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Gople Outdoor by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group

Autori BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group BIG is a group of architects, designers and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development with offices in Copenhagen and New York City. BIG has created a reputation for completing buildings that are as programmatically and technically innovative as they are cost and resource conscious. In our architectural production, we demonstrate a high sensitivity to the particular demands of site, context and program. BIG’s recently completed projects including the Danish Maritime Museum (2013), Superkilen (2012), the 8 House (2010) in addition to our first project the Copenhagen Harbor Bath (2003), an urban space that transformed the area of Islands Brygge from a rundown harborfront to the recreational and social center of the city. Current projects under construction include: West 57th, a 750-unit residential building in Manhattan; the Vancouver House tower in Vancouver; the LEGO Brand House in Denmark; the Faroe Islands Education Center; the Shenzhen Energy Mansion in China; and a Wasteto-Energy plant in Copenhagen that will double as a ski slope.



Gople Outdoor BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group 2020 Starting from the iconic silhouette of the glass diffuser, Gople proposes new sizes and materials to create different ways of lighting spaces. BIG designs a family of outdoor lights with the freedom and flexibility to suit any space, with an almost nomadic character. The diffuser, made in lightweight, durable plastic, is the central element of the project which combines with other elements to bring light into spaces, giving rise to different versions of Gople Outdoor. The different versions interpret a common approach to light that develops close interactions with activities and people. Enabling new ways of using light in outdoor spaces with the utmost freedom, Gople Outdoor can be reused and reinterpreted in multiple spaces and situations.





Transversal light Gople outdoor can be moved around easily for different interpretations of spaces, catering to the changing requirements of outdoor living, with infinite possible interpretations of use in a constant stream of new situations.





Suspended Version Gople Outdoor can be freely positioned or hung anywhere using a climbing rope.

Bollard Version Gople Outdoor can be mounted on a pole, available in three different heights, for planting directly into the ground irrespective of the power supply, for which purpose a long cable with IP plug is supplied.





Diffuser 4.5m Cable IP44 Plug

Closing Cap

Hook Cap + Rope OR OR Bollard 88 mm


OR Bollard 563 mm

Bollard 1038 mm

Filletted Cap





Gople Outdoor Materials:


Gople Outdoor:

Rotational moulded polyethylene diffuser (glossy finishing), powdercoated aluminium base, rods in stainless steel


1x21W LED dim (E27)

Dimensions: Gople diffuser: ø315 mm x 657mm


Closing cap + 4.5m Cable Included

Code T040020


Hook cap + Rope Included

Code T040120


Filletted cap included

Code T040220


Filletted cap Included

Code T040320


Filletted cap Included

Code T040420


Code T040520 SPIKE

Code T040620



336 mm

336 mm

1220 mm

1038 mm

563 mm

749 mm

657 mm

315 mm

1695 mm

260 mm

315 mm 657 mm

260 mm

1038 mm

1220 mm

260 mm 88 mm

563 mm

1695 mm

336 mm 657 mm

749 mm

657 mm

657 mm

657 mm

315 mm

315 mm

88 mm

315 mm 315 mm

315 mm

315 mm

657 mm



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