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Front Cover: Andrew Kinmont, Catching The Sun, 2015. Oil Painting Inside: Filippo Minelli, Shape D/Q, 2013. Colour Photograph

Hannah Adamaszek at work. c. Liam Keown



Artfinder’s first ever catalogue! I’m so excited to be able to bring you this sample of favourites from, our first attempt at translating the wide range of the art we have online into a smaller printed format that will give you a brief yet fair taste of the 150,000+ artworks available online. As the biggest marketplace for original art, we are changing the way that art is bought and sold, allowing art lovers to directly connect and buy from artists in over 100 countries around the world. It is a truly global marketplace, and for the first time, affordable original art can be found and acquired with ease and convenience regardless of where you are located. Our mission is to bring the world of art to everyone, to create a mass market without any mass production, a market in which artists play the lead role and directly benefit from all the sales. With hundreds of new artists and thousands of new artworks added every week, Artfinder is growing faster than ever. Come join the Artfinder revolution! Jonas Almgren CEO, Artfinder


Frederic Belaubre, Metafigure 33, 2007. Oil on Canvas


About Artfinder

The way we shop is changing. For the better. When you buy on Artfinder, you are buying something handmade directly from the person who made it. You are supporting an artist and also buying something completely unique that will last a lifetime. We value: Craft, quality, originality • All artworks are 100% authentic and signed by the artist • Original art over mass-produced prints and reproductions • The world’s biggest selection of original, affordable artwork across paintings, printmaking and photography A hassle-free shopping experience • Free worldwide 14 day returns • Friendly, helpful customer support online and by phone • Interest-free loans over £300 for UK customers


I love vivid colour and the strong emotion it evokes. I search for something that draws me towards it, from the vast magnificent trees that surround my walks to the simple green apple that sits quietly on my table.


Harriet Hue




Zhana Viel Flute Player, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas

Ludius, 2015. Oil on Canvas 9

Harriet Hue Three Tomatoes on White, 2015. Oil on Canvas

Blossom on Blue, 2015. Oil on Canvas



Ronald Hunter POP Neon Striped Colours 181, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas

Peter Goodhall Liberty VII, 2015. Oil on Canvas

Koi Anticipation V, 2015. Oil on Canvas 11

D.O.M. (Dominika Zurawska) ICA(O)N, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas

Blue, 2015. Oil on Canvas


Anthony Crammen Centrifugal Force: Part 4, 2015. Acrylic on Board

This Way – That Way, 2015. Acrylic on Board


Carla Sá Fernandes The Emotional Creation 37, 2014. Acrylic on Canvas

Undefined 63, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas


Roberto Ponte Street in San Francisco, 2015. Watercolour on Paper

Manhattan Skyline, 2015. Watercolour on Paper

London Skyline, 2015. Watercolour on Paper



Corinne Natel Red Promise, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas

Lasting Summer, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas

April, 2015. Acrylic on Canvas


Sal Jones She Didn’t Tell You It Was My Fault, 2013. Oil on Canvas

It Was Easy For Me, 2014. Oil on Canvas

Digital Art 16

I need to create art that is enjoyable and true to my own ideals. I do it because I live and breathe Art with a pure passion taking inspiration from both the extraordinary and the commonplace. Czar Catstick




Leigh Bagley L-R: Kef Blue, 2012 & Tri Green, 2012. Acrylic inks on paper

AKTION 1, 2013. Acrylic inks on paper

Vas Orange, 2013. Acrylic inks on paper

Digital Art

Dex A Study in Sherlock. Digital Art (Giclée)

London Film Map. Digital Art (Giclée)


Bronagh Kennedy

Czar Catstick

Big Ben & Westminster, 2013. Digital Art (Giclée)

The Auburn Jerry Hall, 2015. Manipulated Photograph (Giclée)


Katia losca Pussy Cat, 2015. Digital Art (GiclĂŠe)


It is that moment that makes printmaking magical. I’m about to lift up the plate to look at what the print looks like. Always similar, but never entirely identical. Anne Gournay



Lu West Watermelons, 2014. Screenprint on Paper

Bananas, 2014. Screenprint on Paper

Pomegranates, 2014. Screenprint on Paper 21

Chris Homer Deco Teal, 2015. Screenprint on Paper

Cosmos, 2014. Screenprint on Paper

e59th & 2nd, 2014. Screenprint on Paper



Emma Lawrenson Grey Striped Form, 2014. Screenprint on Paper

Jaco Putker The Boy and the Masks, 2013. Etching on Paper

The Girl and the Balloon, 2015. Etching on Paper

Estate No 1 2015. Etching on Paper 23

Luna North Star Rabbits, 2014. Linocut on Paper

Snowflake Deer, 2013. Linocut on Paper

Pretty Horses, 2014. Linocut on Paper


Alexandra Buckle Roadside Poppies, 2015. Linocut on Paper

Snape Maltings Walk, 2015. Linocut on Paper


Anne Gournay

Rebecca Vincent

Little Blue Riding Hood, 2014. Screenprint on Paper

Safely Gathered In, 2015. Etching on Paper


Tiff Howick Bull Terrier, 2015. Screenprint on Paper

DB Waterman



After a lot of trial and error I finally succeeded in getting the collages as transparent as a watercolor. Every layer of paper, oil, acrylic, pencil, crayon, ballpoint, watercolor, ink, charcoal and whatever else I use, remains visible in the artwork.




Emma Bennett Sardines, 2015. Collage on Paper

The Orchard and a Penny Farthing, 2014. Collage on Paper


Lorna Doyan Marvellous Migration. Relief on Paper

Flower Butterfly Box. Relief on Paper


Paolo Bazz

Elizabeth Lever

Wish You Were Here, 2015. Collage, Paper on Board

Ella in Midnight Blue, 2015. Collage on Paper


DB Waterman The Big Escape, 2015. Collage on Paper

Drawing 30

I make drawings by listening to my most fleeting thoughts. The best part is hearing people’s interpretations of the loose narrative that creates. I make art because I love the idea of creativity inspiring creativity. Gabriel Böhmer


Gabriel Bรถhmer Gabriel Bรถhmer, Mixed Work

Topography Man, 2014. Pencil and Acrylic on Paper and Canvas

Bear Lever Coffee Machine, 2014. Pen and Acrylic on Paper


Elena Oleniuc Female Nude, 2015. Charcoal on Paper

Maciej Kuran Streets of London, 2015. Ink on Paper

Rainy Evening in New York, 2015. Ink on Paper 33

Stefan Fierros Harmonics, 2015. Charcoal on Paper

Inner Space, 2015. Ink on Paper

Sculpture 34

Through my art I attempt to illustrate oneness, a unity with the universe where all things are connected. Kate Rattray




Wayne Chisnall Nail Box, 2007. Mixed Media Sculpture

Tattooed Tumour Box, 2014. Mixed Media Sculpture

Planetoid 210, 2012. Mixed Media Sculpture


Nicola Beattie

Kate Rattray

Pigeon, 2014. Soapstone Sculpture

Chorus at the Wake of the Sun, 2012. Mixed Media Sculpture


Seunghwui Koo Amazing Pig 10, 2015. Acrylic on Terracotta Sculpture

Piggies 5, 2014. Acrylic on Terracotta Sculpture


Lionel Le Jeune L’astronaute, 2014. Mixed Media Sculpture

I experiment with unusual angles and push the boundaries of time and exposure. My aim is to evoke an emotional response that makes you want to keep looking and return to explore the image again and again. Ben Robson Hull





Tom Hanslien Viscri, Translyvania, 2015. Colour Photograph


Peter Blanchard

Dhyana Fritsche

Expansion, 2015. Colour Photograph

Ubergang series, 2015. Colour Photograph


Peter Iverson

Amelie Berton

Untitled Two, 2015. Colour Photograph

I’ll Be Rising Again, 2014. Colour Photograph

Ben Robson Hull

Stephen Bradley

London City, Colour Photograph

Stranocum Landscape, 2015. Colour Photograph



Nadia Attura Ostia Out Of Season, 2015. Colour Photograph

Bronagh Kennedy, Reflections No. 4 Abstract Geometric 2015, (GiclĂŠe)

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Beautiful & affordable art for every workplace Artfinder’s corporate art team offers a personalised approach to your business art needs. We specialise in sourcing affordable, original artworks from a network of artists across the globe. Whether you would like a single piece for your office or boardroom, or are looking for larger numbers for a hotel or restaurant chain, our team can help source the right art for you. To find out more and discuss your art requirements with us, please contact: UK freephone

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For Interior Designers

Work with us

Original art for every client Artfinder’s team of experts offers a personalised approach to your client’s needs. We specialise in sourcing affordable, original and limited edition artworks from a network of artists across the globe. Whether you would like a small number of pieces for a single room (be it a dining room, sitting room, library or bedrom) or are looking for a larger number of works for a complete makeover, our team can help source the right art at the right price for your client. To find out more and discuss your art requirements with us, please contact: UK freephone 0800 133 7434 UK mobile & international +44 203 397 8833 Email

Annabelle Lambie, Comice Pears, 2014. Digital Art c. Anwyn Howarth


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Give the Gift of Art Want to buy them the gift of art, but don’t know where to begin? Let them choose an artwork they love with an Artfinder Gift Card. Available in values from 25.00 upwards, with the option to leave a personalised message.

Tom Hanslien, Udaipur City Palace I, 2012. Colour Photograph


Shop the catalogue Made with

in London & New York

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Artfinder Winter Catalogue 2015  

Shop original artwork from all over the world, supporting independent artists.

Artfinder Winter Catalogue 2015  

Shop original artwork from all over the world, supporting independent artists.

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