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Winter 2011 Kampala Research Report By AfA Uganda Team Objectives of research Institutions visited Uganda Museum, Makerere University School of industrial and fine Arts Kyambogo University School of Art and Design Makerere University Department of Music Dance and Drama Nkumba University department of Fine Art Michelangelo School of Fine Art Nsamizi institute of social work. MTN Uganda The schools identified to be visited include; Namilyango College Nabisunza girl’s school Cultural promotion and development Since AfA main interest is to promote creativity and cultural identity, it was noted that we need to visit and work out partnership with institutions that promote culture and among those to be visited are; German Cultural Centre Alliance Francaise Content to share with institutions The following content was developed to be shared with the institutions to be visited What is the institution Vision? What are the institutions objectives? What activities does the institution carry out and what approaches do they use? What are possible areas we can work together with that institution? Emerging issues from the research Common questions from the research; What is the purpose of the partnership? Where are your offices located? Who will be the end beneficiary of this partnership? How shall each party benefit from the partnership? What roles will AfA want us to play? What are the modalities of working together as partners? How shall we sustain our partnership? Can AfA facilitate partnerships between universities? What are the marketing possibilities for our products? Meeting with Makerere University Officers met;

Dr. Kyeyune, head of sculpture department Mr. Banada head of painting and Art history Issues arising The idea of partnership with AfA was well received as an opportunity for both parties to explore more opportunities to explore art. Makerere proposed that it can offer the following; It can provide more skills in; weaving, textile design, jewellery, ceramics, sculpture and painting. Makerere can offer technical assistance to facilitate the construction of simple affordable kilns for community groups. It can provide the art gallery for art and crafts exhibitions. It can identify potential artists who can render services in arts to the communities. Services that can be rendered by AfA Practical training of students in community arts and crafts productions Since AfA has the practical field experience in application of arts, this will be an opportunity for students to carry out research in all practical areas of arts and crafts. Meeting with Nkumba University Person met Mr. Lwanga Charles Issues that came up Both parties should have very clear lay out of activities, roles/ responsibilities and expected outcomes of the partnership. This would be a great opportunity for their students to have practical experiences in application of art for community development. Institutions have skills and knowledge, AfA has experience, it would be a great opportunity to match the two to come up with all round students who have the practical touch. Can AfA connect us with other institutions that can offer grants for research? Information is power, by becoming partners with AfA, this would be a very great opportunity to share information.

Michelangelo School of Fine Art Persons met University administrator, warden, matron, Bursar, secretary, academic registrar and public relations officer. Issues that came up We had all along wanted to extend our services to the communities but we failed, the partnership with AfA would be a very great opportunity for us to achieve our dream. It will be important for us to clarify our roles and responsibilities in terms of; activities and resources (financial). How can we look at art not as a subject but as a tool that can be used to

develop our country? General observations With all art teaching institutions visited the following observations were identified; All the institutions are still teaching art in the same traditional way, there are no special new skills being offered to students to make them job makers in the arts industry. The teaching of art does not at all seem to focus on developing artists and products that match with the current trends in development. The institutions do not seem to put focus on doing serious research which leads into developing market oriented products. All institutions seem to be beginning to have a component of relating art to community development. No institution seems to put effort in developing the crafts industry so as to target the local market. Most art teachers do not have practical skills in arts and crafts teaching and yet this is a very important component in art teaching so as to be able to guide, motivate and influence the learners. None of the teaching institutions in Uganda has any product in the market to identify with and yet they would be regarded the highest institutions of art teaching, research and development. Art and crafts as a subject is no longer recognised as an important subject right from primary school levels and yet art it is a cross cutting subject with all other subjects. According to the survey done, a very big percentage of crafts sold in the Ugandan market come from Kenya and yet Uganda produces many art and crafts students who could produce some of these products. Most people who are producing and selling art and crafts products in Uganda are local people with very low levels of education and they produce these products out of self discovery. Most successful musicians in Uganda have not gone through music teaching institutions. There is also ever growing need for Nigerian movies All the above are good indicator entry points and opportunities for AfA to make an influence in the arts industry based on its wide experiences. Visits to Parastatal organisations A visit to MTU Uganda indicated that we need to have and introductory letter. Other visits were carried forward till we develop an introduction letter. Visit to Uganda Museum The team met at the museum were very positive about AfA activities and welcomed AfA to put up an exhibition at the museum, since it is a focal point and a tourist attraction. Visits to old schools teaching art This was also carried forward to 2011 as we as AfA develop objectives for partnerships with such institutions.

Visit to Music Dance and Drama school Makerere University This was also carried forward to this year Conclusion In all the institutions visited, there was a lot of excitement and expectations for partnerships, the challenge is for AfA to set realistic and ideas that can be implemented and followed up. Otherwise there is a lot of potential for partnerships.

UG Kampala Planning, Winter,11  

Winter 2011 Kampala Research Report By AfA Uganda Team All the above are good indicator entry points and opportunities for AfA to make an in...

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