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Lake Effect Odyssey Resorts preserves the all-American allure of Breezy Point. | BY MICKI SIEVWRIGHT



n the North, living the American dream means owning a cabin, particularly one situated along the North Shore. But these oft family-shared properties come with the obligation of weekend groundskeeping, squabbling about scheduling, and guilt over not using them enough. Enter Odyssey Resorts and its recently acquired gem: Breezy Point on Lake Superior. The fractional-ownership resort boasts 12 cabins on 12 acres with more than 1,000 feet of private ledge rock. With 30 years of operation under its belt, the Duluth-based firm is well-versed in managing and maintaining such properties. It operates seven resorts, six along the North Shore and one on Leech Lake in Walker. “Breezy Point is a simplified, organized way to experience a family cabin,” says Sai Bezawada, Odyssey’s vice president of development. “What struck us when we first walked around the property was how authentically quaint, rustic, charming and simple it was. Why would we change anything?” The main attraction? Undoubtedly the cabins’ proximity to the lake, which can’t be replicated with new construction. For generations, families have been sitting by the same crackling fire pits, staring up at the same stars, carving a sweetheart’s initials into the same white birch trees. “Lake Superior has a way of touching people,” says Bezawada. “One couple said they’ve been coming here for 40 years. Another woman said she’s been visiting Breezy Point for 60-some years. That sort of commitment to place goes beyond mere vacationing.” Odyssey is upgrading the resort experience while preserving its north-woods charm. An extensive renovation of the cabin interiors will usher in modern luxuries and incorporate a rustic-chic aesthetic (think stainless-steel appliances alongside reclaimed-wood cabinetry and tables). Bathrooms and kitchens will be completely replaced, and floor plans will be reconfigured to create updated layouts. Though Breezy Point cabins are available for rent, the real appeal is quarter ownership, which comes complete with 13 weeks of pure vacation. The association and an onsite caretaker maintain the cabins and grounds. A prearranged calendar ensures everyone can make full use of their allotted time, enjoying a rotating holiday schedule. And most importantly, owners can know that their slice of the American dream is well-preserved for generations to come. Quarter-ownership opportunities start at $74,000. For more information, visit

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