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Front Cover: Marc Todd, Fresh Spring Colours. Acrylic on Canvas. 60 x 80cm. ÂŁ295 Inside: To shop artwork on this page please visit: artfinder.com/catalogue

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Lisa Lewis, Cob. Acrylic on Canvas. 42 x 52cm. ÂŁ400 Oliver Smith Photography for WN Interiors



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Ever thought that buying original art might be too expensive? Or that you wouldn’t know where to start when choosing a piece? With original art to suit every taste, every style and every budget, we’re here to help. We believe passionately that owning art will change your life and transform your space. Also, when you buy from Artfinder, you directly support artists around the world. This issue is packed with inspiration to help you find something you’ll love, from one-of-a-kind statement paintings to collectible sculptures, signed-andnumbered limited edition prints, photos and digital art in a range of styles and prices. What will you discover?

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Get the Look: Pastel Perfection Sarah Woadden, Design Director at WN Interiors chooses five stunning pastel pieces to breathe life into your home. wninteriors.co.uk


2 One and Only Natalia Lugovskaya Oil on Canvas 80 x 80cm £501 3 Marvellous Migration Lorna Doyan Card and Gold Leaf on Paper 94 x 94cm £850 4 Landscape with Cranberry Lisa Lewis Mixed Media on Paper 20 x 13cm £350 5 Brooklyn Bridge Clearing after Winter Storm Evan Sklar Digital Art (Giclée) on Paper 22.35 x 27.94cm £53

One of the challenges we face as interior designers is avoiding the pitfall of contrived perfection. Our living spaces should reflect our lives, habits and positively impact on how we feel. How do we achieve authentic reflections of ourselves? Original artwork can provide the solution it can help mould initial ideas and introduce authenticity early into the design process. Sarah Woadden

1 Brunette Marcel Garbi Ink and Watercolour on Paper 56.5 x 68cm £630

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434








Richard Kuhn

Portrait Study 01 / 06 - 16 Acrylic on Canvas. 100 x 100cm. ÂŁ721

Painting Painting

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434

Size Matters If you’re looking to make a bold statement – let one large, striking piece say it all.


Anna Laurini Austere Beauty Acrylic on Canvas 100 x 90cm £1500

Lui Acrylic on Canvas 120 x 100cm £1500



Selina Saranova ....and, is it serious? Acrylic on Canvas 190 x 150 cm. £3374

Water Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas 100 x 80cm. £1112

Marc Todd

Paul West

Wild Flower Meadow with Yellow Sky Acrylic on Canvas 80 x 60cm. £330

Ty Pedr Apple Tree Acrylic on Board 29 x 29cm. £270

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Malin Östlund Blue and Golden Acrylic on Canvas 60 x 60cm. £485

Anne Baudequin

Lemons and Limes, Pink Background Oil on Canvas. 35 x 24cm. ÂŁ175



artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434

Small but perfectly formed Choose a selection of small artworks to brighten up your space. 13

Karina Antończak Town IV Oil on Canvas 40 x 50cm £85

Lucie Jirku My Personal Landscape 2 Acrylic on Canvas 35 x 40cm. £250


Emma Cownie

Carolynne Coulson

Fresh October Morning Oil on Canvas 92 x 73cm. £529

The Fine Art of Walking Backwards Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 30cm. £85

Perparim Qazimi

Karen Wilcox

Awakens Oil on Canvas 40.64 x 50.8cm. £3022

Harry Acrylic on Paper 30 x 40cm. £135


artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Jan Rippingham Summer Flowers in Striped Vase Acrylic on Canvas. 50 x 70cm ÂŁ155

Digital Art

Digital Art


Bring something unique to your home with digitally created artwork

Alex Foster New York Map Print Digital Art (Giclée) on Paper 30 x 40cm. £54

Neil Hemsley

Redwoods. Digital Art (Giclée) on Canvas 120 x 80cm. £325

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Ladislav Hubert Geisha Digital Art (Giclée) on Paper 39 x 51cm. £70

Digital Art


Matt Crump

Slav Nedev

Hulk Structure Digital Art (Giclée) on Paper 50.8 x 50.8cm. £95

Full Moon (Sofia, 21 June 2014, 07:00 hrs) Digital Art (Giclée), Paper on Board 100 x 75cm. £675

Adam James Butcher La Voyageuse (Triptych) Digital Art (Giclée) on Canvas 55 x 100cm. £436

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Annabelle Lambie Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Digital Art on Paper 29.7 x 42cm. ÂŁ85

Eleonora Nakevska


Patchwork Story. Etching / Engraving on Paper 62 x 86cm. ÂŁ958

Printmaking Printmaking

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434

Delightfully Handmade Limited edition screenprints, linocuts and etchings to enhance any space. 21

Marianne Nix Chinstrap Penguin Etching on Paper 12 x 15cm. ÂŁ55

Gentoo Penguin Etching on Paper 12 x 15cm. ÂŁ55


Louise Stebbing Summer Evening Linocut on Paper 50.8 x 40.01cm. £300


Tim Southall A Woodland Scene Screenprint on Paper 40 x 60cm. £265

Springfields Screenprint on Paper 40.64 x 50.8cm. £260

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Justine Ellis Green Fields Screenprint on Paper 30 x 45cm. ÂŁ55



Lu West Mouse Screenprint on Paper. 19.05 x 25.4cm. ÂŁ105

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434

Rebecca Coleman

Kath Edwards

View Subterranea 4 Black Ink on Paper. 10 x 15cm. £100

Common Blue Screenprint on Paper. 25 x 35cm. £30

Alison Deegan Upnor Dinghies Linocut on Paper. 34 x 24cm. £50



Unique, hand-made collages from all over the world DB Waterman

Awakening. Mixed Media Collage 50 x 70cm. ÂŁ794

Collage Collage

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Tom Hofer Walking Blues Mixed Media Collage 91.44 x 60.96cm. £844

Ouida Touchon Sunrise Songbirds Paper Collage 23.5 x 18.41cm. £67



Chelsea Cody Freedom & Danger Collage on Paper 25.4 x 35.56cm. £140

Emma Bennett Too Often Since Collage on Canvas 23 x 30cm. £95

Helen Robertson I Know Collage on Paper 22 x30cm. £35

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Emma Gibbons 12 Things I Love About You Collage, Panel / Board, MDF 23 x 23cm. ÂŁ95


Ready, set, draw! Beautiful things in pencil and ink Pamela Lukrecja Rys

Fingerprints. Charcoal on Paper 100 x 70cm. ÂŁ76

Drawing Drawing

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434

Thomas Donaldson

Loui Jover

12-14-15 Head Study (Geisha) Ink on Paper. 27 x 37cm. £75

Octavia Ink on Paper. 65 x 83cm. £527

Andrew Bator Beyond the imagination Ink on Paper. 100 x 70cm. £1191



Gianfranco Fusari Nude #C154 Pastel on Paper. 70 x 50cm. £7057


Malgorzata Stepniak Swallows XXI Ink on Paper 17.5 x 12cm £16

David Jones Swallows XX Ink on Paper 17.5 x 12cm £16

1585 Ink on Paper 28 x 38cm £100

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Kasia Niemczynska Portrait 2 Ink and Gouache on Paper 42 x 59.4cm ÂŁ550


Who said art had to stay on the walls?

Liven up your room with these one-of-akind sculptures.

Book Skull. MDF, Bone, Horn, Paper 10.9 x 32.5 x 17.3cm. ÂŁ90

Barnaby Sax



artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Svetlana Bogatcheva #10 Cock Feather, Glue, Spray Paint on Canvas 40 x 50 x 25cm £550

#6 Cornflakes, Spray Glue, Liquid Latex, Spray Paint on Canvas. 40 x 50 x 15cm £550


Seunghwui Koo

Lawrence Molloy

Purple People Acrylic, Terracotta Mini Pigs, Wood Panel 15.24 x 20.32 x 7.62cm. £492

Mexican Bush Safety Matches 17.78 × 20.32 x 15.24cm. £350


Manuel Calvo Thinking Clay, Copper and Granite 22 x 14 x 5cm. £278

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Yenny Cocq Father and Son Bronze, Natural Stone 10.16 x 10.16 x 5.08cm. ÂŁ155

Cactus Bloom. Manipulated Photograph 60 x 42cm. ÂŁ180

Nadia Attura





Beautiful limited edition fine art photography from independent photographers around the world.

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Miss Aniela Away with the Canaries Colour Photograph on Paper 45 x 38cm. ÂŁ595

Brunella Fratini Vif Reverie project, Standby Colour Photograph on Canvas 70 x 100cm. ÂŁ636


D. Keith Furon 40

Pod Colour Photograph on Paper 20.32 x 25.4cm. £660

Olga Vázquez Cooling Tower II Colour photograph on Paper 80 x 53 cm. £779

Nataly Philippou Loneliness Black and White Photograph on Canvas 59.4 x 42cm. £120

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


Andrew Lever Sunbathing Cows Colour Photograph on Paper 101.6 x 50.8cm. ÂŁ349

Kerri Pratt, Reconstruct II. Acrylic on Board. 122 x 154cm. ÂŁ2750

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Beautiful & Affordable Art for Every Workplace Artfinder’s corporate art team offers a personalised approach to your business art needs. We specialise in sourcing affordable, original art works from a network of artists across the globe. Whether you would like a single piece for your office or boardroom, or are looking for larger numbers for a hotel or restaurant, our team can help source the right art for you. To find out more and discuss your art requirements with us, please contact: Freephone

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For Interior Designers

Work With Us

Original Art for Every Client Artfinder’s team of experts offers a personalised approach to your client’s needs. We specialise in sourcing affordable, original and limited edition art works from a network of artists across the globe. Whether you would like a small number of pieces for a single room (be it a dining room, sitting room, library or bedroom) or are looking for a larger number of works for a complete makeover, our team can help source the right art at the right price for your client. To find out more, discuss your art requirements or enquire about our trade programme, please contact: Freephone

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Lena Stanis, The State of the Sun. Acrylic on Canvas. 101.6 x 76.2cm. ÂŁ317

artfinder.com/catalogue | 0800 133 7434


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Artfinder Summer Catalogue 2016  

Shop original artwork from all over the world, directly supporting independent artists.

Artfinder Summer Catalogue 2016  

Shop original artwork from all over the world, directly supporting independent artists.

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