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Reminisce in Childhood

Childhood memories, dreams and fantasies by Emmy Young, Alessandra Ragusa, Holly Johnson, Mizuki Iwase, and Gabriela Florido

Press Release Come reminisce with this whimsical and fantastical gallery filled with things that will remind you of your childhood. There are all dierent kinds of artworks to view from paintings to photography to some remarkable installation pieces. We are positive that coming to this gallery will remind you of all kinds of childhood memories and will stir up feelings of wanting to be a kid again. We will be featuring ten dierent artists from different fields of study and walks of life, each giving their own interpretation of the playful life of a child. With over 20 dierent pieces to look at, there will be something for everyone. Some art pieces themselves capture the imagination and dreams that would be found within a child, others instill the feeling of the longing to be young again.



Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush was born in Russia, in a one-story wooden house near the Moscow forest-park Sokolniki. At the age of seven Vladimir began to attend art school until late evening where he became acquainted with the works of great artists of the Renaissance, famous Impressionists, and Modern Artists. Vladimir entered the Moscow Higher Art and Craft School at age 17, but a year later he was conscripted. After six months of military training the unit commander thought it more appropriate to employ him exclusively for peaceful purposes, namely, painting propagandistic posters. After military service and graduating the Institute of Fine Arts, Vladimir painted portraits on Arbat Street to support his family during the hard times in Russia. In the year 1987, Vladimir began to take part in exhibitions organized by the Union of Artists. At a show in Coburg, Germany in 1990, nearly all his displayed paintings sold and after closing the exhibition, he flew to Los Angeles where 20 of his works were exhibited and began his “American Odyssey.�


Vladimir Kush

Perpetual Revival, 8x10 inches


Naoto Hattori

Naoto Hattori was born in 1975 in Yokohama Japan, studied Graphic Design in Tokyo before moving to New York to study in the School of Visual Arts. In the year 2000 he received a BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts. He has received Awards from the Society of Illustrators, the New York Directors Club, Communication Arts and also he has won numerous award from many art competitions and has been published in many art magazines. Of his work, He says: "My vision is like a dream, whether it's a sweet dream, a nightmare, or just a trippy dream. I try to see what's really going on in my mind, and that's a practice to increase my awareness in stream-of-consciousness creativity. I try not to label or think about what is supposed to be, just take it in as it is and paint whatever I see in my mind with no compromise. That way, I create my own vision."


Naoto Hatori

“Ballerina” 16x23 Giclee.


Myeongbeom Kim 김명범

Myeongbeom Kim is a creator of sculptures and installations usually involving nature. He was born in Seoul, Korea and he holds an MFA in Sculpture from The Art Institute of Chicago. EDUCATION ● School of The Art Institute of Chicago, MFA (Sculpture), Chicago, U.S.A. ● University of Seoul, BFA, Environmental Sculpture, Seoul, Korea Kim’s installations and sculpture contain both man-made and natural elements, with the aim to accomplish surreal and dream-like spaces. He often incorporates suspension and living creatures confined in light bulbs or helium balloons, to produce a sense of wonderment.


Myeongbeom Kim 김명 범 “Edison Branch”

“The Dreamy Sculptures” 8

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali: DalĂ­ was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters. DalĂ­'s expansive artistic repertoire included film, sculpture, and photography, in collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media. DalĂ­ was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork, to the dismay of those who held his work in high esteem, and to the irritation of his critics.


Salvador Dali “Departure of Winged Ship”

The Elephants “Los Elephantes”


Pip & Pop

Pip & Pop is also known as the Australian artist Tanya Schultz, whose practice ranges from installation and painting to wall-work and sculpture. Pip & Pop grew from her long-term collaboration with fellow artist Nicole Andrejevic and Tanya has continued their practice to create ever-more ambitious worlds. She works using fine sand, sugar, origami, plastic figures, glitter, lights and found objects to create intricate, gloriously technicoloured worlds. They fascinated Japanese audience by the installation work with coloured sugars during Aichi Triennale last year. Pursuing “Kawaii” things and being greatly influenced by Japanese culture, their sugarmade fluffy but also poisonous works are created through time and pastience demanding process. If you look closely, you will find some characters like Totoro, among other motif of birds, flowers, mushrooms and bambi. While introducing photographs of installation views and drawings, photographs of works in progress and also sketchbooks of initial ideas, goods inspired them are presented in this book, like a colourful jack-in-the-box, which absorb you into deep Pip & Pop’s fantasy world.


Pip & Pop

“Happy Sky Dream”, Series


Nina Bentley

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Great Neck, New York, Nina attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where she studied fine art and graduated in 1962 with a bachelor's degree in history. She has lived much of her adult life in Bologna, Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Santiago and Caracas, and to look at Bentley's Facebook page, one can sense that she is as at ease with travel as she is with humor. Bentley is a sports enthusiast, enjoying tennis and rowing on the Saugatuck River. She has exhibited extensively in Europe and the U.S., most recently in a 6-person curated show called Identity at the Central Connecticut State University in 2010. Bentley was the featured artist for Barneys New York in a show called Art Meets Fashion in 2004 and was a New/Now Artist at the New Britain Museum of American Art in 2001 where her large sculpture A Corporate Wife Service Award Bracelet is in the permanent collection. It is the compelling combination of her own varied daily life as the wife of a worldtravelling corporate executive, and resident of Fairfield County's Gold Coast that Bentley draws on for her subject matter. Perhaps it is her own comfort level in having raised three successful children and her delight in her grandchildren as well as an active travel schedule that allows Bentley to both comment upon and embrace the life that she so thoughtfully examines.


Nina Bentley Born in the NRA

Shoe Sushi 14

Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1954. He received a BFA from the University of Michigan, and an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. Kelley’s work ranges from highly symbolic and ritualistic performance pieces to arrangements of stuffed-animal sculptures, to wall-size drawings, to multi-room installations that restage institutional environments (schools, offices, zoos), to extended collaborations with artists such as Paul McCarthy, Tony Oursler, and the band Sonic Youth. In his More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid and The Wages Of Sin, the labors of art seem to become obvious as stuffed fabric toys and afghans are sewed onto fabric meticulously. Childhood toys become instantly sad.


Mike Kelley

“More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid and The Wages Of Sin”


Jeff Koons

Je Koons was born in 1955 in York, Pennsylvania. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, and received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore (1976), and honorary doctorates from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2008) and Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC (2002). Koons plucks images and objects from popular culture, framing questions about taste and pleasure. His contextual sleight-ofhand, which transforms banal items into sumptuous icons, takes on a psychological dimension through dramatic shifts in scale, spectacularly engineered surfaces, and subliminal allegories of animals, humans, and anthropomorphized objects. Some of the most famous of these include large stainless steel balloon animals that are both amazing and absurd.


Jeff Koons

“Balloon Dog (Blue)”


Michael Parks

Michael Parks - Magical Realist. What is unusual about Michael Parkes is that in his images metaphysical and spiritual elements are joined into reality. His work evokes a mysterious atmosphere, which can often only be deciphered with the help of ancient mythology and eastern philosophy. Born in 1944, Michael Parkes studied graphic art and painting at the University of Kansas and then traveled for three years through Asia and Europe. In 1975, Michael Parkes settled in Spain, where he now lives. Throughout his career, numerous international exhibitions underline the importance of Parkes’ work. Michael Parkes is both a uniquely talented painter and master of the art of original stone lithography. Michael Parkes is the world’s leading Magical Realist. He is a painter, a sculptor, and a stone lithographer. His more than 30 years of success as a fine artist stand out in the art world, where fewer than 1% of artists ever achieve success in both the primary and secondary markets. Parkes’ works are collected by celebrities, important private collectors, and museums around the world, and his body of work has stood the test of time. That being said, Parkes’ continues to create new works, all of which are widely sought after.


Michael Parks “Iron Angel”

“Child’s Play”


Vikram Kushwah

British photographer Vikram Kushwah recreates pieces of the past with staged photography. Working with fashion designer, writer, and researcher Trisha Sakhlecham, the two produced a series of images titled Memoirs of Lost Time. The subject matter, its tone, and coloring of the photographs are a dreamy and hazy. They straddle the fine line between what is a dream and what is a memory. Each image features a person gazing beyond the landscape, as though they are longing for something lost. On his website, Kushwah writes about Memoirs of Lost Time. He says that the series is inspired by the romantic notions of childhood memories, and goes on to say: …A biographical documentation of sorts, of seven creative personalities’ childhood recollections, this book captures not only what was, but also suggests a very imaginative take on what could have been.


Viram Kushwah “Memoirs of Lost Time”, Series



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