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AfA PLANNING MEETING Dates of meeting 3rd and 5th August 2010 Venue of meeting; Uganda National Theatre Members present; Igala Justin, Pade Brian, Gerald Kabuye and Adongo Janet Objectives of the meeting •

Review previous activities versus set plans, and budgets

Give feedback to fellow members about what has been achieved

Discuss outstanding activities.

Work out Kampala planned activities

Discuss other outstanding issues and strategies related to AfA Uganda

The following activities have been carried out as planned Dates

3rd August 2010 5th August 2010

Activities Done Planning meeting for Gulu Purchase of art supplies for Gulu Travel to Gulu In Gulu Travel back from Gulu Compile Gulu report and research report Prepare for Tororo Purchase of art supplies for Tororo Travel to Tororo In Tororo Travel back from Tororo Compile reports for Tororo Review meeting Planning meeting Planning meeting


As above

Key issues from the planning meeting During the meeting we reviewed the list of institutions to be visited and content of issues to discuss with the institutions. The following institutions were confirmed to be visited; •

Uganda Museum,

Makerere University School of industrial and fine Arts

Kyambogo University School of Art and Design

Makerere University Department of Music Dance and Drama

Nkumba University department of Fine Art

Michelangelo School of Fine Art

Nsamizi institute of social work.

Partnership with local companies The meeting noted that the biggest challenge for AfA Uganda is to secure local contracts, it was noted that if we succeeded in these area, it would enable us deal with some small costs like office running and others. The meeting therefore proposed and identified the following establishments for a start; •

British Council

MTN Uganda


Rwenzori Mineral Water

During the meeting, it was also agreed that we identify and visit some two secondary schools with strong fine art departments within Kampala and discuss potential partnerships. The main objective of the partnership would be to develop young talent and exchange visits. The schools identified to be visited include; Namilyango College Nabisunza girl’s school Cultural promotion and development Since AfA main interest is to promote creativity and cultural identity, it was noted that we need to visit and work out partnership with institutions that promote culture and among those to be visited are; •

German Cultural Centre

Alliance Francaise

Content to share with institutions The following content was developed to be shared with the institutions to be visited •

What is the institution Vision?

What are the institutions objectives?

What activities does the institution carry out and what approaches do they use?

What are possible areas we can work together with that institution?

Unique qualities of AfA It was observed that as we go out to meet these institutions, we as AfA team must appreciate that we have very unique qualities and talents that can be used to benefit those other institutions and therefore the need for partnerships. The discussions with this institutions should focus on AfA wide practical experience on the ground. Partnership with the CDO Gulu It was observed that during our visits in Gulu, the following issues were noted as weaknesses for the CDO; •

That the CDO does not have a field based contact person to link Karin and the community.

Mobilisation of community members during our visits has always been very poor, we have ended up going to mobilise communities on behalf of the CDO and this has always affected our achievements.

That all the CDO activities with AfA are centred on Hope and no other person.

It was therefore resolved that we need to meet with Hope to discuss and iron out some of these issues as we work out the partnership issues.

Captured videos It was reported in the meeting that all the captured videos from Rwanda, Gulu and Tororo had been transferred to CD’s, in raw form, members can order for copies. It was also agreed that these copies be sent to AfA for use for advocacy, fundraising and awareness about AfA Uganda activities.

Art works It was reported that during our visits in Gulu and Tororo, a collection of art works was made; paintings, cards, batiks. It was reported that some of these art works needed some finishing (batiks, cards), Gerald and Justin were working on the finishing.

Mural painting duration The following observations were made;

Each mural painting session takes a minimum period of 3 days

During painting sessions, participants keep improving as they keep working, the more they work the better they improve, so a minimum painting session takes 2 days.

Card making sessions also takes a minimum of 2 days.

Printing of more AfA documents It was resolved in the meeting that as we go out to visit these institutions, we need to have copies of the following documents; •

AfA Uganda profile

AfA brochure

AfA programme manual.

AfA Uganda photo album

It was also proposed the need to develop AfA marketing video documentary of about 15 minutes running, since we already have raw data. Justin was tasked to develop and work out AfA Uganda profile and have a draft copy ready by Monday and have it first shared with all AfA members. Janet was tasked to have the brochure, album and manual printed since some of these costs are catered for in the budget.

Need for AfA Identity Members proposed that as we move out to visit institutions, we need identity in form of identity cards and business cards, it was agreed that let this be shared with the AfA bigger team and a way forward worked out.

Roles / job descriptions Each member was tasked to work out a detailed job description and curriculum vitae as per set titles below; Justin Igala;

Country representative

Pade Brian;

Field officer

Gerald Kabuye;

Public relations officer

Adongo Janet;

Finance and administration

It was observed and noted that each person should work out a description that he /she should be able to achieve in AfA. Each person will have perform to the satisfaction of AfA. Remuneration of AfA team The meeting proposed that as AfA grows as an organisation, there is need to work out a standard remuneration package for the staff so as to streamline operations. It was also agreed that remuneration would be based on roles and responsibilities held as per job descriptions. Meeting with potential partners in Tororo It was reported that meetings were held with two potential partners, fruitful discussions and observations were made on the ground as follows; Rayland Rural Development Organisation (RARUDO) Location; Nambogo village, Pabone Parish, Iyolwa Sub-county. Activities carried out by RARUDO •

Awareness on HIV Aids

Help children with school materials

Help members in agricultural activities

Support widows, orphans, disabled persons currently supporting 30 disabled members.

Provision of savings and credit schemes (SACO’s)

Observations made on the ground •

RARUDU as an organisation is established; it is on the ground and has very active members.

It also has an office in the above location, about 10 km from Tororo town.

RARUDO has key contact staff on the ground that has very close linkage with the beneficiary community.

The organisation also has key activities that support communities to eradicate poverty.

The organisation has strong will to work with communities.

The organisation also uses MDD for entertainment and for creating awareness among its members.

Recommendations •

From all the indications on the ground, RARUDO has the potential and qualities to work with AfA as a partner like the one’s we have in Tororo.


RARUDO is more of a CBO formed to serve the interests of the community members in its locality.


RARUDO does not have the capacity to work as an overall partner to coordinate all our partners in Tororo.

In conclusion we recommend that we can work with RARUDO as we are working with other partners in Tororo and we go ahead to look for other potential partners. Tororo Child Development Centre (CDO) This is a church based organisation based in Tororo town. Its offices are located within Tororo deliverance church. The organisation works in partnership with Compassion international, Iit can partner with organisations that (acknowledge the lordship of Christ). The organisation operates within a distance of 3 km within Tororo town with the main focus on; making children realise their dreams through community sensitisation. Recommendation It was noted that because of this organisation set up and guiding principles, AfA may not be able to partner with this organisation. Meeting with the potential MDD person in Tororo We identified a retired civil servant and a specialist in music, dance, drama and cultural development. We invited him to join us to assess all the groups to look at their potential in MDD, identify their needs and make recommendations. The gentleman was very excited meeting with us and expressed a lot of interest working with us. We finally agreed that Brian travels back to Tororo to follow up the report with this gentleman. Research report Brian reported that he was progressing on very well with the research reports of Gulu and Tororo, he would have them ready by next week. Office running costs The meeting noted that there are critical aspects of office running that need to be looked into, among them are; internet, stationery, transport. Support visits to AfA partners The meeting resolved that in order to streamline our operations, AfA Uganda needs to work out regular follow up visits to its partners in Tororo and Gulu, otherwise there will be no continuity of skills development in all the groups we are supporting. However it was noted that this will entirely depend on availability funds. It was agreed that the main purpose of the visits would be to;

Boost moral of the groups

Improve of the skills imparted on the members

Strengthen sustainable production of products

Facilitate ownership of projects among members

Instil confidence, group work, creativity, commitment among group members

Proposal by Nyalakot After our visit to Tororo, Nyalakot PTC proposed that they would be willing to play the role of coordinating activities of all groups in Tororo. Nyalakot proposed that; •

It has all the qualities; office, manpower, experience, will and ability to coordinate AfA members.

It also stated that it has been in the core process of our work in Tororo, it knows where we came from and where we are going, so it should be given the opportunity to be lead AfA partner in Tororo.

The meeting therefore proposed that Brian be sent back to Tororo to review Nyalakot’s potential to hold this position and give us final report. Proposed visit to Tororo The meeting agreed that Brian should make a follow up visit to Tororo with the following objectives; •

Discuss with Nyalakot their proposal to become the partner NGO to work with AfA in Tororo.

Assess Nyalakot’s capacity to become AfA partner in that capacity

Follow up agreed way forward for Mbula in resolving their group conflicts

Follow up content of community book with Mbula.

Collect needs assessment documents from the MDD specialist.

Show video to members.

Proposed follow up visit to Gulu The meeting also proposed that after the Tororo visit Brian also travels to Gulu with the following objectives; •

Follow up with the MDD group; discuss with them their ongoing plans.

Review with the MDD trainer on progress of activities.


Show video to members

Key concluding recommendation The meeting resolved that we should communicate to all the partners that; They should develop the will, interest and initiative to keep all projects initiated by AfA going, after all, these projects are meant to benefit these groups. The groups should not therefore only wait for AfA to drive them. Proposed plan of activities for Kampala Dates Tue 3rd August 2010 Fri 5th August 2010 Sat 6th August 2010 Sun 8th August 2010 Mon 9th August 2010 Tue 10th August 2010

Activity Planning meeting Planning meeting Development of profile Finalise research Finalise art works Finalise report Finalise profile Print AfA documents Visit museum

Wed 11th 2010st 2010 Aug Thu 12th August

Responsible All All Justin Brian Gerald Justin Janet Justin Gerald

Sun 15th August 2010 Mon16th August 2010

Makerere University Nkumba Michelangelo Travel to Tororo Brian in Tororo Kyambogo Brian in Tororo Meeting with Hope Travel back from Tororo Nsamizi

Tue 17th August 2010

German cultural centre


Wed 18th August 2010 Thursday 19th August 2010 Friday 20th August 2010

Alliance Francaice Review meeting Travel to Gulu Final report Brian in Gulu Brian in Gulu Brian travels back from Gulu feedback meeting

Justin All Brian Justin Gerald

Fri 13th August 2010 Sat 14th August 2010

Saturday 21st August 2010 Monday 23rd

Budget for Kampala activities Travel

Justin Gerald Brian Justin/ Gerald Justin Gerald Brian in Tororo

Brian All

Activity Transport through Kampala x 12 days

Name Igala Justin Pade Brian Gerald Kabuye

Rate per day 10,000/= 10,000/= 10,000/=

Total amount 120,000 120,000 120,000 360,000/=




Total amount

Kampala x 12 days (break &lunch)

Igala Justin



Total Meals

Pade Brian


Gerald Kabuye




Salaries As in the initial budget

Other activities These are some of the proposed activities if funds can allow Activity


Printing of AfA album

Total 135,000

Collection of photos from Rwanda, Gulu and Tororo Development of AfA marketing video documentary (15 minutes)


Brian visit to Tororo Transport to and fro


Brian meals in Tororo for 4 days



Brian Accommodation in Tororo 3 40,000 nights Transport through Tororo


Brian visit to Gulu Transport to and fro

120,000 45,000 60,000

Brian meals in Gulu for 4 days



Brian Accommodation in Gulu 3 nights



Transport through Gulu



Grand total requested for


1,730,000, plus salaries.

Report prepared by Igala Justin AfA Uganda

UG Kampala Planning, Fall10  

AfA PLANNING MEETING • Give feedback to fellow members about what has been achieved • Kyambogo University School of Art and Design • Discuss...