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Let’s talk real estate 22, 23 & 24 May 2012 Tour & Taxis Brussels

YOUR VIEW ON THE REAL ESTATE MARKET Information is power. No slogan is more true than this one in today’s real estate market. But getting that information has become a challenge. Investors are becoming more discrete. Public authorities announce great projects but don’t always have the means to realize them. Architects, developers, builders, engineering companies,...all seem to be working on a great deal of projects, but which ones? At Realty, you can get insight into the latest projects and hear about future developments. At Realty, you’re among professionals only who all share the same goal: boosting the real estate industry and their business. So join us at Realty, where views on real estate are being exchanged and developed.

Gregory Olszewski Exhibition Manager

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Eat & drink in Brussels

p. 20 Realty Fair Program I 3

4 I Realty Fair Program

PRACTICAL INFORMATION PLACE Tour & Taxis, shed 2 & 3 Havenlaan – Avenue du Port 86c / BE-1000 Brussels (Parking : €5) DATES - Tuesday 22 May, 14.00 – 20.00 - Wednesday 23 May, 14.00 – 20.00 - Thursday 24 May 10.00 - 18.00 - REALTY Night: Wednesday 23 May: 20.00 – 23.00 (on special invitation only) TICKETS Be sure to register online in advance! - Online ticket reservation €90 - On site/ at the show: €115 Ticket includes: - Entrance to exhibition area during the 3 days, conference sessions and networking events (unless indicated otherwise). - Catalogue & Welcome Bag - 2 months free subscription to De Tijd or L’Echo (value €80), the online newspaper and access to the news site. SPECIAL PROGRAMS AT REALTY Events which require special separate registration: - RICS Lunch on 22 May (at Tasso): - IFMA Facility Manager of the year on 22 May (at REALTY): - BVS-UPSI Lunch on 23 May (at REALTY): Tickets for these events include a ticket to REALTY. See Seminars & Events section for more info about these events. INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS’ PROGRAM Apply now for our International Investors Program & enjoy a short stay in Europe’s capital. Program includes: free entrance to exhibition area, conference sessions, meet & greets and networking events, a free nights’ accommodation (Hotel Le Plaza ****), personalized shuttle service and access to the REALTY Night. Download Investors Application form on INFO + Follow us on Realty Fair Program I 5

6 I Realty Fair Program

ABOUT REALTY CONCEPT Realty is Belgium’s only real estate fair, offering a one-stop overview of the real estate business. The event brings you into contact with all key players in the property market – all in one place, in just three days. Realty is first and foremost a networking platform where you can meet high-level decision makers as representatives of the entire Belgian real estate sector are present at the show. We also dedicate a lot of marketing effort to attracting a wide range of foreign investors. REALTY offers an impressive list of high-level seminars, in addition to many social events (official opening, visits from politicians, cocktails, receptions, and networking events on the show floor). WHO EXHIBITS? Developers, agents, banks, investors , brokers, architects, engineering companies, public authorities, academic institutions, consultants, lawyers, construction companies, etc. WHO VISITS? - Institutional investors (Belgium and abroad), on the lookout for investment opportunities. - End users (real estate & facility managers), looking for the right support for their expansion or relocation plans. - Retailers, in need of specialized consultants, financers and developers to assist them in choosing the best locations. - Local & public authorities: to learn about project developments and best practices in city marketing.

Realty = networking platform for the REAL decision makers.

Realty Fair Program I 7

8 I Realty Fair Program
























































































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EXHIBITORS’ LIST up to 06/04/2012 Aannemingen Verelst > stand 3412 aCMG Gardiner & Theobald Construction Consultants > stand 2115 AG SOB Gent > stand 2124 Alma Consulting Group Belgium > stand 3210 Altius > stand 3410 Anixton > stand 3212 Antwerp Headquarters > stand 3424 Antwerp Management School > stand 3424 Apcoa Belgium > stand 2114 Arcadis > stand 2321 Archi 2000 > stand 3230 Architectenstudio > stand 2323 Architectes Associés > stand 3411 Architectuurbureau Lowette > stand 3224 Art & Build > stand 2220 Assar Architects > stand 2213 Avantgarden > stand 3430 Axa Belgium > stand 3118 BEP Expansion Economique > stand 3236 Besix Real Estate Development > stand 3121 BIV-IPI > stand 2312 BNPPRE Advisory Belgium > stand 3237 Bopro PM & QS > stand 3136 BVI > stand 2427 CBRE > stand 3221 CEA Real Estate > stand 2211 CEI-De Meyer > stand 3110 CFE > stand 3337 CIB Vlaanderen > stand 2312 City Mall > stand 3128 Cofinimmo > stand 3220 Colliers International > stand 2100 Confederatie Bouw > stand 2422 Cordeel > stand 2210 Crepain Binst Architecture > stand 2427 DDS & Partners > stand 3417 Deloitte Real Estate > stand 3205 Democo - DMI Vastgoed > stand 3321 easyFairs > stand 3125 ECPD > stand 3123 Eiffage Benelux > stand 3304 Entrakt > stand 2401 Ernst & Young Real Estate Services > stand 3334 Extensa Group > stand 3407 Foremost Immo > stand 2223 Frédéric Haesevoets Architecture > stand 2313 Galère > stand 3110 Gecodam > stand 2427 Generali Real Estate Investments > stand 3307 Ghelamco > stand 3211 G-Label > stand 3235 GRE Liège > stand 2117 Grontmij > stand 2224 Gudrun Xpert > stand 3408 Herpain Entreprise > stand 3330 Herpain Urbis > stand 3330 Hooox > stand 2412 IFMA > stand 2426 Immo Bam > stand 3110 Immobiliën Hugo Ceusters > stand 3208 Immosolidarity > stand 2331 ING Belgium > stand 3324 Interbuild > stand 3110 Intercommunale du Brabant Wallon > stand 3204 Intervest Offices & Warehouses > stand 2424 Intervest Retail > stand 2424 IPD > stand 2329 John Saey > stand 2320 Jones Lang LaSalle > stand 3311 Kairos > stand 3110 Key Estate > stand 3235 Knight Frank > stand 3400 KULAK - Dienst Postacademische Vorming > stand 3132 La Libre Belgique (RGP) > stand 2121 Laga > stand 3205 Latour & Petit > stand 3333 Lecobel > stand 3120 LIFE > stand 2413 Locatus > stand 3105 Lydian > stand 3401 Matexi > stand 3131 McGuireWoods LLP > stand 3308 Omgeving > stand 3420 Park M > stand 3208 Philippe De Bloos Architecture – Urbax > stand 3331 Picolo Real Estate > stand 2113 Probam > stand 3313 Programme ViaVia – Wallonie > stand 3437 Project T&T > stand 3403 Quares > stand 3423 Real Estate Society (RES) > stand 3424 Realis > stand 2404 Redevco Retail Belgium > stand 3404 Réflexions Immobilières > stand 2312 Regie der Gebouwen > stand 3232 Région de Bruxelles-Capitale > stand 3111 RICS > stand 3135 Royal Bam Group in Belgium > stand 3110 SDRB-GOMB > stand 3111 Service A > stand 2423 Shopping Center Management Services > stand 3208 Sophia Audit > stand 3432 Stad Antwerpen > stand 3424 Structura Business Property > stand 3301 SUM Project + Research > stand 2101 Thomas & Piron > stand 2231 Tiberghien > stand 3410 Tractebel Engineering > stand 3207 Universoil > stand 3303 UPSI-BVS > stand 3101 Vandewalle Bouwgroep > stand 3431 Victoire Properties > stand 2413 Vinci Park > stand 2300 Vinçotte > stand 2311 VK Engineering > stand 2212 Widnell Europe > stand3200 Willemen Groep > stand 3320 Willy Naessens Industriebouw > stand 2108

Realty Fair Program I 9

SEMINARS & EVENTS AT THE SHOW TUESDAY, MAY 22 14.30 International real estate investment funds Seminar Room 2 – until 16:00 (TIP FOR INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS) Siobhan Godley – Partner-Deloitte Real Estate Tax, Jean Paul Loozen (Moderator) – EMEA Real Estate Industry Leader. Organized by Deloitte Real Estate The historical and current development of the international investment funds, and how the real estate fund industry is tackling the more challenging fund raising and regulatory environment in which they find themselves. A view on the development of investment funds going forward.

Jean-Paul Loozen Siobhan Godley

15.00 Turntoo, an engine for a circular economy - forget ownership, focus on performance Seminar Room 3 – until 16.30 Thomas Martin Rau, architect and European C2C and Sustainability Authority. Organized by IFMA “The idea that products are owned by consumers is outdated. I am as consumer only interested in the performance of a product, not in owning it. Sufficient light, comfortable seating, beautiful image and sound, that’s what counts. This goes in the middle of the core business of the Facility Manager. From now on we consume based on the performance of products, “says Thomas Rau.

Thomas Rau

15.00 How environmental issues affect the profitability of a building project and how to reduce environmental risks and costs Seminar Room 1 – until 16.00 Liesbet Van Cauwenberghe, Linda Dedrie, Koenraad De Stickere. Organized by Immoterrae nv This seminar focuses on the environmentally-related risks in the soil and the technical, legal and financial impacts these have on building projects. The speakers (Immoterrae, Loyens & Loeff and Marsh) propose concrete steps to optimize a project and to manage both costs and risks. 10 I Realty Fair Program

16.00 Real Estate Financial Investment Market Seminar Room 2 – until 17:30 Frédéric Sohet - Partner Deloitte Real Estate, Jean-Baptiste Van Ex - Real Estate Manager Bank Degroof. Organized by Deloitte Real Estate and Bank Degroof The recent year on year evolutions in the professional investments market in Belgium, both in terms of property asset transactions and corporate shareholdings. The seminar will link the subject matter with the financial analysis of real estate investment vehicles and a view on alternative investment banking tools for real estate investments.

Frédéric Sohet Jean-Baptiste Van Ex

16.30 Traffic Congestion in direct correlation to Real Estate Value Seminar Room 1 – until 17.30 Johan Van Wassenhove – CEO Denys Group, Prof. Georges Allaert - University of Ghent, Dept. Mobility. Organized by DENYS – Foremost Immo Today’s dramatic congestion problems around our cities create bad image for investors. Alternative solutions could solve a lot of problems. UCM – Underground Container Mover is one of those solutions. The example of the City of Antwerp will be shown as a case study. Johan Van Wassenhove, engineer of the UCM system, will show how it works. Prof Georges Allaert from the University of Ghent will give scientific background.

18.30 Facility Manager of the Year 2012 Seminar Room 3 –until 20.30 Presented by Kathleen Cools and Frédéric Deborsu. Organized by IFMA During this prestigious event, the following awards will be handed out: Facility Manager of the Year 2012, The Lifetime FM Award and The Best FM Thesis 2012. The nominees are: - Luc Vanhaverbeke – Head of Facility Services, UZ Leuven - Benoit Schmits – Director Facilities Management, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals - Veronique Laureys – Director, Belgian Senate - Arlette Verleyen – Director Facility Services, UZ Brussel - Roland De Coninck – Mobility & Facility Manager, Siemens - Frank Deckmyn – Facility Director, AZ Jan Portaels - Followed by a seated diner, networking and music.

SEPARATE RESERVATION REQUIRED: Frédéric Deborsu Kathleen Cools Realty Fair Program I 11

18.00 Permit procedures in the Flanders region – Will the “integrated permit” provide the solution for your project? Seminar Room 2 – until 19.00 Joris De Pauw, Wouter Neven. Organized by Lydian End 2011 the Flemish government approved a draft proposal about the integrated permit. A new decree will be approved in 2012. The new decree will provide the legal framework for the integrated permit. In this seminar, Lydian will set out the different problems you encounter during the current permit procedures for your building projects, as well as the most important features and solutions provided by the future integrated permit.

Joris De Pauw Wouter Neven

18.30 Investors’ Expectation Survey / Organized by IPD Seminar Room 1 – until 19:30 (TIP FOR INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS) IPD is pleased to invite you to the survey results of investors’ expectations for the Belgium market.

CityBoom : Booming cities – Blooming cities? Part I: Parallel sessions

SEPARATE RESERVATION REQUIRED: 13.30 Registration & Coffee 14.00

Welcome & Introduction Mr. Jacques Gheysens - President BBRI Mr. Jean-Claude Moureau - President CRR Mr. Philippe Gillion - President Confederatie Bouw BrusselHoofdstad Mr. Robert de Muelenaere - Managing Director Confederatie Bouw

14.20 Economical challenges in housing politics in the Brussels Capital Region Mr. Christos Doulkeridis - Secretary of State of the Brussels Government in charge of Housing, Firefighting and Emergency Medical Assistance 14.40 A few reflections on some dimensions of the future of the Brussels Capital Region Mr. Alain Deneef, Secretary General of Aula Magna 12 I Realty Fair Program

15.00 Coffee break 15.30 Building & Mobility Sessions (simultaneous)


MOBILITY SESSION (L’Atelier Yves Mattagne)

Contextualization of the demographic boom Prof. Dr. Eric Corijn, Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Mobility in, from and to Brussels Dr. Astrid Dewitte, post-Doctoral Research Associate, MOBI, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The City Boom in the Brussels Region Mr. Ruben Decuypere, Researcher at BRRI

Keeping cities on the move Mr. Alain Flausch, Secretary general at UITP (International Association of Public Transport)

Sustainable houses to cope with the City Boom Mr. Gregoire Clerfayt, Director of Energy Department at IBGE

Innovative solutions from abroad Mr. Sylvain Haon, Executive Director at POLIS

16.30 – 17.00

Coffee break

Cities full of space – Qualities of density Mr. Rudy Uytenhaak, Architect Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau

The view of the Brussels Region Mr. Philippe Barette, Strategy division, Bruxelles Mobilité

Transformation of office buildings as an answer to markets out of balance Mr. Christian Lasserre, Managing Director of CLI

Next generation infrastructures for efficient mobility Mr. Steve Phillips, Secretary General at FEHRL (Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories)

Housing in times of shortage Prof. dr. Johan Albrecht, Universiteit Ghent and Senior Fellow at Itinera Institute

A contemporary urban mobility policy: the streets reconquered Mr. Bart Desmedt, Managing director TrajectMobility Management

Conclusions Mr. Johan Vyncke, Director Research & Innovation at BRRI

Conclusions Mr. Claude Van Rooten, Director General at BRRC

18.15 Transfer to Realty exposition 18.30 Networking, Reception & visit of the Fair Realty 2012 Realty Fair Program I 13


10.00 CityBoom : Booming cities – Blooming cities? Part II Seminar Room 3 – until 14.00 Organized by Confederatie Bouw and BVS-UPSI 10.45 11.00 11.25 11.50 12.30

Summary of Parallel Sessions, presented by Jean Blavier, journalist. Keynote 1: “Yess is more” Kai-Uwe Bergmann - Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) Keynote 2: “No.1 : Future of Urban Mobility” Ralf Baron & François-Joseph Van Audenhove – Arthur D. Little Panel discussion with: Brigitte Grouwels – Brussels Minister of Mobility Bart Somers – Mayor of Mechelen Maxime Prévot – Mayor of Namur Kai-Uwe Bergmann – Partner BIG Ralf Baron – Partner Arthur D. Little François-Joseph Van Audenhove Partner Arthur D. Little Moderator: Jean Blavier – journalist Cocktail & walking lunch


Kai-Uwe Ralf Baron Bergmann

François-Joseph Brigitte Grouwels Van Audenhove

Bart Somers

Maxime Prevot

Jean Blavier

14.30 Ghent: an emerging creative city where innovation meets real estate opportunities Seminar Room 1 – until 15.30 Organized by Stad Gent & AG Stadsontwikkelingsbedrijf Gent In 2012, Ghent ranked first on the international “creative city index”, beating Bilbao, Freiburg and Eindhoven. In the report, city expert Charles Landry calls Chent “a pocket sized metropolis”: a unique combination of the intimacy of a small city and the openness of a world city. Ghent indeed is “so much city”: it combines a top university with strong entrepreneurs, an enchanting atmosphere with modern architecture and new urbanization projects for offices, R&D and creative meeting places. 14 I Realty Fair Program

14.30 Belgian real estate approach : town planning - notaries national Competitive Bidding Seminar Room 3 – until 16:00 (TIP FOR INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS) Tangui Vandenput – Lawyer City and Environmental Law, Olivier de Clippele – Notary -Deputy SDRB. Organized by Bureau Ubifrance Bruxelles France and Belgium approach the real estate market: urban planning, notary and national tenders: basic comparisons between our countries.

15.30 Is there still a future for an engineering office in real estate? Jo Belen – Business Development Manager. Organized by Grontmij |in Seminar Room 1 – until 16.30 What shall be the future content of an engineering office? Taking into account the changing of the market demands in real estate. What can be the added value in the new circumstances? What will be the atmosphere in the organization? The presentation shall be brought to you in an original and amusing way by the theatre company “Klein Barnum”.

Jo Belen

15.30 Developing sustainable real estate in Antwerp. Does the future belong to green cities? Seminar Room 2 – until 16.30 Robert Voorhamme – Vice-mayor of education, economy, employment and retail trade (Antwerp), Ludo Van Campenhout – Vice-mayor of urban planning, sports and diamonds: (Antwerp), Filip Canfyn – Director of urban planning: (Kortrijk), Frank Valkeneers – Managing Director. Organized by City of Antwerp

Robert Voorhamme

Ludo Filip_Canfyn Van Campenhout

Frank Valkeneers

16.30 Sustainable Strategies in Real Estate Seminar Room 2 – until 17:15 Organized by Bopro and the International Sustainability Alliance - -

Sustainability in a broader perspective – GRI Reporting . Peter Garré – Managing Director Bopro Owner and occupants working together to improve sustainability of buildings – Peter De Durpel – Director Bopro Realty Fair Program I 15

- ISA – The International Sustainability Alliance: Who we are, what we do and how we do it. Philip Buttery

Peter Garré

Peter De Durpel

Philip Buttery

16.30 Understanding the financial crisis – drawing lessons for real estate – role of banks and insurance Seminar Room 3 – until 18:30 Etienne de Callatay – Managing Director Bank Degroof, Max Jadot – Chief Executive Officer BNP Paribas Fortis, Antonio Cano – Chief Executive Officer of AG Insurance. Organized by ULI Belgium To understand the financial crisis and draw lessons for real estate, focus on the role of banks and insurance in this context in terms of credit.

Antonio Cano

Max Jadot

Etienne de Callatay

17.30 Welcome in our Namur garden Seminar Room 1 – until 18:30. Renaud Degueldre – General director BEP, Florence Momin – Head of Territorial Development department BEP, Nancy Mahaux - Project Manager in Architecture. Organized by BEP (Economic Office for the Province of Namur) Presentation of different strategic projects led by municipalities of the Province of Namur.

Renaud Degueldre Florence Momin Nancy Mahaux

16 I Realty Fair Program

THURSDAY, MAY 24 14.00     Uplace: recent developments and next steps Seminar Room 2 - until 17.00 Organized by BLRW-CBLCC & Retailforum Belgium

14.00    General meeting RFB members 15.00     Welcome & coffee BLRW-CBLCC invitees 16.00     Presentation Uplace 16.30     Panel discussion

17.00    Closing cocktail

Realty Fair Program I 17


THE COLLECTIONS from 16/03/2012 to 15/07/2012 (except on: Monday) Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts. Rue de la Régence 3 , 1000 Brussels - Website: Uncover the clichés by discovering the original ideas behind the themes subsequently developed by Kubrick. The series of photos on display, of unquestionable artistic value, also show the exceptional skill he had with images, even though freshly out of school.The second part of the exhibit showcases paintings from the collections of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, showing with what care Kubrick studied paintings, throughout his entire life, as a source of inspiration for well structured images.

MAGRITTE MUSEUM (ROYAL MUSEUMS OF FINE ARTS) Permanent Place Royale 1 / Koningsplein 1, 1000 Bruxelles / Brussel Website : In the building of Belgium’s Royal Museums of Fine Arts, visitors can explore the 2,500 m2 of the Magritte Museum. This museum stands right in the centre of Brussels, on Place Royale, and exhibits for public viewing the surrealist artist’s creations belonging to Belgium’s Royal Museums of Fine Arts and originating mainly from purchases and from the Irène HamoirScutenaire and Georgette Magritte bequests. This multidisciplinary collection is the richest in the world. It comprises more than 200 works consisting of oils on canvas, gouaches, drawings, sculptures and painted objects as well as advertising posters, music scores, vintage photographs and films directed by Magritte himself.

BOZAR Rue Ravenstein 23 / Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels Website : An Art Deco masterpiece by Victor Horta, the Centre of Fine Arts is one of the jewels of Belgium’s cultural and architectural heritage. Following intensive renovation and restoration work, the Centre has now re-opened its original spaces consisting of a network of exhibition rooms, theatre halls, a concert hall and several new multimedia rooms.

KUNSTENFESTIVALDESARTS 2012 04/05/2012 - 26/05/2012 Several locations in Brussels Website : A cosmopolitan, contemporary, multidisciplinary, multilingual festival of performance and visual arts.


21/03/2012 – 21/09/2012 Website: The superheroes of Brussels gastronomy are coming to town. Ta-dah! Just imagine: giant Realty Fair Program I 19

Brussels sprouts, chocolate tablets, mussels, pints of beers and cones with chips, all creatively decorated, changed around, customized and rethought by artists with a very vivid imagination. As soon as the sun is back in the land, this monumental urban stage set will be hitting the capital’s best known streets and squares, letting everybody know that Brussels is set to celebrate its love of food for the next year ahead. During the summer, all of these sculptures will be brought together in one giant exhibition.

EAT & DRINK IN BRUSSELS REALTY favourites Expensive: € € € / Rather expensive € € / Regular rates : € More info:


BRASSERIE JALOA € € Nice brasserie presenting its best selection of Franco-Belgian cuisine

L’ECAILLER DU PALAIS ROYAL € € € Very elegant fish restaurant

JALOA The chef celebrate market cuisine with a seasonal and fresh menu

AU VIEUX SAINT-MARTIN € € Delicious Brussels specialities

EASY TEMPO € Antipasti, pasta and pizza! No credit cards

DOWNTOWN BRUSSELS AND SURROUNDINGS HENRI € € Authentic Brussels restaurant – very friendly service – delicious fusion food

LA BELLE MARAICHÈRE € € This family establishment belongs to the top rank of restaurants in Brussels, if not Belgium.

LA BRASSERIE DE BRUXELLES € € Mussels, waterzooi and more typical Belgian cuisine 20 I Realty Fair Program


ROYAL € A typical Brussels brasserie

SAMOURAI € € € Best Japanese in Brussels

VISMET € € Great fish restaurant

VIVA M’BOMA € For “tripe“ lovers

QUARTIER LOUISE CHOU Chou reveals itself as a beloved mix between an amazing cuisine, a genius chef, extensive wine list and a stylish spot

DE LA VIGNE À L’ASSIETTE € € One of the most enthusiastic tables of Brussels

EN FACE DE PARACHUTE € € French and Mediterranean cuisine

LA CANNE EN VILLE Traditional cuisine and excellent wine list Open for lunch & dinner

LA GIOCONDA STORE CONVIVIO € Simple and delicious Italian food

LA MAISON DU BOEUF € € € Located on the 1st fl oor of The Hotel. The place for beef. Great wines

LE FRUIT DEFENDU € € Fresh and tasty table in a charming atmosphere

LE MESS Le Mess restaurant offers unforgettable flavors both on your plate and in your glass.

ODETTE EN VILLE € € The world’s cuisines and seasons of the year are the inspiration of the chef Roberto Zanuso. Trendy place for breakfast, lunch or dinner

PARACHUTE PARC € € Perfect cuisine, regular customers, chic and discreet

TOUCAN € A pleasant, well located brasserie. Terrasse Realty Fair Program I 21

TOUCAN SUR MER € € Fish bistrot


CANTERBURY Café-restaurant. Delicious Brussels specialities. Great terrasse

CHEZ MARIE € € A well known table, with a beautiful, refined atmosphere and fine cuisine

CHEZ OKI € € Fusion food Closed on Saterday noon, Sunday and Monday noon

KAMO € € Michelin star Japonese. The food and service are exceptional

KOKUBAN € Light Japanese cuisine, very relaxed atmosphere. Specialities: noddles, gyoza, soups

LA MEILLEURE JEUNESSE € A mainstay of the scions of the Brussels art world. Reservation required!

LE VARIÉTÉS € French and Belgian cuisine in an Art Deco building

BOWERY € € The French chef Benjamin Laborie is passionate about new tastes, great wines, and atmosphere. New in Brussels

SENZA NOME € € € Italian restaurant. Michelin star

A LAST DRINK FOR THE ROAD CAFÉ BELGA Place Eugène Flagey, 1050 Brussels – Phone +32 2 640 35 08

L’ARCHIDUC Rue Antoine Dansaert 6, 1000 Brussels – Phone +32 2 512 06 52

LE BAR ROUGE Rue du pépin, 41 1000 Brussels – Phone +32 2 511 22 30

22 I Realty Fair Program

Realty Fair Program I 23

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