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2010 Summer Report by Justin Igala I have had interesting interactions with; Hope CDO Gulu, Chairman Nyalakot PTC, Chair person Kwapa PTC and Geofrey the Tororo based artist. I did not have the opportunity to chat with Mbula but i will avail you all informantion in the next report. This report gives update of what is going on in the respective groups. CDO Gulu Both the community book committe and the children are doing very well and are looking forward to doing the next community book. However the community book project has created a plat form where the committee members and the children of Karin centre have decided to critically take on other activities that can enable them sustain their group as follows; The committee members have continued with the weekly meetings. The children have continued to develop their music dance and drama activities and are determined to use it as an income generating activity in future once their skills are further developed. The committee members decided to make use of the materials that remained during the production of the previous community book and have been using them to perfect their skills. The committee members picked on one of their members to train others in craft making their main concentration has been on bead making, baskets and mats. FUTURE PLANS The group is anxiously waiting for the production of the next community book and want to make it even better than the previous one. The group plans to continue with their weekly meetings since these meetings have helped them a lot, The group and the children would like to be linked to Ndere centre to help them develop their MDD skills further. The group emphasises that forthem to grow sustainably their skills in the following areas should be developed; more craft making, tailoring, preparation of traditional foods. The group wants to have T-shits for identity The group also feels that their greatest challenge is developing Karin centre to a level where they can have space to sit and hold meetings. They want to contruct a hut where they can hold their meetings, but they need a little push to see their dream come true. COOMUNITY BOOK The group proposes that whenever they are producing a community book, they should produce two copies so that one copie remains with them so as to develop their resource centre. The children feel that some photographs used in developing the community book should be enlarged and hanged in their classes so that they use them for reference purposes and other children who do not participate also learn from them. The children want to have an attractive centre, which will attract other children and members of the community. The children propose that in the production of the next community book they want to

be helped to fill up the walls of Karin centre with their own pictures, to make it very attractive. The children and teachers participating in the project want to stand out from the crowd, they want to be seen by others. Infact they want to be seen as ROLE MODELS in their community. NYALAKOT PTC The group is still alive and very active, the members have grown to 300 and more are willing to join. The group contacted Plan to be taught skills in making wood curvings. The group continues with weekly meetings since they now own a beautifull hall. The group has started a nursery school where children of the members study from. The group is still carrying on with music dance and drama, the blind old man (musician) is still strong and looking forward to meeting AFA team especially Hillary. The group is looking forward to their skiils being developed in crafts, that we should train them the way we trained Mbula community. The group is still moving on with their savings and loan scheme. KWAPA PTC The group is very active and continues with its activities. Their savings and loan scheme is very powerfull, last year they saved 10 million uganda shillings and they were the best. The group has got some new young members who are ready to be trained in art and crafte production. The group plans to start mobile catering services to sustain the groups activities. GEOFREY THE ARTIST I visited Geofrey in his shop in Tororo, though still small the future is very bright. Geofrey is faced with a challenge of lack of variety of art and crafts products, he is looking forward for AFA to train the members from the three groups and have their works marketed at his shop. Geofrey badly needs to be trained in batik making, so that he can provide support to the groups. Geofrey will join Nyalakot PTC to be trained in wood curving CONCLUSSION Generally all the groups interacted with are very positive and looking forward to be helped in one way or theother, that is why the proposed visit to Gulu and Tororo will be very important. I told the groups that our visit to especially Tororo will be to help them identify their potentials and later help them develop their potentials and they are very willing and looking forward to meeting us. I am finalising the budget for the community book and proposed visit to Tororo, i hope to have it sent probably by tomorow. I have been having problems with the net since morning and when i was about to finish power went off, this are realities on the ground. As i discussed with Emilly, i have acqured a laptop i am now looking for money to acquire a modem. i believe this will so much ease communication with all of you at

any time. Thanks a lot God Bless you all. Please i have not edited this report for fear of power going off again, please bear with me, and feel free to ask for any clarifications. Igala Justin AFA Uganda He intends to move the shop to a more strategic location in town.

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I have had interesting interactions with; Hope CDO Gulu, Chairman Nyalakot PTC, Chair person Kwapa PTC and Geofrey the Tororo based artist....

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