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The Art of communicating


promote art in all of its forms, and consider it a privilege that we share it with you, our readers, who in each issue provide insights that enrich our work.


hen we started to attend art fairs and crafts shows, interacting with colleagues and assistants, we noticed how we shared the information about art news and upcoming events face to face. It still happens, social networks have facilitated this task greatly. The collection and dissemination of artistic content is a task that we are discovering day by day the great need to unite and expand. We have gathered artists, stories, experiences, and rich knowledge from all you people who are working to

On our ongoing work, we are fulfilling our goal of promoting art. We are working for people who want something different and that see an alternative in the art of communication. It is our duty as part of our process. MAG

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Drawing to share a little happiness


Pablo Azar was born in Mexico City and since the beginning of his life he has showed great affinity for the performing and visual arts, participating in theater and painting festivals nationwide. He has achieved extraordinary success as an international actor, and behind the scenes as a painter. “Disconnection from real world should be essential for every human being since this is the only way to start fresh again”, says Pablo Azar, who was inspired by his experiences, real life, desires, wishes, opinions, fantasies. He achieves to cleverly mix cartoon and color in images of our every day life, creating a new concept of fantasy and color. He began to put cartoons together with no spaces and he came up with the idea of creating larger figures with those cartoons, combining the real world or the daily things

with the fantasy world; it was later named by his wife Claudia “Toonymania”. “I am trying to develop my own life; since I love cartoons, I am collecting as much cartoons as possible to fill my soul, because a single cartoon is not just a drawing, it is the beginning of something greater; you just have to know how to see it”, Pablo said.





bout this stage Pablo says: “This is for me one step further in achieving my goal with Toonymania, which is to reach as many people as possible and make them smile or at least have a good time by looking at my art”.


ablo will continue the evolution into his fantasy-real paints to make people learn Pablo released something from his art. “I look through my art a t-shirt line with pictures and cartoons that people feel Toonymania style, encouraged to smile, and even for a moment in an effort to to remember what they felt when children promote art, using his let imagination run paintings which have away”. Pablo says. received international “I think there’s recognition, in the no better way to painting festival “Le live in a world Touquett” in France where there are and most recently in many concerns the international fair thatbylaughing at Jewelry in Miami Arteamericas representing Maura Casanova him”. MAG the cultural Institute of Mexico, now to be translated into various styles 1208 Collins Ave of shirts in exclusive stores to make 2dn floor. More of Pablo this certainly something new and Miami Beach, very accessible to his fans and the Azar artwork: Fl 33139 general public.

Create the Nation





Inspiring the creativity within


reate The Nation was established in 2011 by Miguel Bustamante & Carolina Gonzalez. Creating a nation of kids and teens whose passion for themselves, life and their planet is cultivated by inspiring their creativity through the arts, health and volunteering. Miguel has been a professional audio engineer & music blogger for many years. Through his love for and involvement in the music industry he has realized the need for children to be exposed to music and the arts at an early age.

Carolina has been involved in giving back to her community, working with various organizations such as Hands on Miami. Inspired by her daughter of six years, whom accompanied her to most volunteering events, she immediately saw the importance of getting other children involved. Together they founded Create the Nation with the intent to create opportunities for the youth to exercise their creativity through the arts, give back to their community and reclaim a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

More of Create the Nation: Facebook: Twitter:









“If we work hard and use the talents we are given, doors will be opened for us”. -George Moss-


rt is an expression canal that George Moss –Gmoss-, has been developing since he was 6 years old; he found on the drawings a powerful communication tool, messages that can be converted into original art, illustration, graphic design, fashion technical design, and product development for thousand of purposes. “I used to watch my older brother draw and I drew his artwork” says George about his first drawings of ninjas and monster trucks. His talent of drawing started with cartoons in the 80’s, and then

project”. Said George about his beginning as a clothing illustrator. “I started drawing on clothing in her class. I wanted to have cool clothing with a good message, and something different that related to who I am”. Graduated in Commercial Art from International Fine Arts College (IFAC), now known as Miami International University of Art and Design, George perfected his drawing skills working as a graphic designer and illustrator, and also working for Perry Ellis as a Technical Clothing Illustrator.

was combined with clothing design and book illustration. “My High School art teacher, Mrs. Bailey, inspired me when she created a t-shirt painting

A couple years later he and his family created their own company, Gmoss Designs, and launched an urban line of clothing, accessories and

The Chronicles of Ann & Lo. Inspired on his own family and friends George started to write stories during his lunch break, or even from a dream at night; piece by piece they came together to make “The Chronicles of Ann & Lo” a Sci Fi story full of Fantasy, Hip Hop, Comic Books, anime, and Miami, Florida mixed into a tasty gumbo, developed


A on 2099; a crosscultured story for ages 13 up to young adults. “The Chronicles of Ann & Lo”, totally illustrated by George, talks about two siblings, Ann and Lo, fighting against an ancient evil organization to rescue their friend and prevent world domination. To make an animated film feature for the “Chronicles of Ann & Lo” it’s one of George’s goals, who is working on the second part of the story, as well as working to make Gmoss Designs a successful company. “My next step is to continue promoting myself as an artist/ designer, make a living as an artist, be more productive/improving myself in clothing design, illustration, business, and story writing”, says George, follows his dreams and wants to encourage everyone to believe in themselves. “I really believe that if we work hard and use the talents we are given, doors will be opened for us”. MAG

Learn more:



prints with George’s original cartoon character designs. “Drawing to me is an expression of showing who I am, sharing my thoughts, and showing what’s in my heart”.

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Film & Music


The Doc Miami International Film Festival


ove between people, between artist, performers, filmmakers, and anyone who experience this films can do a loving and an exciting journey that we all have the possibility to experience every moment of the life if we just open our hearts and our minds”. Joel Thome The DocMiami International Film Festival is a three day event of cutting edge documentary films and three nights of outstanding music concerts. A festival with a cause, where “Everything you dream is real.” The DocMiami International Film Festival is a celebration of documentary filmmaking at a global level nestled in sunny South Florida. The festival brings together emerging documentary filmmakers, students’ grades 6-12, as well as film and music enthusiasts in a truly bohemian, one-of-a-kind event. “This year we have amazing films from all over the world; we have different topics, like investigators, historical, local films, journeys, and beautiful music documentary” Said Monica Rosales, Executive director of the Festival.

“We have a beautiful group of 60’s generation like “Inside the Perfect Circle”, directed by Chris Pepino, an inspirational story about the seeking of Joel Thoms work. “I want to share this journey through my cosmic music with the people who are attending the music concerts, I want to inspire people and show them they should never give up on wherever they do” said Thoms, while Pepino said: “I’m just waiting for the audiences reaction, the people to be able to know Joel because he’s an interesting composer”. In the other hand Howard Livov, Director of “Aglow”, a film about Paul Chojnowski, artists who are recognized, but who are not celebrities, said: “I think the person

who has talent real demonstrates talent, but is not the embrace to the place to feel confortable; they work hard to make a living. I want to demystify the artist”.

DocMiami is dedicated to promote the best that documentary filmmaking has to offer worldwide, seeking to propose new forms of expression whereby thematic and cultural diversity shine as a distinct emblem, contributing to the evolution of the cultural arts within South Florida and within the entertainment industry as a whole. A group of humans who love art, who love artist and filmmakers and want to help inspire people to collaborate on this years Festival as Lance Miccio, painter and filmmaker participant at the Festival who created the picture for the Festival: “When I started working on the painting Monica had ask me to use the theme, the DOC Miami Film Festival, so along those lines of the theme of this year festival, I was inspired to paint the people who arrive to America for first time, they left their countries for many reasons and then came to America where anything is possible and all your dreams are real. America is made of many races and that symbolizes the film festival in a way that I though that it was expressed right” Said Miccio. “To combine the passion for the film and all you believe is real”.


Film & Music

According with Rosales, the second part of the Festival, music concerts, came about really; DocMiami’s work with non-profit Brick by Brick, where performers such as: Melton Mustafa, Tito Puente, Jr., Fito Espinola and others contributed their talents to raise founds to build schools in Tanzania who are combating not only poverty but also a drought, hunger and the AIDS crisis.



The purpose of the DocMiami Public Service Announcement Competition is to promote the support of the arts in public schools. Is a free contest for students though all the country to express the important to save the art, because programs have been cut nationally, specially in Florida. The arts are valuable to society as a whole and can be integrated within Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and of course History. They provide students the tools to develop creative minds in order to explore and reach creative solutions and they inspire good citizenship by encouraging cooperation and teamwork. The goal of the DocMiami PSA “Save the Arts in Public Schools” competition is to allow students to express in their own words their appreciation for the arts.

A panel of judges will select One Public Service Announcement (PSA) winner based on student entries and students will also be able to win an Audience award based on the online voting system. MAG

Map and Directions

RockArte at The Stage Thursday September 15th 2011 9:00 pm to 5:00 am 170 NE 38th Street, Miami, Fl A night of beautiful debauchery and insane talent is coming your way on Thursday September 15th, as some of Miami’s most amazing Rockers and Artists come together to bring you an extraordinary show at one of the city’s finest venues: THE STAGE. Rock-Kulture Miami & Takto Artifacts










akai, which literally means “by the sea”, was formed in Miami in mid-2008 Rosenfeld Amelia’s voice, Leonardo Cañete on the guitar, Axel Pedersen on bass and Chiru Mendoza on the druums. Makai’s songs are born of a sound that is fresh and has a genuine soul. Original songs with original poems that are born in an acoustic guitar, with the rustic simplicity of a sound, simple, yet profound when coupled with the lyrical. Their songs have the versatility to adapt to the sound of Pop, mutate to hard rock, delving among the most romantic ballads and acoustic back to the essence in a renewed and enriched way.

After presenting a broad and colorful set in the underground scene in Miami, They released their first album “Instant Light” which managed to get nominated for best independent band, best album is a finalist in the Latin American Song Festival in California and voted Best Band at Song Festival Las Vegas 2011. MAG More of Makai: