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August 18-19, 2012 10am-5pm






meet by main stage

(fee involved includes materials)

Make a glass Pendant with Artist Judie DeWald 10:30am Saturday Form a tree from Copper Wire with Artist Ivan Gilbert 11:30am Saturday Learn How to Paint background to Foreground with Artist Kyle Jeske 12:30am Saturday

Advanced Adult Painting Class with Rory Mattson 10:30am Sunday

Create Short Lived Sculptures with Peter Juhl. 11:30am Sunday

Learn Abstract Acrylic Painting with Artist Amanda Klassen 10:30am Saturday

Art Therapy Pottery Class with Angela Altringer Krueger 11:30am Saturday

Pottery Class with Cheryl Husby 10:30am Sunday

Photography - Secrets of Outdoor Photography with Christopher Sandberg 11:30am Sunday

Plates of Promise

Purchase a $10 handcrafted plate to support Duluth’s homeless children.

Kids Corner

Kids participate in the hands-on creative arts & crafts activities!

• Create Clay Sculpture Pieces - with Project Food Steps (Free) • Pet the Pony - with Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch (Free) • Make Felt Butterflies - Sunday only - with Duluth Art Institute (Free) • Air Brushed Face Painting - with Phancy Face Painting ($4 - $8) • Beauty Queens - Meet Miss West Duluth (Free) • Funky Hair - with Parlour 53 Hair Design ($5.) • Bounce House Fun Day ($5.) • Spin Art - with Phancy ($4.) • Make a Dog/Cat toy - with Animal

Allies (Free) • Cut out Squirrels & Bunnies with Wildwoods Rehabilitation (Free) • And More! Rates subject to change.

• Kite flying daily

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Thank you for attending Art in Bayfront Park. SAVE THE DATE for next year: August 17-18, 2013


223 418 219 240 114 245 272 262 102 130 119 213 117 250 243 161 277 163 275 132

408 231 252 131 271 164 224 156 227 106 248 226

CLAY CLAY Abel, Thomas Bennett, Daniel Benson, Pam Berger, Jeremy Bonz, Lori Cherrico, Joel Cook, William Eller, Carl Husby, Cheryl & Bob Jerzak, Chad Krueger, Angela Altringer Lampi, Lenore Lingle, Abby McDaniel, Eileen Miller, Jim and Judy Morton, Karen Peters, Jedd Schael, Michael Staubus, Sheila Swanson, Will WOOD WOOD Arnesen, Verne Berglund, John Blahnik, Tom Brown, Bill Heider, Barlow Kautza, Mary & Jim Kliniske, Art Perrow, Donald Racheli, Lawrence & Margaret Resch, Kari Robar, Andrew Traeger, John SCULPTURE SCULPTURE Belleveau, Albert Felden, Mary Halverson, Steven Hamilton, Beryl Wells & Clyo Howard Meyerdirk, Greg and Patrice Monstad, Yvette Moon, Kotah Sato, Carolyn Hansen Sell, Tonja Shohet, Cheryl Sonnek, Dave Tiede, Venise Weber, Norb

414 208 155 220 112 411 303 401 270 278 151 500 237 GLASS GLASS 244 Charpentier, Theresa

133 149 276 251 239 410

302 301 235 501 147 107 142 420 407 110 281 123 413 305 236 135 256 234 217 115 128 105 280 412 259 214 141 225 127 101 269 139 157 247 416 136 216 403 154 415 129 120 409

Grisham, Rene Jones, Kimka Kruger, Sherri & Rositas, Mike Lynn, Nate Mathews, Robert Murzyn, Nola PAINTINGS & PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS DRAWINGS Cortez, Tim Daly, Michael Danbom, Carroll Dietman, Ron Emery, Lisa Esser, William Garberick, Michael Gilbert, Erica Gillman, Ernest Gross, Thomas Foster, Tim Holmes, Michael Jeske, Kyle Johnson, Jane Johnston, Mary Klassen, Amanda Levar, Diane Mattson, Rory Nagler, Leonard Nelson, Richard Peyton, John *(BEST IN SHOW 2012)* Sandquist, Greta Soho Gallery-adults with disabilities Thompson, Carla Wells, Bryon Wiemer, Dan PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY Aicher, Matthew Aaron Benda, James Caley, Peter Clements, Thomas Cummelin, Douglas Juhl, Peter Maheshwari, Shakun Melin, Travis Nacey, Pat Quast, Vince Rego, Phil Sandberg, Christopher Tacke, David Taft, Lila Verbout, Loretta Voth, Craig Welk, Nate

273 210

Wewerka, Steve Wild, Matt JEWELRY JEWELRY 506 Anderson, Nancy 145 Bour, Cecil & Jean Zwahr 402 Bundy, Holly Ulm 207 Carroll, Melissa 150 Carter, Bob 254 Cook, Sara 158 De Wald, Judie & Jerry 103 Hammill, Patty & Jayann Erkkila 265 Heimkes, Lynn 249 Hunter, Phyllis 125 Johnson, Devin 242 Ketenci, Bora 109 Klepperich, Carla 212 Kramer, Kelly 140 Nunnelee, Jennifer 124 Pekarek, Donald 257 Qualley Peterson, Kate 282 Riihiluoma, Diane 138 Ross, Mary 503 Sample, Joan 122 Sandnas, Teresa 134 Silva, Jurema 118 Slate, Joyce 507 Swee, Cindy Mae 417 Troyer, Philip 258 West, Abigail 405 Ziegler, Bart FIBER FIBER 230 Berglund, Karen 153 Brawley, Deborah 116 Clarke, Caroline 211 Eshghieh, Parvaneh 108 Esser, Sarah 104 Hernandez, Amy 509 Jennings, Valerie 241 Kohnhorst, Maria Anna MIXED MEDIAMIXED MEDIA 266 Aschinger, Skeeter 238 Broden, Lonnie 263 Bryan, Kathy 121 Clabaugh, Charles 159 Eilders Glenn 232 Gilbert, Ivan 229 Herbert, Jan & Mark 126 Johnson, Fred 255 Johnson, Morris 279 Katz, Ronna 505 Mahfood, bernadette

261 504 406 215 404 222

Punchgut Schultz, Lynn Shi, Eric Smisek, James Smith, Lisa Whitcomb, Brady ARTISTS IN IN ACTION ARTISTS ACTION 300 Caricatures Shati, Adnan KIDS Facepainting Fletcher, Latoya MUSIC MUSIC 267 Surface, Pat MISC MISC 502 Organic bath & body McGee, Casey 422 Herbal remedies Quade, Stacey 419 Candles Snell, Jim and Erika Roaming Human Statues


Artic Blasts. BOOTH G Becky's Oriental Foods. BOOTH D Blue Loon Concessions. BOOTH A D’Marie. BOOTH 274 Lush Lola's. BOOTH B Old Thyme Kettle Korn. BOOTH 260 Pepsi and Snacks. BOOTH 253 SaigonCafe. BOOTH F Uff-Da. BOOTH C A special thank you to our sponsors:



To find out more about participating as an artist, food vendor, community involvement booth, performer or volunteer, go to:

Artist Bo & Lo

Suggested walk path to follow..... Start here:

207 - 225


- 11


425 - 401 odd

422 - 400 even



Main Stage:

Art Classes Free Yoga Class The Opera


Courtyard Walkway... outside artist booths 125-234 & 236 - 253 inside are artist booths 300-305


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ooth Number ocations



t tis Ar nge u Lo


Parking Lot

13 515




26 6

- 16


151 - 159

- 288

267 - 277


16 0


500 - 510

Kids Corner

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Make your tee time today! 5 North 58th Street Superior, WI 54880 715.394.0266

Make sure to see everything at Art in Bayfront Park today... 1 Saw over 160 gallery quality artists.

1 Bought a plate to support homeless children in Duluth, MN.

1 Took an art class at the Main Stage.

1 Grabbed a bite to eat at the food court. 1 Watched Pat Surface sing booth 267.

1 Had my book signed at the author tent 136. 1 Went to the kids corner and had my hair made wacky and pet a pony.

1 Jumped in the crayon bouncing tent.

1 Flew a kite in the center of the park. 1 Took an yoga class. 1 Went to the Opera.

1 Registered for a free t-shirt.

1 Scanned a QR code to sign up for the Art in Bayfront Park mailing list.

1 Saw the Human Statues. 1

Told my friends to get down here!

Special thanks to our art judges:

JUDGES WILL DETERMINE the winner of each art category and establish a “BEST IN SHOW” overall winner. Among other prizes, the ‘Best in Show’ category winner will receive a FREE booth in next years Art in Bayfront Park Art Fair and the opportunity to showcase their art in Lizzard’s Art Gallery on Superior St. Terry Millikan - An avid artist with her art shown in many galleries, Millikan has been affiliated with Lizzards Art Gallery for over 15 years. Jeff Fifield - Photographer for over 40 years, Past President of MN Professional Photographers Assn., Master of Photography & Photographic Craftsman degrees from the Professional Photographers of America. Jacquelynn Grombacher - A member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society with a Masters Degree in Art. Grombacher has been teaching art for more than 25 years and is currently at East High. Ken Bloom - Art Director for the Tweed Museum of Art. Rick Heimbach - Fourth generation owner of Bagley’s Jewelry Co. (established in 1885).


Art In Bayfront Park August 17-18, 2013 deadline to apply Feb 28, 2013

Watch your favorite artist at work

ARTIST DEMONSTRATIONS Watch Lake Superior Stone fashioned into sculpture form. Booth 155 10:15am

Artist: Steven L Halverson

Joining together gemstones, pearls & crystals making wearable art. Booth 109 11;00am

Jewelry forged from cultural and industrial artifacts. Booth 125 10:30am

Observe a modern landscape painting as it comes to life. Booth 236 10:45am

Artist: Devin Johnson

Watch recycled metals & glass come together to form a birdbath. Booth 276 11:30am

Artist: Mary Johnston

TRY YOGA TODAY! Free! Saturday 2:30-3:30 Sunday 1:00-2:00

Artist: Carla Klepperich

Artist: Sherri Kruger

Artist: Michael Schramm

Artist: Leonard Lampi

Artist: Abigail West

Artist: Rory Mattson

Artist: Angela Altringer Krueger

Artist: Amanda Klassen

Artist: Peter Juhl

Artist: Cheryl and Bob Husby

Artist: Ivan Gilbert

Artist: Joel Cherrico

Artist: Robert Carter

Artist: Theresa Charpentier

Artist: Adnan Shanti

Forming beautiful jewelry out of stones cut, shaped and polished Booth 253 12:00pm Reflecting natural beauty in painting form shown in Booth 233 at 1:30pm Balancing rocks to create short termed sculptures will be in Booth 139 at 3:00pm

Continuous demonstrations throughout the day.....

Blending of God, nature and love forms music that all life stems from in Booth 267-268

Artist: Pat Surface

Wheel thrown & hand-built sculptural & functional ceramics in Booth 213 Inspired by nature and the ocean pottery comes to exist. Booth 119 2:00pm

Clay is tranformed into a intricate unique shape to create art in Booth 102 at 3;30pm

Using stoneware clay & wood ash glazes to make functional pottery in Booth 245-246

Wire wrapping fused glass to form beautiful pieces can be seen in Booth 244

A demonstration of glass/tin soldering on glass and found objects in Booth 258 at 1:00pm

Watch as a plain canvas is transformed into a masterpiece in Booth 135 at 2;30pm

Twisting raw copper into beautiful trees is show in Booth 233 at 4:00pm

Stones and metal are formed into beautiful jewelry in Booth 150 Live caricature and portrait drawings using graphite & pastel sticks. Booth 300


August 18 & 19 Where:

Bayfront Park Main Stage Performances start:

5:00pm Saturday 3:00pm Sunday

booth 137 AUTHOR BOOK SIGNINGS 10:00 to 11:30 Sheila Packa: Duluth Poet Laureate 2010-2012, writes about immigrants, bird migration, and the journey of women through hardship and violence. JOYCE SLATE 11:30 - 1:00 Jenny Wilder: The Fiber Booth 118 Art Almanac is an annual publication which showcases Minnesota fiber artists. The Almanac features weaving, art quilts, heritage knitting, sewing and needle arts, beaded art quilts, crochet, felted clothing, dyeing and spinning. 1:00 to 2:30 Doris Sampson: Of Star of the North Studio in Duluth, shares her tongue-incheek Finnish-American heritage with us in her 'Finnglish' dialect humor book, "Two Silly CRAIG VOTH Stories in Finnglish". Booth 118 2:30 to 4:00 Gary hower: Marrow, Muscle, Flight celebrates the sacrament of the body, sings of loss and longing, and tells the stories of "everyday infinite affections." Winner of the Midwest Book Award in poetry.

Art in Bayfront Park Art Fair 2012  

Art in Bayfront Park Art Fair takes place in Bayfront Park in the beautiful city of Duluth, Minnesota. Artisan's of 11 mediums come togethe...