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Welcome... ... to Art Trail Wanstead 2011 – now run by the new Art Group Wanstead


his second annual trail has been created by artists, for artists – and for those who enjoy the visual arts. It's aimed at anyone who wants to explore this villagey corner of London. Search for work to buy or simply enjoy the displays. On the first day of the trail, the group will also have a big presence at the 10th Wanstead Festival on Christchurch Green, with art on the fences and quality craftwork on stalls. Art Trail Wanstead has been lengthened from eight to 15 days by popular demand this year, with even more venues participating – more than 75 shops, businesses and community centres. And it is now extending into Aldersbrook, with the addition of St Gabriel's light, airy church. In all, there will be up to 200 artists involved, plus local school children. So many local artists – professional and amateur – have come forward, it has opened our eyes to the high number of creative people we have living in this area, including many who have shown their work in prestigious galleries. Add to their number the adults with learning difficulties at The Woodbine Centre and The Cherry Tree Café; they are bringing works to the trail, straight from their display at Tate Modern. Be sure to catch the café's Arts in the Garden day on Thursday September 15th (noon-4pm), with stalls, a steel band, jazz and other music. Most of all, we want families, couples, individuals and groups of friends to hit the trail and make the very most of this large, free event. It might even encourage you to take up a paintbrush or chisel ...

Donna Mizzi

Chairperson of Art Group Wanstead and founder of Art Trail Wanstead

Doors are being opened to trail followers

Thank you...

... to everyone who has made this event possible

WD Wetherspoon who has been allowing us to show work

year-round and hold fairs and events upstairs at The George, Wanstead. A new phase in the upstairs gallery is about to begin, thanks to manager Emma Portsmouth Redbridge Council Area 1 Committee for giving us vital financial support for the art trail Major publicity supporter Lee Marquis, the editor of Wanstead Village Directory for giving the art group and trail so much beautiful space in his magazine The new officers, core teams and major helpers who have worked wonders since late last year: Andrea Morton, Carole Edrich, Cheryl Braniff, Georgie Cixon, Ginnette Benedict Carty, Gosia Adamska, Kate Pettigrew, Laurence Lord, Milda Stockiene – designer of our logo heron – Myriam Sohail, Patrick Purcell, Paula Teo and Rosemary Lemon. They have put the group on to a professional footing that most other voluntary organisations can only dream about. Patrick also got our website up and running in record time to deal with the trail, while Laurence is working on a further model. To see it, go to: Paul Flint, an experienced designer joined us just at the right time to produce this amazing booklet – again necessary at break-neck speed. Thanks to art tutors Anna Bisset, Patrick, Ron Filer and Mick Martin for organising your students’ work. We also appreciate all the organisers at the venues who have gone the extra mile. We couldn’t do it without the generous help of local businesses, and our advertisers. We also want to thank the local Recorder and Guardian, for their support. Last, but not least, thanks to Pete Nelson and his exceptional team at PrintSelect, in E3. 2 Art Trail Wanstead 2011

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 3

Hogarth heads this year’s Trail The George public house, 159 High Street

Last year, a local drawing by JMW Turner was on the Art Trail. This year, two works by William Hogarth that show Wanstead social scenes, will be displayed at The George

Expect the unexp ected. A wide variety of work from local artists , largely in the up stairs gallery, including:

By Kate Pettigrew


illiam Hogarth’s painting, The Assembly at Wanstead House is the only known work to give a realistic impression of the interior of the old mansion, that would have rivalled Blenheim Palace for size and importance. The Palladian property, that stood in Wanstead Park, was later dismantled and sold off to pay gambling debts. Hogarth’s painting was commissioned by John Child, Viscount Castlemaine, in 1728 to mark the 25th anniversary of his marriage to Dorothy Glynne. Hogarth, the London engraver and printmaker also known for his Gin Lane, Marriage a-la-Mode and Rake’s Progress satires, shows the couple, family and friends drinking tea and playing cards in the opulent ballroom. The original is Hogarth painted in Wanstead in the Philadelphia Museum. A second Hogarth print, Contredanse from: Masked Ball at Wanstead Assembly, from 1745, is also being displayed at the pub. The original is in Southwark Council’s South London Art Gallery.  www.j dweth er spoon h ome/ pubs/ th e-g eo rg e-wan stead

Art Trail highlights Sunday 11 September z See (or buy) a wide range of the group’s art and quality crafts at the Wanstead Festival, Christchurch Green. 11am to 5pm. z Some extra-special art is being shown inside and outside Christ Church, to help mark its 150th anniversary. z Open day at the Allan Burgess Centre, with work by its members and some artists from the local community. 11am to 4pm. z Open day at Wanstead House community centre, with a jazz trio. 11am to 4pm. z Wanstead Library will be open, showing a varied range of work ‘Through The Ages’ (work by children, students and adults). T hursday 15 September z ‘ Ar ts in the Garden’ at The Cherry Tree Café, with a steel band and jazz. Noon to 4pm. Saturday 17 September z A r t , D e sig n a n d C r a f t F a ir 4 Art Trail Wanstead 2011

Brenda Coyle Brenda Coyle

Open ever y day z The Geor ge , Wanstead: pop in, look up and see some surprising art. Every day during normal opening hours. z Majestic Wine Warehouse will be showing an exhibition of life drawings plus other work, mainly from Mick Martin’s art classes. z St Gabriel’s Church, E12: Monday to Friday 10am to noon; Saturday 10am to 2pm; Sunday 11am to 2pm. Additional events being organised for the trail – including times of Nigel Mantell’s stone carving demonstrations at Christ Church – will be posted on the High Street’s noticeboards.

Art in photography – journey into the invisible paths we subconsciously create in our minds, to find life’s inner worlds


Carole Edrich

Carole Edrich

Work that's full of surprises from this extreme sport and dance enthusiast. Stand just inside the main door of The George and identify the face in her giant photo mosaic, which has become a feature at this flagship pub

(Also displaying at trail no. 69)

Debbie Magill

Balloon sculptures, and amazing balloons inside balloons. Includes designs suitable for weddings, parties, birthdays and to welcome new babies. From sophisticated forms to fun animals and flowers Debbie Magill 020 8133 9168 (from 8am-8pm)

Ginnette Benedict Carty

Photography, covering all subjects but particularly waterbirds (Also displaying at trail nos.10 and 38) Ginnette Benedict Carty

at The George. Pop in, while enjoying the trail displays. 11am to 5pm. Free entry. Saturday 24 September z Art, Design and Craft F air upstairs at The George. 11am to 5pm. Free entry


Patricia Braga

Mixed media colour abstracts or 07586 64096 (Also displaying at trail no. 22)

Patricia Braga

Featuring work from C Carne Griffith (Also displaying Sabela Mahlangu at trail no. 34) and from S (Also displaying at trail nos. 5, 14 and 61) Plus a varied range of work from many other Art Group Wanstead members of A Open every day, early to late – pub licensing hours

OneDeko, 151 High Street reopening in mid-September Anna Oliver

Quirky and stylish design painted in Farrow & Ball paint colours


Zoology, 145 High Street Sarie Miell

Sculptural and wearable art – handcrafted jewellery using silver, glass and pewter, among other materials


(Also displaying at trail no. 25) an d

Neil Clayden

who is also displaying at

Zoology Men, 143 High Street

Modern abstract art with oil paint and a wide variety of techniques (Also displaying at trail no. 51) Closed on Sundays

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 5


The Olive Branch, 141 High Street Amanda Seljubac Stained glass, for the home and garden. Based at Valentine Studios


Sarah Duffield-Harding

Watercolour/gouache paintings of animals

Sarah Quatrine

Oil portraits and pieces of random illustration Sarah Duffield-Harding

Sabela Mahlangu

A varied range of art from this South Africantrained artist. (Also showing at trail nos 1, 14, and 61)

Geoff Wilkinson Sarah Quatrine

Award-winning photo-journalist (Also showing at trail no. 25)

C J Packford opticians, 127 High Street Paula Teo Hand-painted decorative glassware – with designs including mermaids, dancers and flowers

6 07941 745756

Jane de Bono

Homeware, leather and fabric gifts and accessories, made with witty and unusual prints at her London studio

Wall art is also featured at this venue

Coco, 125 High Street Avril York Contemporary textiles 07952 678918


Keating Jewellers, 123a High Street David Keating

Designer and maker of fine jewellery and collectors’ items David Keating

020 8989 2532

Elaine Keating

Elaine Keating

Gemologist designer of beaded jewellery, mostly necklaces

020 8989 2532

Donna Mizzi Donna Mizzi

Sparkle art, using anything from recycled sequins to glitter, to crystals, rhinestones and beads

020 8989 9881

Verity Keating

Art student focusing on design and body jewellery Verity Keating

020 8989 2532

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 7


Art Group Wanstead: What it’s all about

The Orange Tree, 123 High Street Emily Dupen


Designer of wallpaper extraordinaire that has wowed Liberty and businesses around the world. Her applied art focuses on retro fashions with a cheeky and imaginative approach

rt Group Wanstead was formed to organise the area’s art trails. Now it is also starting to liven up the local art scene. Local artists said they wanted to have opportunities to show and sell their work more than once a year. And one thing quickly led to another …  Following the last trail, The George, Wanstead, generously allowed AGW to use the pub’s upstairs space as an ongoing gallery. This is about to move into a new, exciting phase.  Then the pub’s managers agreed to AGW having a monthly art, design and crafts fair to bring new people in to look at the gallery. The space is also used for meetings.  An online forum was set up by photographer Ginnette Benedict Carty to allow an exchange of ideas and opinions.  A condition of membership was that artists work in co-operation and be supportive of other artists. Membership applications rolled in. It’s up to about 150 ... and counting  Redbridge Council’s Area 1 Committee gave a vital grant.


Flora, 121a High Street Kate Sioftanou

Still life and landscapes – various media


Ginnette Benedict Carty

(Also showing in trail nos. 1 and 38 )

C. Walters Funeralcare, 121 High Street Brenda Braithwaite

Trees and landscapes in watercolour

020 8989 7479


Lisa Atkin

Stained-glass windows, panels, lightboxes and smaller items, using traditional leaded, sandblasted and painted techniques. Also some 3D works in ceramic, papier-maché, etc. Lisa is based at Valentines Mansion Studios

Some of the members at the first AGW meeting in February

(Also displaying at trail no. 73)

A great new website was swiftly set up in time for the art trail. And it will become even more sophisticated, yet still easy to use, after the trail.  A number of shopkeepers and business people have contacted the group to offer year-round display space. Chairperson Donna Mizzi says: “We’ve also realised that we have an important role to play as an umbrella group. There are so many art groups and classes in this area, each trying to spread the word about their own events and exhibitions. It makes better sense for them to publicise themselves together. All people interested in art can easily go to the one AGW site and find out what’s going on locally. We can provide links to these other groups’ sites.

Nice Croissant, 119a High Street Mark Mainwood

Watercolour and mixed media paintings based on still life series

Santa Fe Tim Reder

To join Art Group Wanstead visit

This former Orient team photographer also enjoys training his lens on other subjects

A fair in there?

Music, people, nature and the Bible inspire painter, etcher and wood cutter Sabela Mahlangu, who trained in South Africa


Paula paints glass and makes cards. 8 Art Trail Wanstead 2011


The Art Shop, 117c High Street Sabela Mahlangu

By Paula Teo he local pub may seem an unusual ‘home’ for an arts and crafts fair, but it makes perfect sense. Both The George and Art Group Wanstead provide opportunities for us to socialise within the local community. At the first fair last December there was a furious snow storm. But at The George, regardless of the weather, buyers and sellers have a comfortable place to have a drink, browse and chat, without worrying about goods getting damaged. I really like the fact that our fairs are about socialising and not just selling – they attract people who are interested in arts and crafts and in supporting local traders. Customers don’t just ask “How much?“, they often want to know “How did you make that?” The cosy, relaxed atmosphere makes that kind of interaction possible. It’s amazing to see the range of work on offer each time, from the artwork displayed on walls, to craft-making materials to the handmade goods on sale – pottery, textiles, cosmetics, jewellery, toys, woodwork and much more. I’ve picked up beautiful and unusual gifts for my friends which they have loved. There’s such a wealth of talent in Wanstead. It’s fantastic that it’s being showcased in a local landmark like The George.



Tel: 07733 755947

(Also displaying at trail nos. 1, 5 and 61)

Allan Burgess House (The Corner House) 2 Grove Park / Age Concern Day Centre Mostly artists who attend classes at the centre, plus tutors and some local residents

Ron Bowman


Mainly members of Ron Filler’s Thursday art class Some work by Ann Dupen-Hopkins’s sugarcraft class and stained glass by Amanda Seljubac (Also at The Olive Branch) Open to the public on 11th September, from 11am-4pm. Also on weekdays, 10am-3pm, except lunch-time, 1-2pm

Ron Filer

T-Space Architects, upstairs at 2 Grove Park Showing support for the trail

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 9



J.D. Harvey greengrocer 6 Clockhouse Parade James Valentine

Venue 25 is continued from Previous Page

Bill Challoner

Paints in acrylic on canvas

Uses a variety of media, including oil & acrylic paint

07855 942283 07960 22305 (Also showing at trail no. 66)

Pat Pratley (Also showing at trail nos. 18, 31 & 63)

Rosemary Lemon

Photography with sunny use of colour Bill Challoner

A. G. Dennis, 3 Clockwork Parade Richard Harris



Precise and detailed portrait, figure and wildlife subjects

020 8989 5988 or 07918 186654

Dennis Wilde Sarie Miell 07764291816 (Also showing at trail no. 33)

Oxfam Books and Music 1 Clockwork Parade Ayan N. Basu

07990 577102

(Also showing at trail nos. 43 and 56)

Lino-cuts and mono prints

Pat Pratley (Also at trail nos. 17, 31 and 63)


(Also showing at trail no. 3)

Rosemary Lemon

Open for the trail until Friday 22nd September. But trail work also being shown from 5th-9th October. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Gallery hours: Weds to Saturday 10am till 5pm Sunday 10.30 till 4pm

Anne’s Newsagent, 86 Nightingale Lane Sandy Sturman A variety of portraits and landscapes here and abroad

07949 582399


(Also at trail nos. 27 and 35)

Open every day

Wanstead Pharmacy, 75 High Street Kate Pettigrew


Local scenes, figurative work and portraits of Marilyn Monroe

Sandra Sturman

(Also at trail no. 35)

From life to landscapes

(Also displaying at trail nos. 26, 27 and 35)

J. Jolliffe, 73 High Street Hugh Gilson


The Nightingale Pub, 51 Nightingale Lane Anita Gribble

Small abstracts with acrylic on canvas


Sandy Sturman (Also at trail nos. 20, 26 and 35) NatWest Bank, 51-53 High Street Anton Dolders

Paintings, drawings, pastel and charcoal work, abstract art and photography. Also works of various local scenes, and local swans. Prints available via website

28 Open bank hours

Bennetts of London, 69 High Street Laurence Lord


Hand-drawn-reproductions, posters and flyers of colourful, surreal, dreamscapes 07944 953 369

Patricia Braga (Also displaying at trail no.1)


Nicole’s, 49 High Street Andrea Morton

Charming animal money boxes from this Useful Pots maker (Also showing at trail nos. 33 and 57)

Barclays Bank, 55-57 High Street The Snaresbrook Arts Project

Wanstead Beauty Clinic, 47 High Street Naomi Fenton Rayman

020 8257 8360

An art studio for adults with learning difficulties Open bank hours


From small textile designs in gouache to acrylic and mixed media paintings


(Also showing at trail no. 32)


The Fraser Gallery, 22 Nightingale Lane Don Fraser, Veronica Fraser, Jamie Fraser Seascapes, ceramics, abstract life paintings & drawings

William Hill, 45a High Street Pat Pratley

(Also displaying at trail nos. 17, 18 and 63)

020 8281 3408


Mostly open but times will vary. See note on door.


Eightyfour Photography Gallery and Portrait Studio, 84 Nightingale Lane Geoff Wilkinson

Judith of Wanstead, 41 High Street Naomi Fenton Rayman

An award-winning photo-journalist who has covered everything from war and conflicts to star assignments to local scenes

From small textile designs in gouache to acrylic and mixed media paintings – including still lifes, life and landscapes

Venue 25 is continued on Opposite Page

Also displaying at trail no. 30)

10 Art Trail Wanstead 2011

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 11


The Larder, 39 High Street Grit Craig


Mixed media glass collage using glass, Paua shell, glass beads, jewellery wire, polished hardwood 07958 980130 (Also displaying at trail no. 47)

For quality and service Grit Craig


Also showing:

Georgina Beresford

Richard Harris

(Also displaying at trail no. 18)

Your eyesight is our business Present this ad in the Art Trail Wanstead brochure and qualify for 10% discount when you purchase new spectacles 372 High Road Woodford Green Essex IG8 0XQ Tel: 020 8504 2296

127 High Street Wanstead London E11 2RL Tel: 0208 989 3327

Andrea Morton Andrea Morton

(Also displaying at trail nos. 29 and 57) Open every day

Blush Temples, 37 High Street Carne Griffith

Automatic and figurative drawings in ink and tea. Carne is also recognised for his 100sq ft art projects, which he has taken as far as New Orleans


(Also displaying at trail no. 1)

Janet Silver

Cat portraits in pastel on paper 020 8554 1270 Open every day

The Delicataste, 33 High Street Linda Asher Oils, watercolour, Impressionist style 020 8989 9164


Anita Gribble (Also displaying at trail no. 27) Sandy Sturman (Also at trail nos. 20, 26 and 27) The Cuckfield, 31 High Street Sharon M. Lindsey Mosaic art

£5 OFF

your next purchase from our Wanstead store Visit Majestic Wanstead with this voucher and we will give you £5 off a mixed case of 6 or more wines, Champagnes or spirits when you spend £50. Persons must be aged 18 and over. One voucher redeemable per transaction. Original voucher can only be used once and is not transferable.

Only valid at Majestic Wine Warehouse in Wanstead. Valid until 2nd October 2011. Promoter. Majestic Wine Warehouses Limited, Majestic House, Otterspool Way, Watford, Herts.

12 Art Trail Wanstead 2011

(Also showing at trail no. 73)


L’infinito Restaurant, 27 High Street Shelagh Houlihan

Oils – sea and landscape; charcoal – life (Also at trail no. 66)


Helga Lee

Acrylic work of the female nude in academic poses

020 8554 8113

Heads ‘n’ Tails pet and garden supplies 23 High Street Cheryl Braniff

‘Micemadethis’ – an extended family of the most mysterious hand-knitted cats ...

Venue 38 is continued on Page 19 Art Trail Wanstead 2011 13


14 Art Trail Wanstead 2011

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 15


The ART of selling homes


hen C Petty, of Petty, Son and Prestwich, was first established in Wanstead in 1908, Edwardian houses were the “new builds“ and vast Victorian beauties were still greatly treasured for the amount of space they could offer. Leap forward 103 years to 2011, and it can seem that very little has changed. Those same period houses are still in high demand in Wanstead – but now for entirely different reasons. Larger houses are not needed to accommodate numerous servants, and there are no longer gas-lamp-filled Victorian rooms to be outshone by Edwardian wide sun-lit windows . “Buyers who look in this area are generally searching for Victorian or Edwardian homes,” says director John Wagstaff. “They still want original features in older houses, but nowadays, they want to combine the old with the new.” He explains that home-seekers may look for elegant balustrades or admire front doors glinting with leaded stained-glass, but they also want to make period features work with more modern styles: a grand fire surround can look stunning against plain neutral walls.

Added character: original features are always in demand

16 Art Trail Wanstead 2011

And while the most desirable period homes in the area may retain some gentle grandeur from a bygone age, to achieve the top prices they have to have 21st-century kitchens and bathrooms. John says: “In the present climate, more people are regarding their houses as homes rather than as investments. That’s no bad thing – really, that’s as it should be.” Petty, Son and Prestwich has a reputation for selling many middlemarket to high-end local houses, with an interest in each individual home’s characteristics and features. And the staff also try to be sensitive to buyers, as they make one of the largest purchases of their lives. From its Woodbine Place premises, the company also offers services in sales, lettings, property management, finance, development and refurbishment as well as having a long-established surveying department. “We care, and it shows,” says John. His staff fully recognise that sellers look for trustworthiness, loyalty and reliability. Petty, Son and Prestwich is also a member of all the main industry associations, including The Ombudsman Scheme, The National Association of Estate Agents and The National Approved Lettings Scheme. But there is another vital feature that is an enduring part of the company. It may be a century since the business started up, but John firmly believes that old-fashioned politeness and good manners, like great examples of architecture, will never go out of fashion. Art Trail Wanstead 2011 17

Venue 38 is continued from Page 13

Heads ‘n’ Tails pet and garden supplies 23 High Street Patricia Osborn Patricia Osborn


Animals and domestic pets feature in most of Patricia’s work

07943 323448

Ginnette Benedict Carty

(Also displaying at trail nos. 1 and 10)

Pat Pratley

(Also displaying at 17, 18, 31 and 63)

Wanstead Golf Club est 1893

Ginnette Benedict Carty

Wanstead Domestic Appliances 19 High Street Marsh Quilters

Overton Drive, Wanstead, London, E11 2LW Email

... a golfer’s dream come true

Beautiful textiles from members of Marsh Quilters, who promote quilting and patchwork and help local charitable causes



The Complete Studio, 15 High Street Ayesha Ahmad Organic Materials on Canvas, using Texture, Geometry, Arabesque and Qur’anic quotes to Explore Ayesha’s World

Venue hire with catering Adult and junior membership available 

Office: 020 8989 3938  Club House: 020 8989 0604 Pro Shop: 020 8989 9876  Restaurant: 07724 993 495 07888 735301

Hasina Zaman

Mosaic influenced by the rich historical images from Islamic art and architecture

Venue hire with catering  Adult and junior membership available

Wanstead Osteopaths Cranial & Musculo-Skeletal Osteopathy 020 8530 3388 Bruce Dyson BSc (Hons) Ost Registered Osteopath

40 Closed Sundays

Ayesha Ahmad

Martin & Co, 13a High Street Brendon Coxell

Handsculpted terracotta clay elephant; scraperboard portraits

07814 839635


Wanstead Dental Care, 11 High Street Julie Lewars       

Babies with Colic and Wind, enabling them (and you) to sleep properly Expectant Mothers with lower back pain, neck and body strain Sports Injuries Back and Neck pain Knee Problems Arthritis and Sciatica Headaches & Growing Pains

A variety of colourful and vibrant subjects using acrylics, pastels and watercolour 07891 301751


DaBora Conway, 9 High Street Dennis Wilde Drawing on the past – and some watercolours, too

020 8989 9998


(Also displaying at trail no. 25)

Open Monday to Saturday Early morning & evening appointments also available

Wanstead Osteopaths Wanstead Village Dental & Health Centre 24 High Street, Wanstead (Opposite Wanstead Pharmacy) www.wanstead osteopaths. co. uk

18 Art Trail Wanstead 2011

Revive, 3 High Street Andrew Gray

Landscape photography with a difference

Miss T

(Also displaying at trail no. 53)

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 19


Simple ‘n’ Natural, 3a High Street Frankie Jaggs Watercolours, mainly flowers and some herbs


True Image Beauty Studio 1b High Street Hilary Garnock-Jones

Varied work including hand-made prints on paper


Dhillon and Toor bathrooms and kitchens 3-5 Hermon Hill Amanda Whittle Mosaic work


Grit Craig

(Also showing at trail no. 33) Closed Sundays

Kurtis Property Services Nelum Mudalige

Photographs of local landmarks

0777 321 6435

(Also showing at trail no. 51)


Knock Down Ginger, 3 Gwynne House Yvette Rawson Objects of desire, including images encapsulated on stained glass, and miniature wire-work screens in boxes and tins 07988712877


(Also showing at no. 57)

Sunday, open 11am-3pm. Mondays, closed.

The Tanning Station, 9 Station Parade Life drawing students from Mick Martin’s classes The group’s main display is at Majestic Wine Warehouse, 60 High Street

Queens British Steak House and Grill 63 New Wanstead Krystof Stoklasek

Painting, drawing and photography. Paints in mixed media – mostly pastels; often with ink, pencil, crayons, chalk and spices. Also uses watercolour, tempera and acrylic paint


51 (Also showing at trail nos. 71 and 73)

Neil Clayden

(Also showing at trail nos. 3 and 4)

Nelum Mudalige

(also displaying at trail no. 48)

Wanstead Church School – On The Fence Alphabet letter designs – inspired by artists and made by pupils – to go on the school fence

20 Art Trail Wanstead 2011

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 21


Venue 59 continues from previous page

Vintage, 10 High Street Miss T

Janice Walton

Miss T turns her hand to decoupage of vintage materials on canvas


Amateur photographer with a special interest in buildings and wildlife, especially in and around London and the Lee Valley (Also showing at trail no. 44) 07957 655419

Christ Church, Wanstead Place

Bar Room Bar, 34 High Street Jonathan Fentiman

Find thought-provoking art and land art in and around the church, celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. A special art feature and demonstration were being planned at the time of going to press ...



07950 759587

Karen Davies-James and Maggie Widdecombe

Also some mosaics from the Woodbine Centre’s adults with learning difficulties

This South-African-trained artist is showing a varied range of art at High Street venues

‘Drawings’ is this artist’s understated description

(Also showing at trail nos. 1, 5 and 14)


Douglas Allen Dani Iwachow

Petty, Son and Prestwich 11 Woodbine Place Elizabeth Storring



Find Sabela Mahlangu

Churchill Estates, 32 High Street David Boland



Street scenes in acrylic and watercolour

Paintings with use of watercolours, inks & acrylics

(Also displaying work at trail no. 1)

Dennis Wilde


(Also displaying at trail no. 25)

Rio shoes, 54 High Street Pat Pratley

Bambini, 15 Woodbine Place Andrea Morton

A variety of realistic oil paintings, chosen to suit trail venues in Wanstead

Useful Pots and helpful animal money-boxes for children (Also displaying at trail nos. 29 and 33)


Yvette Rawson


(Also displaying at trail no. 49) Andrea Morton

Pura, 54a High Street Gill Brett

The Cherry Tree Café, 25 Woodbine Place Special event: The Woodbine Arts in the Garden

Oil-on-wood paintings 07896 235158

Thursday 15th September, 12 noon-4pm. Art including from a display at Tate Modern by local adults with learning disabilities. Theme: Going for Gold. Also a steel band, jazz and other music, plus stalls

58 Stephen Berkoff

020 8708 7402

Biyoni, 56 High Street Sarah Hawkins

Some art will continue to be shown in the café throughout the trail Open 9am-3.45pm Monday to Friday

Fascinating photograms

Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road Art through the ages -- ie from primary school children to adults

59 Alexander Jackson

Work will be shown from the children at Our Lady of Lourdes and Nightingale Primary Schools, and students at Wanstead High S chool. (Children from Wanstead Church School will show work on their school fences, and Aldersbrook Primary School aim to display work St Gabriel’s on their school railings and in S Church, Aldersbrook Adults with learning diffiiculties from the Snaresbrook Arts Project will also show artwork. Work from Art Group Wanstead members will include:

 Wanstead Library wi ll be

o pen on Sunday

September 11

Majestic Wine Warehouse 60 High Street

David Waterhouse

(Enquiries: 020 8558 7782)

Valeriya N-Georg

Intaglio etchings with aquatint

Venue 59 continues on the opposite page

Bal Kara, Brian O’Leary, Variety of artists including B Conchita Currie, David and Jenny Waterhouse, Geoff Haines, JJames Valentine, Mick Martin, Nigel Mantell, Peter Nursey, Shelagh Houlihan, Emily Dupen Stephie Montgomery, wallpaper designer E Myriam Sohail and glass painter M Mostly life drawings and paintings from artists attending Mick Martin’s life drawing classes at St Andrew’s Church, E11


(Also displaying at trail no. 73)

22 Art Trail Wanstead 2011


(Also displaying work at Wanstead Golf Club)

Alexander Jackson

Valeriya N-Georg


Brian O’Leary

Some of these artists’ work will also be shown at The Tanning Station, Snaresbrook. Artist and Emily Dupen is also displaying wallpaper designer E her work at The Orange Tree, 123 High Street

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 23

Spicer McColl, 64 High Street Fred Downes-Grainger


Silhouettes of imagined places painted in acrylic against a backdrop of high-contrast skies


Paul Flint

(Also displaying work at trail no. 73) 07787 900 316

Open 8am-10pm during the week and 10am-2pm on Sunday

Bairstow Eves Countrywide, 68 High Street Lucy Johnston Photorealist painting, drawing and photography


London Link Golf Centre at Wanstead Golf Club, Overton Drive, E11 2LW 0208 989 9876 

Expert golf tuition & coaching at all levels and ages, available for individuals or groups

Pro golf shop stocking latest brands of equipment, clothing and accessories

Club repairs and custom fitting available

10% off tuition booked during the ART TRAIL on production of this Guide

Bike Trax Wanstead, 3 Cambridge Park Gosia Adamska the pica pica – recycled jewellery


Carole Edrich

(Also displaying at trail no. 1)

Wiseman Lee, 11 Cambridge Park Tanya Bulychova

(see website for full terms and conditions)

Oil paintings

A12 (M11 link) & A406 less than 1 mile away / Wanstead Station (Central Line) 0.5 miles

St Gabriel's Church, Aldersbrook, C of E

Anton Dolders

at the junction of Park Road and Aldersbrook Road, E12

All welcome Sundays: Said Communion: 8.30am Family Service Creche and Sunday Schools: 10am Daily: 10am till noon open for Solitude or Company tea and coffee Wednesdays: Communion 11am-1.30pm Tuesdays: 2pm-4pm Art, Knit and Natter


(Also at trail no. 28)

Belgique, 29 Cambridge Park Krystof Stoklasek

Painting, drawing and photography. Paints in mixed media – mostly pastels; very often with ink, pencil, crayons, chalk and spices. Also uses watercolour, tempera and acryclic paint

71 (Also displaying at trail nos. 51 and 73)

t h e w o rld s l ar d er l td t / a 3 9 Hi g h St re et W an s t ead L on do n E 11 2A A 020 898 9 7 181

Wanstead House Community Association 21 The Green Variety of art work by students and members

Open house with a jazz trio on Sunday 11 September 11am-4pm Work on display every day 9am-9pm until 17 Septemb er

72 020 8989 3693

Young children’s corner

Wanstead Golf Club, Overton Drive Alexander Jackson

Figurative oil paintings of varied contemporary subjects using traditional materials and techniques based on the Old Masters

Quiz compiled by Tara Thorn, artist and mum of two


Follow me on Art Trail Wanstead and see how many pictures you can find. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

How many have you found? Are there any with animals, birds or insects in them? How many pictures with RED in them? How many pictures with GREEN? What other types of art have you found? What was your favourite? What is your favourite colour? Do you like to paint and draw?

Can you paint and draw a biscuit for me (I love biscuits)? Send your answers to Iggy hopes you enjoyed the trail and looks forward to seeing you again next year! 24 Art Trail Wanstead 2011

(Also displaying at trail no. 59) Doreen Spears

Doreen Spears

Contemporary Oriental ceramics of hand-painted porcelain, red glaze, celedon and frost-proof crank 07956 023508

Hilary Kennet Hilary Kennet

Printmaking work as a series made up of a combination of linocuts and monoprints

Venue 73 is continued on Page 27

Art Trail Wanstead 2011 25


Venue 73 continues from Page 25 Wanstead Golf Club, Overton Drive Paul Flint

Paul Flint


Abstract and very colourful imagery created from photographs of unusual objects which are then manipulated in computer software. Main categories: Nature, Industrial and Home. All work can be coloured to suit specific requirements 07787 900 316

(Also displaying at trail no. 67)

David Boland

(Also displaying at trail nos. 55 and 72)

Krystof Stoklasek

(Also displaying at trail nos. 51 and 71) Sharon M. Lindsey

Lisa Atkin

(Also showing at trail no. 11)

Sarah Hawkins

(Also displaying very different work at trail no. 65)

Sharon M. Lindsey

(Also displaying work at trail no. 36)

Tanya Bulychova

(Also displaying work at trail no. 70)

Plus other artists from Art Group Wanstead

During the trail, the club is open to the public from 9am-7pm. And the restaurant is open from 10am-4.30pm

St Gabriel’s Church, corner of Aldersbrook Road and Park Road, E12


Design in Action

is a new, fresh and local graphic design company We can handle all your design needs from  logo design and company identity  advertising and branding  promotional material - leaflets, brochures  print and production

If you’re starting a new business or your company logo needs a make-over we offer a complete design package

Telephone 07787 900 316 Email

Ron Filer

Art by the Tuesday afternoon class at the church plus work by Aldersbrook Primary School pupils, and Philip Joseph’s Rascals art club, plus members of AGW 07852 122948 for Ron Filer art instructor at St Gabriel’s and Age Concern

Milda Stockiene

Expression of feelings inspired by music and life. Acrylic on canvas 077 9969 3300

Open: Mon-Fri: 10am till noon; Sat: 10am to 2pm; Sun 11am till 2pm

Milda Stockiene

Aldersbrook Primary School Harpenden Road Children’s art on the railings of the school and in St Gabriel’s Church

New additions

Spot Eamon’s work on the trail Eamon Everall

Vivid compositions incorporating elements of neo-cubism.

Beaute Parfaite 12 Station Parade, Snaresbrook Lubna Ul-Hasan Mosaics

There are likely to be variations and additions to this list after going to press. Please check with venues regarding open times before travelling to see any particular art. Under no circumstances can Art Trail Wanstead’s organisers accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained by any member of the public visiting the artwork on display. 26 Art Trail Wanstead 2011


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Art Trail Wanstead 2011  

Art Trail Wanstead 2011