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Pacific Edge Gallery Presents

“Old World Impressions” By Bryan Mark Taylor

“ Old World Impressions� By Bryan Mark Taylor

Exhibition Opens September 24th, 2016 from 5-8pm at Pacific Edge Gallery 540 Pacific Coast Hwy #112 in Laguna Beach, California To purchase direct from this digital catalog please contact us at #1-800-477-5630 or visit

About the Exhibition

The year 2016 marks 20 years since I first arrived in Italy to live for two years. Since then I have returned often to visit and paint. Although it takes a lifetime to explore a place so rich in culture and beauty, I have found a deep visual and psychological connection to its land and the peoples who shaped its towns and cities. On my recent journey this spring, I was struck by the grand stories and daily lifestyles that make up the wonders of a medieval city. I was fortunate to stay in the home of the Peri family in Todi where the patriarch Claudio, a retired professor and world expert in olive husbandry, gave me a deeper understanding of Italy’s multi-layered cultural, agricultural and architectural history. For this particular exhibit I chose to focus on the more intimate details of ancient cities. These doorways, alleyways and countryside are symbolic portraits of the lives of the inhabitants. As much as the Italians and their ancestors have shaped the countryside; the landscape and climate has in equal measure shaped its people. Although small on the world stage, Italy is a special place with a unique history. The dynamic harmony between the land and its people is one to be protected, cherished and preserved.” - Bryan Mark Taylor

“ It is rare to find a naturally gifted artist who also goes out of his way to expand the range of the style he has chosen to explore. Bryan Mark Taylor approaches plein air painting with a fresh eye, expressive brushwork, and a refreshing choice of subjects that make his work truly unique. These qualities, along with his very strong work ethic and a relaxed and warm personality, make him a pleasure to represent in the gallery. For this new show, he has returned to Italy, where he has previously spent years traveling and being inspired by the culture and history that presents itself throughout the country. He has come back with a splendid collection of new works that bring the Old World alive for a new day. “ - Paul Jillson Gallery Owner

“Textures of Orvieto” 30x40” Oil $6,900

“Closed for Lunch” 20x34” Oil $4,900

“Among the Clouds” 9x12” Oil $1,100

“Tiber River Farmland” 24x30” Oil $4,900

“Villa by the Hill” 9x12” Oil $1,100

“Off to the Bakery” 9x12” Oil $1,100

“Below the Bell Tower” 24x30” Oil $4,900

“Doorway to the Past” 18x24” Oil $3,600

“An Invitation” 14x18” Oil $2,300

“Secret Garden” 16x20” Oil $2,900

“Hilltop Town” 9x12” Oil $1,100

“ A Sliver of Light” 18x24” Oil $3,500

“Italian Countryside” 9x12” Oil $1,100

“Window View” 24x30” Oil $4,900

“Winding Through Town” 8x10” Oil $900

“ Villa View” 9x12” Oil $1,100

“In the Spotlight” 24x30” Oil $4,900

“A Favorite Time of Day” 8x10” Oil $900

“Quiet Entry” 30x40” Oil $6,900

“Old and New” 30x40” Oil $6,900

“Old World Flowers” 30x40” Oil $6,900

“Ancient Entrance” 30x40” Oil $6,900

“Roman Red” 24x30” Oil $4,900

“New Flowers” 8x10” Oil $900

“On Two Levels” 8x10” Oil $900

“Peaceful Living” 9x12” Oil $1,100

“Old Town Garage” 18x24” Oil $3,600

“ A Night in Rome” 36x36” Oil $6,900

“ A Quiet Night” 30x40” Oil $6,900

“Beyond the Portal” 24x30” Oil $4,900

“Divine Light” 8x10” Oil $900

Pacific Edge Gallery

540 Pacific Coast Hwy #112 Laguna Beach, California 1-800-477-5630 Š Pacific Edge Gallery and Bryan Mark Taylor

Graphics by Vanessa Rothe Designs

"Old World Impressions" by Bryan Mark Taylor at Pacific Edge Gallery  

For this new exhibition, Bryan has returned to Italy, where he has previously spent years traveling and being inspired by the culture and hi...

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