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REPORT ON THE VISIT OF EMILLY AND SARAH TO UGANDA 6TH TO 14TH JULY 2009 Programme outline Date 6th July 2009 7th July 2009

8th July 2009

9th July 2009

10th July 2009

13th July 2009

14th July 2009 15th July 2009

Activities Justin met with Emily and Sarah to share purpose of their visit, planned visit to Gulu and overview of AFA current status • Bought some art supplies for activities in Gulu • Traveled to Gulu ( Emily, Sarah, Justin, Brian and Umar the driver) • Had brief meeting with Hope to plan for the next day in Gulu. • Held meeting with Hope and her team to review the community book; progress so far, what can be changed to make it an effective learning tool. • Met with the children of Karin centre at their new site and had; some games with them, traditional dance and facilitated children to draw. • Held meeting with the CDO team • Held meeting with the parents to get their views and input into the community book. • Met the children at their centre facilitated some games and drawing session. • Held meeting with Hope to discuss way forward after the visit • Bought some beads from the community • Traveled back to Kampala • Held meeting with AFA Uganda team ( Justin, Gerald, Brian and Janet) at Ndere centre • Planned to meet with Stephen Ndere • AFA Uganda team planned their activities. • Held a meeting with KKL IVAD at IVAD office • Justin had final meeting with Emily and Sarah • Departure of Emily and Sarah

Issues about AFA Uganda Programme

• Need to set up AFA Uganda office. • There is need to generate ownership and commitment of AFA Uganda programme by the Uganda AFA team. • It was observed that AFA Uganda has not been accessing much information due to problems with the internet, it was therefore agreed to facilitate AFA Uganda with internet access within AFA Uganda office which can be accessed by all AFA Uganda members. • It was agreed that AFA Uganda develops its work plan with budgets but it should focus on the basics. • It was also agreed that AFA Uganda generates a network of experts in the different areas who will be called upon whenever there is need. • AFA Uganda should look for potential partnerships and jobs.

• AFA Uganda should also have a component of research and develop proposals. • AFA Uganda should package its services and products in the Ugandan context, need to develop AFA Uganda profile. • It was also agreed that all materials about AFA should be printed and files opened for easy access to these materials. • It was agreed that a follow up work plan be developed for Gulu and Tororo programmes with budgets. • It was discussed that the community book project is being piloted in Gulu, so there is need to get it right by making sure that it serves as a learning tool. Once that is achieved it can then be replicated elsewhere. • It was observed that members of the CDO and the community did not have a very clear understanding of the community book and its wider scope; it was proposed the need to have a workshop at the end of July to create more awareness on the book and sensitize parents and teachers on their roles in the making of the book.

Issues about the Community Book from the CDO and Parents • It was agreed that the main objective of the book is to promote learning and exchange of relevant information between the community, children, teachers of Gulu and children/ teachers of United Kingdom. So it was noted that as the book is being developed these should be born in mind. • The book needs to progress from one step to another, but handling different aspects of culture, traditions and general learning. However during the visit, it was observes that the content of the book was not helping to achieve its purpose, hence the need to carry out more awareness and facilitation of its development. • It was reported by the CDO that their transfer to the new site had affected the attendance of some children since the new site is quite far from the old site, so there might be need begin attending to some children at a nearer site to the children living in town. • It was reported by the CDO that the current number of children in the new site is overwhelming with a range of age groups but Eric the facilitator is able to cope. • It was also reported that the parents and the community leaders also developed great interest in the book though they did not understand where the book was taking them. • It was proposed that the layout of the book be looked at to make it interesting, educative and interactive. It was also proposed that the book can have a page on current affairs; it can also have questions leading the readers to the next publication. • It was agreed that the production of the book should focus on; a lot of creativity, using locally available materials, but not copying what is sent from the UK. • The parents requested for a camera to capture some of their issues to be included in the book. • The parents resolved to establish a committee which should also include the teachers, to guide and help the children in the development of the book. • It was agreed that Brian takes the lead in following up the community book project in Gulu. • It was discussed that in future there will be need to arrange an exchange visit between the group in Gulu and the groups in Tororo to encourage learning and sharing of experiences so as to strengthen each other.

Meeting with AFA Uganda team The meeting was held at Ndere centre with the following objectives; • Give update to Janet and Gerald about AFA current status and plans. • Give feedback about what happened in Gulu during the visit. • Give Janet and Gerald to seek any clarification from Emily and Sarah about the current status of AfA. During the meeting, Janet gave feedback about AFA participation in UGAFAT an initiation of COFTA ( UGAFAT is Uganda Federation for Alternative Trade; it is a body that envisages sustainable improvement of livelihoods of producers through fair trade. Janet has been the lead person participating on behalf of AfA Uganda. To gain full membership each organisation is supposed to pay a subscription membership fee as indicated in the proposed budget. By registering as a member, AfA will have access to world market with fair trade and will be allowed to use the trademark for transacting business.

Work plan for the Community Book Project • • • • • •

Brian takes the lead in following up the project Justin to make a write up of the local materials that can be used in the making of the book and have them posted to Hope to enable her come up with a budget. Come up with a proposed layout of the book, Make a follow up visit to Gulu to; streamline the layout of the book, carryout a workshop with the parents and members of the CDO about the wider context of the community book. 31st July 2009. Have a mural painted at the children centre that can facilitate child learning while they play Next Community book to be ready by 22nd of August 2009.

Work plan for AFA Uganda Out of all the discussions and consultations held with; AFA Uganda team and members of the CDO team, it was a greed that we come up with a workable action plan that should guide the implementation of AFA Uganda programme as follows; Activity 1. Preparation of visit report 2. Development of AFA Uganda proposed activities and budget 3. Have internet access for AFA Uganda team 4. Printing of AFA documents for access

Responsible Person Justin Justin and team Emily and Sarah Justin

to all members 5. Identify basics for AFA Uganda office and related budget 6. Development of AFA Uganda profile 7. Follow up obtaining the post office box 8. Follow up opening of AFA account 9. Follow up visit to Gulu 10. Follow up visit to Tororo 11. Establish basics for accounts 12. Look out for potential partnerships 13. Development of proposals 14. Submit weekly reports among AFA Uganda team and monthly reports to AFA UK. 15. Establish AFA Uganda network of experts

Justin and team All Janet Janet Brian and Justin Brian and Justin Janet Gerald All All All

Action Plan 1 Establishment of AFA Uganda Office In an effort to have AFA Uganda office operational, the following things are in place; • Office premise • Desktop computer • Photocopying machine black and white • Binding machine • Punches • Stapling machine and staples • Chairs and tables • Laminating machine

Action Plan 2 PROPOSED BUDGET FOR AFA UGANDA OFFICE August, September and October ITEM Internet Access (Modem) WARID Telecom Monthly subscription Photocopying paper Markers Manila cards assorted colors Flip chart Shelve Files Digital camera Masking tape Note books Acquisition of box number (one year) Registration of AFA in UGAFAT (full membership) Self inking stamp Pens Drawing pencils Total

QUANTITY 1 3 months 3 reams 3 pkts 1 ream 3 1 5 1 1packet 12

UNIT COST 150,000/= 85,000/= 10,000 12,000 70,000/= 15,000 80,000/= 6,000 450,000 15,000 5,000 45,000

TOTAL COST 150,000/= 255,000/= 30,000/= 36,000 70,000/= 45,000 80,000 30,000 450,000/= 15,000 60,000 45,000 200,000

1 1 box 5 doz

50,000 15,000 1,000

50,000 15,000 5,000 1,536,000

Action Plan 3 PROPOSED BUDGET FOR GULU FOLLOW UP VISIT 3rd to 7th August 2009 Objectives of the follow up visit • Hold meeting with the parents committee, share with them more about the community book so as to create more understanding of the book and for them to understand their role. • Share with the team members of the CDO; Hope and Eric to agree on the final layout of the book, the topic to be shared and the materials to be used. • Together with the children, paint a mural and learning messages at the children centre

ITEM Transport return Gulu Justin Transport return Gulu Brian Meals for Justin in Gulu Meals for Brian Accommodation for Justin Accommodation for Brian Art Supplies (Acrylic paints) Art Supplies (art brushes) Undercoat (white) Clear vanish Plastic cups and plates Meals for participants??? Total

QUANTITY 2 2 4 days 4 days 4 nights 4nights 5 tubes 500ml 2 pkts 1tin 3 tins 6 ?

UNIT COST 25,000 25,000 15,000/= 15,000/= 28,000/= 28,000/= 40,000 15,000 22,000 5,000/= 1,000 ?

TOTAL COST 50,000/= 50,000/= 60,000/= 60,000/= 112,000/= 112.000/= 200,000/= 30,000/= 22,000/= 15,000/= 6,000 ? 717,000

Action Plan 4 Opening of account for AFA Uganda Janet carried out a survey on the above subject and came up with the following feedback; To open an account in Barclays Bank Uganda the following are required; • Resolution or letter; stating who is to operate the account, stating the number of signatories required for each transaction, • A copy of authority to open account from the headquarters of the organisation and the registration documents of the original company. • A copy of authority to open account from our ministry of foreign affairs. • Completion of identification forms by each signatory/ director/ shareholder with 10% in the company, to which the following must be attached; copy of one of the following valid identification documents; Identity card, passport, driving license bearing the holders photograph. One recent passport size photograph. Utility bills in form of water, electricity or telephone in personal names. • Initial deposit of; Ug. Shillings 1,000,000/= or USD 2,000, or GBP 1,000, or Euro 1,000 for the respective accounts. To open an account in any other banks namely; Stanbic, Baroda, Crane bank the following is required; • Articles and memorandum of association (Certified by the registrar of companies) • Certificate of incorporation (certified by the registrar of companies). • Form 7 (certified by registrar of companies). • Board resolution to open up and account with any of the above banks. • 2 passport size photographs for the signatories.

• Valid identity cards for the signatories. • Letter of introduction from a reputable organisation or introduction/ recommendation letter from the lawyer.( To act as referee) • Initial deposit of 1,000,000/= We are yet to establish how much it costs to have AFA registered in Uganda Action Plan 5. Follow up visit to Tororo 21st – 23rd August 2009 Objectives; • Get feedback from the group leaders (2 members from each group) about what has been happening in their groups. • Hold meeting with all the leaders of the groups in Tororo; Nyalakot, Kwapa, Mbula and the youth centre, get their opinion of how the partnership with AFA can be carried forward • Come up with a way forward for the respective groups. Proposed budget Activity Transport return Tororo Justin Transport return Tororo Brian Meals Justin Meals Brian Accommodation Justin Accommodation Brian Meals for participants (break and lunch) Transport refund to participants Total


Unit cost 20,000 20,000

Total cost 40,000 40,000 30,000 30,000 60,000 60,000 120,000 110,000 490,000

Conclusion We as AfA Uganda do greatly appreciate the effort put by the AfA team for this timely visit for it has enabled us to; • Come face to face with each other, interact, brainstorm and come to a common understanding of the current position of AfA. • Look at our grey areas and see how to address them. • Touch base with Gulu and work out a way forward. • Work out a work plan and indicative budget that can guide our next activities. • Finally it enabled both teams to realize the need to meet together once in a while inspite of financial and our being far apart. Report compiled by; Igala Justin AfA Uganda

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Issues about AFA Uganda Programme Programme outline • The meeting was held at Ndere centre with the following objectives; • Give update to J...

UG Gulu and Kampala Projects, Summer09  

Issues about AFA Uganda Programme Programme outline • The meeting was held at Ndere centre with the following objectives; • Give update to J...