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19 September 2010

“Ready, Amy? Fire!”

Kevin D. Lintz

Page 2 Panel 1 – AMY holds the gun and looks at the BARKER for instructions. 1. BARKER: It’s simple, little lady. All you do is hit the clown in the nose to win a prize! Panel 2 – AMY looks hesitantly at the rifle while Brad and Chuck stare at her. 2. BRAD: C’mon, crybaby! 3. CHUCK: Yeah, c’mon! Panel 3 – POV faces AMY as she looks down the barrel of the gun with one eye squinted closed. Panel 4 – Closeup of the clown’s face with crosshairs overlaid on it centered on the bull’s-eye nose. Panel 5 – Single sound effect “POW!” which fills the panel. 4. SFX: POW! Panel 6 – Reverse angle facing all three children. All look surprised. AMY looks stricken while boys look gleeful. 5: BRAD and CHUCK: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ready, Amy? Fire! Page 2  

Page 2 script, sketch, roughs, and inks.