artists Center, 4-6pm

Friday, August 21st

Alan Avery Art Company, 7-10pm

Thursday, August 27th

Huff Harrington Fine Art, 6-8pm

Roswell, GA, pg 23-25 Friday, August 7th

RAD Art Walk Ann Jackson Gallery Cowgirl Studios, 6-9pm SLM Studios/Gallery, 6-9pm Synergy Fine Art Gallery Taylor Kinzel Gallery, 6-9pm

Chapel Hill, NC, pg 27

Charlotte Fine Art Gallery, 5-8pm Ciel Gallery, 6-9pm Elder Gallery Lark & Key Gallery, 6-9pm

Charlotte Fine Art Gallery, 5-8pm

311 Gallery, 6-9pm Adam Cave Fine Art, 6-9pm Local Color Gallery, 6-9pm Nature Art Gallery, 6-8pm Nicole’s Studio & Gallery, 6-8:30pm Roundabout Art Collective, 6-9pm Tipping Paint Gallery, 6-9pm

Durham, NC, pg 33

Winston-Salem, NC, pg 41

Friday, August 21st

Friday, August 7th

Highlands, NC, pg 9

Charleston, SC, pg 46-48

August 29th & 30th

Friday, August 7th

Saturday, August 8th

Pleiades Gallery, 6-9pm

Village Square Art & Craft Show, 10-5pm

Hillsborough, NC, pg 34 Friday, August 28th

Friday, August 14th

Eno Gallery, 6-9pm Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, 6-9pm

Saturday, August 22nd

New Bern, NC, pg 34

FRANK Gallery

FRANK Gallery, 12-4pm

Thursday, August 27th FRANK Gallery, 6-8pm

Artworks Gallery, 7-10pm

Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, 5-8pm Courtyard Art Gallery Ella Walton Richardson, 5-8pm

Columbia, SC, pg 49 Friday, August 7th Village Artists, 6-8pm

Friday, August 14th

Fine Art at Baxters, 5-8pm

aN all art. all free. Join Today

artGuide August 2015  

artGuide is a monthly visual arts publication covering art galleries and artists in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

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