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Published in the Lynn Haven Ledger, December 2010

Should Santa Claus Wear Compression Stockings? Article by: Clark Stream, PA-C


es he should!! Why? Imagine how his legs feel the day after Christmas. Imagine how your legs feel now, sitting, reading this newspaper. Anyone who has heavy, achy, tired, swollen, restless legs should wear compression hose. So why should Santa Claus wear compression stockings? Most of the year, Santa spends long days, standing at his factory overseeing all the elves in their toy manufacturing, which gives Santa heavy, tired, swollen legs. As Christmas approaches, he sits in his chair for hours talking to good boys and girls about what they want for Christmas. Prolonged sitting can cause him to have achy, cramping and restless legs. After all the toys are loaded into his sleigh, Santa travels around the world. This lengthy trip puts him at risk to develop a DVT, (deep vein thrombosis). A demanding job like Santa Claus is demanding on his legs; wearing compression stockings can only help. What are compression stockings? Compression stockings are specialized socks worn from the foot to the knee or thigh. These stockings have a measured pressure (tighter in the foot and gradually less tight at the knee). Compression stockings are an excellent and simple method of treating disorders such as chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, lymphedema, skin ulcerations, and are used to prevent the formation of blood clots in the leg. The stockings do not eliminate the varicose veins but they do help reduce the symptoms of swollen, achy, heavy, tired and restless legs. Who should wear compression stockings? Anyone who experiences great fatigue in the legs should look at the first-line, non-invasive, affordable and stylish approach to leg health… compression stockings. Many insurance companies require compression hose use prior to having varicose vein treatment. Where to purchase compression stockings? Many people know that compression stockings improve your leg health but don’t know where to go to purchase them. Most medical supply stores have trained staff to help you find and fit into the right stocking for your needs. Several pharmacies and retail stores carry compression hose and stockings. Online retailers have many different brands and styles to choose from. Make sure you know what you’re ordering before you go this route. Your doctor is often the best resource; he might have them in the office. So Santa, for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year let’s fill our stockings with stockings.

Should Santa Claus Wear Compression Stockings  

Anyone who experiences great fatigue in the legs should look at the first-line, non-invasive, affordable and stylish approach to leg health…...

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