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The Artemis Project Hub is a very lucky cat, although at first it didn’t seem so. Deb had recently moved to New York City. She was walking down Broadway one August day when she saw a young man run into the intersection, waving frantically for oncoming traffic to stop. A big lumbering bus stopped to avoid running over the man. Only then did Deb notice a small black kitten in the middle of the road. Strangely, once traffic halted, the man walked away. He obviously considered his responsibilities at an end. Deb ran into the street and scooped up the kitten with both hands. It was badly injured with a deep gash down to the bone on its front leg and one eye was completely shut. Deb relates what happened next. “In those first moments, I had no idea what to do. I sat on the bench in the median pondering my options. The light had turned red and a lady stopped her car, opened the window and yelled, “good for you guys for saving that kitty!” I was like…yes, and now what do I do? I had only been living in the city for a couple weeks, but had lived here before and remembered a vet on 67th street. I put the kitten in my canvas shopping bag and headed to Lincoln Square Vet Hospital.” LSVH receptionist, Emily, took him back right away then came out to tell me they would take care of him. I immediately started to tear up. It was such a relief. To be honest, I thought they were going to put him to sleep, seeing how he was in bad shape and not sure who would pay for such care.” That’s when Artemis got a call and agreed to help. The kitten was covered with abrasions and lacerations. The most serious was the deep gash on his front leg, probably requiring surgery. As for possible internal injuries, only time would tell. This little guy was off to a very rough start in life. At the clinic he was christened “Hub – Hit By Bus.” For the first week he slept around the clock, his tiny body had been through so much. As time went on, his wounds healed better than anyone could have hoped. No surgery was necessary. Hub’s fur gradually covered his scars and his loving nature became clear. In a remarkably short time, a young family adopted this once broken kitty and re-named him Buster. Buster enjoys playing and cuddling with new sister, Domino, and living life far from the busy Manhattan streets. He is a gentle reminder that miracles do happen.

Artemis adopter, Danielle, found Jax on her early morning run in Queens. She had decided to change her route that morning and it must have been fate because she saw Jax crouched on the side of the road. As she approached she thought it strange that he didn’t dash out of the way like most cats would, but when she neared, she realized something was seriously wrong. He was unable to move. His head hung low and he could barely stand or move his back legs. He attempted in vain to drag himself along by his front paws. He was so severely emaciated that she initially thought he was a kitten. In tears, she called up our stalwart Artemis volunteer Joan to ask if she could bring him in to LSVH, and we agreed to take him. Jax, as we named him, was close to death. His liver values were off the charts. He had either eaten something toxic, was simply starved or had rabies. The staff didn’t expect him to survive the night. Euthanasia was definitely an option, but we made the decision to give him time, and much to our surprise Jax made it to another day. After several months of medical attention, nourishment and TLC, Jax finally started to gain enough weight to look like the grown cat he in fact is. It didn’t take long, however, for his striking Bengal features to become apparent. Jax soon caught the eye of LSVH vet tech, Victor, who wasn’t intimidated by his high-maintenance energy level or chatty nature. Jax now tips the scales at nine pounds and is living life to the fullest.

These five babies were brought in at only one day old because, sadly, their mother had died while giving birth to a sixth kitten. A mother's nurturing is extremely difficult to replace as she provides not only the right nutrients through her milk, but also warmth, protection, and prompting their new little bodies for such simple things as excreting waste. Without constant attention and nutrition from its mother, a young animal is very vulnerable and difficult to keep alive. The staff at LSVH got right to work providing the care these five kittens needed and Artemis got to work searching for a surrogate momma cat who would be willing to take on an extra litter.

Through our facebook posts we were put in contact with the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY who had a couple of nursing cats that they were willing to offer as help. The kittens were transported to NSAL the next day and we were all relieved to hear that one momma cat took on two of our kittens and another one took the remaining three. The five kittens thrived at North Shore and eventually returned to LSVH where they each found loving homes.

York was brought to us as a new mommy nearly a year and a half ago with her adorable and energetic kittens. Her babies left the nest and found their loving homes long ago but she is still waiting. Please consider giving this beauty her chance!

Amelia is a beautiful, lively 1.5-2 year old cat brimming with personality. Somehow she weaseled her way into an apartment building on the UES and was found in someone's kitchen sink! She is very sweet but has a fun, feisty side.

Isabelle first appeared at the doorstep of a very nice man last July with her two kittens, Carmen and Javier. They belonged to the neighbors next door who moved and left them behind. Socially, Isabelle is still a little shy but definitely very sweet and loving. She has lost her family and is just in need of a loving permanent home. She is a young mother, but a very good one as you can see. Bruno was living in a junkyard uptown, close to another group of older cats. He was quite small (5-6 weeks), but had been spotted dodging cars in the street more than once. After trapping him it was clear he had a bad case of fleas, ringworm and had some problems with his eyes too. He is very affectionate and once he has a clean bill of health he will be ready for adoption.

Neffi is a young, vibrant girl who loves to play but also takes time out for affection. Currently in a temporary foster home, she's had her share of traveling and seems to love it and adapt quickly to new environments. She is about 9-12 months old and would be great in any loving home.

Carmen is an adorable and affectionate little girl who was found uptown with her mom (Isabella) and brother (Javier). Carmen tested positive for feline leukemia when she first came in and spent 6 months in isolation to see if she would outgrow the fatal disease, which fortunately she did. Perfectly adoptable now, all she needs is the perfect home.

Anderson was brought in by an ABC TV producer who was shooting a story in uptown Manhattan. She seemed skinny, scared and alone so, knowing about Artemis, the producer brought her in for help. Anderson is very active, talkative and affectionate. Seems to get on, at paw's length, with most other animals.

Your support has made the difference for many animals since the Artemis Project began in 2001. We work exclusively with Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital (LSVH) at 140 West 67th Street in Manhattan. This year we have seen an overabundance of animals in dire need. By donating to Artemis, you’ve helped provide medical attention, food and shelter for these animals while we cared for and placed them in loving homes. Thank you for your kindness. We wish you and your furry friends warm holidays and a Happy New Year! ~ Dorian Rence Donations are 100% tax-deductible. If you prefer to mail your gift, please mail this page along with your check to: The Artemis Project 318 West 77th Street, #1B New York, NY 10024

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Learn more about the Artemis Project and the animals it has rescued this year.

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