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PARENT HANDBOOK St.Patrick’s Parish Primary School


VISION & MISSION AT ST. PATRICK’S PARISH PRIMARY SCHOOL WE STRIVE TO BE A CHRIST CENTERED CATHOLIC EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY. We do this by: • Nurturing, developing and celebrating faith. • Offering a comprehensive and challenging curriculum that seeks excellence through quality teaching and learning. • Responding to the uniqueness of each person. • Showing respect, support and welcome to each individual.

WELCOME ST. PATRICK’S PARISH PRIMARY SCHOOL WELCOMES YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO OUR COMMUNITY. St Patrick’s is a Catholic primary school with 149 students. St Patrick’s aims to provide an environment based on the Gospel values of a Christian community and on facilitating encounters between God and the child. St Patrick’s aims to develop the whole child, whilst providing our children with opportunities that will develop individual excellence, the ability to co-operate with others and an awareness and tolerance of other people, their cultures and traditions. This gives rise to the school’s motto:

“Give Yourself to Goodness” This parent handbook has been designed to help you to become familiar with our school and to overcome any difficulties which you may encounter as you commence your involvement with your new school community.


Address Telephone Facsimile Email

9-11 William Street, Port Fairy VIC 3284 03 5568 1371 03 5568 1503




Principal Physical Education

Canonical Administrator

Andrea Lane

Tommy Greene

Prep L ICT Coordinator

Year 4/5 Maths Coordinator

Antonia Balmer

Peter Sanderson

Prep B

Year 5/6 Religious Education Coordinator

Jen Coffey

Clare Farley

Year 1/2 C

Literacy Coordinator/ Reading Recovery

Samantha KENNa


Year 1/2 R EMU Coordinator Student Wellbeing Coordinator


Liam Murphy

Catherine Hetherington

Year 3/4 (Mon-Tues) Year 5/6 Science Prep PE

Learning Support Officer

Trish Grady

Jo Wollermann

Year 3/4 (Wed-Fri) Curriculum Coordinator

Learning Support Officer




START 31 January FINISH 28 March

Secretary/Bursar (Mon-Wed)


Janine Moloney


Secretary (Wed-Fri)

Marg Watson Family School Support Worker

Celina Brown Library Technician

START 15 April FINISH 28 June

START 15 July FINISH 20 September


START 7 October FINISH 20 December

SCHOOL TIMES 8:55am - 11:00am Teaching Session 1

Mark Plant Maintenance

11:00am - 11:30am Break 1 11:30am - 11:40am Eating Break 1

VISITOR SIGN UP All parents, visitors and volunteers must enter the school at the front office and sign the register book. This also applies when picking up students early and for late arrivals.

11:40am - 1:40pm Teaching Session 2 1:40pm - 1:45pm Eating Break 2 1:45pm - 2:20pm Break 2 2:20pm - 3:20pm Teaching Session 3

OUR SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PLAN St. Patrick’s has recently undergone several major refurbishments which have provided exciting, attractive and stimulating learning environments. We have seen the refit of six classrooms; a new art resource room; an upgraded administration area; staffroom and staff preparation area. The transformation of an oval into a passive recreation area with native gardens, tables and seating; a human chess board; earthen amphitheatre; vegetable gardens; hothouse; worm farms and compost bins. Refurbished toilet blocks; a new adventure playground and garden area. Government funding was utilised for our new library and state-of-the-art information technology centre and the school frontage now has disabled ramp access, a new foyer area, paving and landscaping providing a welcoming entrance. The School Development Plan outlines the direction of the school for the next five years. The plan is reviewed annually and presented to the Parish Education Board for ratification. The school community, through the Board and various committees, has developed a variety of policies which form the basis for sound ongoing and cohesive Curriculum and Administrative implementation. Copies of these documents may be perused and are available from the office.


SCHOOL FEES To assist in meeting the cost of education in our school, and to meet the private contribution requirements of government, School Tuition Fees will be charged: • on a family basis; • to all families; • at a level within the guidelines set by the Diocesan Education Board • realistically to assist in meeting the financial requirements of the school without placing undue burden on school users. Each year families will be asked to indicate the method of payment most suitable to their circumstances, whether weekly, fortnightly, monthly, per term or yearly. Accounts are sent out each quarter. The family fee for 2013 is $190 per term. A Student Levy is used to cover costs of teaching and classroom materials. This annual fee is currently $170 per student. An annual Capital Levy of $185 per family is applied to assist the school’s loan repayment for the refurbishment. The swimming levy per student is $70, Maintenance is $100 and the Volunteer Levy is $200. Parents are able to make regular direct debit payments, send cheques or pay directly at the school office. Families experiencing difficulty in meeting the total fee may approach the Parish Administrator or the Principal for part or full remission of the fee. In 2012 the Ballarat Diocese introduced the Family Fee Assistance Scheme for those families who hold a current Health Care card. More information an be obtained from the school office.


SCHOOL UNIFORM The school uniform should be worn at all times and students should be neat and tidy. All clothing should be clearly marked with student’s name. Students not in correct uniform are required to bring a note of explanation. • Uniforms provide students with a sense of loyalty, identity and pride in belonging to a school community. • A school uniform prevents unhealthy comparison related to ‘brand name’ clothing. Hair longer than shoulder length is to be tied back. Only school coloured ribbons and hair bands are to be used. Jewellery Earrings (sleepers or small studs only) and watches only. School Hats must be worn during first and fourth term. Sport/Physical Education Students may wear the appropriate sports uniform to school on days nominated by the class teacher.

SPORT • • • • •

Pale blue short sleeve polo shirt (monogrammed) Unisex maroon rugby shorts or trackpants White socks Runners Maroon school windcheater (monogrammed)

Preps have sport on Thursdays, all other classes on Wednesday.



GIRLS • Summer Dress optional: Navy blue shorts with pale blue polo shirt (monogrammed) • Navy socks • Black shoes • Maroon school jumper • Navy hat (monogrammed) BOYS • Navy Shorts • Pale blue short sleeve polo shirt (monogrammed) • Navy socks • Black Shoes • Maroon school jumper or maroon windcheater (monogrammed) • Navy hat (monogrammed)


GIRLS • School winter tunic Long Sleeve polo shirt (monogrammed) • Navy tights/socks • Black shoes • Maroon school jumper BOYS • Long Sleeve polo shirt (monogrammed) • Navy trousers • Navy socks • Black shoes • Maroon school jumper

BETH CONLAN Uniform Coordinator

Order forms can be downloaded from school website or collected from school office, for enquires Beth can be contacted on 5568 1925.

OUR SCHOOL COMMUNITY House groups Our house groups are Red, Yellow and Green. Every child is assigned a house group when they commence school. House groups meet every fortnight for a variety of activities. Parents are very welcome to assist with the activities.

Student leadership group Our student leadership group meets every fortnight to discuss issues and plan events and is comprised of the following: • School Captains • School Vice-Captains • House leaders

Buddy system All Prep children are assigned a Year 6 Buddy when they commence school. Their buddy assists them to settle in to school and regular buddy activities are conducted throughout the year.

Active After School Communities The Active After School Communities (AASC) program runs twice a week from 3.20 - 4.30pm. Children are given a fresh fruit snack and then participate in a variety of physical activities during this time. Our AASC coordinator is Jo Wollermann.


Interschool sports Children, generally from Years 3-6, can compete in interschool sports in the following areas: • Swimming • Equestrian • Basketball • Athletics • Cross Country • Football • Netball • Cricket Parents are encouraged to assist with coaching these teams.

Playgroup The “Little Paddies” playgroup operates every Monday morning from 9.00am - 11.00am in the parent resource room at the school. All families with pre-school children are invited to attend. Families without children at St Patrick’s are also very welcome to participate. Our playgroup coordinator is Nicola Amott.

SCHOOL ASSEMBLY School assembly is held every Friday at 2.50pm. Parents, friends and family are most welcome. The Year 6 students’ leadership attributes are on display in conducting the assembly as each class shares with the school community their activities for the week. Personal achievements and awards are celebrated and relevant upcoming activities and information is provided to all.


Parent forums A parent forum is held each term, usually on the middle Friday of the term. This is an opportunity for parents to meet informally with the principal and discuss school successes or suggestions for improvement.

Masses Weekly Parish Mass Times: 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays 10.30 am Sunday 2nd & 4th Sundays 6.30 pm Saturday School Masses are held for the beginning and end of the school year, St Patrick’s Day, Ash Wednesday and the Feast of the Assumption. Class masses and liturgies are held every semester and parents are notified of these.

St Patrick’s Day The feast of our patron saint, St Patrick, on March 17, is usually celebrated with a Mass and then a shared family lunch and sports day. If the day falls on the weekend, celebrations are held on another appropriate day.


HEALTH & WELLBEING Family School Support Worker Our Family School Support Worker, Marg Watson, is available every Wednesday, to assist the wellbeing of families and children at our school.

Kidsmatter St Patrick’s is a KidsMatter school. KidsMatter Primary is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian children. KidsMatter Primary provides the proven methods, tools and support to help schools work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to nurture happy, balanced kids. We have a KidsMatter Core Team that drives this initiative, comprising the Principal, Religious Education Coordinator, Student Wellbeing Coordinator and parent representatives.

SunSmart As an accredited SunSmart School, school hats are required during first and fourth term and each classroom has a supply of sunscreen. We also encourage children to play in protected areas and under our extreme weather plan, students may be kept indoors.


SCHOOL ABSENCE Attendance rolls are marked each day. Any child who is away must have a reasonable excuse. Parents are expected to inform the teacher, in writing, of the reason for the child’s absence from school. Pre-printed slips are sent home at the beginning of the year for this purpose.

MEDICAL ADMINISTRATION The Principal and staff exercise care and discretion in the administration of medication to students. Please adhere to the following procedures if your child requires medication: • Parents must advise teaching staff of any medication to be administered at school. • Supply tablets in a clearly marked container, with name of child, dosage and time the tablet is to be given. Parents are required to complete an Authority form for the Administration of Medications. This is available from the office or the school website under ‘Downloads” section. • Medication other than that supplied by parents will not normally be administered to students. In extreme circumstance it may be administered upon the discretion of the Principal or the teacher responsible for a school camp. • It is school policy to contact parents whenever a student has had a hit to the head.


INFECTIOUS DISEASES Exclusion from school is required for the following: Measles/German Measles - 7 days or a medical certificate of recovery. Infectious Hepatitis - Medical certificate of recovery. Whooping Cough - 4 weeks from beginning of whoop or medical certificate of recovery. Impetigo (school sores) - Until sores are Children who are being treated and kept covered. known to be, or Ringworm - Until a medical certificate suspected of being states that it is being treated. ill should not be Chicken Pox - Until fully recovered or at sent to school. least one week after the eruption first appears. Mumps - 14 days at least.

Pediculosis (head lice) Head lice checks are conducted periodically when an outbreak occurs. Children are excluded from school until an appropriate treatment has commenced. Parents are required to assist in checking individual children’s hair. Training is provided. Every care should be taken to stop lice from spreading. • Hair should be washed thoroughly. • Cream or lotion is obtainable from Chemist. • Hair should be combed several times with a fine comb.


SAFETY AWARENESS School crossing A school crossing exists at the front of the school. Parents parking across the road are asked to use this crossing at all times to ensure the safety of everyone.

Riding bikes to school Children are encouraged to walk or ride to school as often as possible. Please ensure your child is aware of safety issues and always wears a helmet if riding, skateboarding or using a scooter. Children riding bikes need to dismount when they reach the school crossing and then walk their bike the rest of the way to ensure all pedestrians remain safe. Bikes are stored in our bike shed during school hours.

BUS TRAVEL Teachers are on duty to accompany students to their correct buses for after school pick ups. Parents must notify office staff of any changes to student bus travel.

PARKING & PICK UPS There is no public parking in the staff car park. Parents must park in allocated areas. Please consider the safety of students when travelling on William Street and the vicinity of the school.



In 2012 St. Patrick’s Parish Primary School was fortunate to be selected to be part of the Victorian School Garden Awards. This has given us encouragement to continue to reach for a five star sustainability accreditation. Some of the initiatives we have incorporated include the following:

School garden & vegetables We are very proud of our garden and vegetable patch. Parents who are interested in gardening are welcome to assist at any time of the school day. This assistance can involve planting, weeding and general gardening maintenance.

REUSE RECYCLE RETHINK We have installed two large water tanks to collect rainwater for use in our garden. We also have several chickens, who the children love interacting with, and learning how to care for. They also enjoy collecting their eggs. We encourage families to supply waste free lunch boxes as much as possible and all students are made aware of the importance in taking pride in their school environment and keeping it clean and tidy.


SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL The School Advisory Council’s (SAC’s) role in the school is that of a specialised policy making and management body and includes tasks of policy development, monitoring and evaluation. The SAC exercises a consultative function to the Canonical Administrator and Principal in the formulation of school policy.



• Formulation and Evaluation of Policy

Canonical Administrator Fr Bill van de Camp

• Financial Management

Chairperson Jock Serong

• Future Planning • Public Relations

Parent & Friends Representative Donna Blake

• Collaborate with Parents and Friends Association

Principal Sue Paulka

• Assist in the selection of principal and staff • Communication to the school community • Monitor, review and support the implementation of the School Development Plan • Encourage community involvement in the educational life of the school


Staff Representative Jen Coffey Parent Representatives Melissa Down Gary Dyson Anthony Kelly Rachel Kelly Monique Pollock

PARENTS & FRIENDS ASSOCIATION The Parents and Friends Association is a group of parents organised to help the school. This group acts under the auspices of and is responsible to the St. Patrick’s School Advisory Council and Principal.

AIMS OF THE PARENTS & FRIENDS ASSOCIATION • To promote the educational welfare of the children • To foster a desire for better educational facilities and opportunities • To provide the school with modern equipment and teaching aids • To promote closer co-operation between parents and teachers • To promote an atmosphere of social and spiritual enrichment for our school community • To co-operate with the School Advisory Council

All parents are welcome to become part of the Parents and Friends Association. Meetings are held monthly and announced in the weekly newsletter.

2013 OFFICE BEARERS P&F President Donna Blake Vice President Lilly Serong Secretary Karrinjeet Singh-Mahil Treasurer Tracey Dalton Canteen Coordinators Bec Sharp, Dianne Williams & Shane Allen


PARENT INVOLVEMENT Working with children checks All parents working in any capacity in the school are required to have a volunteer Working with Children Check. Forms are available from the school office and a passport size photo is required. The photo can be obtained from the post office and the school will cover the cost of this.

Classroom REPRESENTATIVES Each class has two parent representatives. These reps assist the classroom teacher with organising parent help for specific occasions. They organise social functions for the parents in the class and also attend Parents & Friends meetings.

Classroom Helpers Classroom helpers assist in the classroom, usually on a weekly basis in the literacy or numeracy teaching times. They work with small groups of children, supervising various activities under the direction of the teacher. All parent helpers are required to participate in a training program at the beginning of the year.


Canteen Canteen is held on Thursdays and Fridays. Parents indicate their willingness to assist and then a roster is compiled. Duties include sorting, preparing and collecting orders from the bakery. Start time is normally 10.00am with orders ready by 11.40am. Special lunch days are held at various times throughout the year and will be announced through the newsletter. A canteen price list is sent out at the beginning of the year.

Sick Bay linen The sick bay linen is sent home each Friday with a different child. Parents are asked to wash the linen and return it to school on Monday.

Library reshelving Library books ready for reshelving are stacked on the trolley at the end of the library desk. They need to be reshelved according to number or letters. Reshelving can be done at any time during the week at the parent’s convenience.

School production Our performing arts production is held every two years. Parent assistance is usually required and includes helping with costuming and set design.


Art program Parents are able to assist with art lessons each week, either with their own child’s class or a number of classes. Parent helpers may also be required at times to assist with particular projects. Art takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Food bank St Patrick’s operates a food bank to assist families in time of need. Parents are contacted to cook a meal which is then placed in the freezer in the canteen. Meals could include items such as casseroles, soup, sausage rolls etc.

Sport & swimming programs Parents are welcome to assist throughout the year for various sporting activities.

Folk Festival Camping setup Our school ovals are transformed into a camping ground over the Folk Festival weekend. To prepare for this, assistance is required during the week before the Folk Festival to mark out the campsites and erect signage and lighting.


Folk Festival Camping Supervision Year 6 families are assigned the job of supervising the camping at school over the Folk Festival weekend. Families are rostered for a shift and are required to provide assistance to campers as required, ensure the toilets and showers are clean and tidy and campsites are secure during the day. One family also stays overnight to assist.

Folk Festival BBQ Our school conducts a BBQ in the Folk Festival arena every year. The proceeds fund an annual artist in residence program. Parents can assist with the BBQ in two ways: 1. If you already have a Folk Festival ticket, you can volunteer for one or more shifts during the weekend. 2. If you don’t already have a ticket, you can volunteer 10 hours of your time in exchange for a ticket. You will be rostered on for a number of shifts over the weekend. Monique Pollock is our Folk Festival BBQ Coordinator.


“Give Yourself to Goodness”

Address 9-11 William Street, Port Fairy VIC 3284 Telephone 03 5568 1371 Facsimile 03 5568 1503 Email

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