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Movie Month in Miami!


iami has been converted into a film destination, thank to the different film festivals held in the city, and this year March has been established as the Film Month by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. This is a good time for movie lovers to enjoy the different

opportunities from local art cinemas.

Editor in Chief Jenny Rodríguez Art Director Henry Garzón Copy Editor Carola Perla Copyright Notice:

Nearly 13 Festivals have place in Miami during the year, among which are the Miami International Film Festival and the Women’s International Film Festival, held in March, along to many film events from others participating film festivals. ArtFest Magazine is pleased to be a sponsor of the DOC Miami International Film Festival, which will be held on December in Doral, FL. The DOC MIFF will have different events during the year through Miami, to involve the community into the film art.

Publisher José Velez

We will cover all this events, starting this month with the screening of “Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend”, at the Tower Theater. This is one more goal achieved within what we are working to bringing art to the community and being an active part of this development, For the Love of Art!

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Performance Artist


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A warm expression of everyday life


olombia-born Patricia Jaramillo has been capturing images from the world around her in breathtaking ways since her earliest days in Bogotá. Jaramillo’s innate artistic sensibilities and love for painting led her to cultivate this art form, the perfection of which she has devoted a life time to.

Drawing on her creativity and imagination, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, with a minor in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, she immigrated to the United States, where she lives today, pursuing postgraduate courses with a specialization in Commercial TV Production and Computerized Graphic Designs. For several years she also took professional oil painting classes at “Taller Maher”. She currently attends the “Romero Hidalgo Art Studios”. Her art reflects a simple and warm expression of everyday life. Her work is composed of earthly and bright colors, with special texture and density. At the same time they are also highly sensitive. Prior to starting an art piece, she prepares the canvas with a background of warm and cold tones. Afterwards she begins her work by incorporating the strength and expression from the spatula, with the acuteness and sharpness of the paintbrush. Patricia has participated in various expositions throughout the United

States, Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean. Her private collections exist in places like Bogotá and Cartagena in Colombia; Mexico; El Salvador and Guatemala in Central America; Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, New York and Miami in the US; Santo Domingo and Quebec.

Singers who add a dose of



The healing po Going room to room, they played their songs bedside. This was the beginning of Musicians on Call in 1999.


fter a concert at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York,the group of musicians who played decided to bring the concert to those patients unable to attend because their sickness.

According to Dr. Deforia Lane, Director of Music Therapy at University Hospitals of Cleveland, the music has been shown to benefit portions of the brain. The ability of music to affect emotions and social interactions can help reduce pain, increase the communication between

people, and relax or energize the body. The first Musicians on Call program started at Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center in Pediatrics later expanded to include the adults unit (today MOC have 18 weekly programs in four of the five boroughs in New York). In 2004, MOC’s reach extended to Pennsylvania. Three years later, MOC established itself on a country wide scale with its first national branch in Nashville, TN. MOC’s Miami branch followed in September 2009. The third national branch was started in Washington D.C. in 2011, and the fourth branch is planned to be launched next autumn in Los Angeles (California currently has a pilot program in pediatrics).

To date, MOC has played for over 275,000 individuals and leads 42 weekly programs in 6 cities. “Our goal is to add another adult facility in Miami before our third anniversary in September”, said Leslie M. Faerstein, Ed.D., LCSW and Executive Director of MOC. “This would bring us to four weekly Bedside

joy to life


facilities around the country. Project Playback is another program in which a volunteer singer/ songwriter works with a small group of patients to write and record their own songs. MOC makes the CDs and prepares a CD release party for the patients, families and Performance Programs in Miami”. Miami’s branch counts with 100 volunteer musicians and 10 volunteer guides. These visit the hospital’s patients weekly as part of a new everyday healing experience of the music. MOC also has a CD Pharmacy Program in which hundreds of CDs are sent to healthcare

staff. Through the Rock a Patient’s World program, anyone can choose a facility in one of the cities in which MOC have Bedside Performances and know that, for a year, a musician will go into that room and play for whoever is hospitalized there. The volunteer musicians of MOC have brought healing and


ower of music transformation into the hospital’s rooms, with music that has changed the lives of patients, families and care providers. Artists such as John Mayer, Rob Thomas, Gavin DeGraw, James Taylor, Maroon 5, Seal, Chicago, Jorge Villimizar, Darius Rucker, Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Trace Adkins, Lady Antebellum and many others, have donated their time and talent to events and fundraisers for MOC. Anyone can become a part of this great movement. Visit www., for volunteer or donations.



The Fantastic Dream


uman and equine artists on a journey through some of the world’s most wondrous landscapes compose Odysseo, Cavalia’s new production, which combines the equestrian stage arts and extraordinary high technology theatrical effects. The relationship between humans and horses by loosely recounting the evolution of this bond seen in Cavalia, is going forward in Odysseo, leading viewers on a journey through some of the breathtaking landscapes horses have helped humans discover around the globe. The meeting of these two worlds - horse and human, as friends, partners and inseparable performers - is a crossing into the imagination, a voyage through space and time, and an exploration of nature’s greatest deserts, waterfalls, canyons, glaciers and more. Surrounded by splendid projections and visual effects, some 70 horses and 55 artists embark together on a journey, travelling through amazing natural landscapes. “The horse has been a partner of humanity throughout the ages,” explained Normand Latourelle, President and Artistic Director of Cavalia. “It’s thanks to horses that humans imagined they could travel to the ends of the earth. This powerful and natural wonder of an animal enabled mankind to bridge cultures, to create alliances amongst people, and thus to freely roam

World of



the planet. He has been one of the most important instruments in the evolution of humanity. This is the essence of Odysseo.� An enchanted three-dimensional forest, which gradually comes alive under a sky of moving clouds, is the welcome to marvel at nature’s greatest wonders. The flat surface of the stage starts to swell and curve. From behind an expanse of rolling hills and a distant desert emerges a herd of horses, seeking an oasis where they can quench their thirst. Through a symphony of colours and emotions, a series of wonders will unfold. In this intimate yet grandiose setting, humans and horses live in harmony. Astounding images accompanied

by live music, horses, acrobats, dancers, musicians and riders, set off the spectator to discover new horizons into a world where beauty, serenity and hope reign. This fascinating show is a renewed tribute to the relationship that humans and horses have forged over thousands of years. Travelling to the four corners of the globe and building bridges between cultures has brought people from all over the planet closer together. Odysseo is a singular expression and celebration of this exceptionally moving journey, from February 29th to March 25th at Bicentennial Park in Downtown Miami.



Bob Marley:

The Making of a Legend

Bob Marley Footage In DocMiami Documentary Screening For Miami Film Month


hrough intimate scenes shot on a Sony video camera in the 1970s, Jamaican filmmaker Esther Anderson artfully constructed the union between Reggae and Rasta that launched the international career and renowned image of Bob Marley and The Wailers. Revisiting that formative time, she reveals to what degree her original vision set in motion the radical change of perception and

consciousness both musically and socially around the world. DocMiami International Film Festival in Partnership with the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau and MDC-Tower Theater and Miami International Film Festival, in celebration of Miami Film Month, are presenting the documentary Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend, on March 15th 2012 at the Tower Theater.

Esther Anderson will be present for a Q & A Session after the film. Contributing to this wonderful evening with be Special Guest Speaker and Maya Angelou’s grandson, Elliott Jones; Bob Marley’s cousin, singer Alex Marley; and his nephew, Good Morning America - Chef, Charles Maddock Aston Barrett Jr. with his band “Reggae Force”. “DocMiami is incredibly honored to be able to present this documentary to South Florida in celebration of Miami Film Month.” said Monica Rosales, Executive Director of DocMiami, an organization dedicated to promoting the best that documentary filmmaking has to offer worldwide. DocMiami seeks to provide filmmakers a forum, which promotes their

unique contributions to the evolution of the cultural arts within South Florida and within the entertainment industry as a whole. Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend screening: March 15, 2012 at 7:00pm Tower Theater - Miami Dade College 1508 Southwest 8th Street Miami, FL 33135

of green shamrocks


The Irish tradition



t. Patrick - the 4th Century Catholic missionary, who is popularly remembered as having banished all the snakes from Ireland – enjoys perhaps one of the most lively saint celebrations in the world – the annual St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Originally this was intended as a day for spiritual reflection and prayer. In modern times, March 17th is also marked with parades, festivals, and lively festivities, not just in Dublin but around the globe. International cities with large Irish populations like New York and Boston are clad in the national Irish colors green and gold this time of year. The shamrock is also omnipresent – this Irish symbol gained popularity after St. Patrick used the small plant to demonstrate the principles of the Holy Trinity. Celebrations on this day range from brass band parades and church services to the playful tradition of drinking ‘green beer’. Admittedly, the great Irish institution of the

public house has been central to most people’s knowledge of Irish culture. But St. Patrick’s is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the country’s music, dance, food, and drinks. South Florida offers just such opportunities to honor St. Patrick, with well- established events and festivals that constitute a major part of the cultural development of the community. This Saturday, March 10th, Coral Gables

will celebrate its 34th annual ‘St. Patrick Festival’. Further north, the Irish Parade takes place in Downtown Hollywood, on Sunday, March 11th.



Where to go

this month?

The Art of Giving: Friday March 2, , 7 to10 p.m. @ Cuarto Art Space, 3117 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL Artists Square Bayside: Every weekend @ Bayside Marketplace, Miami FL Arte Americas: March 3rd to 5th, 12 p.m. @ Miami Beach Convention Center Marcelo Holzinger Art Exhibition: Saturday March

3rd, 7 p.m. 2 Frameworks, 3196 Commodore Plaza. Miami, FL Dali Miami: March 7th to 11th @ The Moore Building, 4040 NE 2nd Ave. Miami Opening Night for Ellie Perla Solo Show ‘POLYCHROMATICA’: Saturday March 10th 7 p.m. @ Atelier 1022 Gallery, 2732 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL.

Miamipalooza: Saturday March 10th, 3 p.m. @ Tobacco Road, 626 S Miami Ave. Miami, FL SopaBruja “Abracadabra” Album Release: Wednesday March 14th, 8 p.m. @ Madrid Tapas y Vinos, 525 NW Le June Rd. Miami, FL Art of Blo: March 14th, 7p.m. @ Blo Midtown 3301 NE 1st Avenue, Suite 102 Miami, FL Miss Coco DeVille of the Brass Knuckle Bombshells: Thursday, March 15, 2012, 7:00 PMStage 84 9118 W State Road 84, Davie, FL Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend, screening:Thursday March 15th, 7p.m. @ Tower

Theater 1508 SW 8th Street Miami, FL Big Night in Little Haiti: Friday March 16th 7 p.m. @ Little Haiti Cultural Center 212 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL. 48th Annual Key Biscayne Rotary Art Festival: Saturday, March 17, 10:00 am - Sunday, March 18, 5:00 pm @ Village Green Park, Key Biscayne, FL Crafters Delight Craft Show: Sunday March 18th, 2p.m. to 8p.m. @ 3020 North Federal Highway, 5A. Ft. Lauderdale, FL Lincoln Road Photowalk: Sunday, March 18, 2012, 4:00 PM@Alton Rd & Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach.

New World Symphony: March 20th to 31st @ New World Center, 500 17th Street, Miami Beach, FL. Miami Beach International Fashion Week: March 21st 6 p.m. @ Miami Beach Convention Center 1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL. Art Beats for Life 2012: W/ day, March 21st, 2012, 9pm - 2am @ Gallery 212 2407 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL. Big Night in Little Haiti: Friday March 23rd, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Third Friday of the Month) @ Little Haiti Cultural Center Plaza, 212 NE 59 Terrace, Miami Artist in Action! Marina Font: Talk –Friday March 23rd, 7p.m. Workshop–Saturday March 24th, 1 p.m. @ Girls’ Club, 117 NE 2nd Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Wynwood Green: Sunday March 25th @ 572 NW 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127 Art of the Music: March 25th 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. @ The Heart Painter, 310 Esplanade, suite 50A, Boca Raton, FL Women’s International Film Festival: March 28th – April 1st @ Downtown Miami Wynwood area. Viernes Culturales: Friday March 30th, 7 p.m. @ SW 8th Street (Calle Ocho) Miami, FL Art Show @ Your Big Picture Café: Friday March 30th, 8 p.m. 4900 S.University Dr. Davie, FL Odd Duck Handmade Bazaar: Saturday March 31st, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. @ Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center, 1770 Monroe Street, Hollywood, FL

ArtFest Mag #8 - March 2012